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Exploring Interactive Flat Panels: What Can We See?

Exploring Interactive Flat Panels: What Can We See?


Interactive Flat Panel is an innovative digital Interactive tool. That provides excellent functionality and experience for a variety of scenarios. But what kind of world can we see on such a sole screen? In this article, we'll explore the potential of Interactive Flat Panel for audio-visual content in the context of art galleries, corporate showrooms, and school history galleries.

1.    Discovering the uniqueness of artworks in art museums

As an interactive navigation system, IFP can provide an interactive art experience, allowing the viewer to touch the screen to get detailed information and background of the artwork and combine it with multimedia presentations such as video and audio to show the artwork's details and textures.

1.1 A unique electronic interactive flat panel

The Cleveland Museum of Art has a unique electronic interactive screen called ArtLens Wall. It has collected a permanent collection of more than 3,500 exhibition images, allowing visitors to visit the museum on their own simultaneously. Check out the museum's gallery for all the collection details.

1.2 Immersive experience of art details

The Interactive Flat Panel, which uses human-machine interaction and hardware, covers 14 themes, including 46 multi-touch screens that provide additional contextual information and dynamic interactive activities. Art museum visitors can create an experience with the gorgeous interactive screen so that users in touch, vision, hearing, and human-computer interaction perception get a significant impact. For example, the IQTOUCH TE1200 Pro features a powerful 15W*2+20W subwoofer that delivers an immersive audio experience for museum audiences. Its high-fidelity audio transmission can give the audience a new art appreciation experience.

1.3 Ultra high-definition screen presentation

Interactive Flat Panel's high resolution and vivid colors can recreate the details of a work of art. The IQTouch HA1100 Pro 4k display features anti-blu-ray and anti-glare capabilities, allowing viewers to appreciate the detailed textures and Auguste Rodin sculptures, Vincent Van Gogh's paintings about starry sky or the defining moment in Henry Cattier-Henri Cartier-Bresson's photographs. In addition, the Interactive Flat Panel can be used as an Interactive navigation system to provide the audience with a more in-depth understanding of the art. The viewer can touch the screen to get detailed information about the artwork, the artist's background, and related historical background.

2.    Experience a positive brand image in the enterprise

Although we have become accustomed to many entrepreneurial stories of the world's wealthiest people. However, fortune growth and business development are not always smooth and successful. The history of brand development is also a concentration of enterprise struggle.

2.1 The significance of brand stories

Brand stories can create empathy between users and brands, build a potential connection between the brand and the target audience, and enhance identity. The brand story is not just a few static discourses on theofficial website.

2.2 The function of IPL in the history of enterprise development

Interactive Flat Panel can combine the motivation, spirit, vision, and another exciting story, the uniqueness, the sense of label and praise of the brand story, and enterprise history background vividly introduced to the visiting enterprise essential customers.

Interactive Flat Panels can provide attractive brand presentation through multimedia and vivid visual effects. The entrepreneur's business struggles with introducing a strict and efficient production line in the factory, which attracts visitors' attention, conveys the company's values and core messages, and enhances interaction and engagement with visitors.

3.    Review great campus history in the school history museum

As a platform for displaying the history and spiritual culture of the school, the school history museum is an essential window for the College of external publicity. During the annual school admission season, parents can visit the school history exhibition hall to better understand the school's history and campus culture and help them make the right decision. Therefore, it can be said that it is an important place to open the window of external publicity.

3.1 Displaying diverse content of campus's history

The Interactive Flat Panel provides an overview of the history and development of the school. Interactive Flat Panel is an Interactive tool that gives visitors a deeper understanding of campus history. Interactive Flat Panel displays historical photos, videos, and campus maps.

3.2 Promoting the construction of a united campus

To help all teachers and students understand the school's history, as well as future development plans, the Interactive Flat Panel can unite the thoughts of teachers and students, inspire their sense of mission, love their campus, consciously form a good work and study atmosphere, to build a spiritual and cultural campus out of their part.

3.3 Enhancing campus identity among alumni

In addition, the Interactive Flat Panel can also serve as a means of promoting academic exchange and alumni interaction, providing rich campus historical information, encouraging interaction and connection between alumni and the campus, and enhancing the sense of identification with the campus in the dynamic process of mutual relationship, influence, and interaction. For example, the superlative IQTouch HA1100 Pro utilizes the latest optical bonding technology on top of ultra-high definition 4K flat panel displays to achieve higher readability and dust-free clarity. Combining an accurate 178-degree perspective ensures that visitors can see the campus history introduction on the screen from anywhere they stand and enjoy the ultimate visual experience brought by optical bonding technology.

Final thoughts

Through this introduction, we can see Interactive Flat Panels' rich use of scenarios. In the museum, we can see the details and beauty of art in a more enjoyable experience. In the corporate presentation area, we can be moved and inspired by corporate brand stories, and we can also witness the development of campus talent through Interactive Flat Panels in the school history museum. Suppose you are interested in our Interactive Flat Panels product. In that case, whether it is the standout IQTOUCH TE1200 Pro with Zero + bonding technology and high precision touch or the admirable IQTOUCH HA1100 Pro with AG and AF glass, you can contact us for more product details.

We are looking forward to working with you for a long time!



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Why Do Students Prefer Reviewing with Lecture Capture Systems?

Why Do Students Prefer Reviewing with Lecture Capture Systems?


The ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius once said a famous saying, "Reviewing the old and learning the new." Review is an essential and effective way for students to consolidate their knowledge. As an innovative classroom solution, the lecture capture system solution like this can maximize the student's learning needs. This article will explore why students love reviewing with lecture Capture Systems.

1.    The structure of the lecture capture system

A top-notch lecture capture system consists of recording equipment, stage or lecture desktop equipment, and backstage equipment and software. Take the innovative IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS710 as an example. Its main components include one video station for record operation, two 4K ePTZ cameras with auto-tracking for clearly capturing four scenes for teachers and studentsand one ceiling microphone that adopts a 7-meter voice pickup distance.

Among them, recording equipment is used to capture the audio and image of the teacher's lecture, lectern, or lecture desktop equipment for teachers to show slides, presentation software, or other teaching materials. Background equipment and software manage and process recorded lectures, including storage, editing, transcoding, and distribution.

2.    Understanding the learning demands of students

From the students' point of view, they think lecture capture has some advantages. For example, Carall et al. found in a study of medical students that they believe the captured lectures help them learn. The medical students surveyed rated the lecture capture system as fulfilling a personal learning need, allowing them to choose their own learning approach and watch lectures at any time. By planning the time and allocating the details, students can improve their study efficiency and give more precious time to get enough sleep. In addition, the lecture capture system can double the speed of video playback, allowing them to maximize learning in a shorter period when they want to learn or drop knowledge.

3.    Discovering the benefits of a lecture capture system

The lecture capture system has many advantages that are beneficial for improving the effectiveness of student review.

3.1 Flexibility and accessibility

Although the class schedule is fixed, the students' extra-curricular time is flexible. The lecture capture system allows students to watch lectures on their own time, in a location more suited to their study, giving them a high degree of learning flexibility and accessibility.

3.2 Review and consolidate learning

Although most students may not like the way of re-reading, they must admit that to obtain higher grades and better apply theory to practice, repeated learning with reasonable frequency is the most effective way to master knowledge.

With the lecture capture system's playback feature, students can watch the lecture repeatedly at any time and review specific concepts or difficulties during the review phase. Thus, to meet the repetition of memory learning time, strengthen learning and understanding so that there is no need to be in the near examination period of pain and high-difficulty sprint review.

4.    The difficulties students may encounter without a lecture capture system

Students may have more or less learning difficulties without the lecture capture system.

4.1 Losing the rhythm of learning

First, each student's learning rhythm and needs are different. Although many bright students can absorb what the teacher teaches immediately in class, some students may need more time to understand and digest the content of the type. Both top students and students with relatively weak learning abilities want to keep up with their teachers as soon as possible. Without the lecture capture system, students could not adjust their learning schedule according to their own pace and needs, which might affect their learning outcomes and even discourage them from studying.

4.2 Lack of detailed review materials

Second, students can not watch the lecture again, which may lead to difficulty reviewing and consolidating their knowledge. Suppose students miss a class or are confused about certain concepts. In that case, they can not quickly review the teacher's explanations and presentations and miss essential learning opportunities. Although the textbook's content is as detailed as possible, it is difficult for students to understand the concrete principles and the logic behind them without clear guidance.


5.    How to select a high-quality performance lecture capture system

To choose a high-quality lecture capture system, we can consider the recording quality, operational difficulty level , and the functionality of these three main aspects. Of course, more compatibility and flexibility are required to meet higher demand, but for these three reasons, we can choose a lecture capture system that highly meets your needs.

5.1 Recording quality

The lecture capture system we chose should provide high-quality audio and video recording. The audio should be clear and legible, and the video should have good image quality and resolution. A blurry recorded lecture video can make for a challenging learning experience, such as a low-resolution image that makes it difficult for students to see the details of the teacher's writing on the blackboard or even misunderstand the basics. We can view the system's technical specifications and sample recording to assess whether the recording quality meets the requirements.

5.2 Easy to use in operation

We should choose a lecture capture system that has an intuitive interface and is easy to use. Teachers and speakers should be able to record, edit, and share easily. The system should have a simplified workflow and intuitive interface to reduce learning and use costs. For example, our innovative IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS710 makes it easy to deploy your hybrid classroom with no configuration. Turn on the power, and the camera will automatically connect to the Video Station. Touch a button on the screen, and you can start recording video lectures immediately. In addition, the LCS710 supports planning tasks for device power on/off, speech recording, and live streaming. We've covered the role of LCS710 in blended learning mode in previous articles, and you can feel the power of the IQVIDEO Lecture Capture System LCS710 here.

5.3 Versatility

In addition to the quality of the recording and the ease of use, we need to consider whether the lecture capture system provides enough functionality. Lecturing capture systems with more features is not the best choice since some vendors offer unnecessary redundancy.

However, the functionality provided is too small to meet the needs of a diverse set of scenarios. In addition to the basic recording and playback functions, additional features such as live streaming supportive, compatible with other devices for the hybrid learning can also enhance the interactive learning experience of lectures. This ensures that the functionality provided by the system meets the specific needs of teaching or speaking.

Final thoughts

Our introduction to this article shows why students love reviewing knowledge through the lecture capture system. Suppose you want to evaluate the impact of the lecture capture system on student learning outcomes. In that case, you can also regularly collect feedback from students on their experience and satisfaction with the lecture capture system, analyze data indicators such as test scores, course completion rates, and student participation, and collect teachers' views on the effectiveness of the lecture capture system. Suppose you are interested in our IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS710. In that case, you can also click here to learn more about teaching improvement and learning improvement solutions.


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Maximizing the Impact of Your Webinars: Best Practices for Capture and Recording

Maximizing the Impact of Your Webinars: Best Practices for Capture and Recording


From a report of Amazing Webinar Stats 2023, we know that webinars are used by 60% of businesses to move people through the whole customer lifecycle. Webinars are so popular and influential. Nowadays, companies and educational institutions are more or less expected to increase their influence through webinars. So, in this article, we will discover a helpful lecture capture system for maximizing the impact of webinars.

1.    The benefit of webinars

A webinar is a real-time internet-based educational presentation where viewers can ask questions and provide comments. There are many benefits to webinars. Below, we will explain why a webinar is an effective communication and dissemination channel from mainly two aspects: product and brand.

1.1 Helps promote your product and expand into a broader market

Many consumers dislike the strict product approach. Choose clothes in the mall, and the salesperson forcefully tells you the selling points of the new clothing. You may not only have no desire to shop for these clothes but also cannot see the value of the salesperson promoting the product. However, when a company launches a new product, how can it better reach users? Webinars are a practical solution that can help you cleverly promote your product.

 In the webinar process, you only need to patiently showcase your product, discuss professional issues with customers, and provide detailed technical support, all of which help to showcase the advantages of your product or service invisibly. And at the end of the webinar, you can also offer discounts to motivate viewers to purchase. In addition, webinars can bring you more potential customers through the power of the internet and media dissemination, thereby expanding into a broader market.

1.2 Enhance brand awareness and scale your business

Before designing the communication content of a webinar, you often put a lot of effort and time into presentations and content to convey the product and complete company image to users. During the webinar, users will repeatedly come into contact with these brand elements, forming familiar brand memory points. Using the capture system to record and live stream webinars will significantly improve your company's brand value.

2.    The guide to capture and record webinar

When we understand the importance of webinars, how to record webinars is also an area that we need to focus on exploring.

2.1 Capture and record webinar recording software

Before capturing and recording webinars, you need to find a recording software with complete functionality and stable performance to record webinars. The mainstream Video conferencing platforms in the market includes Google Meet, Livestock, and Zoom that have the ability to record the Webinar for review afterwards.

2.2 Physical environment settings

You must also set up good lighting, test whether the microphone's reception is in regular operation, and stop background distractions caused by equipment failures.

2.3 Effective lecture capture system

The effective lecture capture system allows you to effortlessly piece together different tools or study technical details without worrying during the presentation. Here, we recommend the superb Lecture Capture System LCS710 to assist you in recording a webinar.

3.    How does Lecture Capture System LCS710 work?

The Lecture Capture System LCS710 provides a highly integrated design with powerful functions for capturing and recording classroom lectures. With its intuitive user interface, easy setup, advanced video and audio features, and support for multiple video sources

3.1 Easy process of webinar recording

In real-time webinar recording, webinar presenters can tap the screen and immediately start recording lectures. Just turn on the power to the system. The camera can automatically connect to the video station. Webinar's other partners can access the web-based guidance platform for online guidance and remote control of the recording process.

3.2 High-quality visual presentation

For visual presentation, the LCS710 has two 8.4-megapixel EPTZ cameras that capture clear images of teachers and students in four scenes(Teacher and Students EPTZ camera each has one near view and one panoramic view scene). The camera adopts automatic tracking technology, which can intelligently switch panoramic and close-up views in teaching. The video station supports a variety of input sources, including teacher and student cameras, instructional coursewrae materials, or external visualization devices, and more.

3.3 Crystal sound audio transmission

Regarding audio effects transmission, the ceiling microphone of LCS710 can pick up sounds up to 7 meters away. In addition, the video station of LCS710 integrates an audio processor to support automatic mixing, noise suppression, and acoustic echo cancellation technologies to ensure that the lecture video is noise-free.

4.    The reasons why choose IQVideo LCS710

From the reasons for choosing, the outstanding IQVideo LCS710 supports OTA, which allows installation of updates to devices by network. It allows for more precise personalized customization based on you and your organization's preferences for hosting webinars. In addition, we provide high-quality package delivery services when we sell products. When you receive the products, we can also promptly answer all the equipment's difficulties.

4.1 Provide better service through OTA updates

The excellent IQVideo LCS710 supports OTA to upgrade the firmware on devices. Based on customer feedback from market research, we know that some users are bored with the lack of online upgrades. The technology iterates quickly, but some brands don't allow firmware upgrades on older hardware. They'll have to spend another fortune on a new device if they need to acquire new and more functional services. Buying another new device is a very costly approach. Ota features help to keep you up-to-date with system versions, allowing you to enjoy better service at all times. In addition, the update process is also speedy. In the past, you needed the USB or other traditional system upgrade methods of tedious operation. Now, you can easily upgrade the system online with just a button.

4.2 Meet your unique needs through personalized customization

IQVideo LCS710 personalized customization can meet your different application needs in other places. You can create personalized lecture videos on the video station as a webinar host. For example, suppose you want to maximize the exposure of your product and company brand. In that case, you can add a company logo, product modeling icons, or any other information you want to present to the video.

4.3 Perfect express packaging and comprehensive after-sales service

In express transportation, we provide strong and careful transport packaging to ensure the product in the long-distance transport process of the equipment and components of the safety. Electronic equipment is a combination of precision components once the transport process of a little collision is likely to affect the regular operation of the equipment in the future. Therefore, in packaging products, we will place collision-proof sponges, bubble bags, foam plates, and other protective fillers to deliver the best quality products to your hands. In addition, we also have a very complete after-sales service and technical support. Buy products after equipment failure or do not understand the operational level of the problem. We will give you a patient response and professional solution.

Final thoughts

In this article, we first introduced the importance of webinars to guide you in understanding how webinars capture and record. The exceptional Lecture Capture System LCS710 is a stable, fully functional, and effective solution. Are you ready to maximize the power of webinars through the powerful capture system? You can click here to contact us for more relevant information about IQVideo LCS710.


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IQClick vs. iClicker: Which One is Essential for Your Needs?

IQClick vs. iClicker: Which One is Essential for Your Needs?


When looking for a suitable interactive response system that meets your needs, you must consider many aspects comprehensively, including the signal quality of the receiver and the versatile functions. Two industry-leading interactive response systems referred to in the article are IQClickand iClicker. Both systems provide unique features and powerful functions that meet different demands and settings. IQClick and iClicker offer exceptional features and advantages, providing timely feedback and increasing member engagement. In this article, we will compare the high-quality performance and widespread use of IQClick and iClicker to help you determine which one better fits your usage preferences.

1.    IQClick: Fostering Seamless Connections for Any Occasions

IQClick can transcend the boundaries between speakers and participants, making it possible to promote connections and interactions in various environments. Whether in a speech hall, collaborative activities, or any interactive environment, IQClick can encourage dialogue and enrich the overall experience.

1.1 The power of seamless multi-platform accessibility

IQClick offers a significant benefit in its smooth accessibility across multiple platforms. It easily adjusts to various requirements, offering a convenient and personalized user experience on Windows using IQClass One Software and Android through the exclusive IQClick APP. This flexibility guarantees that presenters can fully utilize the system's features, regardless of their chosen operating system.

1.2 Empowering dynamic interactions

Intelligent IQClick is a multifunctional educational result detection and information collection tool with multifunctional scenario applications, which provide functions of testing, attendance, voting, and quick interaction. It offers up to 10 answer options and different types of questions, such as single-choice, multiple-choice, and true or false questions, making it suitable for any interactive environment. IQClick encourages students to participate in classroom activities by providing various answer options and question types.

It allows students to participate based on their understanding and perspectives, strengthening the learning process. Multiple answer options and question types make IQClick suitable for different teaching scenarios, allowing teachers to choose appropriate questions based on course content and learning objectives.

In addition, IQClick has traditional testing and attendance functions. It promotes lively discussions and rapid interaction in the classroom, allowing students to quickly express their opinions and promoting classroom communication and exchange of ideas.

1.3   Simplified Setup, Instant Start

The Interactive Response system of IQClick simplifies the interaction and corresponding processes, requiring only a response assembly and a computer, without an internet connection, to quickly deploy an interactive environment. Through simple settings, teachers can quickly engage in teaching actions. The simplicity of IQClick makes it easy for any teacher to use the interactive response system.

In the classroom case, teachers can quickly get started and interact with students without needing professional technical knowledge or complex equipment settings, improving classroom participation and learning effectiveness. IQClick ensures the stability and accuracy of interactive responses by adopting reliable technology and data validation mechanisms. Teachers can confidently rely on IQClick for real-time student feedback and interactive participation, promoting improved classroom effectiveness and learning outcomes.

1.4 Instant Assessment, Streamlined Progress Tracking

Experience the power of instant feedback and streamlined progress tracking with IQClick, whether in the classroom or any interactive setting. Visual display and analysis of results allow teachers and presenters to effortlessly track progress, optimize time schedules, and ensure a more profound understanding among participants.

1.5 Widely and Stable Transmission

Utilizing 2.4G RF technology, two-way data verification, and multi-level error correction of IQClick ensures stable and interference-free Transmission. IQClick is the dependable solution for any interactive environment, with the ability to rapidly collect up to 100 responses within a 30-meter range.

2.    iClicker: Taking Learning Beyond the Classroom

The iClicker offers functions like attendance tracking and performance analysis. These functions can significantly enhance students' involvement, accountability, personalized feedback, and effective study techniques. So leveraging these benefits of iClicker can improve students' learning journey and support them in achieving academic success.

2.1 Enhancing accessibility with multifunctional platforms

iClicker provides flexible options for teachers and students to access the forum. Through mobile devices, web browsers, or physical iClicker remote controls, iClicker can offer a seamless experience across various platforms. This accessibility ensures that students can interact with the system using their preferred devices, making it convenient and inclusive for all learners.

2.2 Seamless integration for enhanced classroom engagement

iClicker integrates with existing teaching tools and programs, making it a valuable supplement to any classroom environment. The floating toolbar of iClicker coordinates with the program you have already used, allowing teachers to create questions in real-time or prepare for polls in advance. This integration eliminates any interference with the teaching workflow and enhances the learning experience.

2.3 Unleashing the power of active learning

Research has consistently shown that active learning can promote students' success. One of the design purposes of smart iClicker is to encourage classroom participation and incorporate active learning strategies into any course. The group voting function facilitates peer collaboration, consensus building, and group-based learning. For example, voting and testing options can stimulate students' participation and enable teachers to provide valuable insights based on students' basic understanding. In addition, if a student leaves the iClicker page or application, the 'Focus' function helps redirect their attention back to learning.

2.4 Empowering student learning with essential tools for academic success

iClicker goes beyond classroom participation and provides learning tools to help students prepare before, during, and after class. Pre-class assignments allow students to test their understanding of course concepts. At the same time, learning tools provide practice tests and flashcards generated based on classroom questions. These resources enable students to learn smarter, enhance their knowledge, and prepare for more in-depth discussions and participation in the classroom.

2.5 Streamlining learning management system integration

iClicker Cloud integrates with the Learning Management System (LMS) to simplify attendance tracking, performance analysis, and more. Integrating with your LMS, iClicker simplifies management tasks and provides feasible insights about student progress. In addition, iClicker can be combined with other Macmillan Learning products, providing comprehensive course solutions that improve engagement and learning outcomes.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, IQClick and iClicker may be suitable for selecting an interactive responsive system. IQClick is beneficial for promoting communication and interaction among members. It provides seamless accessibility, motivates participation, and simplifies the present data analysis page. On the other hand, iClicker focuses on learning tools. Likes homework allocation and attendance tracking to improve students' academic performance.

When choosing between IQClick and iClicker, it is necessary to consider which product can meet your ultimate goals. Suppose you want to learn more about IQClick's valuable features, application scenarios, and more. In that case, you can click here to contact us.


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8 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Lecture Capture System

8 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Lecture Capture System


A well-architected, synchronized lecture capture system is a great way to improve the recording and listening experience. Therefore, we must think as hard as possible before purchasing the lecture capture system. As a leader in audio visual broadcast, in this post, we will be based on a deep background in market research and product development. Here are a few key factors you may need to consider in your selection and purchase process. Each key element is a direct hit to your heart, and we hope you can choose the lecture capture system that is best for you with our help.

With the primary goal of improving teaching and student experience, here are eight factors you can reference. By carefully considering these matters, you can make informed decisions.

1.     Goals and needs

When choosing a lecture capture system for your classroom or business conference room, you must be clear about your goals and requirements for purchasing a lecture capture system. In defining the requirements, you must know what content you want to record, whether a small in-house lecture, a public presentation, or a medical practice experiment. Different recording content requires additional recording quality, functionality, and scalability requirements. For example, when you are holding business strategy meetings, a meeting camera capable of auto framing and zooming in and zooming out gives us a more detailed view of the Speaker's strategy.

2.     Budget

Before you buy a lecture capture system, you need to have a reasonable budget that considers your company's needs and finances, such as purchasing costs, deployment and maintenance costs, and the long-term return on investment of the system.

3.    Technical environmental requirements

You need to evaluate your classroom facilities and existing technology infrastructure. Ensure your classroom is equipped with proper network connections, cameras, microphones, and audio equipment to support the regular operation of the classroom recording system.

4. User-friendly

You also need to choose a system that is easy to use and operate to ensure that teachers and students can easily use the recording system. With its intuitive interface, precise function, and easy navigation, the procedure can improve teaching efficiency. Choose a lecture capture system that is very hard to use and requires complex setup and operations before each recording. It will not only add to your workload, but it is also easy to discourage the dissemination and sharing of knowledge.

5. Recording quality

One of the lecture capture system's two core elements is the recording and transmission of sound quality. Consider the video and audio quality of the recording system. A good lecture capture system should provide clear video and high-quality audio to ensure students can effectively understand and review classroom content. Let's say you're a teacher working to improve students' IELTS test scores and help them apply for the dream study offer. Suppose you're playing audio to enhance students' listening skills, and the microphone's sound is poor. In that case, students are likelier to hear "broke" as "brought" or " discussed" as " diseases". These errors can affect a teacher's judgment of teaching outcomes, and it is also easy to discourage students from studying.

6. Storage and access

It is also essential to check the specification chart on the product page or to communicate with customer service to determine if the lecture capture system has sufficient storage capacity. Audio and video often need a large amount of memory to save and record, especially for the high accuracy requirements of video. High-capacity storage and high-compatibility access ensure the audience can easily access and review the content. Besides, whether the lecture capture system supports FTP protocol is also a factor that we need to take into consideration. Delivering the recorded courses to the FTP server allows larger storage for course review and access afterward. We've discussed the significance of lecture capture system accessibility in previous articles, and you can see the positive effects of its accessibility for students to access learning materials anytime, anywhere.

7. Transport packaging

It is a matter of national pride to browse the procurement website and see that your country has a state-of-the-art lecture capture system. However, the better and more appropriate lecture capture system for your scenarios will likely be a more innovative and high-quality product from other countries. In the process of shipping, packaging is often a headache time. A well-protected, well-packaged transportation service is essential, especially for electronic equipment with complex internal components that require the completion of complicated work projects. After all, no one expects to pick out and wait patiently for the product to arrive by sea, only to open the package and discover that it's just a bunch of broken firmware that doesn't work.

8. After-sales service and technical guidance

Not all lecture capture system consumers are IT experts or advanced electronics repairmen. Finding a brand that provides timely, responsive, professional after-sales service is also essential. Sometimes, these services will not appear in the same after-sales service. Some after-sales service is good at the technical level of operational guidance and often not familiar with the operation of customer patience, thus bringing the communication aspect contradiction, bringing a bad consumptive experience to the consumer. Some after-sales services may have a very gentle understanding of consumer psychology. However, equipment failure and key technical solutions are unknown. So, when you pick a lecture capture system, you should also consider the quality of service and professionalism of the brand's after-sales team.

In addition, the response rate for after-sales service is also significant because sometimes the breakdown of the lecture capture system will suddenly appear in a serious situation; it is a pleasure to fix problems and equipment problems on time and to keep essential meetings running smoothly, even if the temporary equipment failure is a little uncomfortable.

9. The lecture capture system that best meets these eight requirements

Suppose you're confused by the wide variety of Lecture Capture systems you're viewing and don't know which one fits the eight factors above. In that case, we offer you the IQVideo Portable Lecture Capture System LCS910. It is our company's new Lecture Capture system, iteratively optimized for technical services and functionality based on user feedback and usage expectations.

Regarding ease of operation support for one-button start recording, you immediately touch the Record Button on the screen to start recording video lectures. Furthermore, the Video Station of IQ LCS910 supports multiple input sources, can display video content on multiple split screens, and captures panoramic images of teachers and students at the same time. In addition, the high magnification 20x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom lens provide high-definition video performance that gives you a clear view even from a distance. After recording audio VUSIAL content, you can stream the instructional video to the online platform, allowing the audience to watch and replay the lectures you recorded and transmitted in real-time.

Final thoughts

Through thorough market research, we know that the IQ lecture capture system deeply understands the user's needs and the potential expectations of scenario usage. Our technical support and training services can train teachers and administrators to maximize the potential of the classroom recording system. If you are interested in our Lecture Capture System, click here to learn about our products. Whether the intelligent IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS710 or the advanced IQVideo Portable Lecture Capture System LCS910, we can all provide professional and patient answers.


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Top 5 Lecture Recording Devices for Classroom Environments

Top 5 Lecture Recording Devices for Classroom Environments


With the prevalence of hybrid classrooms, there is a growing presence of lecture recording devices for classrooms and conference rooms in the market. This article aims to provide you with insights into the features and highlights of five prominent brands: Panopto Focus, IQVideo LCS710, Epiphan Pearl Mini, Matrox Monarch HDX, and Vaddio AV Bridge Matrix Pro. We hope this information proves helpful in assisting you to choose the best recording product for your school.

1. Panopto Focus

1.1. Product Composition

All-in-One Lecture Capture System:

Panopto Focus is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for lecture capture, offering a combination of hardware and software components.

1.2. Key Functions

High-Quality Video Capture:

Panopto Focus excels in capturing high-quality video, ensuring a clear and engaging recording of lectures and presentations.

Integrated Live Streaming:

The system facilitates real-time live streaming, enabling remote students to participate in classes and events.

Automatic Recording and Scheduling:

Panopto Focus automates the recording process, allowing for scheduled captures of lectures without manual intervention.

1.3. Main Scenarios

Large Lecture Halls:

Designed to cater to large lecture halls and auditoriums, providing a scalable solution for educational institutions.

Interactive Classrooms:

Suited for interactive classrooms where dynamic teaching methods and multimedia content are utilized.

University Lecture Capture:

Widely adopted by universities and higher education institutions for capturing and delivering course content.

Corporate Training:

Employed in corporate settings for recording training sessions, webinars, and knowledge-sharing events.

1.4. Strengths

Seamless Integration:

Panopto Focus seamlessly integrates with popular learning management systems (LMS) and other educational technologies.

User-Friendly Interface:

The system boasts an intuitive interface, making it accessible for both educators and students.

Analytics and Reporting:

Panopto Focus offers robust analytics and reporting features, providing insights into video engagement and viewer behavior.

Reliability and Scalability:

Known for its reliability, Panopto Focus is a scalable solution that can accommodate the needs of growing institutions.

In summary, Panopto Focus stands out as a versatile lecture capture system, excelling in capturing, managing, and delivering educational content in diverse scenarios. Its integration capabilities, user-friendly design, and robust feature set make it a valuable asset for educational institutions and organizations alike.

2. IQVideo LCS710

2.1. Product Composition

Video Station:

The IQVideo LCS710 from IQ comprises a dedicated video station designed for capturing and recording lectures in educational occasions like classrooms and training rooms. The video station is integrated with a 13.3 inch capacitive touch screen for one button recording and live streaming.

4K Auto-Tracking Cameras:

Equipped with two high-resolution 4K auto-tracking cameras, one for teacher, the other for students, ensuring clear and dynamic video capture. The auto-tracking cameras enable capture every movement from teacher and students within the classroom.

Ceiling Mic:

Includes a sophisticated voice pickup system with a 7-meter range for capturing clear audio, perfect for standard classroom size around 60 to 80 sq.m.

2.2. Key Functions

Lecture Capture:

IQVideo LCS710 excels in capturing lectures, presentations, and educational content with precision.

Live Streaming:

Supports live streaming of captured content with RTMP/RTMPs protocal, like to mainstream platform YouTube or Facebook, enabling real-time engagement and remote participation.

Auto-Tracking Technology:

Utilizes advanced auto-tracking technology to follow the presenter, ensuring optimal video framing.

OTA Firmware Updates:

Supports over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates, ensuring the system stays up-to-date with the latest features.

2.3. Main Scenarios

Classroom Settings:

Tailored for use in classrooms. For larger classroom occasions like lecture halls, and educational institutions, LCS710 set can also be extended.

Hybrid Learning Environments:

Ideal for hybrid learning scenarios in universities or campuses, facilitating both in-person and remote education.

Educational Institutions:

Widely adopted by universities, schools, and training centers for capturing and delivering lectures.

Corporate Training:

Utilized in corporate settings for recording training sessions, seminars, and workshops.

2.4. Strengths

High-Quality Video and Audio:

The combination of a 4K camera and advanced audio pickup ensures top-notch video and audio quality.

User-Friendly Interface:

The touch screen interface makes it easy for educators to control and operate the system.

Live Streaming Capabilities:

The ability to live stream enhances accessibility and allows remote participants to engage in real-time.

OTA Updates for Future-Proofing:

Over-the-air firmware updates contribute to the system's longevity and adaptability.

In summary, the IQVideo LCS710 is a sophisticated lecture capture system tailored for educational and corporate environments. Its advanced features, high-quality components, and adaptability make it a robust solution for modern learning and presentation needs.

3. Epiphan Pearl Mini

3.1. Product Composition

Compact Hardware:

The Epiphan Pearl Mini is a compact and portable hardware device designed for video capture and live streaming.

Multiple Video Inputs:

Equipped with multiple video inputs, supporting HDMI, SDI, and VGA connections for versatile compatibility.

Audio Inputs:

Includes audio inputs to capture high-quality sound along with video.

3.2. Key Functions

Video Capture:

Primary function is to capture video content from various sources, making it suitable for recording lectures, presentations, and events.

Live Streaming:

Enables seamless live streaming of captured content to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or custom RTMP servers.

Simultaneous Streaming and Recording:

Capable of streaming to one platform while simultaneously recording the content, providing flexibility for post-production.

3.3. Main Scenarios

Educational Settings:

Ideal for recording and streaming lectures, educational content, and presentations in classrooms or online learning environments.

Live Events:

Suited for live event coverage such as conferences, seminars, and workshops.

Content Creators:

Widely used by content creators for producing high-quality videos with professional-grade equipment.


Adopted by businesses for webinars, virtual meetings, and corporate communication.

3.4. Strengths


Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport and set up in various environments.


Supports different video input sources, providing flexibility for diverse recording scenarios.

Ease of Use:

User-friendly interface and straightforward setup make it accessible for users with varying technical expertise.


Known for its reliability in capturing and streaming video content without compromising quality.

In summary, the Epiphan Pearl Mini is a versatile video capture and streaming device suitable for a range of applications. Its compact form factor, diverse input options, and user-friendly features contribute to its popularity among content creators, educators, and businesses alike.

4. Matrox Monarch HDX

4.1. Product Composition

Dual-Channel H.264 Encoder:

The Matrox Monarch HDX is a hardware device featuring a dual-channel H.264 encoder designed for broadcast-quality video.

Versatile Inputs:

Supports a variety of video input sources, including HDMI and SDI, offering flexibility in connectivity.

Stand-Alone Recorder:

Functions as a stand-alone recorder, allowing users to capture and store high-quality video content locally.

4.2. Key Functions

Simultaneous Streaming and Recording:

Enables simultaneous streaming to online platforms and recording locally, providing redundancy and flexibility.

Live Streaming:

Capable of live streaming video content to popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and custom RTMP servers.

Low-Latency Encoding:

Utilizes low-latency H.264 encoding for real-time streaming applications.

4.3. Main Scenarios


Well-suited for broadcasting applications, ensuring high-quality video delivery in real-time.

Live Events:

Ideal for capturing and streaming live events such as sports, concerts, and conferences.


Used for professional webcasting, offering reliable encoding for online audiences.

Professional Video Production:

Adopted by professional video production teams for its broadcast-quality encoding capabilities.


Used in educational settings for streaming lectures, seminars, and distance learning.

4.4. Strengths

Dual-Channel Encoding:

The dual-channel encoder allows for simultaneous processing of two video sources, enhancing efficiency.

Robust Construction:

Built with durability in mind, suitable for continuous operation in demanding environments.


Offers a range of configuration options, allowing users to optimize settings based on their specific requirements.

Low Latency:

Low-latency encoding ensures minimal delays in streaming, critical for real-time applications.

In summary, the Matrox Monarch HDX is a powerful dual-channel H.264 encoder designed for professional video applications. Its versatility, simultaneous streaming and recording capabilities, and robust construction make it a reliable choice for broadcasting, live events, and webcasting.

5. Vaddio AV Bridge Matrix Pro

5.1. Product Composition

Versatile Connectivity:

The Vaddio AV Bridge Matrix Pro is a comprehensive AV solution designed with a variety of input and output connections, including HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, and more.

Integrated Audio Processing:

Features advanced audio processing capabilities, ensuring high-quality sound capture and reproduction.

5.2. Key Functions

Matrix Switching:

The product excels in matrix switching, allowing users to route different video and audio sources to multiple displays and destinations.

Video Mixing and Composition:

Enables video mixing and composition, providing a seamless visual experience during presentations, conferences, or live events.

USB Bridging:

Facilitates USB bridging, allowing USB devices to be connected and utilized within the AV system for enhanced functionality.

5.3. Main Scenarios

Conference Rooms:

Ideal for conference room setups, supporting multiple video and audio sources for effective communication.

Live Events:

Well-suited for live events where dynamic video mixing and routing are essential.

Classrooms and Training Centers:

Used in educational environments to create versatile AV setups for interactive learning experiences.

Corporate Meetings:

Adopted in corporate settings for efficient video conferencing and collaboration.

Broadcast Productions:

Utilized in broadcast productions for its video mixing and routing capabilities.

5.4. Strengths


The AV Bridge Matrix Pro is highly scalable, accommodating various input and output configurations to suit different AV setups.

Intuitive Control Interface:

Equipped with an intuitive control interface for easy management of video and audio sources.


Known for its reliability, ensuring stable and consistent performance in diverse AV applications.

In summary, the Vaddio AV Bridge Matrix Pro is a versatile AV solution known for its matrix switching capabilities, video mixing, and reliable performance. It finds applications in conference rooms, live events, classrooms, and various professional settings due to its scalability and intuitive controls.


Selecting the right lecture recording device depends on various factors, including the size and nature of the classroom, integration requirements, and the desired features. Panopto Focus, IQVideo LCS710, Epiphan Pearl Mini, Matrox Monarch HDX, and Vaddio AV Bridge Matrix Pro each offer unique strengths catering to different educational settings. Carefully evaluating these devices based on your specific needs will ensure an optimal lecture capture solution for your institution.

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