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Transforming Your Classroom with Interactive Flat Panels: Gamifying Education for Engaging

Transforming Your Classroom with Interactive Flat Panels: Gamifying Education for Engaging


Interactive Flat panel display (IFP) is a smart screen. It integrates the functionality of multimedia and touch-based interactions. The IFP aims to increase students' motivation and participation in the classroom. In teaching practice, the IFP allows teachers to deliver immersive lessons engagingly. That can be manipulated directly on the screen. In this article, we will focus on how to use the power of interactive Flat panel display (IFP) to bring gamification to the classroom, like IQTouch HA1100 Pro. Let's explore innovative strategies and practical techniques for game-based education, promoting student participation and knowledge retention.

1.    The primary background of gamification: Low engagement

Based on the integrated survey results of students' learning attitudes and enthusiasm, combining teaching feedback from most educators. In recent years, teaching research findings and summary that the participation of students in schools has greatly decreased here.

2.    The primary purpose of gamifying: Enhancing student motivation and participation

Given that young students often enjoy interesting things, gamification becomes a great solution.

Specifically, a gamifying classroom where students explore at their own pace, collaborate on meaningful projects, and receive contextual feedback on progress tends to ignite that lifelong zeal for guided self-directed discovery.

3.    The process of gamification: in-class lecture

The common elements of gamification in education include visual design, story, competition, rewards, and feedback.

3.1 The superiority of system empowerment

IQ OS presented a completely new interface on the IQTouch HA1100 Pro, providing more interaction and engagement for game-based teaching. Students can interact with the teaching content by touching, dragging, and writing to enhance the learning activity and motivation.

3.1.1 Stable system performance

IQ OS of IQTouch HA1100 Pro is based on the new version of Android 11, bringing more stable system performance. In game-based teaching, this means more smooth operation and faster response time, so that students can seamlessly participate in a variety of interactive activities.

3.1.2 Rich collaboration tools

Gamification can not be achieved without the help of collaboration tools. The IQ OS of IQTouch HA1100 Pro provides a wealth of collaboration tools to support collaboration and interaction between students. For example, students can share screens, annotate in real-time, have group discussions, and so on. These tools provide strong support for team projects, collaborative games, and role-playing activities in game-based instruction.

3.1.3 Interface design of educational game

The interface design of IQ OS focuses on the user experience and gamification elements. It provides an intuitive interface layout, attractive graphics, and animation effects so that students in the game-based teaching process feel fun and attractive. This game-based interface design can enhance students' participation and engagement.

3.1.4 Intelligent learning recommendations

IQ OS of IQTouch HA1100 Pro provides personalized learning recommendations based on students' learning preferences and performance. This can make the game teaching more adaptable to the needs and interests of students, provide a personalized learning experience, and improve students' learning motivation and effectiveness.

3.2 Touch sensitivity and writing fluency through play experience

The use of advanced touch and writing technology, combined with game elements, for students to create a more interactive, interesting, and participatory learning experience. Such a game-based teaching method can stimulate students' interest, improve their learning motivation, and promote the positive application of knowledge and Skills.

3.2.1 Puzzle game

With the helpful IQTouch HA1100 Pro, students can interact with touch screens to solve puzzles and logic problems. Through touch, drag, and combination techniques, they can find solutions interactively and engagingly. This hands-on approach offers immediate feedback, motivating students to improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

3.2.2 Writing games

Students have the opportunity to engage in writing challenge games using the touch-screen writing function. For instance, they can utilize an IQSmart Pen SP200 to swiftly write letters, words, or mathematical calculations, earning points for both accuracy and speed. These game-based activities are designed to enhance students' writing skills and responsiveness.

3.2.3 Touch Screen Collaborative Games

By touching the screen of IQTouch HA1100 Pro for collaborative games, students can work together to solve problems or complete tasks. For example, they can work together on a jigsaw puzzle on the screen and work together and coordinate to complete the puzzle. This collaborative Learning through play promotes cooperation and teamwork among students.

3.2.4 Gesture recognition role-playing games

Students can use gesture recognition technology to participate in role-playing games. They can use gestures to control the actions and behavior of the characters and interact with the characters in the virtual environment. This immersive gaming experience helps students understand and apply the concepts they learn more deeply.

3.3 Rewards and feedback with software IQ KitsMemos

IQ KitsMemos is an interactive display software or interactive learning software that provides numerous benefits for game-based instruction. Through the functions and product performance of IQ KitsMemos, teachers can provide rich templates of classroom activities in game-based teaching, and student-centered participation, stimulate students' interest, provide real-time feedback, and achieve personalized learning experience.

3.3.1 Rich templates for classroom activities

IQ KitsMemos provides a variety of classroom activity templates that can be used to create interactive games and activities. Teachers can choose appropriate templates according to their needs, such as jigsaw puzzles, memory games, competitive games, and so on, to create interesting learning experiences for students.

3.3.2 Student-centered participation

By using IQ KitsMemos, teaching can shift from a traditional teacher-centered approach to student-centered participation. Students can actively participate in interactive games, through touch, drag and write, and other ways to interact with the game content. This student-centered participation has stimulated their initiative to learn and explore.

3.3.3 Stimulate students' interest

Advanced IQ KitsMemos creates a fun-filled learning environment that stimulates students' interest and curiosity through playful elements and interactivity. Students can explore knowledge, solve problems in interesting games, and compete or cooperate with students to enhance the fun and motivation of learning.

3.3.4 Provide real-time feedback

Intelligent IQ KitsMemos provides real-time feedback on interactive whiteboards and interactive tablets. Students can immediately see their results, scores, or the accuracy of their answers. This real-time feedback helps students understand their performance and motivates them to keep improving and learning.

3.3.5 Personalized learning experience

IQ KitsMemos provides teachers with the flexibility to customize their students' learning experiences based on their unique needs and abilities. Educators can adjust the game's difficulty, offer extra challenges, or provide additional support to cater to diverse learning styles. This personalized approach promotes students' individual growth and overall development.

Final thoughts

Although the game-based approach works well, it is better to treat students as a whole person than to view them through a“Low-participation” lens, having the inherent sense of belonging, autonomy, and the ability to cultivate needs. If these root causes persist, gamification alone will not solve the disengagement problem. Overall, though, the intelligent Interactive Flat panel display (IFP), especially helpful IQTouch HA1100 Pro is still a great way to increase student engagement. If you want to know more about our products and features, you can contact us here.


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Stimulating More Creativity in Meetings through IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO

Stimulating More Creativity in Meetings through IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO


The tedious and inefficient meetings you've attended may have discouraged you from following them to collaborate more effectively. But, introducing excellent tools could lead to a new form of mainstream conference. Innovative pioneers like IQ are ushering in a new era of collaborative strength through accessible means. Its relentless innovation inspires us to continue moving forward in a spirit of partnership and creativity in meetings. This article will show the progress made through possibilities with advanced IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO.

1. Unlocking future meetings for creativity

The intelligent IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO focuses on brilliant meeting execution and execution, and through its many features and superior product capabilities, allows more valuable ideas to emerge and have a more significant impact in meetings.

1.1 Smooth idea sharing

The full-channel 40-point touch and 20-point writing feature of IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO allows you to easily capture the most minor details. In addition, its minimum touch object size is only 2 mm. When a critical idea pops into your head, you can use the IQSmart Pen to write, draw, and annotate as you wish on a whiteboard with the infinite possibilities of a touch screen.

1.2 Auto tracking with a 4K AI Camera

The TE1200 Pro features a 48MP 4K AI camera with a wide 120-degree angle. The 4K AI camera of IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO is well-suited to fostering more engaging digital connectivity. Through its ultra-sharp imaging and intelligent features like auto-framing, remote attendees can virtually "transport" into settings as if physically present. Facial cues and subtle engagements come across vividly.

1.3 Multi-device connection based on dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0

The combination of dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 can provide better multi-device connectivity and communication capabilities. For example, in an intelligent conference room, devices can connect to the network through dual-band Wi-Fi and communicate wirelessly with other devices through Bluetooth 5.0, achieving perfect interaction and precise control between smart conference room devices.

2. Unleash personalization with a customized Q button

You may be very familiar with the C button if you are one of our loyal customers. Today, the innovative Q button results from further improvements and updates to the C button. The Q Button is the first of five feature buttons in the lower right corner of the IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO, and it's a very ergonomic and prominent location. You can customize the button's function according to your usage preference in the meeting.

2.1 Switching to Windows

You can set the function of Q Button to switch to Windows, which allows you to display content from a Windows device, such as a laptop or desktop, on TE1200 Pro.

2.2 Activate Screen Share

As a high-frequency requirement in meetings and collaborations, screen sharing helps promote Collaboration among team members, knowledge sharing in education and training, and technical support to solve hardware and software failure problems. By setting the Q button to the screen-sharing function, you can easily and quickly share content from other devices on the screen, allowing multiple users to view the shared content on their own mobile devices.

2.3 Lock screen

The lock screen feature on the TE1200 Pro allows you to lock the screen during a meeting, quickly ensuring the security and integrity of files and data. To prevent accidental disoperation. By defining the function of the Q button as locking the screen, the user can ensure that no action is triggered by accident.

2.4 Annotation

Annotations are commonly used in meetings and team collaborations. Users can use the IQSmart Pen or finger on TE1200 Pro to annotate, mark, and write accurately, recording and sharing ideas in real time. For example, press the Q button in a conference whenever an idea strikes to record and integrate valuable insights into the ongoing discussion seamlessly. This proactive approach ensures that inspired thoughts are acknowledged and can be addressed, fostering a more productive and dynamic meeting environment.

2.5 Screen capture

When you set up the Q button as a screen capture function, you can take screenshots at any time, even during a busy meeting, for later viewing, referencing, or archiving.

3. Full-function USB-C lights up a multifunctional world

Advanced IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO features full-function USB-C.

3.1 The Advantages of USB Type-C

USB Type-A is the most common interface we see on computers. A full-function USB-C is smaller and has more contacts than the previous USB Type-A. However, it also supports forward and reverse power cord insertion, so it doesn't get stuck multiple times.

3.2 What tasks does function USB-C perform?

USB-C interface can support a 60W PD power supply, DP display output, USB data transmission, and other interface functions. However, some products' Type-C interfaces are imperfect, and not all USB-C interfaces have three parts: data transfer, charging, and display. The full-function USB-C function of IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO also has three functional purposes, including data transfer, charging, and presentation, which provides more possibilities for conference connection and communication.

4. Streamlined multi-user functionality

Enable seamless Collaboration by accommodating up to 9 personalized accounts. Each participant gains instant access using unique unlock codes, facilitating on-the-go sharing of valuable ideas.

4.1 Quick transition when brainstorms

Meetings move fluidly between functions, too, without re-login delays. Teams transition between open brainstorms vs client touchpoints at the push of a button.

4.2 Promote an inclusive culture

Beyond efficiency gains, this empowering feature fosters a culture of inclusion. Colleagues participate through their preferred digital identity while their process remains distinct. New perspectives find platforms to contribute at an equal technical level.


In this article, we have mainly introduced the high performance of IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO, such as the customization of the Q button, the superiority of full-function USB-C, etc.. I'm confident that Intelligent Meeting, with its IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO, will dominate the conference scene in the future. If you want to know more about our intelligent meeting room products, you can contact us here. Our successive service cases and professional team can prove that we are always your first choice.



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4 Powerful Strategies for Nurturing Business Leaders with Lecture Capture Systems

4 Powerful Strategies for Nurturing Business Leaders with Lecture Capture Systems


The Lecture Capture System is a powerful tool that can make learning as enjoyable as a TV show and significantly improve educational fairness. A business elite is a person who has exceptional ability and performance in the business field. They succeed in business and drive the organization through deep business insight, leadership, and innovation. Lecture Capture Systems has been an enormous catalyst for the development of the business elite. In this article, we introduce you to 4 powerful strategies for nurturing business leaders with Lecture Capture Systems.

1.    Preparation for the deployment of elite training courses

IQVideo Portable Lecture Capture System LCS910 is highly adaptable. Because you only need 5 minutes to set up, and you can quickly deploy the recording system environment.

1.1 No extra cable interference

The IQVIDEOPORTABLE Lecture Capture System LCS910 is a wireless design that does not include power cords and adapters that may cause interference during recording and can reduce or eliminate interference caused by power cords, thus providing a more precise and more stable recording effect. In addition, all components of the LCS910 are equipped with rechargeable batteries to provide long-lasting recording capability. The LCS910 is helpful for business elite classes that require a longer time record because they are more systematic and targeted.

1.2 Start recording with a one-press button

The video station features a 15.6-inch touchscreen and scratch-resistant toughened glass. The instructor needs to touch the record button on the screen to start recording the video lecture immediately. When the trainer presses the record button, the camera automatically connects to the Video Station without any extra configuration. Therefore, it can be said that compared with similar products on the market, the LCS910 setup is more straightforward and faster. You can also easily carry the helpful LCS910, for example, to offer meditation classes in nature. The LCS910 reduces the complexity of device layout and setup, saving you time and effort. No matter where you are recording, it allows you to focus more on delivering and sharing expertise with more significant impact.

2.    Strategy 1: Develop communication and presentation skills

The outstanding Lecture Capture System can provide lectures on communication and presentation skills to help students improve their presentation and communication skills. LCS910 provides high-quality audio-visual content to help students observe and capture accurate information.

2.1 Provide a crystal-clear voice

Background noise reduction technology can effectively reduce the interference of environmental noise on the recording, making the speaker's voice more straightforward. A clear voice can help the audience better understand and receive the speech's content and improve the effectiveness of the speaker's expression.

2.2 Multiple microphone connection options

The LCS910 supports 2.4G wireless and 3.5mm wired microphone connectivity, which gives speakers a flexible microphone choice. While wireless microphones allow speakers to move and speak more freely, wired microphones provide a steady stream of audio. These options can be based on specific speech needs and scenarios to choose the most appropriate microphone to help speakers demonstrate their communication skills better.

2.3 Support mixer input audio

You may need to mix multiple audio sources at significant events, such as speakers' microphones, music, video clips, etc. The LCS910 allows audio input from the mixer, mixing and processing multiple audios and ensuring audio effects and balance throughout the activity. For speakers, this will enable them to control and adjust their voice better in a complex audio environment, enhancing the effectiveness of the speech.

2.4 Improve communication and presentation skills

By using the beneficial LCS910 speech acquisition system, speakers can use a clear voice, flexible microphone selection, and audio control function, better showing their communication and presentation skills. The unmistakable voice makes the speaker's language easier to understand and feel. At the same time, the flexible microphone and audio controls allow the speaker to adjust the volume and pitch of the voice in different situations. These factors are helpful to improve the speaker's ability to express self-confidence and develop excellent communication and speaking skills.

3.    Strategy 2: Provide personal development guidance

Guide personal development and career planning through the lecture recording system to help students achieve their career goals.

3.1 Online director

The trainer can remotely control the camera on a web-based command platform, switch between multiple sources, and manage recorded video. Through personalized digital lecture studio, to provide more customized and specific guidance for students' personal development and career planning to help students achieve their career goals.

3.2 Distance learning online courses

In addition, the intelligent IQVideo Portable Lecture Capture System LCS910 from IQ supports a one-button live video station button or remote operation on a web platform to stream career coaching videos live to YouTube and Facebook. The system supports RTMP/RTSP streaming media protocol. You can build blended classes or flip classes quickly. Suppose a student is too busy to attend business elite classes on time. In that case, they still have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and get exclusive training. They can study online and playback recorded lectures from privileged business classes at home.

4.    Strategy 3: Develop the ability of data analysis and decision-making

The lecture recording system can provide courses in data analysis and decision-making methods to develop students' business decision-making abilities.

Using Lecture Capture Systems to provide data analysis and decision-making capacity coaching to develop business elites, a course on data analysis and decision-making methods, and a presentation on business decision analysis methods and tools, topics such as risk management and optimization strategies help participants make effective decisions in a business environment.

4.1 Visible detail: Enhancing your learning experience

The powerful IQVideo Portable Lecture Capture System LCS910's 20x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom lenses allow lecturers to zoom in and show detailed business data, industry development charts, and their details, allowing participants to observe and understand the relationships between data more clearly.

4.2 Stable dynamic presentation

The high-speed and accurate pan-positioning function can track the instructor's movements and operations to ensure students can observe the instructor's demonstration process. Active demonstration can increase the sense of participation and learning experience. In addition, the stable wireless transmission ensures the stability of the video signal, avoids screen jitter or interruption, and can provide a smoother and more coherent viewing experience for students.

Through the features of high-definition picture quality, zoom function, precise positioning, and stable transmission, the recording and broadcasting system can provide a more vivid teaching experience.

5.    Strategy 4: Provide industry trends and insights

Video Station supports multiple input sources, video content can be presented on various screens, and trainers can use peripheral equipment with up-to-date industry trends, market data, and business insights, providing an authoritative source of information to help students connect theoretical knowledge with practical applications and understand the application and impact of business concepts in real-world scenarios, it helps develop the business elite's sensitivity and ability to grasp emerging opportunities.

6.    Copyright protection of training courses

Implementing copyright protection measures in video recordings can ensure the protection of intellectual property rights, build brand image, prevent piracy and unauthorized dissemination, safeguard economic interests, and provide legal protection. This is important for training institutions and lecturers to ensure that their efforts and creations are duly respected and rewarded.

The instructor can add the logo, the class name, and the beginning and end of the instructor's name to the video. These logos and messages convey to the audience the source and ownership of the content and prevent unauthorized use and infringement.

In case of copyright infringement, the recorded video with copyright protection can be used as evidence, which can help protect the rights of trainers and legal prosecution.


With the above introduction, we have found that the IQVideo Portable Lecture Capture System LCS910 offers an unrivaled visual experience with professional audio recording and a wireless PAN camera. Perhaps you are also a person who is committed to bringing about a change in thinking through knowledge sharing. Whether you are planning to become a business elite or trying to cultivate a business elite, you can contact us here, through the IQVideo Portable Lecture Capture System LCS910, which does not require fixed installation of complex wiring, the lecture collection studio can be set up anytime and anywhere.

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14 Questions about the Advantageous Lecture Capture System

14 Questions about the Advantageous Lecture Capture System


Using technical tools to record the classroom has been booming in higher education. Academic interest in the subject is also on the rise. According to Stokel-Walker, the expansion and application of digital technology in curriculum design have made significant progress. From the perspective of space application, the Lecture Capture System is one of the core components of intelligent education solutions, and it is applied more and more widely in the global education scene. Therefore, it is necessary to take a more comprehensive look at the powerful Lecture Capture system. In this article, we'll look at 14 questions about the Lecture Capture System to get a clear picture.

1. What is a Lecture Capture System?

Lecture Capture System like this is a technology that records and captures audio, video, and presentation materials during a Lecture or presentation and plays or distributes them on a specific platform through a special streaming Media Transfer Protocol. The powerful capabilities of the Lecture Capture System have proven to be very effective in optimizing the educational journey of all learners, as demonstrated by extensive practical teaching experience and a comparative study of student learning feedback, because it provides students with the opportunity and possibility to review their work outside the classroom in time and space, in the form of a combination of sound and picture, this approach is a valuable tool for enhancing the overall learning experience of all students.

2. What are the components of the Lecture Capture System?

The essential components of a Lecture Capture System are typically cameras for image capture, microphone for voice pick up, external courseware pickup, for the hardware part, and course recording and live streaming for the software part. For example, the intelligent IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS710 consists of a video station to control recording and directing, two 4K ePTZ cameras to capture images, and a ceiling microphone for clear audio to record complete and precise course content.

3. How do you start a course recording?

Most people prefer a simple operation, and a simple and easy operation process is beneficial in improving the user experience. The intelligent IQVIDEO Lecture Capture System LCS710 also provides a convenient start-up recording operation. In this way, teachers do not need to spend more time and energy on non-essential recording procedures for research. Teachers can start recording lessons with a single click because the system automatically handles camera close-ups and transitions. This saves teachers' energy and allows them to focus more on what they are teaching and how to make a point more clearly and easily understood.

4. What are the benefits of using the lecture capture system?

The Lecture Capture System is an excellent tool for teachers who work hard to prepare their lessons and improve their students' academic performance, as well as for students who are expected to work hard to realize their potential and improve their academic performance through the Lecture Capture System, the school's hot lecturers can deliver public lectures in real-time in all classrooms, overcoming the constraints of traditional classroom space. In addition, the course can be recorded and replayed for students to review and study at any time. We've covered the benefits of the Lecture Capture System in previous articles, and you can explore its power here.

5. Are there any best practice examples of the Lecture Capture System?

Powerful IQVideo Portable Lecture Capture System LCS910 is one of the best practices examples of Lecture Capture Systems. It features up to 20x optical and 10x digital zoom lenses, high-speed and accurate pan positioning, stable wireless transmission, and a built-in 1/2.8-inch high-definition CMOS sensor, bringing you up to 1080P FHD  HD quality. High-quality video performance and the construction of the ultimate lecture studio, no matter which part of the image you want to zoom in on, even if the subject is far away, can still be viewed.

6. Can the lecture capture system be integrated with other educational technologies?

Many lecture capture systems can integrate with learning management systems, video platforms, and other educational technologies to provide a seamless experience for teachers and students.

7. How does the Lecture Capture System work with the camera?

The Lecture Capture System works with different types of cameras, including webcams, PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom), and document cameras. Depending on the camera and system requirements, they can be connected to the system using USB, HDMI, or Ethernet cables.

8. How do you connect to a computer or laptop with a Lecture Capture System?

Lecture Capture System typically supports capturing screen content and audio from a computer or laptop. This connection is generally made using an HDMI or VGA cable that connects the computer's video output to the system.

9. How does the Lecture Capture System work with microphones?

Various microphone options, such as hand-held, collar-clip, and interface microphones, are compatible with the lecture capture system. These microphones can be connected to the system using an XLR digital audio cable, USB, or 3.5 mm audio cable.

10. What types of content can Lecture Capture System Capture?

Lecture capture systems can capture various types of content, including audio, video, presentation slides, Whiteboard comments, and screenshots. The AV switching function of Q-NEX NMP can output multiple source courseware to a video station to ensure the richness and diversity of teaching content. Teachers can switch to the physical demonstration station or wireless demonstration equipment in the demonstration and explanation, and students can share more teaching resources. Create an immersive teaching atmosphere.

11. How does the Lecture Capture System improve student engagement and learning outcomes?

The advanced lecture capture system allows students to watch recorded lectures at a time and place of their choice, allowing them to study at their own pace and in their own time. They can revisit and understand a particular topic or concept when needed, helping to deepen their understanding and memory of knowledge. They can focus on what interests them or is challenging to understand and skip what they already know. This personalized learning experience helps to improve the learning effect and motivation.

12. What platform can students use to watch the Lecture Capture System recordings?

Students can view the Lecture Capture System recordings in a variety of ways. For example, in a learning management system, an online learning platform, or a video-sharing platform, schools or educational institutions sometimes upload recorded content to video-sharing platforms, such as YouTube and Vimeo. Students can watch the recordings on these platforms by sharing links or embedding code. For example, the IQVIDEO Lecture Capture System LCS710 System is compatible with the RTMP/RTMPS streaming protocol. With a single click, teachers can quickly build blended or flipped classrooms that can be delivered to YouTube and Facebook in real-time, allowing students to learn anywhere.

13. Are there any challenges or limitations to the Lecture Capture System?

The lecture Capture System faces some challenges and limitations. Based on the case studies, these challenges may include the need for an appropriate technological infrastructure first and the possible need for further upgrading and optimization in the transmission of video and audio quality. However, high-definition audio and video often require more memory and faster transmission speed. In addition, the attendance of students and participation in the site lectures also need some attention.

14. How do you repair a Lecture Capture System device when it malfunctions?

The Q-NEX team has excellent after-sales and professional technical support, so if you have any problems with the IQVIDEO Lecture Capture System LCS710, you can contact us for feedback.

Final thoughts

In this article, we have discussed 14 issues related to the Lecture Capture System based on pre-recording procedures, the recording process, and the logic of recording content propagation and sharing. You'll be able to teach with greater clarity and confidence using the Lecture Capture System, and if you'd like to learn more, you can cotact us here.

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Elevating Group Learning: Unlocking the Secrets to Creating a Smart Classroom

Elevating Group Learning: Unlocking the Secrets to Creating a Smart Classroom


A smart classroom creation and solution that can promote the continuous development of K12 education does not necessarily mean that it has many intelligent devices, nor does it mean that every step of the education and learning process requires the execution of complex digital intelligent operations. English logician William Occam proposed Occam’s Razor Law. The so-called “Occam razor” means that if unnecessary, do not add substance. In our IQ’s smart classroom solution, we follow the principle of deploying smart classrooms through reasonable smart device arrangements, achieving collaborative and organized deployment, to create an excellent quality experience for the incubation and growth of group learning. In this article, we will show you how a company with a rich teaching experience can create smart classrooms for Group learning.

1.    The teaching and learning demands of group learning

In the face of group learning, teachers and students have different needs and face different challenges.

1.1 Teachers need to maintain balance

Firstly, group learning requires teachers to maintain cautious and balanced actions. Teachers must leave space for students to independently explore concepts. They must ensure that students with a voice do not lead discussions at the expense of quiet classmates. And find ways to continuously evaluate each person's unique understanding to determine who may need additional support.

1.2 Students need to learn to listen and cooperate

From the perspective of students, there are also challenges. When multiple people are thinking loudly about a problem, they must actively listen. Everyone must strive to make team members willing to share ideas, even those who are not yet fully confident.

1.3 Group learning is undoubtedly the best educational practice

Under the premise of coordinating the needs of all parties, group learning can enrich the benefits. For teachers and learners, when following the best practices of collaboration, the results may become truly transformative.

2.    Unlock a multi-angle viewing experience with advanced IQTouch Interactive Display and dual-screen display

In fast-paced group learning, being able to collaboratively view and manipulate content from any vantage point is critical for fostering out-of-the-box thinking. That's why the dual-display capabilities of the intelligent IQTOUCH TE1200 Pro are such a revelation for unleashing creative potential, this intelligent device quite literally expands the boundaries of what's possible in collaborative education. Students can be sitting anywhere in the classroom clearly see projected materials and participate fully in interactive activities. Best of all, advanced multi-user interface controls on the high-quality IQTOUCH TE1200 Pro means multi-tasking can be done simultaneously through included styli or directly with hands. Complex renderings, simulations, and spreadsheets suddenly come alive.

3.    Ignite classroom engagement with the intelligent IQPodium PD150: Empowering interactive learning

The smart IQPodium PD150 sets the stage for hands-on discovery that truly ignites engagement at every level. Now concepts can be explored from any angle through touch. Students zoom in on fine details, rotate 3D models, and gain new perspectives–together.

3.1 Empowering group learning with flexible tools

Flexible tools like annotation and screen capture empower group learning student's thinking. A group of students transcribes brainstorms, dissects case studies, and experiments freely with hypothetical solutions. Every perspective finds representation on an equal digital stage, sparking unexpected synergies.

3.2 Unleashing collaborative discoveries

Most importantly, the high-performance IQPodium PD150 adapts to all paces of discovery. Whether through structured challenges or curiosity-led exploration, its mobility and customizable modes support natural group rhythms. When participation inspires, engagement ignites for all. Ultimately, learning blossoms not through limitation but possibility. The advanced IQPodium PD150 unleashes the latter through hands-on partnership, empowering groups to trailblaze knowledge together.


4.    Unleash creativity and inspiration with the IQShare Button: Empowering seamless content-sharing

As any creative professional knows, unleashing your most innovative ideas often requires bouncing concepts off others. And as students explore new subjects, true understanding comes from building upon each other's perspectives. That's why tools empowering rich collaboration are so vital for unleashing everyone's potential.

In the experience of IQ smart classroom solution, one of the biggest obstacles is imperfect sharing workflows that disrupt the study and share flow. But the advanced IQShare Buttonstreamlines the process with its completely wireless and cable-free design. With the simple click of a button, presenters in group learning can instantly share whatever sparks their imagination - whether that's sketches, code samples, or fully polished deliverables.

5.    Access a wealth of learning resources based on Android and Windows System Compatibility

Both Android and Windows systems built in IQTouch have a wide range of application ecosystems and platform support, providing learners with rich and diverse learning resources and tools.

5.1 Timely feedback on teaching evaluation

One of the great things about today's smart classroom solution is how easy they make it to identify gaps or deficiencies in your own knowledge after a lesson. Whether it's being able to re-watch recorded lectures, re-take quizzes until you get them right, or access tutorial content customized to topics you struggled with most, these apps help turn weaknesses into strengths. I've found them extremely helpful for reinforcing what was taught during class discussions with my group.

5.2 Rich practical tools promote skill mastery

Apps are also wonderful for allowing collaborative problem-solving. Everything from coding environments and programming tutorials to 3D anatomy modeling programs gives student groups interactive ways to work through challenges together. The ability to instantly get feedback or have someone walk through a concept can take the frustration out of the learning process for me. This kind of experiential learning is so valuable for cementing ideas into long-term memory. It's given our students motivation to keep challenging themselves and having fun exploring different applications of our coursework.

Final thoughts

Through this article, we can find that under the background of educational digitalization strategy, the existing learning environment has undergone significant changes. Collaborative learning is an innovative teaching strategy that has been popular in the past two decades. If you are interested in the learning environment supported by IQ smart classroom solution, you can click here to contact us. We will continue to help students improve their learning methods, and empower them with strong and lasting learning motivation.



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6 Key Benefits of Utilizing a Lecture Capture System for Enhancing Online Mental Therapy

6 Key Benefits of Utilizing a Lecture Capture System for Enhancing Online Mental Therapy


The rhythm of work is gradually busy, so modern people often have great psychological pressure. In The Burnout Society, the Korean German philosopher Byung-Chul Han delves into the violence and freedom of the performance society. This common behavior can lead to depression and mental illness such as overwork. In this context, online therapy has become an effective link for people to end their physical and mental exhaustion. In this article, we introduce you to the six benefits of online therapy via Lecture Capture System.

1.    Correct the stereotype of online psychotherapy

It is often thought that the lack of face-to-face emotional connection leads to a lack of efficacy, and may even lead to separation anxiety due to a lack of close contact with a professional therapist.  The 2016 randomized clinical study, however, found that providing patients with staying at home obtain video remote treatment for depression was as effective as face-to-face visits. A study published in 2018 in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine found that phone-assisted counseling can reduce depression in the long term after some interpersonal therapy.

2.    6 Key Benefits of Utilizing a Lecture Capture System for Enhancing Online Mental Therapy

The following are six advantages of the Lecture Capture System that can help improve online psychotherapy.

2.1 Enhance the flexibility of psychotherapy scheduling

Psychological counseling with overly strict scheduling can bring psychological burden to patients to a certain extent. Online remote psychological counseling based on the Lecture Capture System can provide great flexibility and coordination in time scheduling.

Doctors can more easily adjust their schedules, add temporary additional sessions based on the situation, better meet the needs of patients, and avoid absences due to minor matters. This personalized service model can be well integrated with the patient's daily life, rather than being imposed in a fixed way. Both doctors and patients benefit from it. In the long run, it is beneficial to improve the continuation rate and effectiveness of treatment.

2.2 Reduce the psychological treatment burden on patients

Face-to-face psychotherapy may cause some patients to develop a fear of communication. For example, type I personality patients in MBTI personality types are often not good at revealing their psychological disorders to strangers, and even find it difficult to reveal themselves in front of authoritative and professional physicians, which increases anxiety.

However if the Lecture Capture System is used to arrange online psychological counseling, patients can prepare what they want to say in advance, making it easier to express their psychological distress in detail. Doctors can provide more humane responses based on the patient's personality, such as giving them enough time to reflect. Patients can also take control of the pace and progress, without being limited by the interview mode. Therapists can share pictures or videos through high-performance IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS710, making it easy to understand some difficult-to-explain content face-to-face.

2.3 Beneficial for quickly creating therapeutic space

Online remote psychological counseling based on the Lecture Capture System can help break through the limitations of time and space. For example, American psychologists can quickly provide psychological counseling and treatment for patients with mental illnesses who are far away in Japan.

We have also discussed the role of the Lecture Capture System in remote collaboration in previous articles. You can click here to gain a deeper understanding.

2.3.1 Eliminate transportation costs and travel fatigue

When patients or doctors travel to participate in psychological counseling, the transportation costs they pay are often relatively high, not only due to the expensive transportation costs of long-distance flights but also due to the fatigue of the boat and car, which can easily increase the fatigue of psychological treatment.

2.3.2 Expand more user groups for diagnosis and treatment

When the cost of travel is minimized, it is beneficial for both patients and physicians to have regular follow-up visits in the later stage, maximizing treatment effectiveness.

In addition, online remote psychological counseling based on the Lecture Capture System solves the difficulty of meeting due to distance, which helps to expand the available audience for psychological counseling.

2.4 Improving fairness in psychotherapy

The lecture capture system helps to improve the fairness of psychotherapy.

2.4.1 Provide treatment support for patients with limited mobility

Some patients with physical disabilities or mental illnesses may not receive professional psychological treatment due to inconvenient travel. For some groups of patients with mobility disorders, such as those with spinal injuries, it may be difficult for them to receive regular face-to-face treatment due to travel restrictions. However, through recorded video consultations, they can fully participate in treatment at home, which greatly reduces geographical and transportation barriers.

2.4.2 Breaking the limitations of limited medical space

The Lecture Capture System also allows opportunities for psychological counseling to no longer be limited by the limited number of treatment rooms in hospitals, expanding the possibilities of space and the feasibility of dialogue.

2.5 Record treatment videos for counselors to review

The two ePTZ cameras with a resolution of 8.4 million pixels on the IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS710 can capture the images of therapists and patients clearly. The camera adopts automatic tracking technology, which can intelligently switch between panoramic and close-up views during the psychotherapy process.

2.5.1 Review consulting and discover something new

By reviewing the consultation and treatment process recorded by the camera, the psychologist can reflect on their performance in the conversation and whether there are areas for improvement, such as the need to enhance their expression ability. This is beneficial for continuously improving one's consulting skills.

At the same time, being able to study the treatment process in detail can help the counselor identify important information that the patient may not have directly mentioned but is implicit in their language and facial expressions. This helps to better understand patients and advance treatment.

2.5.2 A learning material for improving consulting skills

In addition, to protect the privacy of patients, video materials processed through anonymization can also be used as teaching materials to provide references for future training and learning.

 2.6 The client can review the advice provided by the consultant through recorded videos

It helps clients to have a deeper understanding and mastery of the various suggestions and treatment methods provided by consultants. Through videos, they can observe the counselor's language expression, body language, and intonation, which is very helpful for understanding the emotional counseling path of psychological counselors.

2.6.1 Convenient access to counseling information

There is a recording available for review at any time, and patients with psychological disorders do not have to worry about being interrupted or having unclear details when presenting their questions. They can review important content multiple times based on their own progress and needs. For example, when facing difficulties, watch the corresponding module again and follow the guidance of the video to take action. This helps to deeply apply suggestions to daily life.

2.6.2 Co building a psychological rehabilitation support group

The IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS710 is compatible with the RTMP/RTMPS streaming protocol. By sharing videos, the client's family and friends can also understand the challenges and coping methods they face, further assisting them in their recovery. This is conducive to building a mutual assistance and support system, recording one's own progress of change, and strengthening confidence and a sense of achievement. Having records to prove, one can more intuitively discover the progress they have made.

Final thoughts

Above all, we know that with the help of a high-performance Lecture Capture System, whatever client or mental therapist can get powerful assistance, it is not a cool device system without the warmth of human relationships, but an integrated bridge to repair mental illnesses. The digitization and online dissemination of treatment through the lecture capture system is of great significance for some patient groups who currently struggle to enjoy the same resources. This can also be said to be a major contribution of network technology in further promoting social equity.

 Our IQVideo Lecture Capture System can also used in smart classrooms or modern intelligent meeting rooms, if you are impressed by its powerful product performance and its wide-range application scenarios, you can click here to contact us.

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