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Simplifying Interactive Display Management with Mobile Device Management(MDM)

Simplifying Interactive Display Management with Mobile Device Management(MDM)


The increasing use of interactive flat panels in classrooms has transformed teaching and learning. However, as schools adopt more interactive displays, managing and maintaining them efficiently has become challenging. Mobile device management (MDM) software offers a solution. MDM enables school IT administrators to remotely access and manage interactive flat panels, maximizing efficiency while reducing costs. By providing capabilities like remote power control and device monitoring, MDM simplifies interactive display management. This article aims to explore the capabilities of MDM and how it can empower administrators to remotely manage and control these devices. Before delving into its functionalities, let's take a closer look at what MDM actually entails.


1. What Is MDM?

MDM, short for Mobile Device Management, was originally developed to optimize an organization's device control and operations by integrating them into a comprehensive management system. The benefits of implementing MDM for device control and management are numerous.

One significant advantage of MDM is its ability to provide end-to-end remote management. This includes both the management end and the client end. The management end is a web-based portal accessed using a unique account and password. On the other hand, the client end refers to the MDM software installed on devices, such as theIQTouch TE1100 series interactive flat panel display. Regardless of device type or operating system, an effective MDM platform facilitates seamless management and control.

2.What MDM can do for school IT administrators

An effective MDM platform empowers IT technicians to analyze, control, and update devices remotely. It basically offers the following 6 benifits for the IT administrator for efficient control.

-Remote management: The system allows remote management of devices.

-Collaborative user management: Multiple users can be created for an account, enabling collaborative device management.

-Dashboard visualization: The dashboard provides visual statistics and device location distribution.

-Streamlined operations: Batch operations streamline workflow processes for convenience and efficiency.

-Remote device control: Various remote control capabilities include viewing device information, sending alerts and messages, and managing power and screen locking.

-Customization and monitoring: The system supports remote customization of device settings, history tracking, real-time screen viewing, file transfer, application installation, and control.

3. How to use MDM for the remote device control and management.

While MDM is commonly used for remote control and management of various devices running different operating systems, let's specifically focus on its application for interactive flat panel displays.

3.1 Remote power control

Remote power control through MDM offers convenient and energy-saving benefits for device management. Leaving AV equipment, such as interactive displays, turned on for extended periods not only shortens their lifespan but also increases power costs for schools, thereby driving up operational expenses.

With MDM, school IT administrators can easily access the MDM web portal to control the displays, including remotely powering them off. Additionally, when displays need to be turned on before a class, administrators can conveniently wake them up through the network. In essence, IT administrators have the capability to remotely shutdown, restart, turn on/off displays, and set automation schedule for the device's powering on/off, enabling efficient and cost-saving device management.

3.2 Device status and analysis

The MDM web portal provides a comprehensive dashboard that enables IT administrators to conveniently monitor the status of devices, including online and offline indicators, usage frequency, and app usage on the interactive displays. This feature assists schools in analyzing the utilization of interactive displays, monitoring power consumption, and assessing the apps utilized by teachers during classroom teachings. Additionally, IT administrators can easily access and review the settings and parameters of the interactive displays, ensuring that they are properly configured and aligned with the desired specifications. The dashboard functionality offers valuable insights and facilitates efficient management of the interactive display ecosystem.

3.3 Convenient device control

In addition to turning on or off the interactive display, administrators can remotely change the wallpaper of the themes for the display as needed to better match the teaching needs. Moreover, administrators can change the booting logo if needed. All these done, the administrator can verify if the operation is succeeded by performing a remote screen control to double check if the command is successfully executed on the display. With the remote screen control feature, the IT administrator takes control of all the desktop operations on the display.

3.4 Send text or audio visual notifications

IT administrators can effortlessly send text messages or audio-visual notifications to specific interactive displays. For instance, when administrators need to remind teachers to power off the displays, they can send text messages directly to the targeted interactive displays as reminders. Alternatively, if the school principal wishes to deliver a recorded public speech, IT administrators can upload the speech onto the web portal and then transmit the audio-visual content to the designated displays in different classrooms. This convenient feature enables seamless communication and effective dissemination of important messages across the campus.

3.5 Batch device configuration

MDM from provides a streamlined device configuration solution for interactive display panels. Instead of manually changing settings one by one, which can be laborious and time-consuming, IT administrators can utilize MDM to create setting schemes or templates with predefined parameters. These schemes can then be synchronized to the target interactive displays, significantly enhancing operational efficiency for administrators. By eliminating the need for manual configuration, MDM empowers administrators to maximize their productivity and save valuable time.

3.6 Convenient app control and management.

MDM empowers administrators with remote app management capabilities. Instead of physically going to the classroom, IT administrators can remotely transfer and install teaching-enhancing or collaboration-boosting software to the interactive displays. Additionally, IT administrators have the ability to enable or disable apps as required. This streamlined approach enables efficient app management and control.

4. Summary

MDM offers a comprehensive range of features beyond what has been mentioned. It provides end-to-end remote management capabilities, allowing you to perform various remote management and operations for a large number of interactive displays across your campus. With the IQTouch 1100 series interactive displays, all equipped with preinstalled MDM software, you can efficiently maximize the management and control of the interactive flat panel displays throughout your campus while also minimizing power consumption.

Overall, MDM software empowers schools with a streamlined approach to manage interactive flat panels at scale. For interactive display adoption to be sustainable and impactful, efficient management tools like MDM are essential. By simplifying operations and reducing costs, MDM allows schools to focus resources on transforming teaching and learning with interactive flat panel technology. 

Why Interactive Flat Panels are Widely Used in Education?

Why Interactive Flat Panels are Widely Used in Education?


Everyone in the education sector is undergoing a digital transformation. And the changes brought by the digital transformation are very visible. The traditional way of education is becoming obsolete. The education industry has made a lot of changes. The most obvious upgrades are in the way teaching and the equipment. Simply put, the education sector is introducing new concepts and tools. Schools are working hard to be able to improve the learning efficiency of their students. More smart devices and intelligent solutions are being used in schools. IQ suggests you learn more about the articles when you decide to remodel your school space. For example, you can browse the IQTouch products line first when choosing IFP. We hope this will bring you more insights.


1. Why use touch screens in education?

Nowadays, tools such as touch screens are indispensable in digital education. These tools have become an integral part of the process. Without them, classrooms would be unthinkable. So the main question is how to manage these tools to improve the efficiency of education. And help teachers release daily work. The classrooms of the future should enable teachers to create an interesting atmosphere. These courses should be accompanied by attractive games.  And student interaction with the teaching process. And the touch screens should be part of the teacher's nature to convey information to the student. The role of technology in the future of education is very impressive. And its importance for improving education will be highly emphasized in the future.


2. What are the advantages of touch screens?

Smart display systems are very effective in improving interaction in educational environments. The interest in the course can be improved through these smart devices. It plays an important role in improving the educational environment. This article summarizes the five advantages of the touch screen.


2.1 Improve student interaction and interest

If you have talked to the teacher you will know that students can not focus on the classroom for a long time. Especially for some teenagers even concentrating for ten minutes is difficult to do. A class is usually 45-60 minutes long. So it is very difficult to make students concentrate. Whereas smart touch screens will display educational content on the digital screen in an attractive way. The teaching and learning process is visualized and graphical.  The teacher and students can interact with each other on the smart touch screen. IQ KitsMemos is an interactive display software from IQBoard. It provides teachers with a variety of templates for classroom activities to create interactive games through interactive whiteboards and interactive tablets. Teaching can be changed from traditional teacher-centered lecturing to student-centered participation, making classroom interaction fun and greatly stimulating students' interest.

2.2 User-friendly operation

We all know that the teacher needs to stand on the platform in the teaching process. When the teacher uses the blackboard he needs to turn his back to the students. The teacher can't pay attention to the student's status in real-time. You have to admit that some students get distracted at this time. To make teachers pay more attention to the students, the IQPodium PD150 is a good choice. The IQPodium Interactive pen display includes an interactive pen and touch screen to help teachers communicate more effectively. Presenters can add notes or illustrations to the touch screen when projected onto a large display. A digital screen paired with an LCD makes a smart podium. The teacher only needs to connect an HDMI cable and a touch USB to realize face-to-face communication with students. At the same time, he can also control the large LCD screen on the back.


2.3 The Impact of Smart Devices on Education

A very important issue in today's world is that technology excites everyone. Modernization and the use of technological tools have made work more attractive to people. Teachers and students certainly welcomed and reacted positively to such a topic. They felt that the use of technology in education and the use of touch monitors made the course more attractive.


2.4 Increased cooperation and participation

One of the main factors for the success of the educational process is the possibility of cooperation and participation between different sectors. The ability to work together to improve education can only be realized with the right tools. In traditional methods, the teacher sits behind a laptop transmitting the material. But it is unable to present the content to the students. However, with the arrival of IFP in the classroom, displaying the required content on touchscreens is possible. People will be able to collaborate on content and present the results to each other. Teamwork is another beneficial outcome of this process. Ultimately, it will increase everyone's productivity.


2.5 Future Sustainability and Stability

Through the use of technological tools, especially touch screens, students will enter a more advanced world. All items that could improve education will be digital and changes will happen.  Transforming classrooms into smart spaces isn't complicated. IQ will offer the smart solutions for you. What’s more, the biggest feature of IQ is easy to install and use. We have professional pre-sale and after-sale teams for you. Please contact us right now.



There is no perfect tool to education. But the technology has certainly improved the efficiency of education. And improve the interactive of students during class. IQ believes that we can provide you with the most suitable smart solution. IQ never stops, IQTouch TB1100 Pro Gen2 Ultra Interactive Touch Panel is the symbol of our continuous innovation. To improve the educational environment we are constantly working hard. Besides, teachers and students should work together to embark on the path of using smart whiteboards correctly. This will improve the learning environment. The classroom will be full of vigor. Students can improve learning efficiency. Our official website has 24-hour online customer personnel. If you need help please let us know here.

What Should I Choose in My Meeting Room?

What Should I Choose in My Meeting Room?


Meetings and discussions are needed in businesses and schools. But not all organizations will have a dedicated meeting room. They may just sit in their seats and have discussions. The reason for not having a meeting room may be budget constraints. Some people lack of experience in building smart meeting room. IQ has been an intelligent solution provider since 2006. So we have the rich experience in the AV industry. More than that, we hope to bring users more relevant tips. You can browse more detail on our official website. If you have any interest please let us know .


1. How to set a meeting room?

Before answering this question you could consider these issues. You can get the answers in the process of finding the questions. Understand what questions you need to ask in remodeling AV technology in your space. And these issues could help you to build a success meeting room.


1.1 What is the styles of your employees?

For most businesses, employees are not in a one area. In general, they can be divided into three styles. The first is permanent office-based. These are employees who work from just one location or a series of offices. The second is the telecommuting type. These employees may be designated to work outside. Finally, employees are on-site. These workers are mostly technicians or engineers who work on projects. When you choose the smart devices you should consider the type of workers. If you have telecommuting workers you should buy a camera for sharing the content. The better image is better for discussing during the video conference.


1.2 How to improve the efficiency of collaboration?

When you get the style of your employees. And then you need to think about how to improve the efficiency of collaboration. If you have a small team with less than 10 people, then you need to call your employees in one room. A smaller space with just one screen will be enough. Teams with remote and on-site employees often need to need video conferencing. So you can also consider how to pick equipment in the following ways.

·What type of content do you need to share? Sound, images, or simple documents?

·Is there a brainstorming type of meeting?

·Do you need the interactive whiteboard to have a sticky note feature?

·How will the meeting content be shared after the meeting?

·Do meetings usually require multiple people to present content?

·Do you need to view multiple content sources at the same time?

·Will these meetings be held in one place? Or does the meeting need to invite many groups at the same time?


1.3 What kind of space do you have?

Some organizations don't necessarily have just one conference room. Look at where employees usually meet. IQ has prepared different types of intelligent meeting solutions to provide the most suitable one for our customers. We have a variety of solutions. I will take the Studio smart solution as a sample to show you in greater details.


·The Studio

If your meeting room is 20-30 then this is the solution for you. IQConference Microphone and IQSound bring you Full HD images and 360°pick-up sounds. It makes you feel like you have your partner right in front of you when you are having a video conference. The solution also includes a monitor, the IQ Wireless Presentation System and more. IQWireless Presentation WP40 with IQTouch panel allows you to BYOM. That means you can use wireless transmission using the interactive flat panel's camera and microphone. It is easy to share meeting content in real-time.

·Next Gen Conference Room

·The Auditorium

·The Ideation Hub

·The Vibe


1.4. What AV equipment do you need?

When setting up a conference room you need to consider the AV equipment. First and foremost is the picture to be displayed, the sound to be played, and the connection of the different devices. In most meeting spaces displays are needed for presentations. That is why it is very important to buy interactive whiteboards. To better share your employees' computer screens, a wireless presentation system is a good choice for you. If you need more information, please contact our customer service staff. He is online 24 hours on our official website.


1.5. Do you need an AV integrator?

This question needs to be analyzed according to different situations. IQTouch suggests you use commercial integrators. IQTouch recommends that you use a commercial integrator because they have specialized knowledge. When you purchase the product you can install it according to their program. If you are worried about your budget. You can contact IQ's after-sales staff. We have professional training to provide you installation course. Even in the later use of the process, if there is anything you don't understand,you can also contact our after-sales personnel. We will be ready to serve your need.



Conference rooms are being increasingly emphasized in educational and business environments. How to build a meeting room requires you to learn many aspects of knowledge. When you need make your conference room to the higher level, you need buy the interactive flat panel, the wireless presentation system, microphone and so on. If you need find a professional company partner IQ is a nice choice. IQ has more than nearly 20 years of experience in the AV smart solution industry. And IQ has a wide range of smart solutions. We can customize the solution for our clients. Because users maybe have different spaces. To offer the suitable solution you can told us your needs. We can provide not only mature hardware products but also a wealth of software. Let you share the content in the meeting more smoothly. If you have any needs please let us know here. We will provide the most suitable smart solution for you.




As IT technology advances and network environments improve, hybrid learning is gaining popularity in educational institutions, training schools, and universities. Hybrid learning offers convenient online and off-line classes involving both in-person and remote learning studentes at the same time without time and location limitations. This article focuses on conducting a hybrid learning using AV equipment here such as interactive flat panels, speakers, microphones, cameras, or video conferencing kits bundled with cameras and microphones. The article discusses two main methods of achieving a hybrid learning: using UC platforms and lecture capture systems.


1.Achieving a hybrid learning

A hybrid learning can be achieved through multiple methods, but it primarily comes in two forms: UC platforms and lecture capture systems.


2.UC Platform for hybrid learning 

Various UC platforms can be used to conduct hybrid learnings, such as Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom, and others. Before utilizing these platforms, specific devices are required, including an interactive display panel, a PTZ or EPTZ camera, microphones and speakers. Alternatively, a video conferencing kit like IQMeet AVS200 can simplify the setup process, as it provides a plug-and-play solution. With the video conferencing kit, you can easily share your screen from your computer via the UC platform for hybrid learning with students.

3. UC Platform hybrid learning devices

Hybrid classes can take place in different-sized classrooms, which determines the necessary devices for the setup.


3.1 Interactive display

To ensure clear visibility of teaching content for both local and remote students, the interactive display panel should be large enough to accommodate the hybrid learning sizes. Popular sizes on the market include 65", 75", and 86". An 86" interactive display panel can meet the requirements of various hybrid room sizes.


3.2 Speaker, microphone, and camera

Speakers, microphones, and cameras are essential for creating a hybrid learning environment, enabling remote students to see, hear, and interact with the classroom.


3.2.3 Speakerphone 

Speakerphones are usually embedded with microphones. It is advisable to choose microphones with long pickup range and multiple array microphones, suitable for the room size. An excellent option is the IQMeet S330, which features 360° omni-directional sound pickup with a 5-meter pickup distance. Additionally, it offers optional expansion microphones that extend the pickup distance to 6 meters. This flexibility allows easy adjustment for different room sizes, ensuring clear audio capture from participants regardless of their location.


3.2.4 Camera

 A reliable camera is crucial for a hybrid learning. An ePTZ camera is suitable for smaller classrooms, while a PTZ camera is preferred for larger classrooms. For example, the IQMeet CV810 PTZ camera offers a 4K UHD image with 12X optical zoom. With a tilt range of -30° to +90°, a field of view of 70°, and a pan range of ±170°, it provides excellent coverage for classrooms of any size.


4. Conducting UC platform-based hybrid learning

With the setup of a PTZ camera, speaker, and interactive display panel in the classroom, you are ready to begin the hybrid class. Simply turn on the interactive display and launch the UC platform, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Access the PTZ camera and microphones to capture sound and images from the classroom, allowing remote students to see and hear everything throughout the hybrid class. 


5. Lecture capture system-based hybrid learning

In addition to UC platform-based hybrid learning, a lecture capture system can be an effective option. As it helps create a more immersive and enriched hybrid learning experience for hybrid learning students with better engagement and better learning result.


5.1 What is a lecture capture system?

A lecture capture system consists of two auto-tracking cameras, a video station,and a microphone. Proper setup of these three components is necessary before using the system. For example, start by connecting the auto-tracking camera to the video station for capturing camera images. However, users often find it challenging to set up the auto-tracking camera with the video station due to network configurations. To simplify this process, IQVideo LCS710 lecture capture system offers a plug-and-play solution, requiring only an Ethernet cable to connect the auto-tracking camera with the video station.


5.2 Benefits of lecture capture system

The lecture capture system with auto-tracking cameras and the video station automatically switches focus between teachers and students, providing a panoramic view. This allows hybrid learning students to closely follow both the teacher and students during remote learning. The video station offers four camera views, including a close-up view of the teacher and panoramic views of the students. You can direct the camera view on the video station as needed. Additionally, the LCS710 system provides an extra input source, which can be from a document camera or a computer, enriching the video content for hybrid learning.


5.3 Conducting a hybrid class with lecture capture system

Popular live streaming platforms like Facebook and YouTube can be used for conducting a hybrid learning through live streaming. You can live-stream the video content from the lecture capture system to the desired platform. The LCS710 supports RTMP and RTMPS protocols, making it highly compatible with most live streaming platforms.


By following these methods, either through UC platform-based solutions or lecture capture systems, educational institutions can effectively implement hybrid learnings, combining in-person and remote learning for an enhanced educational experience.


6. Summary

Hybrid learnings are gaining popularity in educational institutions worldwide due to their ability to optimize teaching resources and provide access to a larger number of students, thus promoting educational equality. IQ offers comprehensive solutions for hybrid learnings, including UC platform-based solutions that integrate interactive displays, cameras, and speakers. Additionally, IQ provides a hybrid class option based on lecture capture systems via platforms like Facebook and YouTube. These user-friendly tools enable educators to seamlessly and effectively conduct hybrid learnings. The advanced AV equipment, such as interactive displays, high-quality cameras, and powerful speakers, facilitate effective communication and collaboration among students and instructors. Whether through UC platforms or lecture capture systems, educational institutions can leverage technology to create an inclusive and dynamic learning environment that caters to the needs of all students. The future of hybrid learnings holds tremendous potential in revolutionizing education and opening up new possibilities for learners worldwide.

Choosing A Projector or an Innteractive Display

Choosing A Projector or an Innteractive Display

There are two most commonly used display devices in a business environment. One is the projector and the other one is the interactive display. Many users do not know how to choose the suitable interactive display product. Because most users are not clear about the difference between these two products. Only when the users knows the working principle and the difference can they choose with their own needs. In this article, I will take briefly introduce the work of projectors and monitors. And I will give some tips of the differences between projectors and interactive displays. I hope this article will help you to choose the suitable product. In our company,IQ,we offer variety smart devices. You can click here to browse the products you are interested in.

1. What is a projector?
A projector works by transfering the image onto the direction place. It is usually a separately mounted projector screen or a blank wall. Projectors are commonly used in larger spaces. And it can project an image onto a larger screen. The image is much larger than the screen of a typical interactive flat panel. Projectors also vary in brightness, image quality, and resolution. The color displayed by the projector is also an important factor to consider. Some projectors place importance on the color range. This will show a more appealing picture. Besides, many projectors also have features such as HDMI input and WiFi connectivity. This allows you to modify the content without extra installation.

1.1 Disadvantages of the project:
But, projectors require a lot of light. Users need to be in a darker room to show content effectively. This is because ambient light can diffuse the image. They also require regular maintenance. For example, regular lamp replacement and calibration of the image position. These tasks can be both time-consuming and expensive. While some projector products have moved toward a portable model. But most devices are still bulky setups. They need to be fixed at installation and need manual lens focus adjustment.

2. What is the interactive display?
From a certain point of view, the smart whiteboard is a flat screen that displays an image by emitting light. Users can choose the resolutions and sizes (e.g. 65" 75" 86"). And the user can choose to install it on a wall or place it on a stand. The interactive whiteboard is often used as digital signage. Sometimes it is the good tools for interactive teaching. So it can be used for interactive smart solutions. Unlike projectors, smart whiteboards are not affected by ambient light. The screen content can be seen even in a well-lit room. In addition, it requires less maintenance and lasts longer than a projector. And it can work continuously 24 hours a day without the risk of overheating.

2.1 Disadvantages of the interactive display
However, touch screens also have their limitations. The size of the touch panel is related to the price. If you need more large screen, the price will be more expensive. And in situations where a lot of video coverage is needed, connecting monitors may be too expensive. Or there are problems that make it difficult to implement.

·To help customers solve the problem of connecting monitors IQ offers a unique method. IQ is your best choice when your conference room requires more than two LEDs. Eshare Pro software from IQ enables an interactive display group for you. All screens can be synchronized with just one click. This makes it easy to connect all your monitors.

3.Choosing a projector or an interactive display

3.1 In the business environment, there are several factors need to consider. When you have the meeting how to improve the efficiency is the key point. So the image need show the cleaely. These are the some suggestions for you.
·For example, if the meeting room space is large and the audience is spread out. So you could choose the projector.This is because it can display a larger image. But you need to be able to control the lighting in the room better. Because the projector is very affected by the light.

·If the room has plenty of light, the interactive flat panel may be better choice. It is easier to see the image . Because it is not affected by light.

·Budget is also a key consideration. This is because monitors are usually more expensive than projectors.

3.2 If you are interested in the interactive flat panel then IQTouchHA1100 Pro is more suitable for you.
·Based on the new version of Android 11, IQ OS shows a newly designed interface on the interactive display. More stable system and rich collaboration tools at your fingertips. These can make your operation more smooth and easy.

·Built-in integrated binocular cameras can reduce your budget. 48MP meeting camera and 13MP document camera can make the picture you share more clear.

·Optical bonding technology combined with 4k picture quality gives you a high-level visual experience. The largest viewing angle and the most accurate and smooth touch experience can bring a more efficient experience for you. 

·BYOM is a natural extension of BYOD. It allows you to wirelessly access the HA1100 Pro's camera. It can also support you to have the video conference through your favorite UC platform. 

In short, the manufacturer of the AV product who knows the how to choose products. If you need any type of digital signage, interactive display, or display solution, please let us know. IQ has been a provider of educational solutions for 17 years since 2006. We take very seriously is the user experience with our products.IQ is always on the path of innovation. The goal is to deliver a better product to the user. We also have our own factory, if you need OEM is also available. If you have any concerns, please let us know. We will provide you with the most complete solution. We have online customer staff on our official website. Please don't hesitate to contact us right away. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!
What Is Touch All-In-One Machine in Education?

What Is Touch All-In-One Machine in Education?


At present, with the rapid development of network touch all-in-one machine has also been greatly developed. It has the advantages of supporting graphics and text, is simple and easy to use, and so on. So it is rapidly being widely used in the education industry. We can annotate the large screen display by touching it with our fingers. You can click on images or text, and you can also do handwriting directly. These features make teaching and learning much easier. IQ is a company that specializes in providing innovative products for education. You can click here to learn what a touch all-in-one is.


1. What is an all-in-one touch panel

Touch all-in-one machine is an electronic technology product that integrates the three functions of LCD, OPS computer, and precise touch control. It can assist teachers to complete various teaching tasks. Teachers just needs to open the teaching software, the display immediately pops up a simulation of different course tools. For example, it can provide an electronic dictionary for English classes. When you have the math class it can offer all kinds of geometric figures. With it, the teacher's teaching is more convenient. What's more, it can improve the students' interest in the class.


2. Advantages of all-in-one display machine:

An all-in-one machine as an integrated product, not only can help you reduce the budget but also has a variety of functions.


2.1 Practicality

Easy to use, practical, and efficient is the core design concept of the IQ touch all-in-one display here. Only simple operations and practical functions can enhance the efficiency of teaching. IQ's products use an integrated intelligent touch system, which requires only simple wiring and can be used.


2.2 Advanced of the all-in-one

Changing the intelligent equipment process in the traditional multimedia classroom is very complicated. But touching an all-in-one display is very simple no matter how to access or system control. From many aspects reflects the advanced nature of the whole system.


2.3 Extensibility

Intelligent teaching is the future trend of education. IQ's all-in-one touch panel includes the network control function. Teachers can control the screen through their computers or achieve remote control through the network. This provides services for future development, teaching, presentation, remote teaching, remote classes, remote meetings, and other functions.


3. Working principle:

LCD touch panel application is an infrared touch screen. It is the use of the X, Y direction of the dense infrared matrix to detect and locate the user's touch. Any touch object can change the contact infrared and touch screen operation. The infrared touch screen is not subject to current and static interference. It can be suitable for certain harsh environmental conditions. Its main advantage is that because there is no capacitive discharge process, the response speed is faster than the capacitive type.


4. Product sharing

IQ's newly launched IQTouch TB1100 Pro Gen 2 is a Super-powerful Interactive touch p anel.


4.1 Infrared Super-Fine Touch Panel

It has Zero+ Bonding, Infrared Superfine Technology and Windows Ink. The upgraded Zero+ Bonding and Infrared Ultra Fine (IUF) technologies give the screen higher levels of image quality. It has instant response and high precision for a more vivid visual experience and natural writing. With collaborative Windows Ink support for writing on MS Office documents. And Windows Ink support for saving notes in files, and sharing, you'll never lose an idea.


4.2 Write "Infinity" on AI Whiteboard

The interactive flat panel has a built-in 4K AI whiteboard with endless possibilities. It offers more intelligent features such as handwriting, shape recognition, split screen mode, and smart table. It improves classroom presentations in every aspect.


4.3 Remote Device Management System

IQTouch can give you complete control over IFPD from a unified platform. And you can set your schedule and automate tasks. You can gain powerful insight and analysis of IFP usage. Centralized application management with flexible installation


5. The benefits of an all-in-one touch panel:

The touch all-in-one machine is widely used by people. The functions of which are also being gradually improved. The reason why it can become a trend in the education market is because it can really improve teaching efficiency. It simplifies the cost of learning smart devices for teachers. Increase the interest of students in the classroom.


5.1. Improve teaching efficiency

With multi-function, LCD can improve the efficiency of the teacher's teaching. And it can enhance the planning of teaching. When the teacher need to display the content through the interactive flat panel like this. And the picture of content can be added, modified, and improved continuously during the teaching process. The saved courseware can be used repeatedly in different classes. And it can also support a QR code to take away the courseware with one click.


5.2. Improve classroom atmosphere

The use of LCD touch panel teaching can enhance the teaching atmosphere of the classroom and strengthen the interaction between teachers and students. The teacher can let different students take turns to interact on the stage. The teacher can also guide and explain the process of answering questions, correct students' mistakes in time, and better stimulate learning interest.


5.3. Improve students' attention

Using LCD teaching can improve students' attention and enhance their comprehension. In the process of reading teaching, teachers can use the tools such as spotlight to help students to understand the keywords and phrases. It can also help students to focus quickly. In the teacher's explanation and students' self-reading and self-understanding, students' comprehension of reading is improved.



Smart teaching is the mainstream trend of education in the future. How to choose the right smart device is difficult for most people. There are many advantages of choosing LCD touch all-in-one machine. Easy to use and wide practical range are its most outstanding features. It can meet teachers' daily teaching needs and also reduce your budget. IQ has very rich experience as a leader in the education industry. We can provide you with hardware and software. We can also provide a variety of smart school solutions. If you are planning to transform your space,contact us now. We will give you a proposal for the perfect solution.


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