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Maximize Meeting Productivity with IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO: The Ultimate Smart Conferencing Solution

Maximize Meeting Productivity with IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO: The Ultimate Smart Conferencing Solution


The pace of time has arrived in 2024, and efficient meetings have become the key to driving enterprise innovation and decision-making. The advanced IQTOUCH TE1200 Pro is one of the top choices for many enterprise conferences. Whether it's a corporate board meeting, a remote collaboration, or an educational seminar, the TE1200 Pro ensures that every voice is heard and every idea is presented. More importantly, every decision is based on accurate information. In this article, we'll look at maximizing your conference productivity with the IQTOUCH TE1200 Pro.

1. Solving meeting challenges

The poor audio-visual quality and cumbersome recording process of video conferences are common problems we often encounter. Of course, this is also where TE1200 Pro is committed to solving and optimizing the conference experience.

1.1 Effectively addressing low-quality video and audio

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the frequency of remote meetings is gradually increasing, and their effectiveness is constantly being confirmed. However, during meetings, do you often face blurry video quality and inaccurate color reproduction? There may also be issues with poor audio quality or noise interference in the sound heard.

1.1.1 The blurry audio-visual effect affects the conference experience

Conference participants may face poor video and audio quality issues without high-quality cameras and microphones. These low-quality issues directly affect our learning and communication efficiency. During the meeting, seeing the speaker's facial expressions and body language or actively participating in discussions and interactions was impossible. Audio issues like echo and noise can also seriously interfere with understanding the discussion content.

1.1.2 Ultimate conference audiovisual experience

We need to establish a higher definition and stable video call system with the help of TE1200 Pro to ensure a clear and smooth communication experience. Ensure that we comprehensively and accurately understand the conference content and achieve in-depth interaction with other peers. With the 4K resolution performance of TE1200 Pro, you can enjoy clear and detailed visual effects. In addition, the 48MP 4K AI camera has features such as panoramic, framing, and speaker modes, making it capable of showcasing its skills in various advanced video conferences.

1.2 Paperless meeting recording to capture critical details

Without an integrated touch screen or writing function, meeting participants may be unable to record, annotate, and collaborate during meetings conveniently. That may result in the need for additional paper, notebooks, or other tools for recording and communication, increasing workload and complexity.

1.2.1 Defects in handwritten recording of meetings or later memories

Recording, summarizing, and reviewing are essential elements in driving success. We often need to take notes and organize them after the meeting or have in-depth discussions with other colleagues about the project. However, mainstream video conferencing systems cannot achieve real-time note-taking or annotation functions online, which greatly inconveniences post-conference work. With the lack of a real-time meeting recording function, we must rely on handwritten notes or later reminders to complete, which inevitably leads to missing details or information points.

1.2.2 Scan the QR code to retain the meeting process

To solve the above problem, the TE1200 Pro integrates touch devices and document-sharing functions, and its built-in software JoinMemos V1.1 supports scanning QR codes to export meeting reviews. In addition, this conference platform also has rich auxiliary tools such as pen type selection, screenshots, screen recording, handwriting recognition, voice-to-text conversion, and group scoring, meeting various needs in collaborative meetings. We take real-time notes or annotations online and synchronize them to the cloud. After the meeting, obtaining complete records and discussing the critical points of the meeting process with colleagues is also convenient, significantly improving project efficiency and meeting communication quality.

2. The application of TE1200 Pro in different types of meetings

The advanced wireless screen sharing and interactive features of IQTOUCH TE1200 Pro activate the attractiveness of sales presentations, the creative potential of brainstorming, and the profound exchange of academic discussions, becoming a vital tool for promoting effective communication and innovative thinking in various conferences.

2.1 Satisfy supply and demand during sales meetings

During sales presentation meetings, the wireless screen-sharing feature of TE1200 Pro allows salespeople to easily share product demonstrations, case studies, and sales data with customers. Salespeople can wirelessly connect their devices to the TE1200 Pro and mirror the real-time content onto a large screen for attendees to better showcase product features, answer customer questions, and enhance sales effectiveness.

2.2 Creating productivity in brainstorming meetings

TE1200 Pro can facilitate collaboration and creative sharing among team members during brainstorming sessions. Team members can connect their devices to TE1200 Pro and project their ideas, charts, and diagrams onto a large screen, allowing the entire team to participate together, discuss, and modify in real time, accelerating the decision-making process and generating creativity.

2.3 Promoting intellectual exchange at academic seminars and conferences

In educational workshops, the wireless screen-sharing function of TE1200 Pro can facilitate communication and knowledge sharing between speakers and audiences. The speaker can connect their device to the TE1200 Pro and present real-time research reports, experimental data, and other content to the audience. The audience can better understand research results and ideas through interaction and questioning with the speaker. TE1200 Pro acts as a communication platform for interaction among participants. Attendees can connect their devices to TE1200 Pro and share their viewpoints, reports, data, and other content in real-time. Other attendees can ask real-time questions, comments, and suggestions, promoting deeper discussions and thinking.

In addition, by customizing the Q button, speakers in academic conferences can quickly switch to different applications or functions, such as annotation tools or screen capture, making the scholarly communication process smoother.

2.4 Corporate board meetings

In such high-level gatherings, decision-makers often need to view complex reports and data presentations. The 4K resolution and 40 touch function of TE1200 Pro allow attendees to zoom in and view details easily. Android 12 and IQ OS V5.0 ensure smooth performance and ease of use.

By using wireless screen sharing, participants can easily map their device screens to the TE1200 Pro, allowing everyone to see the details. Furthermore, by utilizing touch screen and Windows Ink compatibility, attendees can directly annotate and edit documents on the screen, making communication more interactive and efficient.


Through this article, we can find that the design concept of IQTOUCH TE1200 Pro is to simplify the complexity of conference rooms. Its intuitive, high-performance interaction system provides a seamless collaboration platform for business or educational organizations. Suppose you are interested in this comprehensive intelligent conference solution. In that case, you can click here to contact us and learn about the ultimate innovative conference solution that enables efficient collaboration and communication.

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Revolutionizing 2024's Higher Education: Why IQVideo LCS710 is the Premier Lecture Capture System

Revolutionizing 2024's Higher Education: Why IQVideo LCS710 is the Premier Lecture Capture System


In 2024, lecture capture systems will gradually become indispensable in higher education. It helps to transform the fleeting teaching process into electronic audio archives that can be repeatedly watched and continuously acquired with new knowledge. The most suitable lecture capture system for higher education in 2024 cannot be without IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS710 listed. This article will delve into the functions and applications of LCS710 and analyze its path and practical logic to meet the learning needs of students.

1. Unparalleled product performance

IQVideo LCS710 offers a range of excellent features that differentiate it from its competitors' lecture capture systems.

1.1 Product composition of LCS710

The product components of LCS710 include a Video Station, two 4K ePTZ Cameras, and a Ceiling Microphone. Each component plays its role, and the combination and cooperation play a more substantial role. Video Station provides convenient recording and operation for teachers. In addition, the Video Station is a director station for recording videos and a platform for optimizing sound quality. Two 4K ePTZ Cameras can capture more visual images. At the same time, the Ceiling Microphone can support recording within a range of 7 meters without losing any details.

1.2 Excellent video and audio quality

High-performance IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS710 has excellent clarity and color fidelity, which can capture all visual auxiliary information during the demonstration process and provide high-definition video recording.

In addition, its audio quality is also top-notch, with advanced noise cancellation and echo reduction technology to ensure that every sentence spoken by the instructor is clear and visible.

1.3 User-friendly interface

Video Station of LCS710 has an intuitive user interface, with one-click recording and automatic upload functions that significantly reduce the cost of learning and using operations. Minimal training is required to make it easy for faculty and staff to operate. Simple operations can save time and reduce the workload of educators.

1.4 Multiple cameras and content sources

Powerful LCS710 from IQ can simultaneously capture multiple video sources, such as one camera on the instructor and another on the student or presentation area, and switch content sources seamlessly during playback.

1.5 Seamless integration

The ability of LCS710 to seamlessly integrate with various learning management systems and other educational technologies is one of its essential performance indicators. Seamless integration not only simplifies the operational process of teachers but also increases work efficiency. The recorded content can be automatically uploaded to YouTube or Facebook. It helps to build a more intelligent and integrated teaching environment.

1.6 Customization for video recording

The annotations and graffiti be inserted to emphasize essential knowledge points and other images and videos can also be captured to classroom videos to enrich teaching content. In addition, LCS710 also provides functions such as chapter menus and opening and ending additions, which can further facilitate student learning for review.

2. Greatly meeting the needs of higher education

Advanced IQVideo LCS710 provides a flexible, high-quality, and integrated system that meets the needs of higher education institutions in multiple critical ways.

2.1 Enhancing accessibility to diverse learning environments

LCS710 helps educational institutions deliver quality teaching resources to more students by providing high-quality remote lecture recordings. The distance and asynchronous learning method can break through geographical and time constraints so that more groups that do not have sufficient learning conditions have access to high-quality education resources. That helps them to have an equal learning experience. This optimized system is constantly improving the accessibility of educational resources and promoting the idea of creating educational equity.

2.2 Support for flipped classrooms and blended learning

The LCS710 supports flipped classrooms and blended learning. It provides strong support for realizing the reversal of the school. It can help educators achieve an effective link before, during, and after class, thus creating a more positive learning experience.

It also can help teachers record lectures in advance, and students can watch video previews before class. In this way, teachers can pay attention to student interaction in class, organize discussions, project practice, other activities, and the limited classroom time to support students' personalized learning. Students can also review video content after class and consolidate knowledge points. This kind of blended learning mode can fully use the advantages of all teaching links and realize the rational use of resources.

2.3 Cost-effective resource utilization

Cost-effective IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS710 can help higher education institutions improve the use of resources and reduce teaching costs. The lecture video recorded by the LCS710 system can be reused, thus considerably saving the human resources and site cost of repeated on-site lectures. The same quality curriculum can be spread to more students without requiring more classrooms and teacher resources. This reusability of recorded content can help schools access teaching resources more cost-effectively.

2.4 Education for the Future

The ability to record and archive lectures benefits existing students and creates a knowledge base. LCS710 ensures that educational content is saved in high-quality digital format and can be accessed in the coming years, which is valuable for future course development and research.

3. The practical approach to meeting students' learning needs

The practical approach to meeting students' learning needs mainly includes providing high-quality video and audio recordings, enhancing the viewing and learning experience, and promoting students to actively engage in participatory learning.

3.1 High-quality video and audio recording

LCS710 can record lectures in high definition with clear audio, which is essential to maintaining the integrity of the educational content.

First of all, the LCS710 provides high-definition video recordings that can clearly show the teacher's movements, explanation, blackboard writing, and other details, and students can be as complete as in the classroom to learn knowledge points.

Secondly, the microphone's high-fidelity audio radio can record every teacher's words in detail to ensure the learning process will not miss important voice information. It is beneficial for students learning a second language in college elective courses to improve their pronunciation and listening skills by listening to the closest real-life samples.

High-quality recorded lectures can be viewed repeatedly to help college students review consolidation. Simultaneous video and audio recording can provide an immersive learning experience comparable to the learning effect in the classroom, ensuring the impact of distance and asynchronous learning.

3.2 Enhancing the viewing experience by multiple camera angles

As a multi-camera input recording system, LCS710 can achieve full coverage of the teaching space. That is useful for lab presentations, art classes, or other topics that require multiple perspectives.

Through a multi-camera angle, college students can more comprehensively observe the teacher's experimental process or works of art to gain a deeper understanding and learning experience. No matter where students are, they can watch the teaching content from different perspectives through the recording system to enhance the viewing experience and meet their learning needs.

3.3 Promote active and participatory learning among students

The LCS710 is more than just a passive recording device. It also supports interactive features that embed video content, such as annotations and quizzes. These interactive elements can motivate students to participate actively and enhance their learning effectiveness and participation. Students can interact with the video content while watching the video, such as annotating, answering test questions, or interacting with the teacher in real-time. This kind of participatory learning has stimulated students' interest and curiosity, helping them to understand and absorb knowledge more deeply. At the same time, these interactive elements can also improve the retention rate of knowledge so that students remember the content learned more deeply.


Overall, the powerful IQVideo LCS710 is a tailor-made solution that respects students' learning habits. Due to its robust product performance and assistance in higher education teaching, teachers can record their teaching process and evaluate it, identify their teaching strengths and areas for improvement. Students can also repeat learning and understanding knowledge points to understand better and absorb teaching content. If you are interested, you can click here to contact us for empowering higher education.


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Enhancing Digital Education with IQTouch HA1100 Pro for Virtual Laboratory

Enhancing Digital Education with IQTouch HA1100 Pro for Virtual Laboratory


With the continuous evolution of technology, virtual simulation laboratories have injected new vitality into university teaching. The perfect operation of virtual experiments is not just about having a fully functional application software; it also requires high-performance intelligent devices to support it. Today, we will discuss with you in this article the role of versatile IQTouch HA1100 Pro in promoting virtual laboratories in digital teaching practices.

1. Classic cases of virtual laboratories: Exploring successful examples

As a practical platform for virtual experiments, ChemCollect is an online chemistry learning platform that provides interactive and simulated experiments, aiming to help students explore chemical concepts and solve chemical problems through practice.

1.1 Plentiful virtual experimental resources

ChemCollect also provides learning resources and assessment tools to help students improve their experimental skills and mastery of chemistry knowledge. For example, a series of simulated chemistry experiments were provided, including organic and inorganic ones. Students can conduct practical operations, observe reaction processes, and learn chemical principles and experimental skills through virtual laboratories.

1.2 Verified effective practices

Research has shown that virtual chemistry laboratories can improve students' experimental skills, knowledge understanding, and experimental design abilities.

Students can conduct experimental operations in virtual laboratories, observe reaction processes, and deepen their understanding of chemical principles through experiments and simulations.

2. The educational principle for virtual approaches in practical learning

The cognitive load theory points out that cognitive load in the learning process is divided into fixed, variable, and external cognitive load. Virtual laboratories can alleviate students' fixed cognitive burden by providing a safe learning environment and immediate feedback. In this way, students can focus more attention and mental resources on understanding and applying learning tasks, thereby improving learning outcomes.

3. The three key advantages of virtual laboratories

In this section, we will summarize the three significant effects of virtual laboratories on students' mastery of principles and improvement of hands-on abilities.

3.1 Experimental simulation of interactivity

Interactive touch panels can enhance virtual laboratory environments and simulate real experimental scenarios.

3.1.1 Experimental process approaching the real

Through multimedia elements such as images, animations, and videos, Interactive touch panels can simulate the physical environment, chemical reactions, biological processes, and more during the experimental procedure. Students can interact with each other by touching the screen, such as controlling instruments, adjusting parameters, and triggering practical steps.

3.1.2 Progress in review

After the experiment, students can analyze the changes and trends during the investigation by observing the data, charts, images, etc., displayed on the Interactive touch panel. They can learn to interpret data, extract information, identify patterns, and conduct data analysis and conclusion summary after the experiment. This interactive operation can help students better understand the changes and principles during the experimental process and increase their participation and interest.

3.2 Security and cost-effectiveness

Virtual laboratories based on interactive touch panels can provide a safer experimental environment. Some experiments may involve hazardous substances, high temperatures, or pressures, and using virtual laboratories can avoid potential risks.

In addition, virtual laboratories can also save the cost of experimental materials and equipment and reduce the consumption of laboratory resources.

3.3 Repeatability and self-directed learning

Virtual laboratories also encourage students to engage in self-directed learning, allowing them to conduct experimental operations and explorations according to their own pace and interests.

The Interactive touch panel laboratory allows students to repeatedly perform experimental operations, change parameters and conditions, and observe different results. This repeatable experimental design can help students better understand the practical principles and influencing factors.

4. Enhancing virtual laboratories with the best intelligent assistance tool: IQTouch HA1100 Pro

The intelligent IQTouch HA1100 Pro injects new vitality into virtual laboratories with its outstanding performance and functionality.

4.1 40 Point touch promotes collaborative experiments among multiple people

40 touch technology means the screen can simultaneously recognize and respond to up to 40 touch points. This technology can support numerous users conducting experimental operations in virtual laboratories, making cooperative learning possible. Multi-touch can also provide more operation options and a richer interactive experience, allowing students to interact with the virtual experimental environment more freely and flexibly.

4.2 Windows Ink keeps experimental data results organized

Windows Ink is a feature in the Microsoft Windows operating system. The Windows Ink embedded in IQTouch HA1100 Pro can be used to support stylus input and drawing. In a virtual laboratory.

In this way, students can use digital pens such as IQ Smart Pen SP200 to perform handwriting input, draw graphics, and mark experimental results on the screen. Windows Ink provides a more natural and intuitive writing and drawing experience, making it easier for students to record experiments and analyze data.

4.3 Infrared ultra-fine touch creates a sophisticated experimental environment

Infrared ultra-fine touch technology can provide high-precision touch detection and positioning capabilities. This technology can ensure accurate screen response to touch input in virtual laboratories, enabling students to conduct more precise experimental operations and data exploration. High-precision touch can enhance student interaction and the virtual experimental environment, providing more accurate and detailed operation control.

4.4 Optical bonding enhances the simulation of virtual experiments

The IQTouch HA1100 Pro adopts optical bonding technology to reduce the air gap between the screen surface and touch layer, reduce light refraction and scattering, and thus improve the readability and clarity of the display screen. Optical bonding technology is used to tightly bond touch screens and display glass to improve display performance and touch response. The display screen of IQTouch HA1100 Pro, based on optical bonding technology, can reduce reflection and refraction, providing better visual clarity and touch accuracy. This technology can provide a clearer and more realistic virtual experimental environment in virtual laboratories, enabling students to observe and analyze experimental results more accurately.

4.5 Shared experimental results with 178 ° view angle

The combination of optical fitting technology and an actual 178 ° viewing angle ensures that students can see the content on the screen no matter which angle they sit at.

Many students in the virtual laboratory can simultaneously observe the experimental steps, data results, and charts on the screen. The true 178 ° perspective ensures that every student can have the same visual experience, improving the effectiveness of information transmission and sharing.


Overall, the advanced touch technologies and features of IQTouch HA1100 Pro, including 40-point touch, gesture recognition, and optical bonding, provide a richer, more intuitive, and more accurate operating and interactive experience in virtual laboratories. If you want to enhance the functionality and effectiveness of virtual laboratories in your campus or teaching practice, you can click here to contact us, providing students with more free and accurate experimental operations, drawing graphics, and executing command experiences.

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Best Intelligent Conference Interactive Flat Panel for Conference 2024

Best Intelligent Conference Interactive Flat Panel for Conference 2024


The Interactive Flat Panel is a powerful screen that can facilitate conference room connectivity and improve the efficiency of meetings. 2024 has arrived, technology is constantly updating, and scene requirements are continually evolving. So, what needs does an Interactive Flat Panel that is most suitable for the 2024 business conference need to meet? My answer is intelligent IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO. As for the reason why I recommend it, it is in this article. Let's find the answer together from this article.

1. New requirements for conference room scenarios in 2024

Compared to the past, the conference demand in 2024 will have more orders and higher standards for collaborative cooperation and the intelligence of the conference environment.

1.1 Enhance collaboration and innovation

The purpose of the meeting is to promote collaboration and creativity among participants. Based on this primary requirement, the conference room must provide more collaboration and innovative tools in 2024. For example, virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, as well as software platforms that can support real-time collaboration and file sharing.

1.2 Normalization of virtual conferences

Hybrid and virtual meeting modes are becoming increasingly familiar with the remote work and collaboration trend. Video conferencing that transcends time, space, and geographical boundaries may become a new norm promoting workplace communication and collaboration.

Interactive Flat Panel can become the best video conferencing environment for 2024 because it has advanced technological equipment and software platforms that support seamless connection and communication between remote attendees—high-definition cameras, high-quality audio devices, large screen displays, and collaboration tools.

1.3 Sustainability and environmental protection

The focus on sustainability and environmental protection will be more reflected in conference room scenarios. The conference room can use energy-saving equipment, intelligent energy management systems, and environmentally friendly materials to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

2. The new technological potential of Interactive Flat Panel for development in 2024

In 2024, the Interactive Flat Panel will undergo further technological deepening and functional upgrades in audio-visual and writing collaboration—for example, high-definition panoramic images, interactive meeting experiences, and collaborative methods.

2.1 Higher resolution and image quality

With the continuous advancement of display technology, the Interactive Flat Panel in 2024 may achieve higher resolution and better image quality. That will provide more precise and realistic images and details, enhancing the user's viewing experience and interactive performance.

2.2 Faster touch response and accuracy

The touch technology of the Interactive Flat Panel in 2024 may be further improved, providing faster touch response speed and higher accuracy. That will enable users to perform handwriting, drawing, drag and drop, and gesture operations more smoothly, enhancing their user experience and efficiency.

2.3 Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality functionality

The Interactive Flat Panel in 2024 may integrate augmented reality and virtual reality features, providing users with a richer and more immersive experience. Users can interact with virtual objects through tablet displays, providing more creative, educational, and entertaining applications.

2.4 More intelligent collaboration and interactive features

In 2024, the Interactive Flat Panel will continue to strive for more cooperation and brilliant interaction capabilities, continuously leveraging and optimizing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

One example is automatic recognition technology, which can track various character details such as gestures, sounds, and facial expressions of users and deeply analyze them based on the obtained visual materials, thereby providing a more personalized and tailored interactive experience. The second is intelligent auxiliary functions such as automatic translation, speech recognition, and gesture control.

2.5 Multi-mode interaction

In 2024, the Interactive Flat Panel will gradually move towards supporting multiple interactive modes in terms of interactive functionality, such as touch, handwriting, voice, and gestures. That will enable users to choose the most suitable interaction method based on their preferences and needs, providing a more flexible and diverse interactive experience.

2.6 Enhanced security and privacy features

The focus on data security and privacy is constantly increasing. Many companies are gradually establishing a data classification and classification protection system to curb data usage chaos and improve their critical information protection systems.

The Interactive Flat Panel in 2024 will continuously enhance its security and privacy protection features. We ensure that user data and privacy are effectively protected by providing data encryption, user authentication, access control, and content protection.

3. The most worth using Interactive Flat Panel for 2024- IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO

In the following paragraphs, we will focus on meeting collaboration and collaborative management, exploring the advantages of IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO in promoting the environmental protection of collective writing, permission security management, and conference equipment management.

3.1 Unleashing accurate touch and seamless writing experience

The precise touch and accessible writing functions of IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO can provide an excellent interactive demonstration experience. Through ZERO+bonding technology and a high-precision touch framework, conference participants can touch and write on the screen using their fingers or stylus. The support of 40 touchpoints and 20 writing points in the IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO provides a smoother and more natural presentation effect, making it possible for multiple people to interact simultaneously.

3.1.1 Digital meeting recording

Accurate touch and accessible writing functions can help achieve digital meeting recording. No additional paper or notebook is required. The minimum touch object size is only 2 millimeters, making it easy to capture the most minor details and directly write, mark, and annotate meeting content on the screen to ensure the accuracy and completeness of meeting minutes.

3.1.2Real time collaboration and discussion

Accurate touch and easy writing capabilities help achieve real-time collaboration and discussion. Attendees can use a stylus to write and annotate on the screen, quickly capturing and conveying ideas.

3.1.3 Windows Ink compatibility

The precise touch and accessible writing functions are compatible with Windows Ink, ensuring seamless integration with other applications and tools enabling more flexible and efficient workflows at new heights.

3.2 Efficient meeting management

The easy NFC control function in business meetings can help simplify meeting management tasks. By programming NFC cards, a click power control function can be set, and participants can quickly turn the device on or off using NFC cards, avoiding cumbersome operation steps and improving meeting efficiency.

3.2.1 Meeting security

Meeting security is an important consideration. Only personnel holding specific NFC cards can unlock devices to ensure the confidentiality and security of meeting content.

3.2.2 Personalized experience

The easy NFC control function can provide personalized experiences for attendees. Attendees can use NFC cards for device control according to their preferences and requirements, providing a more personalized and convenient meeting experience.

3.3 Intelligent energy management system promotes sustainability and environmental protection

Powerful IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO makes remote control simpler.

3.3.1 Remote centralized control

Administrators can easily manage your devices anytime, anywhere, without on-site supervision. Automating critical functions such as power management and remote desktop access through task automation is also possible.

3.3.2 Quick lighting control

With IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO, administrators can automatically adjust the lighting brightness and switch on/off lights according to the usage of the conference room. When no one is in the conference room, the system can automatically turn off the lights to avoid unnecessary energy waste. Management personnel can reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by accessing centralized application management and flexible installation scheduling.

3.3.3 Temperature and Air Conditioning Control

In addition, IT administrators can adjust the temperature according to the real-time needs of the conference room. Automatically adjust the air conditioning system operation based on the number of people in the conference room and indoor temperature to provide a comfortable environment while reducing energy consumption.


Although a single screen alone cannot affect the smoothness of a meeting, without the help of advanced productivity, the business meeting may encounter many troubles and challenges. Whether it's conference management, security, personalized experience, or wireless presentation control, the easy NFC control function can bring a convenient and optimized interactive experience to business conferences, making it the best Interactive Flat Panel in 2024 business conferences. If you are impressed by its powerful product features, click here to contact us!

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Returnstar Unleashes Next-gen AV Control: IQ Innovations Steal the Spotlight at ISE 2024

Returnstar Unleashes Next-gen AV Control: IQ Innovations Steal the Spotlight at ISE 2024


Join Returnstar from January 30 to February 2, 2024, at ISE 2024 in Fira Barcelona Gran Via, where innovation meets AV excellence. Visit Booth #2V100 in Hall 2 to explore cutting-edge advancements in education and business conference technology. Immerse yourself in the forefront of audio-visual technology, experiencing three groundbreaking IQ innovations that redefine interactive learning.

Engage with our booth to not only receive exclusive gifts by following IQ on social media but also to experience hands-on interactions with our latest IQ products. Personalized product demonstrations, led by IQ experts, vividly illustrate how our solutions, including the IQTouch QA1300 Pro interactive display, Networked Presentation Switcher NPS100, and Networked Digital Podium NDP100 & NDP500, effectively elevate teaching environments, delivering transformative educational experiences.

In a seamless blend of innovation and functionality, IQ introduces a Unified AV Control & Broadcast Solution, reshaping collaborative excellence in both meetings and classrooms. Elevate your overall experiences with IQ's cutting-edge solutions that set new standards in audio-visual technology.

IQTouch QA1300 Pro Interactive Display – Redefining Classroom Interaction

IQTouch QA1300 Pro, the pinnacle of Android 13 interactive displays, transforms the classroom experience. With intelligent voice tracking, a potent 48MP AI camera, and a responsive 40-point touch system, it creates a vibrant teaching environment. The built-in air quality sensor ensures real-time monitoring for a healthier learning space.

Complementing its exceptional visual features, QA1300 Pro stands out with remarkable audio performance. Boasting a 2.1 stereo sound system, a customizable Q button, and full-function USB-C support, it sets a new standard for interactive displays. With seamless 4K BYOD&BYOM integration, QA1300 Pro not only enhances teaching but also shapes the future of smart education.

Q-NEX Networked Presentation Switcher NPS100 – Elevate Your Meetings with Our Newest Innovation

Step into a new realm of conferencing excellence with the Q-NEX NPS100. This 4K60Hz presentation switcher seamlessly fuses state-of-the-art technology with instinctive control, delivering versatile connectivity, remote accessibility, and refined design. Elevate your conference room experience with seamless collaboration and impactful presentations – a sleek powerhouse tailored for the future of meetings.

Q-NEX Networked Digital Podium NDP100 & NDP500 - Empowering Education with Innovative Digital Podiums

Q-NEXNDP100 revolutionizes teaching for educators. Its robust integration and remote control simplify device management, ensuring a seamless teaching experience with automated tasks and network connectivity for AV broadcasting and streaming.

Q-NEX NDP500, user-centric, transforms traditional lecterns into digital stages. Offering a natural writing experience with dual-touch support, it enhances teaching efficiency through local and network-based remote control. With a 3x3 AV matrix switch and campus-wide broadcasting, it provides flexible and convenient teaching tools for an enriched interactive experience.

About Us:

For over 17 years, Returnstar has been dedicated to the educational industry, evolving from a smart school AV solution provider into a professional AV system integrator covering smart campus and smart meeting solutions. Our products and solutions have been deployed in more than 3,200 projects worldwide across 100 countries and regions, trusted by 300+ global partners, and awarded seven industry accolades.

Registration for ISE 2024 is now open, and we invite you to use our invitation code 3P6W3FMS to get your free ticket for the show. Visit us at Booth #2V100 to explore our cutting-edge range of wireless presentation, web conferencing, collaboration, and Visualizer solutions tailored for hybrid classrooms, and meeting rooms of all sizes.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to be among the first to witness our exciting new IQ/Q-NEX product introductions. For a personalized meeting during the exhibition, please contact us with your preferred date and time at We look forward to welcoming you to explore the future of AV solutions with Returnstar.

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8 Advantages of Traveling the World with a Lecture Capture System

8 Advantages of Traveling the World with a Lecture Capture System


Tourism live streaming can attract significant attention, generate user interest, and drive users to actively search for resources, generating a high level of purchasing desire and stimulating purchasing behavior. The advanced IQVideo Portable Lecture Capture System LCS910, a powerful video live-streaming assistance system, is an effective tool for maximizing the impact of travel live-streaming. This article will explore the eight advantages of recording systems for tourism live streaming.

1.    Lightweight live-streaming travel

All IQVideo  LCS910 components come with rechargeable batteries, making it easy to carry.

1.1 Portability

The rechargeable battery recording system can operate independently without relying on power cables or adapters, meeting the needs of outdoor live streaming.

1.2 Flexibility

Due to the lack of power insertion, the rechargeable battery recording system can record at any desired location. You can choose the best recording location anytime, anywhere, without being limited by the power location. In addition, the rechargeable battery recording system allows you to choose the recording duration freely without being limited by battery life.

1.3 Simplified installation

A battery-powered recording system can reduce installation complexity. You don't need to connect the power cord to a power outlet or worry about compatibility issues with the adapter. That simplifies the system setup and preparation process.

1.4 Stability

The rechargeable battery recording system can provide stable recording capability . That is useful for long-term recording or recording in environments with unreliable power supply.

2.    No network cable is required

A recording and broadcasting system that requires internet cables eliminates your reliance on wired network connections. You can live stream your travels anytime and anywhere by using wireless network connections without worrying about finding wired network interfaces or being limited by wired network coverage.

2.1 Mobility

The wireless network-connected recording system allows you to live stream on the go, whether on vehicles during travel, in outdoor locations, or in other temporary scenes. That will enable you to share real-time views, activities, and experiences during your journey, increasing the dynamics and authenticity of the live broadcast.

2.2 Convenience

The advanced IQVideo Portable Lecture Capture System LCS910, which does not require a network cable, eliminates the need to carry or connect network cable devices, simplifying device setup and preparation processes and reducing the burden of having additional wires. You only need to rely on available wireless network signals for live streaming.

2.3 Greater coverage

Wireless networks can typically cover a broader range of areas, especially in cities and densely populated areas. This gives you more choices for live streaming in more locations, whether in public places, tourist attractions, or other places where wireless networks are available. Helps to enhance participation and communication experience in live streaming.

3. No need for pre-configuration

In less than 5 minutes, you can easily install the wonderful IQVideo Portable Lecture Capture System LCS910 and quickly deploy the recording environment, allowing you to start live streaming faster. You can quickly set up the device and begin live streaming within a few minutes without waiting or going through complex setup processes. This is important for the limited time and real-time requirements during the journey. Once turned on, the camera will automatically connect to the Video Station without any configuration required.

4. One click to start recording

The Video Station of LCS910 from IQ is embedded with a 15.6-inch touch screen and features scratch-resistant tempered glass. Travel live-streamers only need to touch the recording button on the screen to start recording video lectures immediately. The recorded scenery is recorded in real-time and precise, and live travel streamers can also provide visual guidance through the touch screen.

The LCS910 also comes with a multifunctional infrared remote control, making your operation easy and flexible. You can start recording with just one click, and quick operation allows us to leave time to appreciate the scenery and discover beautiful nature. Enable you to prepare for live broadcasts faster and save valuable time.

5. Multi-perspective recording and broadcasting

The two wireless PTZ cameras of LCS910 are equipped with up to 20x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom lens, high-speed and accurate pan-tilt positioning, stable wireless transmission, and a built-in 1/2.8-inch high-definition CMOS sensor, bringing you up to 1080P FHD high-definition image quality. No matter which part of the image you want to enlarge, even if the scenery you shoot is far away, you can still see it.

5.1 Rich visual experience

The LCS910 is equipped with two cameras. You can simultaneously display video content from multiple scenes or angles through a multi-view recording system. Two wireless PTZ cameras can capture different locations, such as video sharers and tourist attractions. That increases the richness and appeal of live streaming, allowing viewers to fully experience the different landscapes and elements of the journey.

5.2 Enhanced viewing experience

The multi-screen presentation allows viewers to watch multiple video content simultaneously. Viewers can see footage of video sharers and tourist attractions on the same screen without switching between different windows or screens. This makes watching live broadcasts more convenient while providing a more comprehensive viewing experience.

5.3 High-definition image quality and long-distance shooting

The wireless PTZ camera of LCS features up to 20x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom lenses and high-definition CMOS sensors, providing high-quality 1080P FHD high-definition image quality. That means clear images can still be presented even when shooting scenery from a long distance or zooming in on pictures. That allows you to capture landscapes further away and provide viewers with a better viewing experience.

5.4 Flexible lens control and positioning

The wireless PTZ camera has a high-speed and accurate pan-tilt positioning function, which can flexibly control the angle and direction of the camera. That allows you to adjust the lens's position and field of view as needed to achieve the best shooting effect. You can remotely control the camera's movement to ensure that the most exciting footage is captured. Effectively improving and enhancing the poor travel live streaming experience caused by single machine positioning and severe screen shaking that can cause dizziness.

6. Share multimedia files

Travel livestreamers can display multimedia files or other reference materials related to traveling worldwide through external devices.

6.1 Rich content sharing

By sharing multimedia files, travel live-streamers can showcase images, videos, and other content related to their travels, providing a more comprehensive presentation of various information, knowledge, or stories during their travels. Providing viewers with a richer content experience helps them better understand and appreciate the content of travel live broadcasts.

6.2 Strengthen theme and storytelling

By sharing multimedia files, travel live-streamers can enhance the storytelling of the live broadcast. Using images or videos to present memorable scenes, characters, or events during the journey can deeply allow the audience to experience and appreciate travel stories and natural scenery. Make live-streaming content more attractive and emotionally resonant.

7. Copyright and video re-editing

Powerful LCS910 features personalized customization and editable features.

7.1 Personalized customization

The video station provides personalized customization functions, allowing travel live-streamers to customize live content according to their needs and creativity. Travel livestreamers can add personal blog information, titles, and beginning and ending elements to showcase their style and brand. Thus, combining live-streaming content with unique or personal brand images can enhance recognition and professional appearance.

7.2 Enhance professionalism

Travel livestreamers can further edit and optimize their live videos through the video re-editing function. For example, editing, merging, adding subtitles, sound effects, and other video operations. Or set up OSD to improve the quality and viewing experience of the video. That helps to enhance the professionalism and attractiveness of live-streaming content, enabling viewers to listen and appreciate the scope of travel live-streamers more.

7.3 Personal brand promotion

LCS910 can meet the needs of travel live-streamers to add personal blog information, titles, and other elements in their videos, thereby conveying their brand information to the audience. To enhance personal or brand awareness and exposure, attract more attention and audience, promote brand promotion and publicity, and enhance copyright protection.

7.4 Video storage and expansion

The video station provides a standard 1TB of memory for video storage and supports extended memory. Travel livestreamers can conveniently store and manage live videos. Whether it is live streaming recordings during the journey or video files edited afterward, they can be safely saved and managed. In addition, travel live-streamers can also access and edit live content anytime, anywhere.

8. Convenient sharing of travel clips around the world

Influential IQVideo Portable Lecture Capture System LCS910 supports the RTMP/RTSP streaming protocol. It can be remotely operated through the video station's one-click live button or network platform to travel to YouTube and Facebook. This way, live-streaming content can be watched and shared by more people, attracting more attention and subscriptions, thereby expanding the social influence of travel live-streamers.


This article mainly introduced the eight advantages of IQVideo Portable Picture Capture System LCS910 in assisting live streaming travel. LCS910 can meet everyone's live-streaming travel needs in multiple aspects, whether in portability or functional applications. If you are interested in the powerful features and diverse scene applications of LCS910, you can click here to contact us.


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