The strong performance and IQ OS of HC900Pro

The strong performance and IQ OS of HC900Pro

As we have talked about the humanized design of HC900Pro in last article. In terms of hardware, it has powerful inside which supports dual systems of Android 8.0 and windows 10 with strong performance and reliability of CPU and GPU. 4GB RAM (random access memory) plus 32GB ROM (Read-Only Memory )makes you feel faster speed and more stable performance. 

HC900PRO adopts IQ Android OS, which brings you seamless experience and simple operation. Two sidebars place on the left and right of the touchscreen and the floating bar is at your fingertip that you can move it as you want. Ours IQ OS also supports free annotation. You can annotate whatever you want under Android or windows system, such as annotating on the excel file , web page even the video. These annotations can be shared by QR code. Just scan the QR code and take them away. Besides, multiple themes are provides for your choice and you can download many kinds of apps you need. It also has OTA online upgrade support. The previous interactive flat panel was updated with a U disk, we need to insert USB one by one. But HC900 only need to one click the button on the interface to upgrade.

There is still important feature that IQ OS supports wireless screen sharing, no need to connect complicated cable, just scan QR code or use share button, content sharing can be achieved.  

Considering its appearance, optical bonding technology, dual camera, humanized functions, and strong performance, HC900Pro is a fully functional, high-performance and cost-effective one all in one display. If you are interested in our HC 900Pro, contact us in
The humanized design of smart board HC900Pro

The humanized design of smart board HC900Pro

Except optical bonding, HC900Pro adopts many other humanized design. 

We used to adopt Tempered glass and anti glare glass on the screen. But for HC900Pro, we not only use anti glare glass but also anti fingerprint technology. Anti fingerprint coating can prevent the screen from being blurred by fingerprints or grease. Anti-glare glass with optical bonding allows you to see the screen clearly even in the environment where there is strong light reflection. Besides, HC900Pro embraces ambient light sensor which can automatically adjust the screen brightness to the surroundings, which protects audience’s eyes when they keep watching the screen.

About Microphone, it has 4 built in array microphones, which adopts smart ambient filtration technology to reduce noise. So in the process of voice pickup, the human voice can be preserved and the surrounding noise can be eliminated to the greatest extent. The pick up range is 10 meters so that the voice can be picked up even in large classrooms or spacious places. 

In addition, there are two built in cameras in HC900Pro. The first built-in camera has 13 million pixels and auto focus function. It can be worked as document camera which is mainly for scanning QR code and capturing the objects. It can clearly shoot A3 format range. The second 4K camera is for video conferencing with 8 million pixels which has wide 110 degrees of view field and auto focus function. It also can locate sound source and trace intelligently. Combining microphone with camera, a video conferencing system can be built.

HC900Pro is compatible with Windows Ink. You don’t need to use third party annotation software to annotate, just directly annotate on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint of Microsoft. And it also supports hand gesture recognition. One finger to select, two fingers to zoom in and out. Full palm to erase. These are the main features of HC900Pro. If you are interested in it, feel free to contact us:
Optical bonding technology for IQTouch interactive flat panel

Optical bonding technology for IQTouch interactive flat panel


In our newly released IQTouch HC900Pro all-in-one displaythere is a new technology supported - Optical Bonding. The common bonding technology of interactive flat panel includes optical bonding, zero bonding and air bonding. Both air bonding and zero bonding have a gap which is full of air between LCD panel and touch screen. Along with dust entering the gap, it may cause blurred screen. However, optical bonding is the use of an optical-grade adhesive to glue a glass to the top surface of a display, which makes sure absolute vacuum and no air left between the LCD panel and the touch screen. It not only brings unparalleled readability, but also extreme smoothness of writing.

On the basic of 4K resolution, the screen with optical bonding has higher brightness, contrast and range, which presents you high quality video and gives you immersive visual experience than before. Besides, the content on the screen is still clear when viewed from the side with optical bonding. It supports real 178 view angle to deal with the users unable to see the content of screen when they are sitting at front sides or at the corner of meeting room. No matter where you sit in the classroom, you can clearly see the screen.

In terms of writing experience, optical bonding makes more accurate touch response with zero deviation. Almost like you are writing on the paper. With 0.5 mm accuracy, and 1.5mm touch height, brings writing experience smoother than ever. It also has intelligent gesture recognition such as single finger to drag and drop, two fingers to zoom, five fingers to roam and full palm to erase. What can't be ignored is that optical bonding has greater physical durability and impact resistance. It protects the screen from damage by rough transportation and violent damage, which avoid the situation of fragile screen.

What I mentioned above is all the benefits optical bonding brings to HC900Pro. However, the advantages of HC900Pro are not just these. For more details, please see the next article or view our website

LED smart board of state-of-the-art classroom solutions

LED smart board of state-of-the-art classroom solutions

The vision of Senses Electronics was to change the traditional teaching methods of educational institutions. Prashant Peethambaran, co-founder and CTO of Senses Electronic, talked about their focus on developing the Indian education sector through their new technology. “The company intends to let every teacher teach concepts accurately and effectively, every student experience interesting learning easily, and ensure that parent has confidence in their children’s learning,” he said. Therefore, they established the Intelligent Interactive Panel (IIP), which has successfully installed more than 8,000 devices in more than 700 schools in India. In fact, Senses Electronics holds up to 70% of the interactive panel market in the Indian education industry.

The company aims to provide state-of-the-art classroom solutions for the growing education sector in India. "Our interactive smart panel can meet all the teaching needs in the classroom. This is a solution based on an integrated LED panel, where the IIP can be used as an automatic whiteboard and run a piece of electronic content in the classroom. When we say integration, it is a system with high-resolution LED display, 20-point touch, powerful i7 CPU, audio amplifier and USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet and Wifi connections," Peethambaran said, adding that it is a Windows-based The open system supports any online and offline electronic content. The easy-to-use built-in whiteboard application supports free writing, image/video annotation, text and shape recognition, gesture control on unlimited canvas, artificial intelligence-based voice recognition, and more importantly, saving and sharing whiteboard sessions on email and cloud.

The benefits to students are obvious-they get a better viewing experience than traditional smart boards. Because it is zero radiation certification and low luminous level, it is completely safe in the classroom. "Students can easily collaborate on important whiteboard sessions shared via email or cloud. Classroom lectures can be recorded in static and standard video formats, and students can use these formats for effective learning," Peethambaran explained.
The intelligent interaction of  smart board touch screen

The intelligent interaction of smart board touch screen

Actually, touch display technology is very common in our lives. The smart phones, ipads and other devices we use every day are all based on this technology, and we even hope to achieve all interconnections. In the intelligent interactive industry chain, touch display technology will run through the next generation of smart terminals.

The touch display technology through the Internet of Everything becomes the core of intelligent interaction. Touch display technology is mainly used in the field of commercial display, such as automatic machines, KTV car monitors, bank ATMs, etc. We often see that some devices are inseparable from touch display technology in daily life. In the consumer market, touch screens are also used on laptops which not only with hand touch but also with pens.

Realize touch technology through intelligent interaction. In addition to display devices and household products, touch technology also adopted in cars. The multimedia interactive system released by Mercedes at CES2018 adds intelligent voice assistant functions, as well as touch screen functions and even 3D display. It is smarter and faster than traditional physical buttons, bringing great convenience to users. For the application of touch display in education, many countries now pay more and more attention to education, so the next generation of education environment will become gradually high-tech and humane. Traditional classrooms can no longer meet the requirements of modern education for devices and environment.

Therefore, many countries are now building smart classrooms and even schools to improve the quality of teaching and the interaction between teachers and students, so that students can learn better in modern classrooms.
LED smart board from IQTouch interactive flat panel

LED smart board from IQTouch interactive flat panel

There are many brands in LED smart board market,but what is the suitable one for you? Now let’s see what IQTouch can do.

IQTouch LB900Pro series with IQOS, built-in camera and array MIC is designed to make your meeting more effective and interactive. With interactive 20-point touch and built-in wireless screen mirroring software for content sharing, IQTouch LB900Pro series is helpful for facilitating presentations, brainstorming, and decision-making.One interactive display integrates all the functions you need for meeting. Just start without any hesitate. 

IQTouch LB900&LE900 with IQOS is designed to bring you more effective collaboration when you are in meeting or teaching. The built-in Eshare Pro software for screen sharing so that you can share your idea or something you want to present anytime and anywhere. With interactive 20-point touch and infrared ultra fine writing, excellent writing experience start now. 

IQTouch TB800 series, along with interactive 20-point touch and built-in wireless screen mirroring software for content sharing, allows workers to not miss any creative ideas. IQTouch TE800 has features such as 20-point touch and Android 8.0 system, annotation and 4K UHD clarity. With multi-screen projection, it can create a collaborative and interactive atmosphere in the classroom or workplace, allowing partners to work together through wireless projection devices.

IQTouch X series adopts capacitive touch technology, which can respond without delay and make the touch feel more real and fast. Dual system which includes Android and Windows system for your choice, has powerful inside, stable and faster processing speed, which brings you smooth experience. For education or business, it is the perfect interactive display. Find more information on our website
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