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OPS computing module for interactive flat panel

    OPS(Open Pluggable Specification) is a plug-in computing modules. It is used to add computing power to interactive flat panel displays. It was announced by NEC, Intel and Microsoft in 2010.The OPS computing module run on CPU which is based on Intel and ARM, and the running operating systems include Windows of Microsoft and Android of Google. The integrated OPS computer can bring you all the functions of a computer built into the displays.

    The OPS system connects to interactive flat panel display through a single 80-pin port, which provides power and all communications between OPS and the display. A single connection that meets conditions such as computer power, video and audio display, USB for touch input on interactive displays and independent power input for independent use.The OPS system makes the deployment of many different large-scale display solutions much easier than usual. The solution is easy to do so that installation and setup is much faster. It reduces the need for cables and trunking, which saves purchase and service costs. OPS system can be used for multiple purposes such as classroom or lecture hall study, business introduction, group video conference and any collaborative workspace.

   Each IQ interactive flat panel comes with an OPS slot, which is allowing you to embed the OPS directly into the displays without additional devices. All IQ Touch series interactive displays have already included OPS.

Mobile stand for interactive flat panel display

    The mobile stand is an auxiliary tool that can move and adjust the position of the interactive flat panel . It saves time and manpower when people want to move the the interactive flat panel from one place to another. The mobile stand is different from the wall-mounted flat panel installation. Wall-mounted interactive flat panels can only be fixed in one position which lacks flexibility. However, wheels and tilting mounts can both be included with a rack. The mobile stand gives you more choices to display the contents on screen in many places, which is much more flexible than wall-mounted flat panel used in the past. For example, when people explain the content on display screen, the audience is different with different content. So they can explain to different people in a more targeted way through mobile stand. What’s more, mobile stand also have electric movement functions. You can adjust the display height of the interactive flat panel by the remote control and electronic buttons. It’s easy and simple to operate, and it provides the viewer with more viewing angles to choose the height that you want. A wide range of stands helps to complete the perfect solution for any classroom or meeting room.

    The IQ mobile stand is supported by high-quality square steel. The stand is stable and firm, which can prevent the interactive flat panel display from shaking or falling when you’re writing or touching. If you want to efficiently present interactive flat panel whether at home, classroom, conference room, or business exhibition, a mobile stand is a necessary choice.

Interactive flat panel display with 20-point touch function

    20-point touch is one of the functions of the interactive flat panel launched by Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd. It is multi-touch technology which adopts human-computer interaction technology and hardware equipment to achieve jointly. We used to  operate the computer by traditional input devices such as mouse, keyboard, etc. With the development of intelligence, touch technology gradually replaced traditional input devices. The multi-touch technology, in the form of a touch screen or touch pad, can perform multiple point operations on the screen. In other words, multi-users can operate simultaneously on the screen. It combines touch-sensing electronic technology with sensitive response and accurate touch-sensing, which makes writing smoothly. Through the humanized design, you can write with a pen or fingers and even use the palm of your hand to erase handwriting. Therefore, you can annotate errors more easily and conveniently and correct at any time. The operation is simple, everyone can easily get started.

    The 20-point touch interactive flat panel is suitable for many fields, especially education and business. Teachers and students can use multi-touch to enhance the interaction, which allows students to participate more intently and makes the class more interesting. In business meeting, the ideas are easily interrupted and new ideas may be forgotten quickly when everyone has ideas but have to do presentations one by one. IQ interactive flat panel can present everyone's ideas which can be in the form of text or mind map on the big screen at the same time.They can share their opinions on the display and synchronously highlight the important information which makes the meeting more efficient. Multi-person writing will not affect each other, and everyone's ideas can be displayed well. It reduces the possibility of creativity loss. 

    The 20-point touch function of IQ interactive flat paneld enriches the multi-user product experience. They can simultaneously touch and interact, share their ideas in time, which aims to provide greater creativity.

What is an iqboard and what does it use for?

    IQboard is an interactive smart board launched by Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd. It is an electronic whiteboard, also known as interactive board or smart board, as an auxiliary tool for classroom classes or business meetings.It can be an independent touch screen computer that is used to perform tasks and operations independently, or it can be a connectable device used as a touchboard to control the computer from the projector.The computer screen is displayed on the electronic whiteboard through a digital projector, and you can use touch tools or even operate directly on the screen with your fingers.It can also connect to wifi or local network to search for information and show it to everyone, which enables teachers or presenters to get the information more efficiently and conveniently.

    In the past, we generally relied on blackboards, chalk and paper materials in class or meetings. The information presented in this way is limited and inefficient. With the development of the Internet, our lives are becoming more and more intelligent. Whether in education or in business, the use of smart products is increasing. There are also more and more classrooms and meeting rooms using interactive whiteboards. The IQ board can make students or attendees more involved in the classroom or conference. Teachers and presenters are no longer limited in the content of presentation. Not only can show the content of the text, but also can show pictures, videos, PowerPoint and so on . For education, interactive whiteboards have great advantages. It enables closer collaboration between students and teachers and more interaction in the classroom. Multimedia content can be shared with the audience. This also applies to lectures to keep students engaged.

    IQ board has multi-touch, gesture recognition, convenient maintenance, finger touch and many other functions. The various functions bring users for having a good experience when using it. Interactive whiteboards are ideal solutions for education and business which connects students to the classroom and keep attendees engaged. Therefore, IQ board is your best choice.

What is an interactive display?

    Flat panel is an electronic viewing technology, which is used in many fields of our lives, such as medical and industrial. Usually used in conjunction with personal computers and mobile devices. It can display text, pictures and videos and so on. In the past, cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions were used which it is thicker and heavier by compared with flat panel, . The thickness of the flat panel is less than 10 cm (3.9 inches). Therefore, flat panel has almost completely replaced the old CRT displays in 2016. Its thinness, lightness, low power consumption, low radiation, no flicker, and convenience make it more and more popular.There are many types of flat panel such as liquid crystal display (LCD), plasma display (PDP), electroluminescence display (ELD), organic electroluminescence display (OLED), field emission display (FED) , Projection display, etc.

    Flat-panel display has two kinds of display device: volatile flat-panel display and static flat-panel display. Volatile display requires pixels that electronically refresh at fixed period to hold mode such as liquid-crystal displays (LCD). Static flat-panel display depends on materials that color states are bistable. Flat-panel keeps the text or images on the screen even though the power turns off.

    Most flat panel took advantage of LCD and LED technologies in the 2010s. Flat panel has higher resolutions which is up to 4K resolution. In addition, it has touch technology. By 2016, some devices that use tablets (such as tablets, smart phones, and less common laptops) use touch screens, and touch screens can be operated by touch. 

What is an interactive flat panel?


An Interactive Flat-Panel is a large-format touchscreen display. It is ideal for interactive collaborative meeting or teaching environment. With a higher-quality display,enhanced connectivity and built-in software solution, interactive flat panel replaces outdated projector technology .

Interactive flat panel is collaboration solution designed for interactive whiteboarding, screen sharing, videoconferencing and so on, which put collaboration at the center of its function. The security is more powerful. The latest technology allows you to connect securely to participants, whether they are in the room or join remotely. Nowadays, interactive flat panel displays not only allow teachers and presenters to share information more clearly, but their touch screen function can also bring a fascinating experience for the audience. The traditional keyboard and stylus are still used by people to input options. However, advanced interactive flat panel displays have multi-touch controls that can recognize up to 20 touch points simultaneously which supports more possibilities and convenience. What’s more, it is all-in-one device that combines collaboration and meeting management function. Users can connect interactive flat panel by their own devices or they can use multi-touch function on interactive flat panel display.

 To sum up, it provides collaborative learning in classroom and collaborative discussion in conference. So teachers and students or company employees can instantly share ideas easily on interactive flat panel display. Through easy collaboration on personal devices or screens, seamless sharing of ideas makes everyone's creativity become a reality.


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