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Give Students a Role in Their Education

In a traditional classroom, the teacher is the person who leads and controls the learning process. Students are passive participants in that experience. But in an online classroom, you can flip this dynamic on its head by giving students more opportunities to take an active role in their education. Your students will have more say over what they learn, how they learn it, and when they learn it—and these factors will make their online experience more memorable and personal than ever before.

Offer a variety of ways to learn
●  Offer a variety of ways to learn. Providing a variety of ways for students to learn and engage is critical to their success, which is why it's important that you provide opportunities for them to do so.

●  Give students access to different types of learning resources. The more resources you have available for your students, the better equipped they'll be to succeed in whatever they choose!

Create opportunities for social learning
Social learning is a form of student-centered learning that benefits all students, not just those with high self-efficacy. Social learning can take place in a group or individually, face-to-face or online and even a combination of both. It can be used to reinforce existing concepts or as a way for students to learn new ones.

Emphasize group projects
Teamwork is a great way to learn, and it can be even more effective when students are given the chance to work in groups. Whether you're teaching math, science or English—or any other subject—group projects can help students gain valuable skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Students who participate in group learning have an opportunity to learn from each other's strengths, exposing them to new perspectives and ideas. Working together allows them to develop communication skills like sharing ideas and collaborating towards a common goal. Additionally, teamwork teaches students how to work with people who are different from them (e.g., older or younger), which is important because these opportunities don’t always come up at home or school.

Provide multiple means of expression
Make it easy for students to share their work. Provide multiple means of expression.

●  Make it easy for students to share their work. For example, consider using an online portfolio system so that students can easily publish and update their work throughout the year instead of just at the end of a course.

●  Allow students to use social media platforms as part of their classroom communication plans, such as blogs or Twitter feeds where they can post responses and ask questions related to class content or assignments.

●  Encourage them to create videos or podcasts based on the course material, which are then shared via YouTube or iTunes U (an educational site where educators can upload podcasts).

Encourage student input and feedback.
Give students a voice. One of the best ways to help students develop as learners is to give them a voice in their education. This includes letting them share their thoughts and feelings about class content and activities, giving them opportunities to provide feedback on what they find helpful or not helpful, and making sure that you listen carefully when they speak up. You can also get creative with this type of learning by having students offer their opinions on topics related to your class (e.g., “How would you grade our work?”).

Use student feedback for improvement:

Encourage students' input by explicitly asking for it, either verbally or through written surveys or surveys that are completed anonymously online (e.,g., SurveyMonkey). Listen attentively when they do speak up; don't just put up your hand, but listen carefully when someone else has something important to say!

Make use of flexible scheduling
●  Flexible scheduling: This can be a great way to keep students engaged. If a student has a test on Monday, and it's not due until Wednesday, that student could use their time wisely by taking advantage of flexible scheduling for the rest of the week. They could go back and review what they learned in class or take part in an extracurricular activity or participate in some other activity that benefits them academically.

●  Make use of collaborative learning: Collaborative learning is when groups of students work together on projects or assignments rather than working independently from each other. This is beneficial because it encourages collaboration between students which leads to better teamwork skills which are essential when it comes down to working on teams with your peers when you get older.

●  Use technology appropriately: Technology provides many great tools for educators but there needs to be a balance between using these tools appropriately so that they do not become distractions instead of learning aids such as cell phones, computers/laptops etcetera

Use team teaching
Team teaching isn't a new idea, but it's one that many teachers still don't use. Why? Some may be concerned about having enough time to teach and grade every student individually, but the truth is that team teaching can benefit both students and teachers through interactive display tools in multiple ways. Here are some benefits of team teaching (and for your students):

●  Teams are more productive than individuals. When working on group projects, individual members of the group have to learn how to collaborate with each other and work as a unit rather than independently on their own work. This also helps them practice communication skills and foster better relationships with others—which are essential skills for life after school!

●  Team members learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses—plus they can help each other out when needed (like when one member doesn't understand something). Essentially, this teaches teamwork fundamentals early on so that kids won't have trouble later on when they're working in groups at their jobs or with friends/family! Plus now that everyone knows what everyone else needs from them personally then it'll be easier for them all around :)

Make sure students are actively engaged in the content area
It's important that students are actively engaged in the content area. When students are engaged, they learn more and retain more of what they've learned. Students should feel empowered to take charge of their education, which means giving them a voice in their studies—and that starts with giving them a place at the decision-making table when it comes to what they're learning.

You can make the online classroom experience more personal and memorable by giving your students a chance to take charge of their education.
You can make the online classroom experience more personal and memorable by giving your students a chance to take charge of their education. The most effective teachers know they are there to facilitate learning, not just teach from the front of the room. The best way for students to learn is through exploration, experimentation, and discussion with peers. While teachers play an important role in this process by providing guidance and direction, ultimately students will be most successful if they are encouraged (and given opportunities) to take ownership of their own education.

The bottom line is that we want to give students a more personal and memorable experience in their online classroom. We want them to be able to share their thoughts, ideas, and feedback with each other. There are many ways to do that! You can create opportunities for social learning by having group projects or making use of flexible scheduling. And you can offer multiple means of expression so they don’t feel like they have only one way—or no way at all—to say what they need to say. Another option would be team teaching, where students get together as groups but different instructors teach them at different times during the week based on their availability (instead of traditional lecturing). These options allow students more freedom when it comes down to how much time they spend on coursework each day instead of being confined within four walls attend lectures at predetermined times every week."

IQTouch Interactive touch screen displays are masterful at enabling collaboration. Multitouch capabilities let several students manipulate onscreen content. It’s an ideal way for learning group to brainstorm, present, and analyze text or images. Collaboration software gives students the power to show their ideas with the function of sharing their personal screen or mobile device, which extremely maximizes the interactivity between teacher and students. IQTouch also has the option of a slot-in PC that will make the display a fully functional Windows computer. It is compatible with various types of apps and you can download whatever you like, with the support of IQOS, you can place the location of the app in the design icon, and open it easily on the interface of the IQTouch. It is very helpful for both educators and students to enhance dynamic learning on the touch screen.

What Will It Take for Schools to Get Better?

The way we learn and teach is changing, but schools haven't quite caught up. The good news is that there are ways to address this.  How can we help educators foster an environment where students are more engaged in their learning? Here are a few ideas that have worked for other organizations:

Adopt Smart Education Solutions
Smart education solutions can help your school improve its teaching and learning. These include:
●  Personalized learning, which allows students to learn at their own pace, in a way that suits their interests and strengths.
●  Digital content, such as videos and interactive tools can be accessed on mobile devices.
●  Classroom tools that let teachers assess students' progress using data from multiple sources (such as course performance information).

To adopt smart education solutions in your school:
●  Identify the needs of your teachers and students by asking them questions about what they want out of their schooling experience. Then figure out how these needs might be met with technology available today—and how much work would be required to make this happen! This will help you get an idea of how much time it would take before implementing any changes would start paying off for both parties involved with adopting new technology into classrooms across campus grounds."

Clearly Define Students' Goals
When you start working toward a goal, it's important to know exactly what your goal is. If you have a clear idea of what you want and why it's important to get there, then reaching that goal will be much easier.

So before you start working on your fitness goals, ask yourself: What do I want?
It sounds like such a simple question but it's actually pretty hard—especially for people who are used to having other people make decisions for them (like when their parents decided where they went to school). And since we're talking about health and fitness here, there are even more factors involved than just "where am I going?" In order to set realistic goals that stick with us over time instead of fizzling out after two weeks or so (or worse—setting ourselves up for failure), we need answers from all sides: physical, mental, and social.

Build Clear Pathways to Achieving Those Goals
To get better at what you do, you need to know what you're doing and how to improve. To be a good teacher, for example, it's helpful to have a clear understanding of what good teaching looks like. But if the school doesn't provide a pathway for teachers to develop their craft and grow their skills, then they can't get better at their jobs. And if students aren't given opportunities for self-reflection and feedback on their learning, then they can't learn from each other in order to produce better outcomes.

Personalize Their Learning
Personalized learning is not a new concept. It’s been an idea for years, but it’s taken off in recent years as technology has advanced and become more accessible. The goal of personalized learning is to provide students with an education that allows them to learn at their own pace, on subjects they are interested in, and in ways they find most effective. For example, some students might prefer hands-on activities while others may learn best by reading books or watching videos online. Personalized learning helps teachers meet the needs of all types of learners by allowing them to choose what works best for each child individually instead of forcing all students into one mold based on what worked for previous generations.

IQTouch solution for Interactive touch screen displays has an inherent ability to bolster personalized learning. Dual systems empower teachers to easily access the teaching resources for showing courseware in various formats. It makes learning through engaging with digital content on the centered large touch screen. Countless activities facilitate active learning. Many – if not most – are enhanced when instructors and students use interactive touchscreen displays.

Provide Support for Students and Teachers Alike
For school districts to get better, it will take a team effort. Students and teachers alike must be provided with the tools they need in order to succeed. Support can come in many forms: training and resources are excellent ways to provide support, but so is a culture of understanding that allows teachers and parents to communicate with one another as equals.

Some schools already have this kind of support infrastructure in place; however, there are still plenty that does not—and it's time for those schools to catch up.

Remove Barriers to the Student Learning Process
Once students are in school, they need to be able to learn. And the first step toward making this happen is removing barriers.

●  Reduce distractions: If a student is distracted by his or her surroundings or other people, then he or she will not be able to pay attention and learn effectively. In order for students to focus on their lessons, it's important that they have a peaceful environment in which they're comfortable and confident in themselves.

●  Reduce stress: Stress can prevent students from focusing on what needs learning, especially if it's caused by anxiety about being around other people who may make them feel inferior or inadequate (i.e., bullies). When there are too many sources of stress at home and at school, this can cause depression—a mental state where one feels hopeless about the future (or even present) because of things like financial issues or relationship problems with family members/friends/partnerships). Schools should work hard at removing these causes so kids don't have anything extra weighing them down while trying hard enough just get through each day without having any extra problems added onto all those already existing ones!!

Understand That "What Works" Is Constantly Changing
Before you can implement a change, you have to understand what changes are needed. And one of the biggest changes that schools need to make is in how they think about student learning.
What works for one student may not work for another. Students are different, so what works for one student may not work for another. Students are constantly changing, so what worked last year may not work this year.

The above tips can help schools improve
So, how can schools ensure they're improving? In short, by adopting smart education solutions and implementing them in an effective way. A few tips:
●  Clearly define students' goals.
●  Build clear pathways to achieving those goals.
●  Personalize learning for each student based on their needs and interests, not just age or grade level.

While there are many things that schools can do to improve, the one thing they can't do is stay the same. The world of education is changing quickly, and it's critical that schools stay on top of these changes in order to remain competitive. 

IQTouch interactive displays are embedded devices that people can use digital touchscreen interactions to make vibrant visual presentations and to enable listeners to have good discussion and interaction. In addition, it offers powerful functions 4K UHD display for clear viewing, ultra fine touch for precise writing, wireless screen share for multiple ideas presentation, built-in whiteboard for gathering teaching notes, and more. These are the ways that IQTouch interactive displays can help schools improve:

- Create a more engaging learning environment for students and teachers.
- Enable students to make their own presentations and share them with their peers.
- Give teachers a way to easily run digital learning activities with their classes.

It is an all-in-one device that combines collaboration and meeting management functions. Users can connect interactive flat displays on their own devices or they can use the multi-touch function on interactive touch screen.If you're looking for some guidance on how your school can better serve its students and teachers alike, then we encourage you to check out our website here

Importance of Interactive Flat Panel Displays in Businesses

Studies have shown that the use of interactive flat panel technology has positively impacted business organizations by increasing productivity, sales, and profits. When a company invests in interactive flat panel displays, it is willing to pay more for quality products that can be customized to meet its needs. As a result, they are able to make their business run more efficiently and improve their bottom line while also providing better service. Not only are companies able to invest in interactive flat panels but consumers benefit as well because they provide improved convenience and entertainment. This article will go over the benefits of interactive flat panel displays.

1. Help Your Business Be More Productive
In most cases, companies are looking for ways to improve their productivity by increasing sales and cutting costs. For some companies, interactive flat panel displays solution can help them accomplish both. One of the ways an interactive flat panel display can help a business be more productive is through its ability to customize content. A business will no longer have to purchase and install expensive signs or bulletin boards to update its company information, sales promotions, upcoming events, or other things they want to share with its customers. Instead, they can simply update the content on their flat panel displays whenever needed.

2. Engage and Educate a Large Audience
Interactive flat panel displays have the ability to engage a large audience at one time. This is possible because they are able to display high-resolution images and videos that are easy to read. With the ability to display such high-quality content, businesses can utilize their flat panel displays for educational purposes. Companies can use interactive flat panel displays as part of training sessions to educate their staff or customers on how to better use their products or how different products work together.

3. Promote Loyalty & Provide Customer Service
Interactive flat panel displays are more than just a way to update your business's information; they are also a great way to help your business build a positive image and increase customer loyalty. Flat panel displays help businesses to create a memorable experience for their customers. They can be used to promote coupons or giveaways and reward customers who spend the most money, referred the most friends, or do other things that make them stand out in some way.

4. Create a Cleaner, More Attractive Work Environment
Interactive flat panel displays allow you to get rid of paper and bulletin boards and create a more efficient work environment. They are able to provide your business with better organization so that everyone is able to find the information they need in an easier manner. When everything is organized, it helps your business run more efficiently as well as reduces the time you spend on things like filing or sorting through paperwork that may be outdated or unnecessary.

5. Improve Your Bottom Line
Other than being more organized, interactive flat panel displays are also responsible for increasing your bottom line. This is because they allow your business to create more revenue. Studies have shown that businesses that choose to invest in interactive flat panel technology had a 25% increase in sales and a 21% increase in productivity. Interactive flat panel displays are able to help companies engage their customers so they feel more comfortable purchasing products or sharing things with other people.

6. Increase the Quality of Service You Provide
Interactive flat panel displays allow you to provide a better customer experience. The increased communication and accessibility that they give businesses are able to help companies have higher levels of satisfaction from their customers as a result. They are also able to reduce the amount of time it takes for customers to get a response from a company and allow businesses to offer more personalized service.

Recently, IQ has launched IQTouch 1100 Series with self-developed IQ OS based on Android 11.0. It ensures a stable system with faster running and smoother operation. IQ OS offers an intuitive interface and abundant tools at your fingertips for functions quick access. IQTouch allows wireless screen sharing that features two-way screen sharing and touch, multi-split screen, and group display. It also can access the built-in camera and microphone from IQTouch to quickly set up a video conference during screen sharing. For audience viewing, it upgrades to 4K screen sharing, enabling you the clarity to see every detail of the content being shared. In terms of hardware, IQTouch 1100 Series integrates camera, mic, and speakers. Up to 48MP ultra-high-definition AI camera with auto framing and voice tracking, 8 array microphones for long-distance voice pickup, 2*20W and 1*15W subwoofer speakers which bring premium audio-visual effects to you. Besides, a variety of customized configurations and sizes can meet needs. 

When you invest in interactive flat panel displays, you are essentially investing in the best way for your business's needs. For you to find the best audio-visual equipment supplier for IQ Touch interactive display solution you should do research so that you can find a supplier who has the best quality products and that can help you determine what your budget should be. By finding a good supplier, you can ensure that the displays you choose will meet all of your needs and allow your business to create relationships with customers who will keep coming back for more.

How interactive flat panel display useful for education

Interactive Flat Panel Display is a new interactive whiteboard, which can be used for education and office. It has many functions that make it different from traditional whiteboards. This article will explain what an interactive flat panel display is and show you why IQBoard is the best choice for your school or company. An interactive flat panel display is a large, high-resolution screen that can be used to project images or video. It’s also touch sensitive and can be controlled by multiple users simultaneously. Interactive whiteboards are used in classrooms, conference rooms, training facilities, and other educational settings.

What is an interactive flat panel?
An interactive flat panel is a device that can be installed on the wall of a classroom. It allows the teacher or other person to write something on it and then see what they have written by looking at the screen. The panel, in turn, displays this information for all students to see. This type of panel can be used for education, advertising, and other purposes in an office or home setting as well.

Interactive flat panel display VS projector
● Projector
● Interactive flat panel display

Projectors are an older technology that uses a lamp to project light onto a screen. They are not very portable because they need to be placed on a cart, table, or ceiling mount. They also produce heat and can only show one image at a time. They are useful in large spaces where multiple screens can be projected at once, but they don't support interactivity as displays do.

IQBoard Interactive Flat Panel Display
When it comes to the classroom, we all want the same thing: for our students to be engaged and enthusiastic about what they're learning. We want them to feel like they're truly getting something out of their time in school, and that's why we love using interactive flat panel display solutions from IQ.

IQ is an interactive display solution provider based on smart boards in both education and business, providing IQTouch Interactive Touch Screen Solution, IQBoard Interactive Whiteboard Solution, IQMeet Conference Camera Solution, IQShare Wireless Presentation System Solution, and Smart Accessories. On interactive display solutions, we offer all-in-one displays that feature 4K UHD resolution, optical bonding, infrared 20 points touch, smart whiteboard, video conferencing, BYOD (bring your own device), dual systems (more than one device), etc., which not only brings the interactivity and students' engagement into a class but also help business improve meeting efficiency and foster collaboration. We are also dedicated to building a smart conference room to deliver installation flexibility.

Advantages of IQBoard Interactive Flat panel display over normal whiteboard
IQBoard Interactive Flat panel display over whiteboard:

● IQBoard is a multifunctional interactive flat panel device that provides the best education experience to students and teachers.
● IQBoard has a large screen space, which can make it easy for teachers to write on the board and students to see what is being written.
● With its affordable price tag, you can get more than one tablet from this brand and it comes at an affordable price range and will provide you with all the necessary features that are required for classroom activities.

IQBoard is a multifunctional interactive flat panel device that provides the best education experience to students and teachers.
IQBoard is a multifunctional interactive flat panel device that provides the best education experience to students and teachers. Interactive flat panel displays are valuable in education for several reasons. They can be used to create lessons that are more engaging and interactive—and they can be used on a wide range of platforms, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

IQ helps teachers and students leverage devices and platforms to enhance learning and improve outcomes. IQ education solutions enable more interactive learning experiences and more meaningful feedback. IQ also provides professional development and education consulting services at the same time.

IQBoard is a versatile product that can be used for various purposes such as:
● Interactive whiteboard
● Interactive display board (screen projector)
● Interactive touch screen monitor

We hope that this article has given you some insight into what an interactive flat panel display is, its advantages over a traditional whiteboard, and how it can be used in education. We also encourage teachers to take advantage of this technology by learning more about IQBoard Interactive Flat Panel Display and contacting us for more information or ordering one today! If you’re interested in finding out more about IQBoard and how it can be used in your classroom, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to Find a Right Interactive Display Solution for Education & Business

The best interactive display solutions for education and business are the ones that support collaborative learning and working, easy-to-use software and content, and multiple devices. You may think it is easy to find such a solution, but there are many things you need to consider. In this article, we will help you choose the right interactive board for your needs by exploring key factors that affect the decision-making process.

What factors should be looked at in choosing interactive display solutions?
Choosing the right interactive display solutions for education and business is not easy. The first thing to look at is touch technology. There are many different types of touch technologies available today, but the most popular ones include resistive, capacitive, infrared, and optical.

The next thing to consider is software and content. You need to make sure that your chosen interactive display solution supports your software requirements as well as your content delivery needs (e.g., images or videos). IQBoard Interactive Display Solutions come with a wide range of features including multi-touch support, high-quality audiovisual experience, video wall features, etc., so you don't have to worry about this aspect in the case of IQBoard Interactive Display Solutions!

In addition to these factors mentioned above, there are some other factors that should also be taken into consideration while choosing an interactive display solution like size/resolution of displays (IQBoard HD series offers 4K UHD resolution), heat dissipation (IQBoard HD series uses passive cooling technology), power consumption (IQBoard HD series consumes less energy than other competitors) and lastly multiple device support (IQBoard HD series offers Dual Monitor Support).

Touch technology
Touch technology is the most important feature of an interactive display. There are three kinds of touch technology: capacitive, resistive, and infrared. Capacitive touch technology is the most popular because it can detect multiple touches at once—a great feature when you want to create a collaborative whiteboard or when multiple users need to write on the same surface simultaneously. Resistive touch screens use pressure-sensitive ink which must be applied directly onto the glass. This type of screen works well for applications that require high durability and low maintenance, but they're not as sensitive as their capacitive counterparts and can't detect more than one touch at a time. Infrared sensors determine how close something is by detecting its heat signature through IR light rays emitted from an LED sensor mounted behind the display glass. They're also used in fingerprint scanners found on phones or laptops where high precision isn't necessary since fingers aren't very big compared with other items like pens or markers that might come into contact with them; however, this type of sensor has much lower resolution than either capacitive or resistive options so any fine details written by hand may not show up clearly enough after being projected onto another surface (like when using a projector).

Software and content
●  IQBoard education software - IQ KitsMemos
●  IQBoard business software - JoinMemos
●  IQBoard education and business content

Size, heat, and power consumption
Size and weight are important factors to consider when choosing an interactive display for your business or school. If you need a large screen, but don't want the hassle of heavy equipment, consider a lightweight LCD panel. These displays can be moved from classroom to classroom easily, and they're ideal for presentations because they don't require much space.

Heat is another factor to keep in mind when selecting an interactive display solution. Your students will be using it during long periods of time, which means that if they're not comfortable using the device there's a good chance they won't stay on-task or pay attention as well as they could have otherwise. Look for manufacturers who show excellent heat dissipation capabilities; this way the interactive display won't overheat and cause any problems while in use by students or teachers alike!

Power consumption is also incredibly important when selecting an interactive display solution; many schools have limited budgets so it's critical that their technology doesn't suck up too much electricity at once! Some manufacturers offer energy-efficient solutions that can help save money on utility bills over time since these systems use less power than competing products would do under similar conditions (such as being used by 100 people simultaneously).

Support for multiple devices
●  Support for multiple devices
●  Support for multiple operating systems
●  Support for multiple screen sizes and resolutions
●  Support for touchscreens, projectors, and touchpads
●  Support for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets

Why IQBoard interactive display solutions are ideal for education & business?
IQBoard, a leading provider of interactive display solutions, is the best choice for education & business. Our interactive whiteboard solutions are designed to meet your needs with flexible and affordable options to fit any budget. We offer a range of different models from traditional flat panel to large-scale projection, so you can choose the one that suits your individual requirements best.

Our interactive whiteboards work by combining state-of-the-art touch technology with a wireless pen (or stylus) and projector system to create an image that you can use interactively. You can write or draw on top of any screen content, like presentations or class materials – and then share the records instantly with other devices through the function of scanning QR code!

Interactive software and content perfect for both education and business
IQBoard interactive software and content are suitable for both education and business.

●  The IQBoard software is easy to use, even if you have little experience with interactive displays. Whether you want to create something simple like a PowerPoint presentation or an advanced database application, the IQBoard software lets you design your own custom interface with virtually no coding required.

●  Our extensive library of educational content is available in multiple languages so that it can be used worldwide by students who speak different native languages as well as teachers who don’t speak English as their first language.

●  You can run the same file on different devices at once (e.g., running Windows 8 on one computer while playing video on another).

Excellent touch technology ideal for collaborative learning & working
One of the most advanced touch technologies in the industry, IQBoard’s touch technology is designed to work seamlessly with multiple devices and multiple users. It allows users to interact with their content using simple gestures like tapping, swiping, and dragging.

This advanced technology makes it easier for students to engage with content on interactive whiteboards because they don't need to press a button or stylus down before interacting. This intuitive experience helps eliminate distractions caused by unnecessary steps or errors in usage which increases productivity in classrooms.

Free upgrade to software IQBoard Education Platform
●  IQBoard Education Platform is a free upgrade to the software.
●  You can get the latest version of our interactive display solution for education and business at no extra cost.

Thoughtful after-sales support and services
●  IQBoard offers free lifetime support.
●  IQBoard offers free software upgrades.
●  IQBoard offers free hardware upgrades.
●  IQBoard offers free technical support when you need it most and we are available 24/7 all year round by phone or email!

Even if you don't have any questions, we'd love to hear from you! It would be a pleasure to talk with you on our live chat window even if there were no issues at all - just say hi :)

●  We also offer repair services as needed (but let us know so we can send out an engineer), replacement parts & accessories (if something breaks), installation services (if it's too difficult for you), etc.

IQBoard is the best choice of interactive whiteboard for education & business.
You may also want to consider IQBoard, which offers an interactive display solution that fits your needs. There are two types of IQBoard: the interactive whiteboard and the interactive pen display. The following sections describe these products in more detail.

To sum up, we believe IQBoard interactive display solutions are the perfect choice for education and business.

It provides excellent touch technology, which makes it ideal for collaborative learning and working. In addition, you can benefit from our thoughtful after-sales services when choosing IQBoard Education Platform or Business Platform.

How Interactive Displays Improve Education Level

The more you use an interactive display, the more it becomes a focal point in a visualized way in the classrooms. The educators can start collaborative topics, presentations, and fun activities during the class with interactive displays. The touch screen monitor even helps create a communal atmosphere while students focus on their mobile devices.

Bring greater inclusivity
Interactive flat panel displays give more learning opportunities for more students. Video and multimedia presentations engage the students with excellent audiovisual experience. For those who need to learn from home, teachers can capture and save on-screen notes, and share the files with them. For independent review, in addition, classroom technology of interactive touch screens is a great equalizer for students with individual needs.

Interactive displays easily integrate with assistive technologies such as interactive whiteboards, text highlighters, and speech-to-text software. Students who have trouble holding a pen can write on the display with their fingers. The learners can collaborate with classmates on more complex lessons on the touch display with rich assistant tools.

Increase engagement and enthusiasm
In classrooms that use interactive flat-panel displays, students are more engaged, more focused, and have more positive attitudes toward learning. Teachers often report that increased focus and engagement are the biggest benefits of teaching with interactive display technology.

The active effect of interactive displays can be seen at all stages of education. The research studies have shown the benefits of interactive flat panel displays in early childhood education including gains in achievement, engagement, motivation, and collaboration. Students are also able to explore and engage in activities for longer periods of time and have increased concentration and attention duration in the classroom.

A recent study compared the results of traditional and technology-based instruction with students aged 3 to 6: One of three groups using a laptop, an interactive display, or a paper worksheet to learn and practice concepts. The results showed that students who used technology were more motivated and achieved better grades than students who used paper. What's more, teachers strongly felt that interactive presentation learners were the most active of the three groups. Why are the passions of the laptop and interactive display groups different? The authors concluded that this is most likely the collaborative part.

Elementary students are also more motivated when using interactive displays. The positive impact of interactive technology is significant: student learning improves, as does the quality of the learning environment. In addition, the interactive display has significantly increased the enthusiasm for the class. In general, the interactive flat panel has changed the modern teaching method, changed the teaching and learning habits of teachers and students, and allowed us to enjoy the teaching and learning methods of the times.

Height-adjustable lift for mobility
While students with mobility requirements may not be able to participate in a wall-mounted display as it may be difficult to reach due to height or their reach may be blocked, a height-adjustable mobile stand with robust functionality adds accessibility. More options maximize access for more students!

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