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Unveiling IQShare Button Gen2: A Revolution in Screen Mirroring

Unveiling IQShare Button Gen2: A Revolution in Screen Mirroring


1. Introduction

IQShare Button Gen2 from is a wireless presentation system meticulously crafted to amplify collaboration and simplify presentation workflows. Tailored for seamless integration into meeting room environments, it not only introduces Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) functionality but also extends support for the innovative Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) trend.

2. Function Updates

The Q Button undergoes a comprehensive makeover, presenting a sleek and unified aesthetic. It introduces revolutionary shortcuts, elevating user interaction. Additionally, it integrates BYOM functionality, enhancing convenience for wireless screen sharing in meeting scenarios.

2.1 Style Upgrade

Take a glimpse at the before-and-after comparison chart showcasing the evolution of the IQShare Button. In its latest iteration, the IQShare Button Gen2 continues to support three types of dongles: HDMI dongle, USB dongle, and Type-C dongle. Notably, the Gen2 version introduces a more cohesive and unified design, elevating the overall aesthetic.

2.2 The Brand-new Q Button

IQShare Button Gen2 introduces a revolutionary Q Button, unlocking an array of features to enhance the versatility of meeting scenarios. The new Q Button empowers users with functionalities like screen freeze, exclusive full screen, and more, adding depth to collaborative engagements.

Screen Freeze: A default and indispensable feature. When pressed Q Button to freeze the screen, the main display in the conference room holds the last frame. This empowers the presenter to discreetly manage personal tasks or search for materials on their computer without sharing with others in the meeting. Once tasks are completed, a simple press of the Q button instantly resumes screen sharing on the conference room display, ensuring a smooth transition between private and shared content. This function is ideal for meetings when you need to momentarily pause screen sharing without disconnecting, facilitating uninterrupted collaboration and information retrieval.

Exclusive Full Screen: Contemporary screen-sharing tools often facilitate multi-screen support, especially in comparative scenarios. However, when a presenter needs to take the lead in a meeting and others struggle to stop sharing, the Q Button's Exclusive Full Screen feature comes to the rescue. With a single press of the Q Button, the presenter gains instant control over the entire screen, without the need for any additional actions from others. This seamless functionality empowers the presenter to efficiently manage the conference room display, enhancing the quality of the meeting presentation, ensuring a focused and efficient presentation environment.

Duplicate/Extend Screen: The Q Button on the IQShare Button Gen2 offers the versatility of switching between screen modes, allowing users to set it as either a screen duplication or extension. By default, the Gen2 functions in screen duplication mode, seamlessly mirroring the laptop's content. However, in situations where a presenter requires personalization, a simple press of the Q Button switches to screen extension mode. This enables the presenter to drag and display specific windows on the extended screen while retaining private operations or reference materials on the main screen of their personal computer.

Mute/Unmute: The Q Button provides a convenient toggle between mute and unmute modes. This functionality proves particularly useful when presenters need to control the sound of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) content displayed on the large screen. Ideal for scenarios like Quality Control (QC) testing of screen-shared videos, the Q Button enables users to quickly mute or unmute, ensuring a tranquil presentation environment without causing disruptions to the surroundings.

Shortcut Keys: The Q Button offers additional utility by supporting shortcut keys, making it an ideal solution for scenarios requiring frequent use of shortcuts, such as screenshot capture. Users can leverage the Q Button's key press as a shortcut, streamlining tasks and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

2.3 BYOM Compatible Solutions

IQShare Button Gen2 introduces significant updates to its BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) capabilities. Both C4 and H3 dongles now support BYOM functionality, offering versatile solutions for various scenarios:

C4/H3 Dongle + Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) (HA1100PRO/TB1100 Gen2)

Leveraging the built-in screen casting module of the IFP, C4/H3, in combination with (HA1100PRO/TB1100 Gen2) interactive displays, facilitates BYOM functionality. Participants can effortlessly connect their computers to the C4/H3 dongle, accessing the display's camera, microphone, and speaker functions for wireless screen sharing and online meetings.

C4/H3 + WP40 + Meeting Terminal (HY200/AVS200)

Tailored for meeting rooms equipped with TVs or projectors, this solution involves connecting the WP40 to the meeting room display for screen casting. The WP40 dongle seamlessly integrates with the meeting terminal, enabling access to the terminal's camera, microphone, and speaker functions.

The IQShare team remains dedicated to continuous updates, expanding support for additional BYOM solutions in various meeting room scenarios.

2.4 Other Q Button Functions

2.4.1 Q Button’s Memory feature

Experience the convenience of the Q Button's memory feature, remembering settings for a hassle-free presentation experience.

2.4.2 Software cast

Both IQShare Type-C USB functionality and the IQShare USB Button support software screen mirroring, providing a versatile range of screen projection features. Software-based screen mirroring enables extensive functionalities, including intelligent full-screen display, adaptive screen resolution, and seamless full-screen operations. Additionally, it facilitates volume control for the display screen being mirrored, enhancing the overall user experience.

3. Basic Functions of IQShare Button

Wireless Screen Mirroring: IQShare Dongle facilitates seamless wireless screen mirroring, allowing users to project content from laptops or devices onto larger displays.

Universal Compatibility: This dongle ensures broad compatibility with various devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets, providing a versatile screen-sharing solution.

Plug-and-Play Functionality: The IQShare Dongle offers a hassle-free experience with its plug-and-play functionality, requiring no intricate setup or installation processes.

High-Resolution Display Support: With support for high resolutions, IQShare Dongle ensures a crisp and clear display, accommodating diverse content types and maintaining visual integrity.

Multi-Device Connectivity: Users can effortlessly connect multiple devices to the IQShare Dongle, fostering collaborative environments and enabling dynamic content sharing during presentations or meetings.

Low Latency Transmission: The dongle incorporates low-latency transmission technology, minimizing delays and providing a real-time screen mirroring experience for enhanced interaction.

Intuitive User Interface: The user interface is designed for ease of use, featuring intuitive controls and straightforward navigation to enhance user accessibility.

Security Protocols: IQShare Dongle prioritizes security, implementing robust protocols to safeguard the wireless connection and protect against unauthorized access.

Auto-Scaling and Adaptive Resolution: The dongle automatically adjusts and scales the content to fit different screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring optimal viewing experiences across a variety of display devices.

Collaborative Functionality: Supporting collaborative features, IQShare Dongle enables multiple users to share content simultaneously, fostering interactive discussions and group participation.

4. Conclusion

In conclusion, IQShare Button Gen2 brings forth a range of enhanced features, from aesthetic improvements to functional advancements, catering to a more intuitive and user-friendly wireless presentation experience. For more question about IQShare Button Gen2, please contact our support team here.

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Unleashing the Potential of Lecture Capture Systems for Remote Learning: Strategies and Best Practices

Unleashing the Potential of Lecture Capture Systems for Remote Learning: Strategies and Best Practices


Living in this era of rapid development of information technology, we must be familiar with models that connect people, objects, and information resources across time and space limitations such as remote work and remote learning. Based on the experience of using Lecture Capture Systems like this from Q-NEX, some people think that not many audiences will choose to replay and watch recorded courses, and online education will make some students skip classes without restraint. Therefore, these misunderstandings are what we need to correct and propose better solutions. In this article, we will start by exploring the needs of distance learning and explore the greater potential of Lecture Capture Systems together, to create a better teaching environment for teachers and enable students to improve their knowledge systems more conveniently, becoming well-rounded individuals.

1. Why can't we do without distance learning?

Distance learning has many advantages, although it can not meet the needs of face-to-face communication experience, because of its powerful function, we still can not get knowledge from distance learning channels.

1.1 The shift to student-centered education

The educational principle of the 20th century is no longer just the old tradition of teacher-centered, textbook-centered, and classroom-centered, but follows the educational idea of “People-centered”, and student-centered, and pays more attention to the extensiveness of education, and equality.

1.2 Expand the possibilities for communication and connection

While online learning may not provide the same type of social opportunities as face-to-face education, it still provides a way to socialize and connect. Active participation in virtual discussions and online learning forums can help you connect with classmates with similar interests and goals. Many online courses are open to people across the country and around the world, increasing opportunities to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds.

2. What can Lecture Capture Systems do?

For workplaces and educational institutions, Lecture Capture Systems can be beneficial in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2.1 Provide valuable learning materials

A video recording of the lecture is a valuable resource for exam preparation. Students can use the speed-doubling playback video to understand complex topics and take detailed notes. They can revisit specific sections or examples to enhance their understanding of knowledge. This is very helpful for effective review and test preparation. In addition, the lecture capture system can provide additional resources, such as guest speaker presentations, supplemental videos, or other presentation materials. These resources can provide different perspectives, practical applications, and additional content, enrich the learning experience, and go beyond traditional classroom teaching.

2.2 Feeling freedom and a sense of achievement in learning

Advanced Lecture Capture Systems can record and save presentations and other teaching materials that are played in class, and store them in the cloud for students to use. In this way, students can use the recorded lectures and presentations as review materials to help them better understand the course content. They can pause, rewind as needed, and learn at their own pace. This flexibility helps students to learn and understand in greater depth.

3. Is remote learning a comfort zone for students?

Online learning can provide flexibility, reduce social stress, and provide personalized learning opportunities. For some students, distance learning may provide a sense of comfort and familiarity, enabling them to learn at their own pace in their preferred environment.

Learning in a comfortable environment makes learning more enjoyable. Although some teaching facilities offer spacious and comfortable spaces and modern educational facilities, it is more comfortable for students who are afraid of learning to lie comfortably on a soft sofa and warm bed.

The degree of comfort for distance learning needs to take into account students' personal preferences, learning styles, and ability to adapt to an online learning environment. Schools and educators must provide support and resources to ensure that students have a positive learning experience in distance learning and that their learning needs are met.

4. The best practices of the Lecture Capture system

Through effective one-press recording, diversified media learning resources, interactive learning experience, and integration with high-performance IQVideo Lecture Capture System IQVideo LCS710, educators can provide students with more flexible, convenient, and interactive teaching resources, to promote innovation and progress in education.

4.1 Ultra-clear tracking

The smart IQVideo LCS710 is an online education device with two special 4K cameras that automatically track the movements of teachers during lecturing. These cameras have high definition and can clearly capture different scenes in the classroom. Through automatic tracking technology, the camera can intelligently switch between panoramic and close-up images in the teaching process. This is important for online teaching because it provides high-quality images that ensure students can clearly see the teacher's movements, expressions, and content.

4.2 Numerous sources

The Video Station of IQVideo LCS710 supports a variety of helpful learning sources, including teacher and student cameras, instructional courseware, and so on. This allows teachers to record multiple ways of teaching materials at the same time, such as a presentation, an experimental process, a student's collaborative work, or any other presentation file. As a customized user, you can choose to generate mixed or original source videos as needed. This function provides more ways to display teaching resources and enriches the content of online teaching.

4.3 Super recording

The intelligent IQVideo LCS710 is also equipped with a high-quality microphone that captures the teacher's voice and effectively covers a range of 7 meters. The speech capture system can be connected to up to 2 microphones to extend the audio capture range of a large classroom. The video station also has an audio processor, which supports automatic mixing, noise reduction, and echo cancellation to ensure that the lecture video is noise-free. This is important for online instruction because clear audio ensures that students hear the teacher's voice and provides a good auditory experience.

Final thoughts

High-performance Lecture Capture Systems have unlimited potential. Overall, IQVideo LCS710's comprehensive lecture recording system will revolutionize the way knowledge is shared and accessed. If you know the best way to use it, you can maximize its utility. I hope this article can help you, if you still need to know something, you can click here for more information. Let’s unleash the unlimited potential of the IQVideo lecture recording system  to lead the future of blended learning education!

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5 Technological Methods for Engaging the Z Generation in Exploring the World

5 Technological Methods for Engaging the Z Generation in Exploring the World


Generation Z refers to a unique group of young people born between 1997 and 2012. In recent years, it has also received increasing attention from various sectors of society. Generation Z. Compared to Generation X and Generation Y, Generation Z exhibits many different lifestyles, behavioral behaviors, and psychological characteristics due to their unique upbringing and living environment. In this article, we will start with the connection between Generation Z and digital technology to discuss how to help them better explore the world through digital technology.

1.    Characteristics of Generation Z

You may have heard about Generation Z already. However, you may not be aware of the specific characteristics of this group. The Z generation has diverse group characteristics.

1.1 Generation Z is more pragmatic and cautious

From the perspective of education and employment, Generation Z is more pragmatic, precocious, and more likely to receive high school and university education. They are also more cautious about career choices and avoid financial and employment instability.

1.2 Generation Z embrace technology

From a technical perspective, Generation Z is the native generation that practices a digitally connected lifestyle, preferring anonymous social media such as Snapchat and Whisper.

2.    The connection between Generation Z and digital technology

Compared to the previous generation (1990s), Generation Z has shown more substantial characteristics in digital technology because they grew up in an environment full of digital progress. From Generation Z's consumption behavior and habits, it can be concluded that they are a consumer group proficient in technology. Firstly, in terms of consumer preferences and choices, they are willing to shop online, make digital payments, and make wise purchasing decisions using technology. Secondly, they rely on online comments, social media influencers, and brand engagement to guide consumers' choices.

3.    Five technological methods to help Generation Z discover the world

Here are five ways to help Generation Z explore the world.

3.1 Virtual Reality: Bringing an immersive experience

Virtual reality technology can bring immersive experiences of different places and cultures to Generation Z. They can visit museums and even explore lifelike tropical ecological rainforests, providing them with a sense of adventure and exploration.

3.2 Augmented Reality (AR): Exploring more information interaction methods

AR can overlay digital information into the real world, enhancing Generation Z's understanding of the surrounding environment. AR applications can provide interactive guides, historical backgrounds, or language translations to make their explorations more informative and engaging.

3.3 Lecture Capture System: Discovering the world through multiple resources

The Lecture Capture System enables Generation Z to explore various disciplines at their own pace and discover the world through educational resources.

3.3.1 The operation and function of the Lecture Capture System

When the classroom starts, the system automatically records the teacher's lectures, demonstrations, and other teaching activities. The camera captures the teacher, and the microphone captures the explanatory sound. These recordings can be saved as video files and subjected to subsequent editing and processing, such as removing redundant segments or adding subtitles. In addition, Generation Z can access and watch recorded classroom videos through online education platforms, school websites, video-sharing platforms, and other channels.

3.3.2 The benefits and features of powerful IQVideo Portable Picture CaptureSystem LCS910

For example, Generation Z can use the Lecture Capture System to review classroom subject content of interest, like tennis or programming, at any time and place. They can revisit important concepts, review difficult points, and deepen their understanding of classroom content.

With the 20x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom lens of the IQVideo Portable Picture CaptureSystem LCS910, Generation Z can enjoy up to 1080P FHD high-definition picture quality when receiving knowledge points, allowing for clear viewing even at long distances. In addition, the LCS910 is equipped with high-speed and accurate pan-tilt positioning, stable wireless transmission, and a built-in 1/2.8-inch high-definition CMOS sensor.

Overall, the Lecture Capture System provides a convenient way to record, store, and disseminate classroom content, enhancing students' learning experience and teaching effectiveness.

3.4 Get inspiration from social media and opinion leaders

Morning Consult has released the "THE INFLUENCER REPORT: Engaging Gen Z and Millennials." Key Opinion Leaders have become a core part of social media for young people in the United States, and social media is increasingly becoming a core driving force for consumer decision-making. Nearly three-quarters of Generation Z and Millennials follow opinion leaders on social media. Most people say that social media is where they most often learn about new products they are interested in. That's why opinion leaders provide brands a crucial opportunity to engage with young Americans. However, they need to understand how and where to interact with them fully.

3.4.1 Loyal users of social media

Generation Z is very active on social media platforms. Social media platforms provide a channel for Generation Z to interact and connect with friends, family, and global communities. They can communicate with others through instant messaging, commenting, sharing content, participating in group discussions, expanding their social circle, and establishing new relationships.

3.4.2 A platform for self-expression and self-presentation

In addition, social media platforms serve as a bridge for Generation Z to connect with the world. Get news, trends, entertainment, and information through social media platforms. They can follow topics of interest, public figures, and media organizations to obtain timely news and hot topics. At the same time, they can also showcase themselves, express their opinions, and showcase their interests, talents, and personalities by posting photos, videos, music, and text, thereby shaping their brand and identity.

3.5 Online collaboration platform: providing opportunities for collaboration and sharing

Digital office tools have become a part of the daily work activities of Generation Z, with over 78 million users using commercial and office applications. They prefer productivity, electronic document management, and cloud storage applications. For example, DingTalk, Baidu Netdisk, WeChat Office, and Feishu. Our Q-NEX also offers intelligent solutions that are conducive to collaboration. You can click on our previous article to learn more.

3.5.1 Enhance collaboration and cooperation

An online platform that encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing is beneficial for Generation Z to share their experiences, insights, and suggestions with individuals worldwide. Through practical communication, Generation Z can learn from different perspectives and expand their collaborative thinking and international awareness.

3.5.2 An example of an advanced Google Workspace

For example, Google Workspace. Google Workspace supports real-time collaboration and editing between teams, allowing multiple people to edit the same document simultaneously. Even if there is overlap, it will not bring harmful conflicts to the file, making it convenient for team members to collaborate, create, edit, and share files.


Final thoughts

Technology plays an essential role in Generation Z. It provides multimedia learning resources for Generation Z. It meets their dependence on digital technology and demand for internet resources. Also, by recording high-quality lecture videos and providing a searchable video library, the Lecture Capture System enables Generation Z to learn independently based on personal interests and watch course content anytime, anywhere. If you want to stimulate student engagement through interactive functions and feedback mechanisms, you can contact us to promote their learning interest and deep participation.


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How to Set Up Your Conference Room: A Step-wise Guide

How to Set Up Your Conference Room: A Step-wise Guide


1. Introduction

Setting up a conference room involves careful planning and consideration of various factors to ensure a seamless and productive environment for meetings and presentations. This step-wise guide will walk you through the process of creating a well-equipped conference room tailored to your specific needs.

2. Assessing the Basic Environment

2.1 Confirming Conference Room Background

2.1.1 A new conference room vs. an existing conference room.

When dealing with a new conference room, obtaining the room's installation plans in advance is paramount. This allows us to incorporate installation considerations during the wiring phase, minimizing the need for later adjustments to cable channels.

For existing conference rooms, collecting information on current equipment helps strategize upgrades while maximizing the use of available resources. Efficient utilization of existing equipment is key to optimizing resources during the room upgrade process.

2.1.2 Verify room dimensions

The dimensions of a meeting room play a crucial role in determining the equipment it can accommodate. Choices such as display devices and audio equipment must align with the room's dimensions. Careful consideration of the space ensures a harmonious integration of technology.

2.1.3 Assess the room's environmental factors.

Evaluate the meeting room's environmental factors, including lighting conditions, temperature control, etc. Additionally, assess sound insulation requirements to enhance the overall meeting experience. A well-considered environment contributes to better visibility, comfort, and communication during meetings.

2.1.4 Furniture layout.

Confirm the placement of key furniture items in the meeting room, whether it's round tables, U-shaped setups, or rows of seating resembling a classroom arrangement. The arrangement of furniture directly impacts the audio-visual solutions for the meeting room, affecting aspects such as camera coverage and focus areas for audio-visual equipment.

2.1.5 Define the Room's Primary Purpose

In crafting an efficient meeting room setup, defining the primary purpose is paramount. Tailoring the space for specific functions enhances productivity and experience. For Presentation

In meeting room setups designed for presentation purposes, it is crucial to ensure that all participants have optimal visibility of the display screens. Various factors need consideration to guarantee a seamless presentation experience.

Clarity of Screens: Ensuring the clarity of presentation screens is paramount. The screens should deliver crisp and clear visuals to enhance the overall viewing experience for attendees.

Reflection Management: Reflection management is a crucial factor that significantly influences the prevention of glare and distractions during presentations. Choosing screens with anti-glare features or adjusting the room's lighting can contribute to an optimal viewing environment.

Screen Quantity and Size: Determining the appropriate number and size of screens is essential to accommodate all individuals within the meeting room. Strategically placing screens to cover the entire audience ensures that every participant has a clear view, eliminating visual obstructions. For Online Conferences

Spaces designated for virtual meetings necessitate a strong infrastructure to support seamless online collaboration. Employ top-tier cameras and audio systems to enhance communication clarity. Superior online conferencing equipment enhances our ability to engage effectively with remote participants, thereby elevating the overall meeting experience. Considering Wired and Wireless Solutions

For Wireless Scenarios

When opting for wireless solutions, be mindful of potential signal obstructions. Strategically position devices to mitigate interference and optimize signal strength.

For Wired Scenarios

In wired setups, utilizing cables ensures maximum device stability. However, efficient cable management is crucial to prevent clutter and maintain a clean and organized environment.

3. Proposed Solutions

3.1. Conference Room Equipment

In the realm of modern conferencing, selecting optimal display devices is crucial for fostering effective communication. Considerations extend to factors such as the width of the installation wall. For small to medium-sized meeting spaces, it is advisable to occupy roughly half to two-thirds of the wall area with display devices. This strategic placement ensures that participants can have a clear view of the presented content. Conversely, in larger meeting environments, a recommendation leans towards incorporating multiple display devices. This approach guarantees that attendees in every corner of the conference room have seamless visibility, enhancing their overall participation.

3.1.1. Display Devices Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs)

Interactive flat panels have emerged as the hottest trend in conference room display solutions, especially suited for small to medium-sized meeting spaces. IFPs boast touch display capabilities and have evolved towards larger sizes and multifunctionality. With features such as dual-system integration, whiteboard functionality, multi-screen support, wireless screen sharing, and online meeting support, IFPs like the HA1100Pro offer a versatile and compact design, eliminating the need for multiple products. Depending on usage scenarios, the option to equip them with mobile stands for flexible positioning is also available.

Recommendations for IFP Application:

For standard 3-5 person conference rooms, consider a 75-inch display for presentations, optionally equipped with a built-in camera for easy online conferencing setup.

For occasions with 12-20 attendees, opting for dual screens can enhance visibility and collaboration. Projector + Projection Screen

In large conference room settings, projectors retain their relevance, especially when paired with motorized projection screens. This combination provides a cost-effective advantage for accommodating extensive display needs. However, for scenarios demanding high color accuracy, alternatives like the IQTouch series, offering expansive interactive screen options such as 98 inches and 110 inches, can be considered.

By carefully selecting and implementing these advanced display solutions, organizations can significantly elevate the collaborative experience in their conference rooms, ensuring clear communication and active engagement.

3.1.2. Video Conferencing Equipment

The solutions for online meetings enable us to connect with people remotely, providing greater convenience for initiating meetings anytime, anywhere. Camera Solutions

The effectiveness of a video conferencing setup is significantly influenced by the choice of cameras and their placement. Optimal camera solutions consider factors such as the room's layout, lighting conditions, and the number of participants. Implementing the right camera types and strategic placement enhances visibility and ensures a more engaging virtual meeting. Audio Devices

Successful communication in a virtual environment heavily relies on audio quality. Choosing appropriate audio devices involves considerations for eliminating background noise, ensuring clear voice transmission, and accommodating different room sizes. The right audio setup contributes to a seamless and productive meeting. Control Devices

Centralized control solutions streamline the operation of video conferencing equipment, providing a user-friendly experience. The incorporation of remote control functionality further enhances flexibility, allowing users to manage the system from a distance. This feature proves especially valuable in scenarios where hands-on control may not be feasible. All-in-one Devices

When pursuing the factors of simplicity in meeting rooms and the multifunctionality and cost-effectiveness of products, opting for highly integrated product solutions like HY200 and AVS200 becomes a viable choice. Through straightforward placement, we can fulfill the majority of functional requirements for online meetings. These solutions typically come with a user-friendly interface, making them easy to operate and connect. Additional Useful Products

To augment the functionality of video conferencing setups, various additional products prove beneficial:

Wireless Sharing Devices

Wireless sharing devices facilitate effortless content sharing during meetings. This additional feature promotes collaboration by allowing participants to share their screens wirelessly, fostering a more interactive and engaging virtual environment.

Interactive Pen Displays

Interactive pen displays add a layer of interactivity to virtual meetings. These devices enable users to annotate, draw, and interact with content in real-time, enhancing the collaborative aspect of online conferences.

3.2. Common Conference Room Setups

Building on the insights gained from understanding conference room equipment, let's delve into some typical conference room setups that cater to diverse needs.

3.2.1. For Small to Medium-Sized Meetings

In the realm of small to medium-sized meeting rooms, our recommendation centers around the integration of highly streamlined and wireless products. This all-in-one approach not only meets the multifaceted demands of such settings but also simplifies cable management, fostering a clutter-free and efficient meeting space. Embracing wireless technologies further enhances flexibility and mobility during meetings, providing a seamless collaboration experience.

3.2.2. For Large Meeting Rooms

The dynamics shift when dealing with larger meeting room scenarios. Considerations extend beyond equipment integration to meticulous details like camera coverage, adaptability to diverse meeting structures (e.g., chairman-only speaking or open-floor discussions), and overall situational nuances. In this context, a preference for standalone conference room products emerges. This choice allows each device to independently maximize its performance, necessitating thoughtful compatibility and seamless integration. It ensures that the technology empowers rather than hinders the collaborative process.

4. Conclusion

Summarizing the journey through conference room setups, it's imperative to highlight key considerations. Tailoring solutions to the specific needs of the environment is paramount. This underscores the importance of a customized approach, acknowledging that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Encouraging a continuous assessment of evolving needs and the incorporation of updates ensures that the conference room remains technologically advanced and aligned with organizational requirements.

If you are on the brink of establishing your own large conference room and seek professional insights, click here for expert advice.

This guide serves as a compass for creating conference rooms that are not only well-equipped but also technologically adept, offering tailored solutions to meet unique preferences and requirements.

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Smart Subway Navigation Solution: How Interactive Flat Panel Enhances Commuting Experience

Smart Subway Navigation Solution: How Interactive Flat Panel Enhances Commuting Experience


Perhaps your city has not yet had the footprints of subway commuting. When you first come to a big city and use the subway as a mode of transportation, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. As a newcomer to the town, you may not know the specific location of subway stations or the arrival time of the subway. Perhaps you are a white-collar worker who relies on the subway for daily commuting, and one day, there is an unexpected situation that requires the help of the subway service center. Although these are all headache-inducing situations, with the help of smart devices, you have the magic to overcome crises easily. This article will introduce a smart subway navigation solution, and discuss how an Interactive Flat Panel like IQTouch HA1100 Pro can be an enthusiastic intelligent subway infrastructure providing maximum and most efficient assistance.

1.    Establishing quick connections between lost children and their parents

No matter how short the time is, losing contact with young children can cause heart-palpitating panic and fear. For parents and children, losing touch outside their home is terrifying. If the loss of connection has occurred, parents or children can contact the Interactive Flat Panel at the subway service center for further communication. The IQTouch HA1100 Pro features a built-in 4K 48-megapixel video conferencing camera. When a child accidentally gets lost in the subway, they can have video calls with their parents through the IQTouch HA1100 Pro for better mental recovery and location communication. In addition, the IQTouch HA1100 Pro is based on Android 11, allowing parents to accurately locate their children in the subway through GPS technology on the screen and recognize the safety level of their surroundings.

2.    Provide better suggestions for subway services

Passenger suggestions can help the subway company understand passenger satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the service. By collecting suggestions and feedback from passengers, subway companies can identify existing problems and opportunities for improvement, thereby improving service quality and passenger experience.

2.1 Smooth writing experience

The screen of IQTouch HA1100 Pro adopts optical bonding technology, and there is no gap between the LCD panel and the covering glass. Its advanced touch technology endows the screen with instant response and high-precision capabilities, making writing as vivid and natural as writing on paper. Passengers can even use collaborative Windows Ink and gesture recognition to access features quickly. When passengers are dissatisfied with the subway commuting service, they can smoothly write all suggestions for the subway system's operation, service, and development on IQTouch HA1100 Pro.

2.2 Laying the foundation for the service quality of the subway department

Passenger suggestions can provide valuable information to help the subway company understand the needs and expectations of passengers. By listening to the recommendations of passengers, subway companies can better understand their travel habits, preferences, and conditions and make reasonable adjustments and improvements.

3.    Faster service contact with subway staff

Although the staff in the subway wear distinctive work uniforms, sometimes, due to the large number of passengers, when you encounter difficulties and need professional help, you cannot find the staff promptly due to crowded crowds. You can call the subway team through the electronic intelligent interactive screen based on the built-in China Unicom system. The Interactive Flat Panel in subway stations usually has a fixed and explicit positioning, and there are also huge signs to remind you of the location of the electronic intelligent interactive screen. Therefore, for you who are eager to seek help, the services provided by the electronic brilliant interactive screen have higher accessibility.

4.    Presenting a more visual and immersive map of subway lines

The Interactive Flat Panel allows passengers to zoom in, out, and drag the map by touching the screen or gesture controls.

4.1  Provide rich visual information

For example, the 3D map effect can provide a more realistic and immersive experience. By presenting subway lines, stations, and the surrounding geographical environment in a three-dimensional manner, passengers can better understand the line network and station distribution, enhancing their knowledge of the subway system. During retrieval and observation, passengers can obtain the necessary information most reasonably, selecting the most efficient routes and stations. Based on the new version of Android 11, IQOS showcases a newly designed interface on an interactive tablet display. The system is more stable, and rich collaboration tools are within reach, making user operations smoother and more comfortable.

4.2 Present real-time data

On this basis, the IQTouch HA1100 Pro can present real-time data such as train location, arrival time, and transfer information in three-dimensional visual effects, providing passengers with operational details, accurate navigation, and travel advice. Integrate navigation and route planning functions in the subway route map, allowing passengers to obtain the best travel route and transfer guide based on destination inputs. In this way, passengers can more conveniently plan their itinerary, reducing getting lost and unnecessary waiting time.

5.    Displaying a rich cultural and tourism image of the city

On the basis of ultra-high definition 4K flat panel displays, IQTouch utilizes the latest optical bonding technology to achieve higher readability and dust-free clarity. The display screen has a high degree of color accuracy, restoring excellent image quality.

5.1 The magic screen of IQTouch HA1100

The IQTouch HA1100 Pro features a 178-degree viewing angle, ensuring that passengers at each subway station can see the city scenery promotional videos displayed on the screen from wider angle areas, which are other multimedia elements related to urban cultural tourism, by showcasing the history, cultural heritage, and traditional arts of the city, such as Yosemite National Park, which features numerous waterfalls, cirque lakes, deep valleys, glacial moraines, and U-shaped valleys, or presenting the geysers and wildlife of Yellowstone National Park. These can provide passengers with a more vivid and exciting subway ride experience.

5.2 The eye protection based anti-blue light technology

In addition, IQTouch adopts eye protection and anti-blue light technology, reducing harmful blue light from panel LED backlights by 80%, allowing passengers to feel comfortable in their eyes while understanding the city image.

Final thoughts

Through this article, we will find that Interactive Flat Panel can greatly assist passengers, railway departments, and cities where operations are located. Suppose you want to explore more scenario applications of IQTouch HA1100 Pro. In that case, you can contact us, learn more about product performance, and develop more functional applications. Of course, your product feature suggestions and usage feedback are valuable assets for our growth and development!


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Top 5 Factors of Choosing Interactive Flat Panels in 2024

Top 5 Factors of Choosing Interactive Flat Panels in 2024


As we approach the end of 2023, it's time to prepare for next year's procurement plans. Whether in educational settings, boardrooms, or various other scenarios, the increasing demand for interactive flat panels (IFPs) stems from their distinctive features. In this guide, I aim to share the top 6 factors to consider when choosing IFPs like IQTouch, ensuring you select the ideal product for prolonged and effective use.

1. Technical specifications

When we focus on the parameters of interactive flat panels, it's crucial to choose the latest and optimal configurations, much like selecting the best smartphone to experience cutting-edge technology. Being trendsetters in this era not only brings about a sense of modernity but also ensures a more comfortable product experience.

1.1 Mainboard

For interactive flat panels products, our initial attention goes to the motherboard (a little secret: the most experienced interactive flat panel enthusiasts prioritize this aspect, as it truly reflects the interactive flat panels's performance prowess). The key priorities in the motherboard's parameter section are core count (8 cores being superior to 4 cores), understanding the composition of big and small cores, and checking the Android version. Currently, the mainstream Android versions for interactive flat panels are Android 11 and Android 12. It's anticipated that Android 13 will see widespread adoption in the market starting in 2023. Following this, considerations include clock frequency, Max RAM value, and interface specifications, forming a comprehensive approach to making informed decisions on interactive flat panels mainboard.

In addition to the mainboard section, several crucial aspects demand attention when considering interactive flat panels:

1.2 Display Quality

The factors influencing display quality among 4K interactive flat panels can vary. One significant parameter to focus on is the bonding technology. There are currently three types of bonding technology: air bonding, zero bonding, and optical bonding. Among these, optical bonding stands out as the optimal choice. This technique involves applying a special adhesive between the LCD panel and glass, eliminating any air gaps. LCD products equipped with optical bonding exhibit superior display effects compared to air bonding (air gap larger than 3mm) and zero bonding (air gap between 0-3mm). This includes enhanced color reproduction, broader viewing angles, and resistance to dust or glare in the air gap.

1.3 Writing Experience

As interactive flat panels serve as touchscreen displays for presentations and annotations, a seamless writing experience is crucial. To evaluate the writing performance, one can conduct a test by drawing a continuous line from the corner to the center using whiteboard software. This helps identify any potential breakpoints or blank spaces in the writing process. Additionally, attention should be given to the maximum supported touch points. Currently, 40-point touch has gradually become the standard configuration for high-end interactive flat panels.

1.4 Cameras and Microphones

As interactive flat panels increasingly find applications in online classrooms and meeting rooms, the specifications of cameras become pivotal. The latest cameras are equipped with built-in AI functionalities, enabling automatic focus on meeting participants through voice sources or auto-framing. Some AI cameras even offer gesture recognition, allowing effortless switching of camera tracking modes through simple gestures, as depicted below:

(The picture shows the AI gesture function from IQTouch TE1200 Pro)

Microphones play a crucial role in capturing audio in meeting rooms and classrooms. A higher number of microphone arrays often leads to superior audio pickup effects and extended pickup distances. Opting for models with eight or more microphone arrays is a common practice.

These advancements in camera and microphone technologies enhance the overall functionality of interactive flat panels, ensuring seamless interactions in various collaborative settings.

2. Highlight Features

Every Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) comes with distinct highlights, and some of these highlights cater to the latest requirements. For instance, they address the needs of online meetings by being compatible with various meeting software. Additionally, they enhance user experience by providing smoother writing capabilities.

When contemplating the setup of an interactive flat panel scenario, it's beneficial to align the chosen IFP's advertised highlights with our specific scene requirements. This comparison aids in making informed decisions and selecting interactive flat panels that precisely meet our needs.

Choosing an IFP with features tailored to the demands of online conferences, seamless software compatibility, and an improved writing experience can significantly elevate the overall functionality of the interactive flat panel setup. These considerations ensure that the selected IFP aligns seamlessly with the specific demands and objectives of the intended usage scenario.

3. Human-Centric Design

When evaluating the design of an interactive flat panel, attention can be directed towards several aspects.

3.1 Exterior Design

While many LCDs feature a simple design with black borders and a screen, it's essential to focus on nuanced details. Some LCD products offer interfaces that are not only richer but also easy to see. Considerations like user-friendly handles designed for mobile flat panels and areas designated for magnetic stylus pen placement can enhance the user experience. These seemingly small details can significantly impact usability and deserve close attention.

3.2 Software Design

Given that the software is the most frequently used aspect, its human-centric design is crucial. Evaluate whether the software can showcase the most commonly used functions on the homepage, supports customizable adjustments, includes shortcuts for effortlessly waking up interactive flat panels, offers quick-follow menus, and incorporates light sensitivity design. These features contribute to a more user-friendly and warm interaction with the LCD product.

3.3 App Support

In the software realm, pay attention to the support for various apps. Assess the usability of built-in whiteboard and screen-sharing applications. Since users will spend a considerable amount of time using these features, it's worthwhile to focus on and compare their usability.

These considerations ensure that both the physical and digital aspects of interactive flat panels contribute to an enhanced and user-friendly experience.

4. Price Awareness

When considering the purchase of an interactive flat panel (IFP), it's essential to prioritize the brand value of the product. This involves assessing factors such as the product's history and its international sales performance. Typically, companies with a longer survival history tend to possess core competitiveness and enduring trustworthiness, factors that contribute to increased credibility.

Additionally, factors like budget constraints and specific product expectations play a pivotal role in the decision-making process. For the K12 school market, I often recommend entry-level IFPs to facilitate widespread adoption of digital tools in educational settings. In contrast, for higher education institutions, private schools, and technical schools, opting for higher-configured IFPs is advisable. These models offer clearer visualization of teaching details, enabling a closer examination of engineering intricacies.

In the realm of conference markets, my suggestion leans towards IFPs equipped with cutting-edge, high-definition AI cameras. These advanced features contribute to an enhanced offline and online conferencing experience, particularly beneficial for meetings where superior video quality and tracking capabilities are crucial.

Considering brand longevity, budget constraints, and specific market needs enables a more informed and strategic approach to selecting the most suitable IFP, aligning with the diverse requirements of different educational and business scenarios.

5. Durability and Sustainability

Interactive flat panels (IFPs), as high-value products, demand careful consideration of their durability. When evaluating the durability of these products, it is crucial to examine usage metrics in the specifications, including the stated operational hours, and verify the warranty period for the IFPs. In the event of concerns about unforeseen circumstances, proactively confirming post-sales service details with the sales team is advisable.

Quality construction and the ability to provide immediate response times in after-sales service are also pivotal factors that warrant attention. Ensuring robust durability, as evidenced by extended usage parameters and a comprehensive warranty, contributes to the overall value proposition of IFPs. Buyers should prioritize not only the initial quality of the product but also the assurance of responsive and reliable post-purchase support.

Considerations related to product longevity, warranty coverage, and post-sales service responsiveness collectively contribute to a well-informed decision-making process when investing in interactive flat panels.


Navigating the diverse landscape of IFPs in 2024 requires a strategic consideration of various factors. By understanding these considerations, educators and businesses can make informed decisions, ensuring they invest in IFPs that align with the evolving needs of modern learning and collaboration environments.

Stay ahead of the curve and make the right choice for your interactive flat panel needs in 2024!

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