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All-in-one solution of interactive flat panel

    IQ all-in-one interactive flat panel integrates computer, Internet, document camera, interactive whiteboard, audio, wireless microphone, TV, multimedia playback and other functions. IQ Aio has arc design for safety, high-power speakers, built-in document camera for interactive presentation, built-in IWB with high-strength honeycomb structure, one-key switch by control panel, Internal PC with Intel i5, 4G memory and 500G solid disk. It also adopts advanced multi-touch interactive technology, which promotes interaction of the classes. 

    All-in-one interactive flat panel is designed to make collaboration easier and more efficient. The integrated display can directly use annotations with 10 touch points and writing.You don’t have to install other drivers, you can easily realize one-click connection, so that you can share ideas face-to-face on multiple devices. Our whiteboard and responsive touch screen achieve brainstorm, interact, annotate on the shared screen, and use split-screen multitasking to help everyone collaborate on the same page.

    IQ all-in-one interactive flat panel has 80 inches, 92 inches, 100 inches, up to 150 inches, which provides a variety of sizes to meet your needs. FHD or UHD resolution can provide pleasing image quality, viewing in an ergonomic way, and a multifunctional digital connection optimized for the needs of businesses and signage applications. It is widely used in modern education and teaching, interactive business lectures, conferences, medicine, military, etc. IQ all-in-one interactive flat panel is easy to operate. It also makes teaching and business meetings easier and more vivid.

75 inch size of interactive flat panel

    The 75-inch interactive flat panel display is suitable for classrooms and small and medium-sized meeting rooms. Whether it is in the field of education or business conferences, the latest technology is increasingly adopted all over the world. The interactive flat panel display is not only proven to be beneficial to teachers and students, which adds interesting things to the learning and teaching process, but also to be helpful for staff creative sharing in meetings.

    IQ interactive flat panel improves the efficiency of teaching. Information related to any particular course can be obtained on a computer connected to the interactive flat panel, including text, graphics, tables, videos and other visual aids. It helps teachers to take classes more efficiently and quickly without missing any points. Students feel bored with conventional teaching. Using IQ interactive flat-panel displays, teachers can present more interesting lessons by pictures, colors, videos and other visual aids. It can increase student participation and improving learning outcomes. Students can also have their own learning speed. Because the interactive flat panel display can save the lessons recorded and use the lessons taught by the teacher at any time, each student can learn at his own speed. It prevents students from failing to keep up with the teacher's teaching progress.

    For classrooms and meeting rooms of different sizes, the IQ Touch series interactive flat panel provides a variety of sizes such as 55, 65, 75, 86, 98 inches. For common classrooms and small&medium-sized meeting rooms, we recommend you IQ 75-inch interactive flat panel display.

CVTE and IQ company for interactive flat panel

    CVTE is a listed company with many self-owned brands that specializes in LCD main board and interactive flat panel, founded in 2005 in Guangzhou, China.

    IQ is also a listed company that specializes in interactive flat panel which have received wide acknowledgement from both domestic and international market. The full name of the IQ company is Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd, with IQ as main brand which was founded in 2006. 

    IQ is the provider of meeting collaboration and classroom interaction solutions. It provides various one-stop display solutions to improve conference efficiency and foster collaboration in business such as Interactive whiteboard(IWB), Interactive Flat Panels (IFP), Wireless Presentation Solution and Smart Accessories. IQ products of business solution have installation flexibility, powerful efficiency and low maintenance cost, for any size of conference space. In order to create a more collaborative classroom environment and provide educators with cost-effective and environmentally friendly campus management solutions, IQ has launched two main solutions in education -the IQClass solution and the IQSchool solution. These solutions help teachers and students use equipment and platforms to enhance learning effects and outcomes. IQ education solutions can provide more interactive learning experiences and more meaningful feedback. We also provide professional development and education consulting services.

    So far, IQ has established exclusive distributors in Europe, Africa and West Asia, selling to more than 100 countries and regions. IQ has provided intelligent teaching solutions for more than 1,000,000 classrooms in the world.

The impact of interactive flat panel on education

    Interactive flat panel displays have the ability to promote active learning. Students learn by participating in the learning process and interacting with the content. Interactive flat panel is mainly able to achieve collaboration. Teachers and students can touch up to 20 points simultaneously. You can touch the screen, erase with palm, resize, drag and move multiple windows to multitask at the same time, and teach from multiple content types or applications at once. The multi-touch function allows students to operate the content on the screen simultaneously so that providing a way of brainstorming, presenting, analyzing text or images, and actively learning by interacting. Through taking advantage of interactive flat panel displays, students can increase their attention and participation that become more engaged and more active in learning. 

    The teaching interactive flat panel controlled multi-device mirroring allows teachers to move freely and teach anywhere in the classroom. In the course, the teacher can interact with the shared screen directly from the interactive flat panel. Whether it is a presentation by a teacher or a group of students, the display can create the collective atmosphere and common experience. Compared with traditional interactive whiteboards and projector-based technologies, interactive flat panel display has great advantages. Because it is all-in-one solutions, which is faster to deploy. It requires little maintenance and minimal training for educators to adapt. Such benefits can save time and reduce related costs!

    Interactive flat panels provide the most intuitive and integrated learning experience. It helps teachers and students make the most of every moment in the classroom. The display we use in the classroom allow us to put the lesson plan into practice, which leads to better learning outcomes and higher grades.

OPS computing module for interactive flat panel

    OPS(Open Pluggable Specification) is a plug-in computing modules. It is used to add computing power to interactive flat panel displays. It was announced by NEC, Intel and Microsoft in 2010.The OPS computing module run on CPU which is based on Intel and ARM, and the running operating systems include Windows of Microsoft and Android of Google. The integrated OPS computer can bring you all the functions of a computer built into the displays.

    The OPS system connects to interactive flat panel display through a single 80-pin port, which provides power and all communications between OPS and the display. A single connection that meets conditions such as computer power, video and audio display, USB for touch input on interactive displays and independent power input for independent use.The OPS system makes the deployment of many different large-scale display solutions much easier than usual. The solution is easy to do so that installation and setup is much faster. It reduces the need for cables and trunking, which saves purchase and service costs. OPS system can be used for multiple purposes such as classroom or lecture hall study, business introduction, group video conference and any collaborative workspace.

   Each IQ interactive flat panel comes with an OPS slot, which is allowing you to embed the OPS directly into the displays without additional devices. All IQ Touch series interactive displays have already included OPS.

Mobile stand for interactive flat panel display

    The mobile stand is an auxiliary tool that can move and adjust the position of the interactive flat panel . It saves time and manpower when people want to move the the interactive flat panel from one place to another. The mobile stand is different from the wall-mounted flat panel installation. Wall-mounted interactive flat panels can only be fixed in one position which lacks flexibility. However, wheels and tilting mounts can both be included with a rack. The mobile stand gives you more choices to display the contents on screen in many places, which is much more flexible than wall-mounted flat panel used in the past. For example, when people explain the content on display screen, the audience is different with different content. So they can explain to different people in a more targeted way through mobile stand. What’s more, mobile stand also have electric movement functions. You can adjust the display height of the interactive flat panel by the remote control and electronic buttons. It’s easy and simple to operate, and it provides the viewer with more viewing angles to choose the height that you want. A wide range of stands helps to complete the perfect solution for any classroom or meeting room.

    The IQ mobile stand is supported by high-quality square steel. The stand is stable and firm, which can prevent the interactive flat panel display from shaking or falling when you’re writing or touching. If you want to efficiently present interactive flat panel whether at home, classroom, conference room, or business exhibition, a mobile stand is a necessary choice.


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