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A high-quality virtual meeting can bring brainstorming.


    Have you ever experienced a virtual meeting and couldn’t determine the right time to talk? Either you talk all at once inadvertently, or you wait for talk with a long and awkward silence. If you don’t have a clear image of video, the participants cannot see clearly each other’s facial expressions, and their understanding of the conversation will be affected. Facial expressions and body language accounted for 55% of communication. Therefore, if there is no high video quality, you can only get half the context. Make sure your video conference with dynamic video and audio. In this way, remote conference can be easily conducted it. This is the most important step in a successful brainstorming session.

    Send a clear overview of the topic and brainstorm goals in advance. If you have to review the agenda and topics during the meeting, you are wasting valuable time. Before the brainstorming , let your team know about the topic so that participants can prepare appropriately. Make sure they take a moment to write down any thoughts or questions they might have. If everyone has an idea, then you can go directly to the team discussion. It will help the smooth progress of the entire meeting. What’s more, keep in mind that members of a distributed team are not always in the same time zone. If the discussion is not completed before the end of the meeting, please arrange another time for discussion.

    To know more about how to develop a brainstorm,welcome to visit our homepage and we are waiting you all the time.

The features of interactive flat panel display.

    The teaching touch all-in-one machine is a media equipment developed on the basis of the conventional audio-visual and computer equipment, which has the functions of teaching, academic report, conference, comprehensive discussion, demonstration and communication, and remote teaching, remote revision, remote class, remote meeting and so on. Through touch function, it can better meet the overall requirements of academic report, conference, academic communication, multimedia teaching, on-site teaching and remote education etc. With intelligent management system and audio and video effects, it can meet the requirements of slide, projection film, multimedia courseware, video, DVD/SVCD/VCD, physical materials and other resources for comprehensive demonstration, discussion, live broadcast requirements. 

    Features of interactive flat panel
    1.LCD and other large-plane displays are used to achieve high-quality pictures, which have the advantages of low power consumption, low radiation, no flicker, no glare, seismic resistance, anti-interference, small size, light weight, energy saving, large display and interaction area etc.
    2.The design model use the ergonomics and aesthetic principles which makes the model more generous and extremely more modern flavor.
    3. Accurate positioning of the touch screen, no mouse drift, easy to install, beautiful appearance, low power consumption.With interactive flat panel, you can carrying out multimedia teaching anytime and anywhere is no longer a dream!
According to the actual characteristics of ordinary primary and secondary schools. It can completely replace the traditional complex teaching mode such as "projection + computer + power amplifier + electronic platform + HD document camera". Only one device is needed to meet the needs of multimedia teaching!it is a new generation of high-tech alternatives affordable and accessible to all schools.

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Why do you need Type C for interactive flat panel?

    When you connect your laptop to an interactive touchscreen, you need to use an HDMI or VGA cable to transmit video and audio. In addition, a touch cable is required to ensure that the interactive display receives touch-sensitive data. In case the laptop's power supply may die, you need to keep the power cable connected.

    Is there a better solution to simplify the connection of external laptops with the smart board? 

    Yes, an interactive display with a Type C port will make this job easier. Only by connecting your laptop with a Type C cable, audio, video, and touch-sensitive data can be easily transmitted to the interactive tablet. Type C, or USB C, is now the most popular new USB port for screens, laptop TVs, etc. It has a more slender design, provides faster data speed and power, while supporting audio and video standard connectors. It supports higher quality video transmission, including the ability to transmit 4K or 8K video to the screen. We are more familiar with the USB Type A" connection, which can be found anywhere. USB-A is a traditional USB host port design and one of the most easily recognized interfaces. It is a horizontal port, dedicated for the "bottom" part Pin connectors. This creates the infamous single-sided USB connection, which only works when the cable is plugged in correctly, no matter how many times you try.

    Interactive whiteboards or interactive flat panel sometimes use B-type connections. This connection is also easy to identify because they are square on one side with rounded corners, almost like a small house. USB-B is mainly used for external peripherals, one end is USB-a connection, the other end is USB-B connection. Many interactive whiteboards or interactive flat panel touch sensing data are transmitted through this USB-A to USB-B cable. In order to be compatible with any old laptops with only USB A ports or new C-type mobile devices, IQTouch interactive flat panels always have USB B touch and C-type ports. 

Five benefits of using video conferencing in your business

    This is the first five advantages of video conference, and the way modern enterprises use new communication tools to change their communication mode.

    1. Using digital labor force
    Video conferencing software not only creates a more collaborative conference culture in your organization, but also is the foundation to support today's digital workforce. Video conferencing can help teams keep their connections, no matter where they are, which can speed up decision-making and improve your ability to collaborate globally. Learn more about how video conferencing enables digital labor.

     2. Simplify management and availability
    Teams need access to collaborative solutions that allow them to communicate through audio conferencing, video conferencing, screen sharing, and real-time instant messaging. But relying on too many desperate solutions complicates everything. By deploying an integrated online meeting solution using a simple UI with centralized management, teams can focus on meetings without having to troubleshoot each meeting. Learn more about how video conferencing makes communication easier.
    3. Assembly communication and culture
    Today's employees give priority to mobility, flexibility and modern forms of communication outside their private offices. The face-to-face relationship between remote workers and office workers can improve productivity at both ends and reduce travel costs at the same time. The comparison of travel expenses and video conference expenses shows that video conference is the real winner. Whether your company is made up of remote employees all over the world or just emphasizes healthy work / life balance, video conferencing has unique functions to connect face-to-face communication. Learn more about how video first culture improves communication.

    4. Improve communication reliability
    Video conferencing provides a fast and secure way to communicate with the team. As video continues to grow into a business critical function, it is critical to give priority to enterprise service reliability and support reliability in solutions. 

    5. Increase value and reduce redundancy
    The company is upgrading its existing audio or web conferencing providers and finding more value in full video conferencing solutions including audio conferencing, screen sharing, chat, conference recording and event real-time live streaming. The total cost of ownership (TCO) of maintenance and licensing for multiple vendors only adds unnecessary cost and complexity to the end users of the solution. Learn more about how video conferencing can increase value and reduce conference redundancy.

What does video conferencing software bring you?

    It's a scientific fact that communication is more effective and interactive when you can see the person you're talking to. Seeing the other person's facial expressions which makes it easy to consider others’ emotion and tell a serious request.

    You don't have to take a flight and come to public spaces for an effective face-to-face meeting since the video conferencing software and collaboration services are widely available.  We've provided the conferencing software platform which is capable of presenting high-quality video and full-featured collaboration tools. While many of these video conferencing platforms also offer live streaming and primarily focus on virtual meetings. With a video conferencing system or a mobile device, you can meet one-on-one or with a group, no matter how big the members of your team are.

    To meet the increasing popularity of video conference requirement, IQ Returnstar has launched the IN&JOIN, which is jointly developed with Zoom. The funcions of real-time messaging and content sharing make connections closely and speed up communication and collaboration between companies.

    IN&JOIN software makes it easy to start, join, and collaborate by device. It has strong compatibility with Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS operating systems. Multiple participants can simultaneously share their screens of computers, laptops, mobile phones and various documents. It brings more interactive meeting. Integrated persistent messaging streamlines workspace collaboration across the laptops and mobile devices. Today, the owner of mobile devices need to be able to work and video conference wherever they are. In&Join software provides the almost same premium experience that you are face-to-face meeting.

What are the benefits of web conferencing tools?


1. Saving money

Web conference enables the presenters and participants to hold virtual meetings without travel. With the rising cost of fuel, domestic and international travel can seriously affect the company's budget. Tickets, hotel accommodation and parking fees may consume a lot of resources, which may be used for other key business functions.

2. Saving time

Nowadays, in order to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises, they must develop products and services, and quickly deliver them to consumers. Web conferencing tools make it easier for teams to collaborate. In addition, organizations can use them to achieve their goals faster at half the cost of traditional office meetings.

3. Improve teamwork

Online meeting software makes it easy for team members to hold meetings, discuss important business ideas, and even collaborate on projects through online meeting platform. If there are problems that need immediate attention, the team leader can quickly hold an ad hoc meeting. These tools allow participants to easily operate and change their files online anytime, anywhere. Real time file sharing and operations ensure that all important revisions are made without the need for back and forth email communication. Team members can even create virtual meeting rooms to discuss revisions and approve them to ensure that everyone on the team is fully involved in all changes.

4. Maintain labor productivity

Web conferencing allows everyone to check in quickly from anywhere, so it doesn't waste time waiting for people to arrive at the venue. It can solve problems faster and develop products for customers faster.

5. Improve customer relationship

Web conferencing tools also enable you to keep in touch with customers on a regular basis. You can contact them through highly interactive online demonstrations. You can easily share product videos, slides and desktop slides to keep your most valuable customers in touch. This can greatly increase customer trust.


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