LED smart board from IQTouch interactive flat panel

There are many brands in LED smart board market,but what is the suitable one for you? Now let’s see what IQTouch can do.

IQTouch LB900Pro series with IQOS, built-in camera and array MIC is designed to make your meeting more effective and interactive. With interactive 20-point touch and built-in wireless screen mirroring software for content sharing, IQTouch LB900Pro series is helpful for facilitating presentations, brainstorming, and decision-making.One interactive display integrates all the functions you need for meeting. Just start without any hesitate. 

IQTouch LB900&LE900 with IQOS is designed to bring you more effective collaboration when you are in meeting or teaching. The built-in Eshare Pro software for screen sharing so that you can share your idea or something you want to present anytime and anywhere. With interactive 20-point touch and infrared ultra fine writing, excellent writing experience start now. 

IQTouch TB800 series, along with interactive 20-point touch and built-in wireless screen mirroring software for content sharing, allows workers to not miss any creative ideas. IQTouch TE800 has features such as 20-point touch and Android 8.0 system, annotation and 4K UHD clarity. With multi-screen projection, it can create a collaborative and interactive atmosphere in the classroom or workplace, allowing partners to work together through wireless projection devices.

IQTouch X series adopts capacitive touch technology, which can respond without delay and make the touch feel more real and fast. Dual system which includes Android and Windows system for your choice, has powerful inside, stable and faster processing speed, which brings you smooth experience. For education or business, it is the perfect interactive display. Find more information on our website

The interactive whiteboard of IQ smart board

We have smart board interactive whiteboards called IQBoard IR and IQBoard DVT. IQBoard IR is an infrared interactive whiteboard with up to 32-point touch function. It does not require a special pen. It has stable performance and durable usability. In addition, IQBoard IR has low casting maintenance costs and low failure rate Now let us understand the function of IQBoard IR which includes multi-touch, gesture recognition, support for manufacturer's writing, easy to maintain, sturdy structure and perfect writing experience. The second is IQBoard DVT, which is a high-performance whiteboard that can be used to achieve a perfect user experience with the touch of a finger. IQBoard does not require a special pen. IQBoard has a slim black frame and built-in high-speed camera, which has a lower failure rate and easier after-sales maintenance. It improves cooperation between people and stimulates brainstorming.

The projector IQProjector V2 with a laser engine has a service life of 25000H, and has excellent color reproduction performance, which can meet the needs of education and business. The functions of IQProjector V2 include energy saving and direct power on/off. The laser projector can reach the maximum brightness and turn on almost without immediate preheating or cooling time. The color reproduction effect is excellent. The laser light source can achieve 82% detailed color reproduction. Excellent image quality and performance. It also replaces the traditional two-projector solution and has a perfect visual effect. It not only solves the problem of color changes and color casts, but its dust-proof design is also equipped with an externally installed 3M dust-proof filter to prevent dust from entering the interior and Improved service life. The automatic reminder function of the dust filter reminds the user to clean/replace the filter. It also has complete 3D technology and various interfaces. For more smart board interactive whiteboards, please visit

What is Q-NEX Smart Campus Solution?

Q-NEX is a smart campus solution including device power management, Audio &Video broadcasting, Matrix switching, Wireless Amplification centralized control. Through each processor independently connected to the Cloud, achieve the device policy management. Convenient for the device Centralized control, system deployment,and maintenance for the school.

In traditional classrooms , there would be a set of systems corresponding to multiple devices such as power control system (light , fan switch, air conditioner, display device power switch), speaker , amplifier, multimedia devices (like interactive whiteboard, projector, interactive flat panel, computer etc.), broadcasting and so on. Therefore, a traditional classroom needs multiple systems to achieve the basic functions of teaching. It is conceivable that the wiring will be complicated and messy. However, Q-NEX integrates multiple systems of the campus into one system, and only one machine is needed to control the various devices mentioned above. Wiring is more concise and management is easier.

Not only that, traditional school IT administrators have to run around the device management like power on/off the device of each classroom and do same operation everyday, which makes them bored and exhausted. However, Q-NEX support App and web-based platform to remote control the school device. You only need to switch devices on the web page or App. Not only the school IT admin, but also the teacher can easily manage classroom device. In class, teachers can control the devices by the control panel that comes with Q-NEX's main product NMP. Just one key to achieve the desired effect.

Along with the functions of Scheduled task for power on/off, AV broadcast to classroom, Live broadcast to classroom, One touch to power on the classroom devices, Audio&Video Switching, Device remote control through APP and Web, Q-NEX upgrades your traditional classroom to a smart classroom. 

What are the applications of touch screen?

On complex network environment, international leading network video conference system with strong adaptability, the system USES the independent research and development of transport protocol, has the advanced firewall and NAT penetration, supports dial-up, ISDN, ADSL special line, LAN, satellite network, 3G network access to a variety of ways, and with the method of cluster routing automatically selected, and the stability of the system is good, users do not need to consider the diversity of network, more do not need to set the heavy and complicated, as long as the access networks can be made, fast transnational communication.

Mobile meeting with touch screen
In terms of mobile video conference, video conference system has been support such as tablets, smart phones, telephone access, make up a PC video conference flexibility is not strong, the user no matter where, just can enter through the network video conference system platform, greatly expand the application range, video meeting let video communication anytime and anywhere to become a reality, completely satisfy people thirst for mobile video conference.

Applications in tele medicine
Interactive tele medicine system security network technology, excellent network support, for tele medicine, remote consultation to provide efficient and reliable network support;
The system's leading audio and video decoding and transmission technology enables doctors and patients to experience excellent audio and video enjoyment;
The system's extensive interactive capabilities, providing multiple choice of call mode;
The system advanced development technology, to achieve the seamless connection between the operating system platform;
The system has good expansibility, compatibility and stability, and realizes the network video output with large traffic and efficient transaction processing under the premise of making full use of the limited resources provided by hardware.
Using the video conference system, DICOM3.0 medical images taken by CT, nuclear magnetic field, X-ray machine and other medical equipment can be completely and unmistakable for immediate and rapid transmission and synchronous processing. In addition, video and audio can be carried out at the same time. The effective combination of the three ensures the high quality and effectiveness of tele medicine.

Three smart Education & Business solution we support


IQ Board is as our main brand, we are the supplier of interactive class solution&business solution,with 15 years experience in education market for interactive products such as interactive whiteboard / touch screen / visualizer / wireless mic system etc. IQ is a technical company more than just a selling company. We develop our own teaching interactive software by ourselves. So far we have an R&D team with 150+ engineers. Our goal is to make class more interactive and effective by matching with our IQ hardware and software. Our products have been sold to over 100 countries and regions and more than 10000 classroom have equipped with our class solution.

As a smart Education & Business solution supplier, we specialized in 3 areas: IQClass interactive teaching Solution, Q-NEX Smart Campus Solution and IQMeet Conference Solution.

IQClass interactive teaching Solution including interactive flat panel, document camera, interactive education software and real time video recording system, IQClass solution mainly focused on facilitating teaching and learning with educational hardware and software. We aim to create more interactive and effective teaching and learning. QNEX Solution is creating smart campus by device centralized control. Including IoT(internet of things) system/Audio&Video broadcasting/etc.Q-NEX is a unique technology solution that gives education administrators and teachers streamlined control and automation of multiple technologies. As you know, AV products in the market usually one device for one application, but our NMP is an all-in-one device that integrated with network switch, power control module, Audio matrix, HDMI matrix, wireless mic amplifier. One device and one platform to realize AV switching, control equipment (central and remote control), AV broadcast from IP, all these applications.we believe Q-NEX solution will be an indispensable part of modern digital school and smart city as well. IQMeet Conference Solution bring more convenience into meeting with customized needs.

Are you looking for smart board prices?

Are you looking for interactive flat panel prices? We can offer some information to you. We are Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd, with IQ as main brand.  Returnstar Technology Group, with 14 years experience in education and business market for interactive products such as interactive whiteboard / touch screen / visualizer / wireless mic system etc. Our Corporate Core Values: Honest, Innovative, Being aggressive and making achievement.

As a new multimedia interactive teaching terminal, interactive whiteboard all-in-one machine integrates the functions of electronic whiteboard, short-focus projection, power amplifier, speaker, computer, video booth, central control, wireless headset, cable TV and other multimedia equipment.

There are many products called multimedia teaching all-in-ones on the market, which can be divided into whiteboard all-in-one and interactive flat panel. These two products meet the needs of modern teaching applications and can solve the problems of current multimedia classroom equipment connection, disorder, complex operation, poor coordination and compatibility, and are very convenient for teachers to develop easy teaching and enrich teaching methods. Expansion of teaching methods makes daily classroom teaching more creative, stimulates students' interest and attention in learning, and improves the quality of teaching.

As the basic teaching platform of educational informationization, the interactive whiteboard all-in-one machine can not only effectively present large-size display screens, but also realize ultra-fine writing with small deviations. Economical and practical (more cost-effective than traditional multimedia devices, such as interactive flat panel TVs, etc.), reducing the "digital difference" between urban and rural education, and improving the overall level of regional education.
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