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How to Enhance the Participant Experience with a Wireless Screen Share System

How to Enhance the Participant Experience with a Wireless Screen Share System


With the growing demand for efficient collaboration in business, a wireless screen share system is an indispensable device for users to share their device's screen anywhere, anytime. .Wireless Presentation System has been gaining more and more attention in corporate sector. In IQ production line, we called that system"IQShare WP40." Screen casting function is available on IQShare system. The user uses the box as the receiver and the button as the transmitter. And we can offer three types of click-to-share buttons, which allows users to share multiple personal screens. You can click here to know more details.

1. What wireless presentation system can do

In today's fast-paced and collaborative work environment, effective communication and seamless collaboration are vital for businesses to thrive. Wireless presentation system has revolutionized the way of delivering presentations, which enables presenters to give an engaging presentation with ease.


1.1 Say goodbye to UC incompatibilities

With the abundance of Unified Communications (UC) platforms, the issue of compatibility between different systems can be a common challenge during presentations. However, the IQShare Wireless Presentation System solves this problem by providing universal compatibility with a wide range of UC platforms. We support Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meetings, and more. It means that presenters can connect seamlessly with different devices and software with the IQShare WP40,. Dont worry about compatibility with the Unified Communications platform being used any more. Our products make presentations hassle-free and efficient. Making it easy for users to conduct a meeting. No complex installation techniques are required. Simply connect the box to interactive displays via USB cable. The dongle and IFP are paired via the USB port when you want to share the screen. Cick here to get the device connecting diagram.

1.2 Extensive coverage

The IQShare Wireless Presentation System offers a wide range of distance coverage for screen share. Moreover, it adapts to various applications such as conference rooms, classrooms, and meeting rooms. With no signal loss or degradation, the wireless screen casting system ensures a seamless experience for presenters and attendees. In addition, we have built Eshare Pro software into the IQTouch, with a feature that allows users to cast screens remotely right over the internet. No longer limited to the requirements of network connection.


1.3 Interoperability

To facilitate better collaboration, the wireless presentation system supports multiple split-screen collaboration and 4K UHD screen mirror. The presenters can share their ideas and screens at the same time. And it allows users to present in a way that ensures the presentation is clear to see. Presenters can also annotate shared content in real-time, facilitating dynamic discussions and brainstorming sessions. Powerful interactivity and inclusivity lead to more effective presentations and discussions. Wireless screen sharing function promotes collaboration and creativity in the workplace.

1.4 Flexible presentations

If there are multiple large displays in a meeting room, you can achieve maximum visibility by group display. You can connect each display to an IQShare box separately and group them together. In this way, IFPDs will be able to receive the same content wirelessly at the same time. To meet the needs of different users, we offer three types of share buttons: USB-C, USB-A, and HDMI. These can be purchased according to the needs of the user's device.

2 . Advantages of the wireless presentation system

Wireless presentation system is different from traditional wired screen transfer. First of all, it extremely simplifies space utilization and operation process. In addition, there are many advantages to wireless screen transfer.

2.1 More people coordination

Collaboration is an important indicator of the efficiency of a company. Our company has dedicated into the education and business industry for many years. We can not only provide our customers with quality hardware products but also provide intelligent solutions for users. We can provide IFPD, IQShare WP40, Video&Audio Conference Camera, Interactive Pen Display, etc. We can also match our products to the customer's needs, aiming to provide more fluid collaboration.

2.2 Secure and encrypted transmission

The wireless share screen system ensures secure and encrypted transmission of screen content, protecting sensitive information and ensuring the privacy of meetings and presentations.


2.3 Cost-effective solution

IQShare presentation system provides a cost-effective solution for wireless screen sharing, eliminating the need for expensive cables or adapters and reducing set-up and installation costs.

Incorporating IQShare Wireless Presentation System in the modern workplace can greatly enhance collaboration, productivity, and communication. Its universal compatibility, seamless wireless convenience, large coverage, stable transmission, collaboration capabilities, high-definition video and audio transmission, and user-friendly interface make it a prime choice for businesses looking for an efficient and engaging presentation. Our company has been in the education and corporate sector for over 16 years. We aim to provide our customers with a more diverse range of products. To provide our customers with more flexible and intelligent solutions according to different needs. Improving the user's product experience is what we focus on. Don't miss out on the benefits of the IQShare Wireless Presentation System - explore it further or contact us for more information. Take your presentation to the next level. Please contact us if interested and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

 Business Collaboration with Smart Meeting Rooms: Boosting Productivity, Engagement, and Flexibility

Business Collaboration with Smart Meeting Rooms: Boosting Productivity, Engagement, and Flexibility


With the rapid development and progress of information technology, people's demand for efficient and convenient business communication is increasing. Traditional multimedia conference rooms are gradually unable to keep up with the development of enterprises. Under the circumstances, smart conference rooms have emerged and they are revolutionizing the way organizations conduct meetings and presentations. The innovative conference environment aims to provide a more efficient and intelligent business communication experience. Consequently, Smart Conference Rooms have become an indispensable and important part of the modern office for enterprises. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and advanced features, intelligent conference rooms offer a range of benefits that enhance efficiency, productivity, and collaboration. From intuitive control systems to interactive displays, Smart Meeting Rooms are transforming the way we work and communicate, making business meetings more effective and engaging.

1. The Benefits of Smart Meeting Rooms Include:

· Boost Productivity

Smart Meeting Rooms are equipped with collaboration tools that allow team members to work together more efficiently. With the integration of cutting-edge audio and video technology, participants can communicate with each other seamlessly. This eradicates traditional meeting barriers, such as noisy backgrounds and visual opacity, and enables participants to exchange information effectively and efficiently. By eliminating the need for complex set-up and installation, participants can easily connect to the room's audio and video equipment using wireless connectivity, saving time and reducing frustration. For example, they can use Interactive Flat Panel Displays, Video Conferencing, Screen Sharing, and other tools to facilitate productive communication and collaboration in real time.

· Enhance Engagement

The innovative conference room's video conferencing system allows attendees to participate remotely and interact with other attendees from wherever they are. This will not only increase participants' participation but also reduce the inconvenience and loss caused by time and space constraints. In addition, Smart Meeting Rooms are equipped with advanced devices, so that attendees can have a clearer understanding of the meeting content, and can interact and discuss at any time. Participants can use the Touch Screen to present their ideas to other participants by hand, sketch, and picture, thus enhancing the initiative and enthusiasm of participants.

· Offer Flexibility

Smart Conference Rooms provide an extremely flexible meeting environment that can be adapted to a variety of needs and purposes. The smart conference room can provide flexible settings and configurations based on the size, type, and number of participants of the meeting to meet different purposes and needs. In addition, intelligent conference rooms also support a variety of meeting forms and activities, such as face-to-face meetings, remote meetings, video conferences, training, presentations, etc. Individuals can increase their productivity and achieve a better work-life balance by reducing the time spent traveling via trains, planes, and cars. This not only helps in eliminating the pressures associated with excessive business travel and commuting but also makes it easier for individuals to attend both internal and external meetings. From business meetings to academic seminars, from technical exchanges to customer presentations, intelligent conference rooms can provide a flexible meeting environment and technical support to meet a variety of needs and purposes.


2. Key Things to Include in Your Smart Conference Rooms

· High-quality Audio and Video System


Audio and video conferencing can benefit businesses by providing seamless and intuitive user experiences with specialized equipment such as high-definition cameras, microphones, and speakers. A high-quality audio system ensures that everyone in the meeting room can hear each other clearly, without any distortions or background noise. It can pick up even the slightest nuances in speech so that no information is lost. This is especially important for remote meetings, where the audio system must be able to filter out background noise from other sources. Therefore, using inferior conferencing equipment like IQConference Camera and JoinGroup AVS200 enables participants to disengage from the meeting and multitask. High-quality audio and video systems, like those found in smart meeting rooms, can create a face-to-face communication effect, improving the efficiency and convenience of business discussions. These systems are also flexible and can be set up to accommodate varying numbers of meeting participants.


· Interactive Displays

Interactive displays provide an effective way to present information using a variety of media tools. By mirroring content from tablets, mobile phones, or laptops onto the show for a larger view, making it easy for everyone in the room or remote to see. The user-friendly interface of IQTouch Interactive Display makes presentations more engaging and comprehensive, resulting in a more productive meeting environment. The visually appealing interface of the touch screen also increases engagement levels during collaboration. IQTouch Interactive Flat Panel HA1100 Pro is equipped with built-in cameras and microphones, making it easy to set up video conferences and hybrid work environments. Additionally, multiple presenters can cast their documents onto the display simultaneously, making it easy to collaborate without any cord hassle.

· Wireless Presentation

Equipping meeting rooms with wireless presentation devices is an efficient way to enhance conferencing capabilities, improve productivity, and foster better client communication. This technology enables the BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) strategy, which is gaining popularity among businesses. By eliminating the need for cables, attendees can easily switch between presenters and share content on the air, resulting in more dynamic and engaging discussions. With a wireless presentation device like IQShare WP40, there is no need for cables and wires, creating a clean and organized meeting space that enables seamless connections to your network. This device ensures that team worker can easily present their content from their devices to everyone in the room, saving time and reducing technical difficulties.


With the increasing accessibility and quality of video calling technology, more and more companies are transforming their traditional meeting rooms into smart, video-enabled spaces. Video conferencing has become an essential part of modern business communication, and smart conference rooms make it easier than ever before to connect with remote team members. IQ Smart Meeting Rooms are equipped with advanced video conferencing devices that enable seamless collaboration between employees. Contact us to enjoy a customized innovative conference solution that maximizes team potential and fits seamlessly into business, boosting productivity and collaboration.

Tips for Choosing the Good Conference Camera

Tips for Choosing the Good Conference Camera



Deploying smart spaces in modern business and education requires essential equipment such as cameras. However, choosing the perfect camera can be a daunting task for those unfamiliar with them. At IQ, we offer many kinds of cameras, each with detailed descriptions available on our official website You can visit our website for more information. Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd has been dedicated into educational industry since 2006. With 16 years of development, we have been well-known in the global market for our brand-IQ Whats more, we would like to give you some suggestions for the selection of cameras .

Image Quality

When selecting a camera for remote conferencing, image quality should be a top priority. Poor image quality can negatively impact video conference. The JoinOne HY200 camera, equipped with a 4K ePTZ camera, can deliver realistic images that make it feel as though colleagues are meeting face-to-face. What's more, the JoinOne HY200 camera is a versatile three-in-one design that comes with built-in camera, speakers and microphones. With this camera, you can enjoy the benefits of having three functions in one device.


Optical & Digital Zoom

There are two types of zooming methods: digital zoom and optical zoom, allowing users to choose according to their specific needs. Our conference camera is with its 8-megapixel high-quality image sensor. It can capture vivid expressions and movements. Additionally, our camera features an optical lens, enabling even more detailed and clear images.


Modern cameras come equipped with speakers, giving users the option to select a camera that best fits their budget and needs. Available options include single, two-in-one, three-in-one, and other models. One example of a camera with a built-in speaker, which offers seamless video playback and audio delivering.


Auto Framing

Choosing the right camera can be a difficult task given the many options available in the market. However, the IQ camera stands out as a top choice thanks to its cutting-edge technology. One notable feature is the auto-framing function in the three-in-one conference camera, which automatically adjusts the camera's viewfinder to follow the speaker in a meeting room, ensuring that every participant is captured on screen. With our camera, you won't miss a moment during the important meetings.


Simple Connectivity

Cameras are different from mobile phone built-in cameras, and non-professional photographers may not know anything about cameras. Ease of use is a crucial factor when selecting a camera for them. Our JoinOne Cameras simplify the installation process with their simple USB plug-and-play setup . Connecting and installing the camera is hassle-free, with no need for extra adapters or drivers. It's a user-friendly solution that makes it easy for anyone to start capturing great photos and videos.


Size and Weight

When deciding on which camera to purchase, it's essential to consider the specific use cases that will be required. This is particularly important when considering the size and weight of the camera. For instance, if you're planning to use the camera in a meeting room, you might require a camera that is easy to install and can be moved around if necessary. Additionally, you might require a camera that offers a range of useful features, such as high-quality video and audio recording, remote control, and various connection options.



When purchasing equipment, budget is an important factor to consider. Buyers are often looking for high-quality products at a reasonable price. The price of conference cameras on the market ranges from 150-400 $, and you can choose cameras with different prices according to your needs.



When considering camera options, versatility is an important factor to keep in mind. The JoinOne HY200 camera has a three-in-one design that includes a built-in speaker and microphone. This camera can perform various functions, including auto framing and sound processing technology. With its three-in-one design, it can meet the daily needs of users



IQMeet camera is a game-changing technology that offers a range of advantages over other cameras on the market. Its three-in-one feature, automatic framing, ease of use, excellent video and audio quality, and versatility make it the ideal camera for all your video conferencing and live streaming needs. If you're looking for a high-quality camera that delivers exceptional performance and advanced features, look no further than the IQMeet camera. If you're interested in exploring more camera options, please visit our official website. In addition to our joinone cameras, we offer a range of other options including JoinGroup cameras and conference cameras. To discover more about our camera models, simply click here.



Purchasing a camera can be a complex process, as there are numerous factors to consider. At IQ, we understand that each customer has unique requirements, and we offer a range of products to meet those needs. The JoinOne HY200 AI camera has advanced three-in-one technology as well as the automatic viewfinder and voice tracking functions. This camera can meet your daily business and education needs. Our products are equipped with cutting-edge technology and advanced solutions, ensuring that you have access to the latest features and capabilities. In addition to cameras, we also provide layout plans for smart conference rooms and other smart solutions. Whether you need assistance with product selection or require guidance in designing an integrated solution, we are here to help. Our team is committed to providing you with the best possible support and advice. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help and offer our expertise. If you have any interested in our products please contact us. We have online customer service at any time to answer your questions. Come join the group chat right now.  

Revolutionize Collaboration and Learning with IQTouch Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Revolutionize Collaboration and Learning with IQTouch Interactive Flat Panel Displays



Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) has been rapidly gaining popularity in education and business settings, providing a powerful tool for improving communication, collaboration, and learning. Compared with traditional whiteboards, IFP has more vivid, intuitive, and multimedia functions, which can bring more efficient and rich experiences for teaching and work. IQTouch Interactive Flat Panel provides an innovative way for students and teachers to interact and learn, while also providing an interactive marketing platform for businesses. This article will help you understand the potential of Interactive Flat Panel Displays and how it is leading the way in this rapidly growing industry.

Applications of Interactive Flat Panel

Interactive Flat Panel has taken the world by storm, and IQTouch interactive display is leading the charge with its innovative features and versatile applications. From the classroom to the meeting room, Interactive Flat Panel is a must-have technology that can enhance collaboration, engagement, and learning outcomes in a variety of settings.

In Education

In the classroom, Interactive Flat Panel is revolutionizing the way teachers deliver lessons and students engage with learning materials. With its high-resolution display and intuitive touchscreen interface, Interactive Display makes it easy for educators to deliver interactive and engaging lessons that inspire deep learning. The built-in annotation tools and collaboration features make it easy for students to work together on projects and share ideas in real-time, creating a more dynamic and immersive learning experience.

In Business

Interactive Flat Panel's benefits extend far beyond the classroom. In the business world, Interactive Flat Panel is helping organizations boost productivity, collaboration, and engagement. Whether you're holding a team meeting, presenting to clients, or brainstorming with colleagues, IFP provides a powerful platform for effective communication and collaboration. The advanced features, such as wireless connectivity and screen sharing, make it easy to work together and share ideas, no matter where your team is located.

Moreover, Interactive Display provides an innovative marketing platform for businesses. With its large, high-resolution display and touch-screen capabilities, IFP can be used to create interactive presentations, product demonstrations, and promotional materials that capture customers' attention and drive engagement. This technology provides a unique opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services dynamically and interactively, creating a more memorable and impactful marketing experience.


Advantages of IQTouch Interactive Flat Panel 


IQTouch Interactive Flat Panel is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for modern workplaces and classrooms, offering a range of benefits that enhance collaboration, communication, and learning. Here are some of the key advantages of Interactive Flat Panels:

1. All-in-one display:

IQTouch touchscreen panel display is an all-in-one display that combines the functionality of a projector, whiteboard, PC, and other software into one convenient device. This makes it easy to set up and present without the need for separate equipment, saving time, space, and money. With the IFP, you can start collaborating or presenting immediately, increasing productivity and efficiency.

2. Wireless mirroring:

The Interactive Display features wireless mirroring options, which allow you to connect your device to the display without the need for cables or adapters. This reduces cable clutter and provides a clean, organized environment for meetings and presentations. With wireless mirroring, you can easily share your screen and collaborate in real time, making teamwork more seamless and efficient.

3. Built-in camera and microphone:

IQTouch panel is equipped with built-in cameras and microphones, making it easy to set up video conferences and hybrid work environments. With the built-in camera and microphone, you can connect with colleagues or clients remotely, without the need for separate equipment. This promotes more efficient and effective collaboration, regardless of location.

4. Screen Share: 

Screen sharing is particularly useful for online meetings, webinars, and remote support sessions, as it allows participants to follow along with the presenter's actions and see what is happening on their screen in real-time. IQTouch collaborative display offer the ability to screen share, which allows attendees to instantly share their screen and remotely control from a single device. This makes teamwork more seamless and allows for more innovative ideas to be shared in real-time. With the ability to screen share, you can collaborate more effectively and create more impactful presentations and proposals.

5. 4K Ultra HD Resolution 

With a range of sizes available, from 65 inches to 86 inches, such as HA1100 Pro,  IQTouch boasts 4K Ultra HD resolution for crystal-clear images and video. With its 4K Ultra HD resolution, this device delivers crisp, clear images and video, making it ideal for displaying complex diagrams, charts, or other visual aids. This helps to ensure that your audience understands and retains the information you are presenting.

Moreover, its touch-screen interface allows users to interact with content directly on the screen using their fingers or a stylus. But that's not all - this device also includes advanced features like handwriting and shape recognition, as well as gesture recognition for a truly immersive experience.

6. Intuitive Software

What sets IQTouch brand apart from IQBoard is its intuitive software, designed specifically for collaborative work. With whiteboard software, annotation tools, and screen sharing, users can easily work together on projects, share ideas, and communicate effectively in real time. This is a key advantage in today's fast-paced, globalized world, where digital collaboration is becoming increasingly important. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional presentations and hello to a more engaging, interactive experience with IQTouch smart board .


IQTouch digital whiteboard is a game-changer for anyone who wants to deliver presentations that are both informative and immersive. This advanced device is essential for anyone who wants to deliver engaging, interactive presentations or collaborate effectively with others. Its advanced features, interactive functionality, and impact on education and business in today's digital landscape make it a valuable investment for any business, institution, or individual. Whether you are a teacher looking to create more engaging and personalized lessons, or a business professional looking to enhance collaboration and productivity, IQTouch is the ideal solution.

Elevate Remote Work with IQMeet Conference Camera

Elevate Remote Work with IQMeet Conference Camera




Remote meetings have become an integral part of our daily work routine, and it's important to have a reliable and easy-to-use video conferencing solution. Are you tired of mediocre video conferencing experiences that leave you feeling disconnected from your remote team members and clients? As remote work becomes increasingly common, having reliable and high-quality video conferencing equipment is essential. The meeting room camera is specifically designed to meet the needs of remote workers, delivering exceptional video and audio quality, ease of use, versatility, and affordability. In this article, we will explore the key features of the IQMeet Conference Camera, and how it addresses the user requirements of remote workers in today's digital age.

1. How Does IQMeet Conference Camera Meet User Needs?

In today's digital age, remote work has become the norm, and video conferencing has become an essential tool for professionals. Due to the growing trend of remote work, there is a higher demand for video conferencing tools of superior quality. People want to feel connected to their team members and clients, even when they're miles apart. With an abundance of video conferencing options available, selecting the perfect one can be daunting. Fortunately, the IQMeet Video Camera is expertly crafted to meet the needs of remote workers and elevate their work experience. The camera has been created to provide an exceptional video conferencing experience that is as close to an in-person meeting as possible. It addresses the following user requirements:

 Clear Video and Audio: 

A high-quality video conferencing experience requires clear video and audio. IQConference Cam delivers both. The camera features a high-definition lens that captures clear images, while the built-in microphone array ensures that everyone's voices are heard loud and clear.


Easy to Use: 

People want technology that is easy to use. The IQMeet Conference Webcam is designed with simplicity in mind. It can be set up in minutes and is compatible with all major video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams. The camera also comes with a remote control, making it easy to adjust settings from a distance.


The long-range conference camera is designed to be versatile. It can be used in a range of settings, from small home offices to large conference rooms.



Many remote workers are looking for cost-effective solutions to their video conferencing needs. The IQMeet Video Camera is an ideal option. It is competitively priced and provides an excellent video conferencing experience that is comparable to more expensive solutions.


2. Key Features of IQMeet Conference Cam CV810 Pro

Crystal-Clear Video Conferencing


The 12x optical zoom lens with automatic focus ensures that everyone in the meeting is in focus. At the same time, the unparalleled 4K UHD image quality delivers ultra-clear images even from a distance. With its advanced auto-focus technology, the camera can quickly and accurately focus on the speaker or any other subject in the room. This feature alone makes the conference camera a must-have for any remote team looking to improve their communication and collaboration.

Super-Silent PTZ Camera


The IQMeet Conference Cam CV810 Pro features a super-silent PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera that rotates smoothly and quietly to capture every angle of the room. This is particularly useful in situations where multiple people are speaking or moving around the room. Distracting background noise can make video conferences a challenge, but with the conference camera's super-silent PTZ camera, you can be sure that your meetings will be distraction-free. The low noise and high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) ensure that your voice is heard loud and clear, without any interference.

Built-In Gravity Sensor for Auto-Reverse


Setting up a conference camera can be a hassle, but IQMeet Interactive Camera has a built-in gravity sensor that makes it easy to adjust the camera angle without additional effort. Simply turn the camera upside down, and it will automatically reverse the image, saving you time and effort. This is useful in situations where the camera is mounted on the ceiling or a high surface.


Preset Anywhere You Want

With IQMeet Virtual Meeting Camera, you can preset up to 255 positions, allowing you to quickly and easily switch between different camera angles with the touch of a button. This not only helps to streamline communication but also optimizes productivity by ensuring that everyone can be heard and understood clearly. By implementing this tool, you can enhance the overall efficiency of your team and improve collaboration in the workplace.

Versatile Ports with Plug-and-Play Simplicity

The conference camera is designed to be easy to integrate into your existing system, with versatile ports that make it compatible with a wide range of devices, including laptops, desktops, and other video conferencing equipment. With plug-and-play simplicity, you can easily set up and start using the camera in minutes, without the need for any additional software or drivers.

IP-Based Management and Streaming

The virtual meeting equipment is designed to be easy to manage, with IP-based management and streaming that makes it easy to integrate into your existing system. And with the ability to stream video and audio over the internet, you can be sure that your remote team is always connected and engaged. This allows you to easily integrate the camera into your existing network infrastructure and manage it remotely, providing greater flexibility and convenience.


Professional video conferencing equipment provides an ideal solution to the challenges faced during remote meetings. Its advanced features make it the go-to option for remote work. By using conference video equipment, teams can increase meeting efficiency and quality, as well as enhance collaboration and communication. With its intuitive user interface and advanced features, IQMeet Video Conference Webcam is the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes looking to enhance their remote meetings and work processes. Make the switch to IQMeet Conference Camera today and experience the difference for yourself.

The Seven Benefits of Interactive Flat Panels: Moving Beyond the Whiteboard

The Seven Benefits of Interactive Flat Panels: Moving Beyond the Whiteboard




What is an interactive flat panel? This is an all-in-one touch screen that integrates conference management functions and integration. Users can operate directly on the screen and also connect their own devices to the smart whiteboard. Users can freely share their screens. In general, the interactive flat panel covers the functions of ordinary whiteboards, projectors and computers. The interactive flat panels is referred to as IFP. Compared with traditional whiteboards, IFP can bring more convenience to people. Because interactive flat panels cover all the functions of ordinary whiteboards. This is also one of the reasons why ordinary whiteboards fade out of people's sight. In our company we call the interactive flat panels “IQBoard” and derived a series of products called IQTouch. You can click here to learn more about the details of the model. What advantages does IFP have over whiteboards? I've listed seven advantages for you.


Improve Cooperation


The networking capabilities of the IFP allow multiple users to work simultaneously. Collaborate in real time on the same screen. Facilitating collaboration between teams can also increase interactivity between presenters and attendees. Such as IQTouch HA1100 Pro's advanced touch technology endows the screen with more possibilities. It has infrared ultra-fine touch technology with 40 points of touch. Users can interact with both hands and a pen. Discussions can be made more dynamic. For brainstorming sessions, participants can freely share their ideas. The built-in 4K AI camera of IQTouch HA1100 Pro can perform voice tracking and auto framing functions. 


Clearer Image


Our IFP supports high-quality video conference with 48mp resolution during remote collaboration. And it can precisely locate and automatically switch the focus of different speakers. It can not only guarantee ultra-clear picture quality, but also adapt to different lighting conditions. Every participant in the meeting room can be clearly seen during the video meeting.


Enhanced Visual Effects


The IFP features higher resolution and brighter displays than traditional projectors and whiteboards. It can provide clearer and more vivid images. Our product with optical bonding technology delivers a 4k ultra-high-definition visual experience to users. Bring you clearer picture quality. We have 178°wide viewing angle makes it easier for everyone in the meeting room to see the content on the screen. The high-level visual experience allows you to communicate as if you are face-to-face during a video conference. In order to reduce eye fatigue, our touch screen adopts tech . It can reduce 80% of harmful blue light from panel LED backlight. Comfort your eyes while still maintaining color accuracy on the display. The IFP still provides you with an excellent image.


Versatile and Customizable


The interactive flat panel can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used for everything from presentations and video conferencing to digital signage. We also allow customers to customize their workspace and product configurations. IQ not only has products such as IFP but also provides intelligent solutions to solve customer management equipment. What is more, we can customize the functions of products for the different demand of customers. Now, we already have a variety of mature smart solutions. If you want to learn more you can click here for details.


Easy to Use


Although the interactive flat panel covers the functions of ordinary whiteboards. But it still maintains the convenience of the use. Even people who have never known an interactive table. There is no difficulty in operating it. IQ OS presents a newly designed interface on an interactive flat panel display. It has a more stable system and rich collaboration tools. And IQTouch supports gesture recognition function, which makes users use it more smoothly and easily.


Reduce the Cost


Having an interactive flat panel reduces the need for expensive and time-consuming equipment like projectors and whiteboards. There are also fewer instances of problems occurring during the use. IFP has longer service life, so the maintenance costs are reduced. The built-in Android 11 system of the smart whiteboard is equipped with IQ self-developed software. Like JoinMemos and IQ KitsMemos. Users do not need to purchase additional software. Reduced costs during use. And the screen power consumption of the smart whiteboard is lower. The tempered glass on the surface reduces possible damage to the product during transportation and use.


Various Products


IQ provides users with a variety of products. IQTouch has four different models of interactive flat panels. We also provide other products to be used with IFP such as IQ SmartPen, IQSoundbar SA200, IQShare Button and so on. We can also design different smart solutions for different situations of customers. Complete equipment can be provided to customers' classrooms or conference rooms. Upgrade their space to the higher level. It can also help customers manage existing devices. Our Q-NEX can provide a centralized control management center for their devices. Help administrators manage equipment more easily.




Today's smart classrooms and smart conference rooms have become a common phenomenon. But with the increasing number of devices, administrators get bogged down in complicated work. Our company has been committed to the field of education for 15 years. Understand the pain points of users very well. In order to solve customers' problems, we have proposed a variety of intelligent solutions. In order to enable more users to get a satisfactory solution. We can customize solutions according to different needs of customers. IQBoard has more complete functions, easier operation, and more interactions. Make collaboration more efficient. Let the teaching become more vivid and bring you a new experience. Our product range is very rich. Different equipment configurations can be made according to the needs of customers. We have a variety of perfect smart solutions. If you want to know more details about the program, please click on our official website. If you are interested in our products or solutions, please contact us directly. We have online customer service at any time to serve you. Come and join the hot chat, our products will definitely give you different surprises.



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