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Enhancing Collaboration with a Large 110 Inch Interactive Display

Enhancing Collaboration with a Large 110 Inch Interactive Display


· Benefits of a Large 110 Inch Interactive Display

· Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

· Improved Team Communication

· Easy and Intuitive Collaboration

· Conclusion

In today’s fast-paced business environment, collaboration is key to success. Teams need to work together seamlessly, exchanging ideas, information, and feedback in real-time. Traditional methods of collaboration, such as whiteboards and flipcharts, can be limiting and inefficient. That’s where a large 110 inch interactive display comes into play. With its expansive size and interactive features, this interactive presentation technology takes collaboration to a whole new level. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using a large 110 inch interactive display for enhancing collaboration in the workplace.

Benefits of a Large 110 Inch Interactive Display

Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

One of the primary benefits of a large 110 inch interactive display is the ability to enhance productivity and efficiency in the workplace. With such a vast screen size, teams can easily view and interact with shared content, eliminating the need for multiple screens or devices. Whether it’s reviewing project plans, brainstorming ideas, or analyzing data, the large display ensures that everyone in the room can see and contribute to the discussion.

Additionally, the ability to interact directly with the display adds another layer of efficiency. Users can manipulate content, annotate, and make changes on the spot, eliminating the need for separate note-taking or transcription. This real-time collaboration saves time and streamlines the decision-making process.

Improved Team Communication

Clear and effective communication is vital for successful collaboration. A large 110 inch interactive display facilitates improved team communication by providing a central focal point for information sharing. Whether you’re conducting a presentation, hosting a virtual meeting, or working on a group project, the display ensures that all team members have a clear view of the content being shared.

Moreover, with the display’s interactive capabilities, team members can actively participate in discussions. They can contribute their ideas, highlight important points, and even share files directly on the display. This dynamic form of communication fosters engagement and encourages active involvement from all team members, leading to better collaboration outcomes.

Easy and Intuitive Collaboration

Traditional collaboration methods often involve multiple tools and devices, leading to complexity and confusion. A large 110 inch interactive display simplifies the collaboration process by providing a single, unified platform for all activities. The intuitive user interface allows teams to easily navigate and access features, eliminating the need for extensive training or technical support.

The large size of the display also enhances visibility and legibility, even for remote team members participating in video conferences. This ensures that every participant can clearly see and understand the shared content, fostering a sense of inclusiveness and equal participation.

Furthermore, the seamless integration of other collaborative tools and applications, such as video conferencing software and whiteboard apps, enhances the overall collaborative experience. Teams can effortlessly switch between different modes of communication and leverage the full potential of these tools to maximize productivity.


In conclusion, a large 110 inch interactive display offers significant benefits for enhancing collaboration in the workplace. From improved productivity and efficiency to better team communication and intuitive collaboration, this cutting-edge technology takes teamwork to new heights. If you’re looking to boost collaboration in your organization, consider investing in a large 110 inch interactive display like the IQTouch TE1100 Pro. With its impressive size and interactive features, it will revolutionize the way your teams collaborate and drive success.

To learn more about the IQTouch TE1100 Pro and other interactive displays, contact us today.

How a 105 Inch Interactive Flat Panel Can Transform Education

How a 105 Inch Interactive Flat Panel Can Transform Education


· Enhancing the Learning Experience

· Fostering Collaboration and Communication

· Increasing Student Engagement

· Improving Accessibility and Inclusivity

· Empowering Teachers with Advanced Tools

In recent years, technology has had a profound impact on the field of education. From online learning platforms to digital textbooks, new tools and resources are revolutionizing the way students learn and teachers instruct. One such innovation is the 105 Inch Interactive Flat Panel, an interactive presentation device that is transforming the way education is delivered in classrooms around the world. In this article, we will explore how the 105 Inch Interactive Flat Panel enhances the learning experience, fosters collaboration and communication, increases student engagement, improves accessibility and inclusivity, and empowers teachers with advanced tools from IQTouch.

Enhancing the Learning Experience

The 105 Inch Interactive Flat Panel is a powerful tool that enhances the learning experience in various ways. Its large touch-sensitive display allows students to see content clearly, even from a distance. With vibrant colors and high-definition resolution, the panel brings lessons to life, capturing students’ attention and making learning more engaging. The interactive nature of the flat panel also encourages hands-on participation, enabling students to directly interact with the content and actively collaborate with their peers.

Fostering Collaboration and Communication

Collaboration and communication are essential skills for the 21st-century learner. The 105 Inch Interactive Flat Panel enables students to work together on projects, solve problems collectively, and share ideas seamlessly. Its multi-touch capability allows multiple students to interact with the panel simultaneously, promoting teamwork and fostering a collaborative learning environment. In addition, the flat panel includes built-in video conferencing features, enabling students to connect with their peers and educators from different locations, expanding their horizons and fostering global collaboration.

Increasing Student Engagement

One of the biggest challenges in education is keeping students engaged and motivated. The 105 Inch Interactive Flat Panel addresses this by providing an immersive and interactive learning experience. Students can actively participate in lessons through touch, gestures, and stylus input, making the learning process more dynamic and engaging. The flat panel also supports multimedia content, allowing teachers to incorporate videos, interactive simulations, and other engaging resources into their lessons. This combination of interactivity and rich media makes learning more captivating and helps students retain information more effectively.

Improving Accessibility and Inclusivity

Every student deserves equal access to education, regardless of their abilities or limitations. The 105 Inch Interactive Flat Panel promotes accessibility and inclusivity by providing customizable features to cater to diverse learning needs. The panel supports accessibility options such as text-to-speech, screen magnification, and color contrast adjustments, making it easier for students with learning disabilities or visual impairments to engage with the content. Furthermore, the interactive nature of the flat panel ensures that every student has an opportunity to participate actively, regardless of their physical abilities or communication style.

Empowering Teachers with Advanced Tools

The 105 Inch Interactive Flat Panel is not just a tool for students; it also empowers teachers with a wide range of advanced tools and resources to enhance their instruction. The panel comes with dedicated educational software that allows teachers to create interactive lessons, quizzes, and assessments. Teachers can annotate over content, highlight important points, and even save and share their lessons for future use. The flat panel also integrates seamlessly with other teaching tools and technologies, enabling teachers to leverage a comprehensive digital ecosystem for their instructional needs.

Furthermore, the flat panel supports cloud storage and collaboration, making it easy for teachers to access and share resources, collaborate with other educators, and provide personalized feedback to students. The panel also includes advanced features such as built-in security measures, remote management, and device mirroring, simplifying classroom management and maximizing instructional time.

In conclusion, the 105 Inch Interactive Flat Panel has the potential to transform education by enhancing the learning experience, fostering collaboration and communication, increasing student engagement, improving accessibility and inclusivity, and empowering teachers with advanced tools. With its large display, interactive capabilities, and customizable features, the flat panel creates a dynamic and inclusive learning environment that prepares students for the demands of the digital age.

To explore the features and benefits of the 105 Inch Interactive Flat Panel, visit the official product page:

· HA1100PRO

· IQTouch TB 1100 Gen2

The Impact of a Large Interactive Display in the Classroom

The Impact of a Large Interactive Display in the Classroom


· Benefits of a Large Interactive Display

· Enhancing Student Engagement

· Promoting Collaborative Learning

· Improving Teacher-Student Interaction

· Conclusion

In today’s digital age, technology is revolutionizing the way we engage with information and learn. Traditional blackboards and textbooks have now given way to interactive displays that offer a range of features to enhance classroom learning. One such innovative tool is the large interactive display. This article explores the benefits of incorporating a large interactive display in the classroom and its impact on student engagement, collaborative learning, and teacher-student interaction.

Benefits of a Large Interactive Display

Enhancing Student Engagement

A large interactive display from IQTouch in the classroom serves as an attention-grabbing tool that captivates students’ interest. With vibrant visuals, multimedia content, and interactive features, it offers an immersive learning experience that appeals to various learning styles. The ability to touch, write, and interact with the content on the display increases student engagement and participation.

Research shows that incorporating visuals and interactive activities in the learning process significantly improves information retention. The large interactive display facilitates the use of multimedia resources, including videos, images, and interactive simulations, which make abstract concepts more concrete and help students grasp complex topics more effectively.

Promoting Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is a crucial skill for the 21st-century workforce, and a large interactive display encourages students to work together in a collaborative environment. The display facilitates group activities, such as brainstorming sessions, group presentations, and interactive problem-solving exercises, where students can collaborate and share ideas.

With the large interactive display’s multi-touch capability, multiple students can simultaneously interact with the content, fostering teamwork and promoting inclusivity. The display also enables real-time feedback and assessment, allowing teachers to monitor and evaluate student progress during group activities.

Improving Teacher-Student Interaction

A large interactive display serves as a powerful tool for teachers to enhance their instructional methods and interact with students more effectively. It enables teachers to create dynamic and interactive lessons, incorporating multimedia elements and interactive activities that stimulate student interest.

Teachers can use the display to annotate, highlight, and emphasize key points during lessons, making the content more visually appealing and memorable. They can also integrate educational apps, online resources, and interactive quizzes into their instruction, further enriching the learning experience.

The display’s interactive features allow for immediate feedback and assessment, enabling teachers to gauge student understanding in real-time. They can adjust their teaching strategies accordingly, providing targeted support and intervention to individual students as needed.


The incorporation of a large interactive display in the classroom has a profound impact on student engagement, collaborative learning, and teacher-student interaction. With its ability to enhance student engagement, promote collaborative learning, and improve teacher-student interaction, the large interactive display is a powerful tool that can transform the learning experience.

If you’re interested in incorporating a large interactive display in your classroom, IQTouch offers a range of interactive display solutions. Their IQTouch TB1100 Gen2 and IQTouch Interactive Display are excellent options that provide a wealth of interactive features and educational resources. Visit their website here to learn more. 

To know more about how IQTouch can revolutionize your classroom, contact them now. Upgrade your classroom with a large interactive display and unlock the potential of interactive learning!

5 Tips to Help Increase Remote Work Mode Engagement

5 Tips to Help Increase Remote Work Mode Engagement


The remote work system is a new model of work. As remote work mode grows in popularity, more attention is being paid to creating a well-established work system. Business managers are emphasizing employee engagement in a hybrid work model. For example, how to increase the interactivity of participants when conducting video conferences? IQ can provide you with more ideas. And help you build a more suitable smart meeting room. You can also click here to get more information.


1. Why you need to increase engagement

When engagement within an organization is increased, everyone respects and trusts each other. Just like many businesses choose the brainstorm. To gather more good ideas from employees. It also helps employees to have a common goal in working together. Thus, improving engagement can increase productivity and profitability. What's more, it can reduce turnover.


2. How to improve engagement

Setting the same goals for individuals and organizations is conducive to increasing engagement. What are the aspects that need to be taken into account to influence the setting of goals?

First, company goals and management strategies are critical. For example, managers should have good communication with their team members. Help employees clarify the meaning of their work. The aim is to make employees realize the importance of personal growth goals in their work. Besides, gradually deepen employees' understanding of their work goals. The purpose is to make the employees more responsible and help the company gain growth. After clarifying the goals, the next step is to share goals with team members. Tell them the significance of why the goals are important.


3. 5 Tips for Improving remote work Engagement

When remote work is compared to working face-to-face. There is a need to be more intentional about increasing engagement. Here are 5 tips to help increase engagement.


3.1 Let employees organize their tasks

If people can decide what to do, when to do it, and how much time to spend on each task, then stress is reduced. To increase engagement, managers should focus on how to make them more time conscious. Switch from managing employees to helping them work autonomously. Employees working independently will not only increase productivity. It also increases the level of employee conscientiousness. Managers can use online tools to visualize the progress of each team member.


3.2 Give people the right job

What we all know is that when people do a job they don't like. And the people‘s engagement naturally decreases. Overall, putting the right people in the right places can increase productivity. Even when working remotely, be sure to communicate frequently. To confirm your employees' attitudes toward their work. It's difficult to capture clear facial expressions and body language when working remotely. Thus, purposeful communication is important. If an employee is feeling tired, communicate promptly. And recognize the value of the employee.


3.3 Check the results in many ways

Results come naturally when employees utilize their talents. Believe in the autonomy of each team member. Check based on the results produced. To better assess the results, the responsibilities and expectations of various job roles can be defined in advance.


3.4 Engage in more communication

To better build trust with employees. Managers need to listen to everyone's ideas. And coordinate organizational and personal goals to grow together. Since it is difficult to communicate casually when working remotely. So the mode of one-on-one meetings can be arranged. This one-on-one communication is common in team-building methods.


3.5 Recognize Everyone's Efforts

To increase engagement, remember to recognize and praise employees for their efforts. And do this in a public place whenever possible. When holding a video conference with the entire team, which a good chance to recognize everyone's efforts and accomplishments. Being recognized on the team is crucial to increasing engagement.


4. How to set up a smart meeting room

There are very many smart meeting room solutions at IQ here. The aim is to be able to customize the product to the needs of the client. In the case of manual studios, IQ offers interactive flat panels, ptz cameras, and microphones. These products help people to build a higher-level studio. And IQ can offer realism when conducting video conferences. Providing a higher quality picture, clearer sound, and a larger screen to improve engagement. It helps employees feel like their coworkers are in front of them when they are video conferencing. And IQ's wireless screen transfer system helps you share your screen more easily. All you need to do is to press a button to send the screen wirelessly. And it can support four screens interacting at the same time. To improve the interactive of the online meeting.


Add: For meeting rooms of all sizes, IQ offers complete conferencing systems. Intelligent meeting room solutions offer a wide range of options. Including Next Gen, The Auditorium, The Studio, The Ideation Hub, The Vibe, and so on. And the most important point is that- easy. The products are easy to install and manage. We can offer the most suitable solutions according to your needs.



With the rapid development of technology, remote work will become easier and easier. More tools are available to help people realize the hybrid working mode. No matter which way of working, employee engagement is always the most important. To better help managers and employees adapt to working remotely, IQ can offer a variety of ways to do so. If you are struggling with how to improve your work patterns. Contact us, and IQ can give you more professional advice.

How to Distinguish between Different Types of Interactive Display?

How to Distinguish between Different Types of Interactive Display?


Nowadays, the development of technology is so fast. We can see it is the digital world right now. Because communication and information are advancing at a rapid pace. Displays are good tools in our lives. These devices provide real-time images, multimedia content, and access to virtual worlds. So we can communicate with others through quick clicks or access various favorites. For example, various entertainment and education to learn more. There are a wide range of uses, but have you ever thought about the different uses of an interactive display? In this article,IQ provides some information about the different types of interactive display. And the important role that different deviecs play in various industries.


1. What is an interactive display?


The interactive display is the popular products. It can help people to improve the efficiency of the communication and work. It allows us to get information, images, and various content in the network world. Simply put, an interactive display is a window through which we communicate with the digital world. Like a small screen in the smartphone. The large screen in the computer and TVs. They all use some form of display to show different information. The interactive flat panel is one of the displays.


2. Types of interactive displays


Interactive displays are becoming more and more popular in life. As technology advances, different types of interactive dispalys with unique features. And more functions have been designed. Below we will introduce several commonly used devices and their technologies:


2.1. LCD monitors (consisting of liquid crystals):

These monitors consist of a liquid crystal screen that displays high-quality, colored images. LCD monitors are often thin, lightweight, and powerful, and are used in several devices. Like laptops, TVs, and gaming monitors.


2.2. OLED monitors:

These monitors utilize OLED technology to display very nice, high-contrast images. OLED monitors have no back lighting. These interactive displays offer rich colors and excellent viewing angles. And they are used in smart devices and TVs.


2.3. Interactive flat panel (touch):

The interactive flat panels use touch technology to connect the user to the device. With touch recognition, the user can perform and control various commands and functions by touching the screen. Touch monitors are used in a variety of smart models. Like tablets, touchscreen displays, and so on.


2.4. Graphic (Industrial) Monitors:

These types of monitors are designed for specific applications. Such as graphic design, simulation, engineering, and medical industries. Ad industrial monitors have high resolution, large screens, accurate color display, and fast response time.


2.5. Curved Monitors:

These types of monitors have curved screens. So it makes the image a more immersive visual experience. Curved monitors are considered an attractive option for a variety of games, watching movies, and movie theaters.


3. Types of interactive displays usage


With the development of the technology, users choose different interactive displays according their needs. It is involved in various areas of our lives. Interactive displays play a very important role in the field of technology and communication. As one of the essential tools of the digital world. They can help us to communicate with a wide range of information, content, and software.


3.1. Interactive displays in computers and laptops act as the primary shows part. Between the users and the operating system. They display information and images and allow us to interact visually with programs, files, and web pages.


3.2. TV and theater screens improve the experience of watching movies and TV shows. High picture quality and vivid, clear colors immerse us in the world of exciting, realistic images and take the viewing experience to a higher level.


3.3. Touch screens in smartphones and monitors allow us to easily and quickly interact with different programs. Like interacting with websites, and showing the content by touching the screen directly.


·Use of interactive displays in education

In the field of education, classroom touchscreens are used as a basic tool. To enrich the tool of teaching and improve the interaction with students. We can mention the use of tablets and computers in the classroom. The use of interactive and smart displays in educational and online educational platforms. IQ has recently launched the IQTouchTB1100 Pro Gen2. This is a high-end modern touch interactive flat panel. The AI camera can auto-track speakers. The full-function plug-and-play Type-C interface not only transfers files but also offers 65w charges. The multitasking function provides more flexibility during use. Enhance the interaction between students and teachers. Improve the efficiency of the classroom.


·Use of interactive displays in the business

In the business world, interactive displays are mainly used to increase productivity. Especially nowadays mixed working patterns are becoming more and more common. Choosing a suitable IFP can realize a flexible working mode. For example, the IQTouch HA1100 Pro features a dual camera. One conference camera and the other visualizer. The conference camera is used to realize video conferences. Another visualizer can  be used to display documents and other materials.



There are many types of monitors. User choose the different types of interactive displays to use. Because the powerful functions of the interactive display, we use them in all spheres of life. From technology and communication to industry and design, health and education, business and amount, and so on. Monitors play a very important role in improving efficiency and providing effective information. OurIQTouch brand series is a famous interactive flat panel supplier in China. We have been operating in the AV industry for many years. We are an education and meeting solutions provider since 2006. Besides IFPDs, we can also provide wireless presentation systems, lecture capture systems, integrated products, and smart solutions. We also have our self-developed software, like IQKitsMemos and JoinMemos. You can contact us on our website. We will offer the most suitable solution for you.

How OPS Modules Work for Interactive Flat Panel

How OPS Modules Work for Interactive Flat Panel


Nowadays, interactive flat panels are popular in the world. Touchscreen technology is used in many fields. Such as smartphones, computer monitors, and other electronic devices. Sometimes we carry smart devices in our pockets. Sometimes we use them in industrial equipment or showrooms. Touchscreen technology from has brought a significant experience in the way we interact with smart devices. And it help us to improve the level of use of smart spaces. The extraordinary properties of touchscreens allow them to be used in different ways. Thus, you may see these displays used with computer systems. Or they may be used with devices such as OPS modules.


1. What is an interactive flat panel?

A touch monitor is a display and an input device. It can be used to communicate with a computer system through hand or pen movements. These displays are sensitive to pressure and touch. So you can easily operate on the displayed programs and content.


1.1. What characteristics should an IFP have?

In general, there are many situations in which touch screens can be embedded. And they can be implemented in almost any strategy. They can be used as interactive whiteboards in classrooms. And IFPD can for business presentations in conference rooms. Or to provide customer service in a store. For this reason, they are designed and manufactured for different scenarios and applications. Thus, it is necessary to consider your needs when purchasing a touchscreen. When you have a lot of brands and options in front of you, and this issue may become more difficult for you. So if you need to buy the smart whiteboard you could think about these questions. Such as what space you'll be using it in. What is the size of your spaces? Is there enough light in your space? Our IQTouch series products are always up to date. You can click here directly to the official website for more details.


2. Commercial application of interactive flat panel.

Touchscreen displays have been used in various industries and have become one of their must-have devices. Many large stores or retail outlets use these smart devices to offer their products. They can be seen in restaurants using touch screens to record data. Smart touch monitors have a special place in hospitals and clinics. Also, many businesses are using smart whiteboards to build hybrid work models. Apart from these industries, we can also mention various sectors. Such as retail stores, airports, and passenger terminals, which nowadays use IFP to increase their execution speed.


2.1. Advantages of IFP in business.

Touch monitors are an efficient and user-friendly way to interact with different software. They provide a more efficient user experience. Simply drag your finger down or up on the screen or point to a button. You will find that various operations such as opening and closing software, scrolling through documents, and scrolling through pages are much quicker on an interactive touch screen. Compared to the traditional operation way, it's much easier. Especially for activities that involve a lot of scrolling. Such as reading long documents and browsing websites. This way, you will be able to do things smarter and faster. Thanks to this fast visualization interface, you can achieve higher performance and interact with the touch display. In some industries, people will pay more attention to the efficiency. Like when you have the meeting, how to improve efficiency is important.


3. Touch screen panels in education applications.

Since we can now widely use smartphones and computers. Therefore the traditional education system has been gradually eliminated. Most of the educational places in the world are now equipped with smart touch panels. The use of these devices in the classroom can improve the efficiency of teaching. It makes the students' minds more focused. It improves the interaction between students and teachers in the classroom. And provide a more attractive education.


3.1. Impact of smart whiteboard on education.

Due to the high efficiency of touch screens, nowadays many manufacturers design some products, especially for schools. IQ has 17 years of experience in education. We have provided smart solutions for many schools. Interactive flat panels allow students to access course content. Such as photos, slideshows, video files, and written documents via the global internet. Teachers can annotate to highlight and draw more attention to important content.


4. What is an OPS modules?

Smart display manufacturers embed an internal version of Android, called an operating system. But, not all software can be used under this system. Many applications are compatible with the Windows operating system. There are also other options if Windows is required in an actual use case. For example, purchasing an extra OPS module to install on the IFP. An OPS, Open Pluggable Specification, is a small lightweight personal computer with hardware (e.g. RAM or CPU) that can be customized. And it can be connected to a touch monitor. You can also choose the model of the OPS.


4.1. Why do we use OPS mini-computers?

One of the distinguishing features of touchscreens is the ease of digitization and collaboration beyond presentations. For example, there are no limitations to choosing the best and fastest Internet browser and installing it on your display. In an educational environment, this challenge becomes even more pronounced. Interactive whiteboards sometimes come with special educational software. At IQ we offer two main software, IQ KitsMemos, and JoinMemos. After installing OPS they are ready to use and fulfill the daily teaching needs.


Interactive flat panels are widely used in education and business. To expand the use of touchscreens it is possible to install OPS. So that the user can have a dual-system interactive tool. At IQ we not only offer the latest whiteboard hardware but also our self-developed software. If you need more information please tell us or leave message. We will provide you with the most suitable intelligent solution. Or, click here and compose something new.


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