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Software License Agreement

Please acknowledge and understand this user license agreement (hereinafter referred to as "the agreement"). Before installation, you need to accept this agreement or not. The software can not install in your computer unless you accept this agreement. The agreement is a lawful agreement between you (individual or single entity) and Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd., for IQ Interactive Education Platform Software. The software includes append programs, the late publish version or upgrade version, might be includes relative electronic document and printing stuff. It means you accept all the articles in the agreement once you install the software successfully. The agreement is as effective as the written agreement.If you don't agree with the articles in the agreement, you can not install or use the software.

The software copyrights belong to Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd.,including but not just the contained images, photos, movie, cartoons, videos, records, music, words, append programs,relative electronic document and printing stuff, and the duplicates you made under the authorization of Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd.. The software is the property of Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd. and is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties.The structure, organization and code of software are the valuable commercial secret information. You can not remove the copyright declaration while you copy the system (whole or portion). You agree to prevent copying the software and the document illegally. Otherwise you infringe the copyrights of Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd.. The registered trademark and the trademark of Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd. include but not just "IQBoard".The agreement does not mean transfer the proprietary right but just authorize the using of the software.

You can:
1)Install, use, display, run one piece of the software in one computer.
2)Backup the software in order to avoid the damage but you can not provide it to others and you have to destroy the backup pieces once you lost the property of the backup.
3)Modify the necessary performance in order to improve the functions or apply the software in the real Computer working environment.

You promise:
1)Not to use, copy, modify, rent or transfer the software or any portion which are not include in the agreement.
2)To use the software only in one computer. One piece of the software can not used in more than one computer.
3)To use the software in multi-user environment or the network system only under one of the following situations:
  (1)Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd. authorize you to use the software in multi-user environment or the net system.
  (2)You purchase the use permits for very node and terminal which has used the software.
4)Do not try to find out the original code of the software by reverse engineering, reverse translation and reverse compile and so on.
5)Do not rent or lend the software.
6)Do mark the copyright at all the duplicates.

You can transfer your proprietary right under the agreement once permanently but your permission will be terminated at once. The transfer conditions are as follow:
1)Transfer all part of the software (include all groupware. media materials, printing stuff, upgrade version and the agreement.
2)You can not keep the duplicate.
3)Transferee should accept the articles of the agreement.
4)If the transferred product is upgrade version, then all former versions should be included. 

3.Change, Modify, Upgrade
1)Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd. reserve the right of charging you while changing, modifying or upgrade the software.
2)The change one or the modify version or upgrade version which provided by Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd. is the part of the software and restricted by the agreement (unless the agreement is replaced by the another agreement along with the change one or the modify version or upgrade version).
3)If Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd. provides the change one or the modify version or upgrade version, then
  (1)You still can use the software while you accept the replaced agreement along with the change one or the modify version or upgrade version.
  (2) Your using right of the former version will be terminated if you change or modify the version.
4.After-sale Commitments
1)Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd. promises to the buyers who use the software under the agreement. If the software can not be used normally because of the software's storage, Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd. or the dealers will change it after Testing verified, while you have bought the software within one month. But if the abnormality is caused by user or accident, we will not take in charge. If you want Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd. or the dealers to change the software you have to return the software and the purchase contract to the purchase location.
2)Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd. promises the function of the software is according with the instruction.
3)Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd. does not guarantee the commercial capacity and adjustability of the software. 
4)Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd. does not promise that the software has no fault or can be operated uninterrupted and effect in all computers.

5.Limited Responsibility
Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd. and the dealers will not compensate for the damage which caused by indirect, direct, accidental, especial, Punitive, and any other reasons (include but not just personal injury or property damage, profits loss or business interruption, business information loss, and the damage caused by not integrity, privacy disclosure, careless, cash loss and any other losses) in the greatest permission of the law. Although Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd. has been informed of the possibility of the damage. This article still effect even though the remedies did not reach the Intended purpose. 

6.Permission Terminate
1)If you don't stand to the agreement, Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd. will terminate the agreement in the condition that it does not hurt other rights. You have to destroy the software and all the duplicates or return them to Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd..
2)Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd. can terminate the agreement by providing you the replaced agreement of the change one or modify version or upgrade version. You still can use the software, the change one, modify version or upgrade version, if you accept the replace agreement.

Please do not ruin the software by intense attack, using other software tools or do FDISK/MBR, repartition and low format after floppy disk or CD launch disk or CD launch. Otherwise Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd. will not undertake the compensate.

The interpretation of the agreement belongs to Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd..

Hereto, you have already acknowledged and understood the agreement and agreed with all the articles. If you have any questions or you want to get any information you can contact us by following ways:

Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Go., Ltd.
Tel: 0086-591-38202660
Fax: 0086-591-38203003

Newly launched IQ Smartpen V2.0 for better presentation

We have newly launched IQ Smartpen V2.0 for better presentation in meeting or teaching. This product includes a smart pen, a receiver and two tips which provides thick and thin pen tips with the smart pen for different precision touch frames. Thin tip is used for high-precision touch frames, and thick tip is used for general touch frames because its touch accuracy is lower so that too thin tip can not be recognized by touch frame. However, the touch frames of our IQTouch interactive flat panel are all high-precision, so our smart pen is equipped with a thin tip by default.

In terms of IQ Smartpen, it has 4 functional keys that you not only can use it by default functions but also can customize the functions. Then we talk about the default functions first. 
Key 1, long press to enter the annotation mode. You can annotate whatever you want on the current page. Click key one to change the pen color.
Key 2, long press to enter the PowerPoint slide mode. Click key 2 and 3 to up and down the pages.
Key 3, long press to open blackboard. When you got some ideas or teachers want to show some points, just open blackboard to write it.
Key 4, click to screenshot, and it will saved into a file on desktop. Long press to open a laser for positioning the content you’re talking about.

If you don’t like the default functions, You can also customize the most commonly used functions for each key. Other functions for your choice like spotlight, magnifier, video play and pause and so on. IQ Smartpen supports IQ Interactive Education Platform V8.0 that pre-install on our IFP.If you open the platform software, it will match the functions of IQ Interactive Education Platform first, and you can get some quick operations by IQ Smartpen under the platform software. Besides, IQ Smartpen is compatible with Android, Mac and windows systems. For different operating systems, we have respective IQ Smartpen driver provided, which can all be downloaded from IQ Smartpen page of our website:

Video conferencing solution for working and studying from home.

Our IQ includes IQClass interactive teaching solution and IQMeet conference solution. For these two solutions, we got various products to support, the IFP as the central display, definitely is the main role among all the products. Besides the IFP, for IQClass solution, there are other products like document camera, lecture capture system, our interactive education platform, etc. 

And for IQMeet solution, we got products like camera, speakerphone, wireless presentation system, etc. Especially in COVID-19 pandemic situation, video conferencing becomes a trend for remote learning or meeting and working from home. As for camera, we provide CV230, CV270, CV410, CV800 and CV810.  CV230 is the smallest one, which can be applied for personal use or small meeting room especially in this pandemic situation. It’s very easy to carry. You even can put it into my bag. CV270 is 3 in 1 design which built in camera, microphone and speaker. So you can easy to start a video conference with this item. And we also have 4K camera and the PTZ camera like CV410, CV800 and CV810. If you have demand of stronger performance, these item would be a better choice. For speakerphone, we mainly have 3 models for different size of the meeting room which includes S230, S330 and S500. Even two expansion mics are available for larger space. If you feel confused for the individual items, we also do have the join solution for choose. like this Joingroup solution - AVS200 which includes one PTZ camera, speakerphone and one Hub, and JoinOne solution AHY200 that is all in one design which integrates camera, mic, speaker and android system. In addition, it supports many popular video conferencing software under android system like Zoom, Skype, Goto meeting and so on. 

What I mentioned above is the products of IQMeet conference solution. Various items give you more options. If you are satisfied with one of them, just contact us

The changes of teaching modes in COVID-19 pandemic situation

As the COVID-19 pandemic breaks out, many schools have to close campus and change the teaching way from face-to-face teaching to online classes. It is reported that thousands of schools across the countries are starting a mixed way for teaching and learning , in which teachers will teach students in the classroom and at home at the same time, thus putting forward new demands for students' participation across multiple modes.

As teachers start a new mode across virtual, hybrid and face-to-face teaching, SMART Technologies-the world's most popular supplier of collaborative learning software and hardware-announced new software and integrations to make it easier for teachers to create active learning atmosphere that attract students anytime and make they engaged in class. New integrations with widely used platforms such as Google and Microsoft enable teachers to use without relying on interactive flat panels, which directly enhances teaching in the platforms and workflows they already use. It makes easier for teachers to manage the classroom and for students to focus on tasks. In addition, two new features allow teachers to personalize teaching and feedback through recording, and obtain more information about the work of individual students in a group environment. “It’s really powerful to be able to send something to students and let them do it themselves, and the teacher can see what they’re doing in real time,” said Drew Morgan, Coordinator of Secondary Curriculum and Professional Development at Auburn City Schools in Alabama. "Especially now with distance learning, I love that there's no context change. The more you ask learners, especially younger ones, to navigate to different browsers or windows, the more you can lose kids." 

For our IQClass interactive teaching solution and IQMeet conference solution, we also support remote leaning solution in education and even remote video conferencing in business. If you have demand of these kinds of solutions, feel free to contact us:

Where does touch screen technology appear in our lives?

Touch screen technology appears everywhere in our lives. Smart phones, ipads and other display devices are based on this technology for our daily use. Besides, touch screen is applied to laptop, digital signage and interactive flat panel like our IQTouch interactive flat panel series which includes L900 series, T1000 series and newly launched HC900Pro. All sizes are available and you can choose the right one according to specifications such as RAM/ROM, CPU, touch point, Android version, screen sharing, WiFi module, built in camera, 4K resolution and so on. And you can also use it with professional stylus. Many devices are inseparable from touch screen technology to realize the ideal functions. 

Touch screen technology is the core of intelligent interaction, which is mainly used for commercial display areas, such as automatic machines, KTV Car display , the bank's ATM, and so on. And we strive for achieving the interconnection of everything. In the industrial chain of intelligent electronic devices, touch screen technology will run through the next generation of intelligent devices. 

There is a trend that touch screen gradually becomes necessary technology to the display devices. More and more classrooms and conference rooms replace the touch screen as the their main display device. Presenters can directly operate on the screen and so that they can save the time of running between the display device and computer. They also can use tool combined with touch technology to do better presentation. In a word, touch screen technology brings us convenient operation and brainstorming atmosphere, which enhances our productivity.

The strong performance and IQ OS of HC900Pro

As we have talked about the humanized design of HC900Pro in last article. In terms of hardware, it has powerful inside which supports dual systems of Android 8.0 and windows 10 with strong performance and reliability of CPU and GPU. 4GB RAM (random access memory) plus 32GB ROM (Read-Only Memory )makes you feel faster speed and more stable performance. 

HC900PRO adopts IQ Android OS, which brings you seamless experience and simple operation. Two sidebars place on the left and right of the touchscreen and the floating bar is at your fingertip that you can move it as you want. Ours IQ OS also supports free annotation. You can annotate whatever you want under Android or windows system, such as annotating on the excel file , web page even the video. These annotations can be shared by QR code. Just scan the QR code and take them away. Besides, multiple themes are provides for your choice and you can download many kinds of apps you need. It also has OTA online upgrade support. The previous interactive flat panel was updated with a U disk, we need to insert USB one by one. But HC900 only need to one click the button on the interface to upgrade.

There is still important feature that IQ OS supports wireless screen sharing, no need to connect complicated cable, just scan QR code or use share button, content sharing can be achieved.  

Considering its appearance, optical bonding technology, dual camera, humanized functions, and strong performance, HC900Pro is a fully functional, high-performance and cost-effective one all in one display. If you are interested in our HC 900Pro, contact us in


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