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Explore the Future Education with IQBoard at GESS 2018


What is the next step in future education IQBoard is bringing our IQSchool Education Solution to GESS 2018 booth #A30 at the Sheikh Saeed Halls, Dubai World Trade Center in Dubai, UAE. Showing our Latest Interactive Display, Document Camera, and School Management Solution, we are ready to change your view of the daily teaching at the largest education activities in the Middle East. Join us and experience the latest advances in classroom technologies, as we continue to change education and provide teachers new tools to help students express their creativity and delight in their collaborative learning.

The IQTouch Interactive Display is at the core of our Education Total Solution. As a next-generation classroom display, the Interactive Display allows teachers to easily connect with students, present digital learning material, support to interact with mobile devices, tablets or pc to make multi-screen presentation. When used with IQ Interactive Education Platform software, teachers have the ability to instantly share learning material from the touch screen to students in-class tablets, making for a more attractive learning experience that brings images on the interactive display to life in the students hands.


IQView document camera let students see every single detail of a classroom activity with 1080p display capabilities and 100X zoom. Our document camera models are designed to meet the needs of varying student activities and are proven to make any classroom activity a clear and exciting experience for students. Further complementing our future classroom technology, IQSchool IoT Solution can control all the classroom devices with one small panel, also two classrooms could be synchronized for interactive learning, thats to say, students at different classrooms could interact and communicate with each other. Then as to the main display area, usually this area indicates the places beyond the classrooms in the campus. There we will make the audio&video broadcasting and devices management and control.

IQ continues to push teaching and education into new frontiers and we want you to come experience this exciting journey with us. IQ Team will be redefining the classroom at GESS 2018 Stand # A30!

BETT 2018 Interactive Education Solution Provider


Since IQ has promoted the concept of the IQSchool Solution, we are desired to demonstrate this great solution to everyone who needs it in a more intuitive way. Therefore, on the occasion of BETT2018, we have furnished the booth to turn it into a demo campus and divided it into three display areas, including two demo classrooms and one main display area.

Classroom devices will be on the central control by IoT and also two classrooms could be synchronized for interactive learning, thats to say, visitors/students at different classrooms could interact and communicate with each other. Then as to the main display area, usually this area indicates the places beyond the classrooms on the campus. There we will make the audio&video broadcasting and devices management and control.

This time we also bring something new on the spot to cater to different demands. They are the control touch panel which could achieve audio interaction over IP at different places, and the video management platform with HD LCD screen. In addition, we have set up a special product display wall to show the core products of the IQSchool solution, including IQ Converged Station, Audio DSP, IQVideo Station and others.

Beyond the IQSchool Solution, we also introduce several new devices. The first one is the IQTouch C series, which has two models, one is for education purpose, the other corporation. They are designed to meet different demands from schools and companies.

The second one is the wireless microphone system, which could automatically match the frequency. There is no worries about lacking of the resources as every teacher has their own microphone. Then coming to the portable wireless speakers, its suitable for all types of outdoor activities. The intelligent voice recognition will help teachers and students get a better learning experience. The last one is the intelligent PA system. With the condenser microphone and smart PA playback, this device could allow teachers to free their hands, and students in any corner of the classroom can clearly listen to teachers.


Of course, we can not forget our old friends-IQView Interactive Document Camera E3511 and IQTouch J.

Except for a series of products mentioned above, IQ still hopes to provide teachers and students with a more vivid, flexible and interesting learning environment from all aspects of campus life by constantly developing new products.

If you are interested, please visit our booth of E280 during the BETT2018 from Jan. 24th to Jan. 27th. Or you are free to contact us via E-mail to the

IQ Education Solution for School and Classroom IQBoard


We all know that hot topics about technology now are AI, VR, AR, MR, IoT, Cloud, etc.When talking about management, IoT, Cloud may come into our minds, and we have applied these concepts for homes, that’s our Intelligent Homes which provide life conveniences as most of us are familiar with. BUT how about we apply these to our schools? Homes give us comfort while children are our future. Yeah, we have now IQSchool solutions which integrate IoT, TCP/IP, and Cloud concepts, that’s our Intelligent Schools.And it will be the near future for schools.

I’d love to give introductions and roadmap of IQ who is spending tons of efforts on the IQSchool solutions.

Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd(Stock Code 836453), with IQBoard as the main brand, dedicated into educational industry since 2006. As time goes by, business solutions are taken into another developing direction. However, I??d like to talk more about our educational industry roadmap as for concerns of Intelligent Schools.

Generally speaking, we offer two solutions which are IQclass Solutions and?IQSchool Solutions.

With IQClass solutions assisting on the teaching for teachers and students, classes are turned out to be more interactivities and with more fun. While C/S(Client-server) based software IQClass takes care of before , during and after classes, which shows the core value of our educational software, to realize interactivity between teachers and students, education management, tests, tasks allocation and evaluation and others, B/S (Brower server) software IQClass+ makes online teaching possible, and the only thing you need is a networking cable. On the other hand, Returnstar has IQBoard as interactive whiteboard(IWB), interactive flat panel(IFP), document camera, laser projectors, etc.

Educational market mainstreams are small sizes IFP 55?? 65??75?? for classrooms available for less than 32 students and IWB+Laser projector solution but with bigger size for classrooms available for students above 32. Our latest product projected capacitive touch(PCT) could be taken into consideration for larger classrooms for 90 students with its 7 meters in width. In the market, share of IFP and IWB+Laser projector is around 50% versus 50%. The IWB+Laser projector will still be leading the bigger size market because of its size with more value, while small size IFP is in charge of the smaller size market. This will remain for a period of time. Returnstar offers competitive solutions in both markets with both quality and cost concerns.

Compared with IQClass solutions, IQSchool solutions are applying IoT and TCP/IP concepts which are the keywords for IT world. Administrators are able to get a better management of the school electric equipment. With help of the software and converged systems, all the devices can work automatically according to the schedule set up by administrators or principal, including A/V broadcasting simultaneously or separately, turning on or off when it??s necessary, and interacting with other classrooms. Even remote management and interacting are supported from overseas. Beta version of management software for mobile platform is available now. This will be the symbol of modern schools, smart schools in the near future. What??s more, our target is to achieve more functions for more customization demands from different schools with different characters. The connection with Facebook, Wechat, and other social media is on the developing list.

We look forward to the future that we can provide more and more help on learning and campus management for students, teachers, principals, ICT administrators, and parents. And we’d love to grow up with you together.

Future is coming, Spirit is constant Dthe 73th China Education Equipment Display


Dec. 26 -28, 2017, the 73th China Education Equipment Display was held in Guangzhou Pazhou International Display Center. IQ Returnstar Technology, under the core concept of smart school, smart evaluation , exhibit the integrated solution of smart schools that combines smart entrance, smart administration, smart teaching, smart evaluation and IQ multi-media products that includes IQOne and IQAiO. Many people came to visit the show

In order to make users get a great insight of our products and solutions, the display area is divided into speaker area, solution area and activity area. Subsystem application scenarios have been exhibited such as IQ Interactive Class, administration platform of Tianwa Students overall quality evaluation, IQ system for class arrangement and selection, IQ administration platform of educational equipment and IQ classroom digital signage.

On the activity area, we prepared many gifts and make great interaction with present customers. The event has appealed hundreds of people.

From the official launch of IQ brand in 2006 to the sub-brand Tianwa in 2016, Returnstar Technology has transformed from the supplier for simple interactive multimedia display equipment to the supplier for smart education overall solutions and products. Returnstar has successfully presented a transformed and upgraded new look to the present leaders and partners on this exhibition.

IQ New Multimedia Products

IQ New Multimedia products mainly include IQTouch, IQAiO (all-in-on interactive whiteboard system) and IQBoard MRQ of 150 inches. Under the design idea of exquisite skills, simple operation , IQ new multi-media products have received great reputation in the industry with its practical, simple and durable performance. Many customers stopped to experience our products.

IQ Smart School Overall Solution

IQ Smart School overall solution is an integrated solution after IQ is transformed and upgraded. It includes IQ Smart Teaching solution, IQ Smart Administration solution and administration cloud platform of Tianwa Students overall quality evaluation, which satisfies the need for information management in the time of Internet Plus.

IQ Smart Teaching solution, equipped with interactive class system and smart cloud teaching platform, covers various learning sections including speaking, practice, tests and evaluation through wireless transformation, cloud service and smart recognition technology. On the exhibition, presenter showed IQ interactive class scenery, appealing many visitors to experience our products.

The future is coming, the spirit is constant.

Education information will fully develop in the future. Returnstar Technology continuously stick to the enterprise mission transform education through technology and carry forward the IQ spirit innovate with quick speed and step forward with determination . We constantly make effort to innovate professional skills and commercial mode in order to serve education information construction.

Why Laser Projector Is The Future Of Projector? (Part II)


In the last article, we have talked about the benefits of the laser projector, now we??d like mentioned something you must care about when purchasing the laser projector.

There are many models to be optional on the market and each one counter different prices. You may get confused why some models are cheaper or more expensive, how do you choose. Here, I want to advise two key points for you:

1.DLP chip.

The different chip will totally counter different prices, 0.47 DMD with great prices but maybe not perform very well in brightness, test result shows it can achieve at most 1200-1600lum. Another disadvantage of 0.47chips is it not suitable for big screen, it may occur color fading in size like 100inch. The latest DLP technology used in the projector now is 0.65DMD, which have much improved in both problems.

2.Fewer laser, lower prices.

You may also notice that laser source has a pure laser and hybrid laser. Pure laser working structure is: Laser source with phosphors to create light as following picture shows.

For hybrid source, working structure is: LED source+ Laser source+ Phosphors. One benefit of the hybrid is saving cost.

Use the hybrid source, it may emerge three questions:

2.1 Hybrid SSI(ReD +Laser or Red/Blue+Laser)will generate imbalance question due to different color source.

2.2 Due to the large light-emitting angle of the LED, the light-emitting angle relative to the laser light source is small, and the optical system can not collect more light energy to increase the brightness by increasing the number of LEDs, it will cause hybrid source with bad light collection efficiency, on account of this, it will reversely result in hybrid projector in high brightness mode must sacrifice color balance, if choose the color balance mode must sacrifice brightness, it will only 1500 lum.

2.3 Hybrid source (LED & Laser) efficiency decay trend inconsistent, long-term use will result in can not maintain color balance, will also affect the lifetime of the projector.

3.Bottom Line

So many benefits of laser projector as I mentioned, but it still not popular in the market,why??In other words, What??s its disadvantage?That??s relatively expensive compared with traditional lamp projector, So how much will it cost for laser projector?The price will vary due to different chip and the laser source, different configuration required depends on your needs.Another solution for this disadvantage is IQ projector with 0.65DMD, pure laser projector are in end-year promotion, you can get this product with best prices ever,if you’re interested, don??t lose this opportunity.

Any market to accept new products will take time, the thing we can do is to go ahead than others, or we will leave behind by them.Lasers provide unparalleled superiorities, there is no doubt that laser projector would be the future of the projectors!

Why Classroom Management Is Important for Teachers?


In addition to being highly knowledgeable in the subject matter, teachers also need to know how to manage classroom dynamics effectively. This entails organizational and disciplinary skills that both help make different types of classroom interactions more systematic and aligned with the learning objectives. Otherwise, classes that are conducted by teachers with very minimal classroom management skills tend to produce less favorable outcomes, such as low student achievements. Some studies, in fact, suggest that when teachers are inefficient at managing disruptive classroom behavior, the average pace of cognitive development among all students suffer greatly.

If you happen to handle classes where disruptive behavior is present, then there are classroom management techniques that you can implement to reduce or even eliminate disruptive classroom behavior. This article presents two solutions–one a process and the other a set of methodologies–that you can use in various combinations depending on the learning conditions in each of your classes.

Class Management Process

This set of steps aim to transform the classroom environment into one that actively encourages learning. By modifying both the physical and human aspects of the classroom, teachers will be able to establish an ecosystem that has a positive atmosphere and one that compels everyone to attain learning goals.

  1. Have a plan.Nothing beats a comprehensive strategy for achieving learning goals. Each learning session must follow a pre-planned outline that details 1) the expected learning outcomes; 2) how the teacher is to introduce, demonstrate, or explain a lesson or subject matter; 3) the techniques by which the teacher will motivate the class to actively participate in the learning process; 4) how the students will participate; and 5) the alternative strategies in case the actual learning outcomes and student behavior are not what has been expected.
  2. Establish the best learning climate possible.Excluding human factor, the overall learning conditions in any classroom can be modified readily. How a room looks and feels have a direct impact on learning. Lighting can be configured depending on the teaching purpose, for example (well-lit rooms facilitate clear reception of all sensations especially those that are visual while a darkened room magnify sound sensations and may be good for articulating pronunciations, and other verbal concepts; a spotlight focuses students’ attention to a particular learning stimulus such as the teaching conducting a lecture, a visual image, or the whiteboard.). Get rid of disruptive background noise (a faulty electric fan or air conditioning unit, for example) whenever possible. Clutter and other visual pollution that unnecessarily divert people’s attention should also be addressed.
  3. Conduct class sessions efficiently.Clarify the goals you want your students to achieve and the ways by which they can achieve them. Never appear to be disorganized to your students. Be consistent in order to set an example and establish a clear system for different classroom activities.
  4. Practice authority positively.Develop mutual respect but integrate wholesome humor in your interactions. This will allow you to reach out to all your students and to avoid neglecting anyone. Maintain a positive and accessible demeanor so that your students will be encouraged to communicate. Practice the so-called three F’s required of successful educators: firmness, fairness, and friendliness.
  5. Class Management Techniques

Managing student behavior is critical to the success of your teaching sessions. You can use any of the following techniques in order to establish the right learning attitude among your students.

  1. Subject Focus.Everyone in your class should be primed for learning before you introduce a new subject matter. When students are engaged in chatter that is unrelated to the subject matter or appears to be doing something not related to the lesson, don’t continue your teaching until you get their full attention. Temporarily stop discussing the subject matter whenever you think students are not paying attention since that would be a waste of time and effort. Otherwise, opting to teach even when students are not paying attention will establish the notion that it is okay to be rude and to ignore someone speaking to you.
  2. Modelling.For the learning process to be healthy and effective, teachers need to establish their leadership and authority inside the classroom. They also need to exhibit the very traits they want their students to develop and possess. As role models, teachers should know and practice how to show respect and concern for others so that students can emulate their actions. In addition, teachers should show decisiveness and fairness in order to establish a good, disciplined environment for learning.
  3. Proximity and Modality.Students tend to be more involved when teachers are at arm’s length compared to when they are more distant. This is because people tend to do whatever they want to give the chance to do so. In a classroom setting, students in locations that are farthest from the teacher are likely to do their own thing and misbehave compared to those who are in close proximity to the teacher. To address this issue, move across the room during lectures or seatwork as much as possible. Equally, engage as many students as possible and make it clear that you confer due attention to everyone and care about their learning achievements.
  4. Reward System.Teachers should understand what motivates students and use these as platforms for cognitive development. Human needs such as a sense of belonging and affirmation can be used for further nurturing good classroom behavior. Also called “Positive Discipline” by some educators, this technique showcases positive traits instead of calling students’ attention to bad behavior. Praise and reward often accompany this technique and are used to reinforce everyone’s preference for good behavior.
  5. Regular and Random Aptitude Assessments.To check whether students are learning as much as expected, teachers should give regular tests in the form of announced exams, seat works, group activities, and other assignments such as random concept checking. Unannounced quizzes should also be regularly given not only to monitor students’ progress but also to compel students to consistently pay attention in order not to fail in the surprise quizzes.
  6. Lesson Management.The teacher’s understanding of people’s motives and behavior is just one side of the coin. The other side concerns teachers themselves. The fact is, while it is assumed that teachers know their subject areas adequately, sharing their knowledge is another matter. Due preparation and planning are necessary to conduct each learning session successfully.

Teaching is a rewarding profession and is critical in preparing the next generation of people for meeting the challenges of tomorrow. It can also be a highly stressful discipline especially for new teachers who are easily intimidated by adverse classroom dynamics. These guidelines should be able to help teachers streamline their classroom engagement strategies in order to yield positive outcomes–both for them and their students.


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