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Create a healthy learning environment for students

When it comes to effective learning, we have to attach great importance to health. IQTouch IFP provides ambient light sensors, smart eye care technology and antibacterial screens to ensure that the intelligence is without harming the health of students.

Smart eye protection solution

With embedded motion sensors, Smart Eye-Care solutions can work intuitively. In order to obtain a smooth and comfortable viewing experience, IQTouch IFP will automatically activate the flicker-free and low blue light functions by detecting the user's movement close to the screen. Like our HC900 Pro, embracing Rheinland’s certified anti-blue light technology, it can directly reduce 80% of harmful blue light from the LED backlight of the interactive flat panel through optimized chip algorithms, which provides students with a comfortable and healthy viewing environment while still maintaining color accuracy and high-quality visual effect on the screen. In terms of eye protection, HC900 Pro also integrates a smart ambient light sensor, which can automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the environment. The screen brightness becomes brighter as the ambient light increases and becomes darker as the ambient light decreases. It can protect the eyes of users, allowing them to watch the screen content more comfortably.

Anti-bacterial screen

Germ-Resistant Screen uses a non-toxic, long-lasting nano-ionic silver multi-layer coating, which can kill most of the bacteria that accumulate on the screen surface and prevent cross-infection or epidemics in the classroom. Even after thorough cleaning or long-term use, the antibacterial properties of ionic silver are still effective.

What does interactive flat panel improve education?

Active learning is paramount to maximizing STEM learning. Interactive flat panel displays bring STEM subjects to life: students can conduct labs and experiments at the display, work out equations as a team, and share their inquiry via screencasting to spark group discussion.
Developing Critical Readiness Skills, interactive flat panel displays help students of all ages develop critical life skills. The jobs of today and tomorrow require greater adaptability, problem-solving and critical thinking–to stay afloat in a competitive world, students need to be able to: Think critically,Observe and analyze,Come up with smart solutions to complex dilemmas,Answer higher-level questions that require thought and exploration,Learn to ask why, what if, and how to think through all sides of an issue.To prepare students for career and college readiness they need to be using classroom tech tools in ways that develop these critical skills, and interactive flat panel displays allow student the opportunities to do so.

Collaboration skills are also critical. Collaborating effectively is expecting in teamwork. While the traditional one-to-many lecture format fails to foster these skills, interactive displays enable constructivist learning, thus allowing students to work together to make connections and develop knowledge.

By 2030, 30% to 40% of jobs will require strong social and emotional skills. Automation is replacing jobs that require repetitive tasks, but today’s students will be engaged in tasks that machines cannot do, such as communication, management, and application expertise. Using interactive displays with classmates can help students develop socio-emotional learning (SEL) skills—such as self-awareness and self-management, social awareness, interpersonal skills, and responsible decision-making.

Interactivity and simplicity of a smart board

Up to 20 Point Touch

IQTouch is ideal for creative, inspired creation in art classes. Guarantee users to enjoy an effortless experience that feels like writing and drawing with actual pens and brushes. Many traditional Interactive Whiteboards only recognized two points of touch, which means that students and teachers may use only two fingers to explore their content. With 20 point touch, IQTouch interactive flat panel allows up to ten fingers can be in use at once, digging in and exploring the content on the interactive screen. This also makes it easier for multiple students to work together on projects, taking their learning to the next level through collaboration.

Simplicity is Key

With the latest incarnations of interactive touch panels, there’s no need to calibrate the system every time it’s turned on. Projectors are no longer required and subsequently, the expense and frustrations around replacing bulbs are eliminated. This means that there’s less class time lost on technology issues and more time spent actually working–something that every teacher is sure to appreciate. Providing teachers with technology that will allow them to focus more on the lesson makes it easier for them to complete their goals for the day.

The new generation of interactive smart board

We are now in the early stages of a technology revolution in the education sector. Over the next four to five years, it’s estimated that many schools will replace traditional-style interactive whiteboards with the new “large screen” interactive touch panel screens. What does this mean for interactive classroom technologies? The next generation has a variety of enhanced features that simply weren’t available with the previous generation of interactive whiteboards. As the technology improves, these interactive touch smart board will be even more valuable to students and teachers, allowing them to take their classes to the next level. In this article, we mainly talk about the changes of the display.

High Definition

With high definition, everything is up close and personal. In a classroom, teachers can make use of the new 4K or 1080P high definition interactive screens to bring experiences up close and personal for their students. Interactive dissections can be as hands-on and visual as if the students were actually undertaking the exercise for real. Images of historical places and events will be so clear, students will feel as though they’re actually traveling along with their teachers and classmates. High definition interactive screens have the power to transform the entire educational experience–and they’re coming now.

Ultra Bright

The brighter the screen, the easier it is for students to make out everything that’s going on in the lesson. There’s no need for students at the back of the class to squint and lean forward, desperate to make out something that’s clear enough in the front row. With ultra-bright technology, every image is crisper, clearer, and easier to see.

The beginning of endless possibilities for modern conference

IQTouch interactive flat panel depends on its dynamic possibilities of modern conference rooms to create a brainstorming environment that makes it easy to flow freely the ideas. It allows teamwork to be extended and seamless, and inspires more innovative ideas. It was born for collaboration, and it turns your creativity from abstract to reality. IQTouch interactive flat panel is the beginning of endless possibilities.

How does IQTouch interactive touch screen make business meetings better?
?Faster setup time
?The perfect combination of technology and office design
?Technology prepares the meeting room
?Everyone in the room can see the screen
?Everyone is more engaged
?Easier to present and share
?High security
?Enhance privacy
?More effectively push the company to achieve its goals
?Cultivate creativity and learning ability
?Integrate complementary skills, strengths, and perspectives
?Build trust; encourage equal participation
?Develop a strong sense of mission
?Strengthen employee development
?Teach conflict resolution skills
?Encourage cooperation/joint efforts
?Solve problems faster and increase innovation
?Create an efficient work rhythm ("divide and conquer" principle)
?Improve job satisfaction and employee retention

For Government Program
?IQTOUCH reduces business costs
?IQTOUCH improves business efficiency
?IQTOUCH enhances customer service
?Easy to communicate-the display can be changed at any time, and information different from static signs can be updated

What aspects of smart board affect us?

We know that creating new and exciting ways for teaching and learning is a challenge. Attracting students' attention is difficult, and keeping their engaged in class is harder. IQTouch interactive flat panel with smart teaching software - IQ KitsMemos V1.0 can help make learning interesting, enhance students' learning experience and work efficiency, and enable students to stimulate their potential.

IQTouch interactive flat panel and IQ KitsMemos V1.0  can be customized according to students' most effective learning, audio-visual, touch, and collaboration, thus bridging the gap between teaching knowledge, students' participation, and learning ability in the classroom.

It helps the students in the following aspects:
Test scores
Student participation
Student engagement

IQTouch provides various features with the most humanized services. Unlimited whiteboard notes screen with screenshots - have the ability to capture notes from the course and send them to students.

Easily connect and share content with IOS and Android devices via Eshare wireless presentation system feature - you can easily download the app, scan QR codes, connect to the interactive flat panel display and make real-time comments.

Other technologies (such as computers, tablets, cameras, microphones, speakers) enhance the learning experience. To complement the latest features of interactive flat panel, all IQTouch smart boards are bundled with IQ interactive education platform software, with multiple rich teaching tools to help teachers to create and present the lesson in a more effective and collaborative way.


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