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Educational digitalization - Interactive Flat Panel

    Nowadays, the interactivity in technology is becoming more and more developmental. We are gradually getting rid of blackboard and overhead projectors. Relatively, interactive flat panel is more popular in education. The interactive flat panel (IFP) greatly promotes teaching efficiency and student output. Compared with the past teaching aids, interactive flat panel make it possible to simplify the operation. We don’t need to rely a calibrated projector and replace the bulb. Moreover,  the screen is more clearly visible and the anti-glare function prevents students from being unable to see the screen due to light. It is no longer necessary for teachers to spend time printing paper documents or preparing presentations before class. If we want to increase the concentration of students while creating an enhanced learning environment that fully realizes its potential, then the corresponding technology for learning and teaching is very important. These displays can be wirelessly connected to student learning devices, and at the same time create student-teacher collaboration in the classroom, support full-channel annotations on the screen, and save or send annotations and screenshot to anyone at any time. Through personalized interaction, students' participation and interest can be improved.

    IQ has always been specializing in interactive flat panel in education. It has been well evaluated in the market with advanced technology and good user experience. Because we know the balance of collaboration and connectivity with individual learning is the key to the success of digitalization in educational environment. Interactive flat panel is a bridge to successfully integrate digital learning tools into your school, region and community. 

The development and advantages of interactive display

    An interactive display is a?embedded device that people can use digital touchscreen interactions to make vibrant visual presentations and enable listeners to have good discussion and interaction . As for a variety of its sizes, interactive displays are suitable for collaborative spaces such as small preschool classrooms and expansive corporate boardrooms. Due to the working principle of the interactive display, it can be easily implemented in the classroom. You can install the display on the wall or place on a mobile stand. Since our screen uses anti-glare glass, it can also be placed anywhere without reflection problems even in a sunny room.

    In the early 1990s, interactive technology has entered into schools and companys . When the first interactive projector appeared, which made it possible to share the computer screen or Meeting documents in the whole classroom or conference room. Compared with paper handouts and overhead projectors, these advanced technologies were an great improvement. And audio-only conference calls, they were still limited and affected by input restrictions and environmental factors.

    Interactive flat panel is the latest interactive tool for classrooms and business meetings. Our interactive flat panel displays allow users to show all content from their computer and display it on the screen. They can connect the device to the screen for interactive and collaborative courses or meetings. IQ Touch has high-resolution and low-glare images, so even the smallest text can be clearly seen on the screen. Users can operating the system and running any applications on their computer or laptop directly from the touch screen. It can help business and educational professionals or leaders leverage the power of the idea of personal communication on a larger scale. 

Interactive flat panel stand for flexibility

    The IQ mobile stand for IFP is designed to provide highly convenience and smooth connection of IFP . The stand has wheels that are easy to move. It can be flexibly moved anywhere throughout the classrooms or the school. The wheels can be easily blocked to stop the movement of the stand. 

    With the IQ mobile stand, you can enjoy the convenience of moving the interactive flat panel to any space of the classroom for facilitating teachers to create a collaborative learning atmosphere. The stand is compatible with all IQ interactive display sizes. The easy-to-use wall mount can be adjusted quickly and safely at any time according to the needs of the course. Optional floor supports eliminate the need for expensive wall reinforcement. The height-adjustable stand can easily adjust the display to the desired height which provides an ideal viewing experience. It is based on a unique spring system without additional power requirements. All interactive flat panel stands are durable and no cables or electrical connections are required. Therefore, it is reliable and can be used for a long time.

    Use IQ stand with your interactive flat panel display to perfectly adjust the height on the wall. The mobile stand allows you to move the interactive flat panel to any place around the room. A variety of stands provide the perfect solution for any classroom or meeting room. The IQ mobile stand is supported by high-quality square steel. The stand is stable and firm, which can prevent the interactive flat panel display from shaking or falling when you’re writing or touching. If you want to efficiently present interactive flat panel whether at home, classroom, conference room, or business exhibition, a mobile stand is a necessary choice.

Interactive flat panel displays for schools

    The interactive flat panel is an LCD panel that combines the appearance of an old traditional blackboard with modern digital technology. The electronic blackboard provides a precise capacitive touch screen for interactive multimedia teaching. According to different sizes of rooms, there are 65-inch, 70-inch, 75-inch and 86-inch interactive flat panels.The blackboard and chalk are almost students' memories of the school. We listen to the teacher's lecture and all rows of desks face the blackboard. In those days, interactivity meant worksheets or group assignments. However,with the development of educational technology, the period of using blackboards in classrooms have passed. Interactive flat panel displays are increasingly deployed in educational environments, which assists the process or teaching process with continuously evolving features and functions.

     In teaching, flexibility and adaptability are essential. The interactive flat panel technology frees the teachers in front of the podium from being restrained. They can move around freely while attending classes seamlessly. The display itself can be moved from one area of the classroom to another, so that lessons can be concentrated to a group of students. It can even move from one classroom to another, so that students can learn anytime, anywhere in schools. Activate your virtual lessons, student presentations and group discussions by combining video conferencing and teaching applications with unlimited writing canvases. Students can also take lessons from a tablet or IQ Touch interactive flat panel. They are not restricted by traditional fixed chairs, tables and desks, and are free to stand up and help each other.

    Students can stimulate interest in an interactive learning environment that combines visual aids and interactive teaching methods, which is why teachers must use new methods and tools that can enhance the learning experience. IQ Touch can intuitively develop, record and share ideas among people of all ages, so that it can adapt to various education and training goals.

Interactive flat panel with built-in camera

    Different series of IQ interactive flat panel have the function of built-in camera. The built-in camera is more convenient than external camera because everything is integrated in the interactive flat panel display, and all relevant software and drivers are pre-installed. So there is no need to consider other equipment and wires for installation. The built-in 1080p wide-angle camera allows you to watch from anywhere in the room. It can directly conduct video conferences without the need for troublesome preparations and electrical wire connections. Users immediately start the meeting by their own portable devices. It also can start efficient and collaborative meetings that you can choose time and place you would like to. One-click connection to achieve long-distance connection. The interactive flat panel supports remote screen sharing and writing synchronization. Convenient connection to wirelessly send content from PC to IFP. Control IFP via mobile device to make presentation and communication smooth.

     The built-in camera of interactive flat panel is designed to take full advantage of the dynamic possibilities of modern conference rooms and enhance which ideas flow freely in companies. Basedon the Android OS platform, IQ IFP with the size of the interactive flat panel series range from 55", 65", 75" and 86" is designed to enable meetings and presentations to proceed immediately. And you don’t have to use whiteboard, projector and other software. With the wireless mirroring option, you can enjoy a clean meeting room. It gives presentations, brainstorm ideas, and take notes without cables or markers running out.

Touch screen monitor of interactive flat panel

    IQ focuses on touch screen technology, providing a comprehensive digital display. Interactive equipment and immersive experience system that can enhance your business in a unique and exciting way, which increases customer engagement, loyalty and the overall efficiency of employees.

    IQ interactive flat panel has a durable, vibrant touch screen display solution that provides a series of high-quality solutions through various interactive technologies such as infrared and projected capacitive touch. Now, interactivity has become the standard. People hope to get the same touch experience as mobile phones, tablets on desktops and displays in public places. Natural human-machine interface research shows that touch is everywhere now.

    Users of IQ's interactive displays can enjoy many benefits. It provides users with a fast and intuitive interface, which can greatly simplify customer interaction and transactions. The user only needs to touch the display to make a selection. You don’t have to use keyboard that saves space and complexity. Through extensive intuitive and user-friendly touch screen displays of IQ, you can better interact with customers. IQ interactive display has a wide viewing angle and excellent picture quality, providing clear and accurate content. It also creates an interactive and pleasant environment through our intuitive touch screen.

    The interactive flat panel uses the most advanced touch technology and fast response time to share and brainstorm effectively. Write and explain ideas seamlessly on the board to simplify collaboration. With their user-friendly design and simple functions, IQ make it easy to create a comfortable environment for all users.


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