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IQ&Q-NEX Reflects on a Resounding Success at Didacta Italia 2024

IQ&Q-NEX Reflects on a Resounding Success at Didacta Italia 2024


Florence, Italy - March 23, 2024 - As the curtains draw on Didacta Italia 2024, IQ&Q-NEX stands poised to reflect on a triumphant showcase of educational innovation and technological prowess. From March 20 to 22, the halls of Fortezza da Basso in Florence pulsated with excitement as IQ&Q-NEX unveiled a dazzling array of products destined to reshape the landscape of learning.

Nestled within Booth K03, IQ&Q-NEX's exhibition space was meticulously designed to captivate the imagination and inspire innovation. Adorned with vibrant displays and interactive showcases, the booth beckoned attendees to embark on a journey into the future of education, where cutting-edge technology harmonizes seamlessly with pedagogical excellence.

A highlight of the event was the enthusiastic participation of local Italian school teachers, who flocked to Booth K03 in search of innovative solutions to enhance their classroom experiences. Their presence underscored the pivotal role of educators in driving the adoption of transformative technologies, and IQ&Q-NEX was honored to engage with them in meaningful dialogue and collaboration.

In addition to welcoming esteemed educators, Booth K03 also served as a meeting ground for IQ&Q-NEX's existing clients and prospective partners. Amidst the bustling crowds, reunions were celebrated, and new connections forged, cementing IQ&Q-NEX's position as a trusted ally in the realm of educational technology.

Throughout the event, the palpable energy within Booth K03 was further fueled by the captivating demonstrations and immersive experiences offered by IQ's audio-visual equipment here and Q-NEX's innovative av control products. Attendees marveled at the capabilities of the IQTouch HA1100 Pro, the IQMeet 4K PTZ Conference Camera CV810 Pro, and the IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS710, recognizing their potential to revolutionize teaching and learning in classrooms worldwide.

To extend the reach of its message beyond the confines of the exhibition hall, IQ&Q-NEX leveraged the power of social media to amplify its presence at Didacta Italia 2024. Strategic posts and real-time updates kept followers engaged, providing a glimpse into the excitement and innovation unfolding within Booth K03. Screenshots of engaging social media posts capturing the highlights of the event were prominently displayed, seamlessly integrating digital and physical interactions to create a truly immersive experience for visitors.

As the sun set on Didacta Italia 2024, IQ&Q-NEX looked back on the event with gratitude and pride, thankful for the opportunity to connect with passionate educators, visionary leaders, and forward-thinking individuals who share their commitment to revolutionizing education. With renewed inspiration and determination, IQ&Q-NEX looks forward to continuing its journey of innovation, shaping the classrooms of tomorrow and empowering learners around the world.

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A Deep Dive into IQBoard Technology

A Deep Dive into IQBoard Technology


We are living in an era of continuous digital development, and the new era of educational information technology is also constantly changing the digital space of education. For example, interactive panels are constantly empowering our education and teaching. Leading the charge in this arena is IQBoard Technology, with its latest offeringthe IQTOUCH 1300 Series. In this article, we will discover what makes the IQTouch interactive flat panelss stand out by viewing its features and appication scenarios.

1. A Closer Look at the Tech Specs

The IQTOUCH 1300 Series comes in various sizes for meeting different needs65, 75, 85, 98 and 110 inchesall boasting stunning 4K UHD resolution. That means each display is packed with over 8 million pixels, ensuring crisp, clear images that can captivate any audience. But it doesnt stop there. These displays are designed with high brightness, high contrast, and excellent color reproduction, making your content pop in any lighting condition. Durability and user-friendliness are equally prioritized. Equipped with 7H hardness rating anti-glare tempered glass, these screens are tough, resisting scratches and impacts. Plus, they offer a wide 178-degree viewing angle, ensuring everyone in the room gets a great view, regardless of where theyre sitting.

2. Sound and Touch: A Symphony of Interactivity

IQTouch interactive panel not only pursues the ultimate audio-visual experience, but also continuously improves on the touch experience. In addition to feeling the clear and powerful audio provided by the built-in 20 watt speaker, you can also enjoy the convenience of precision touch technology.

2.1 The Power of Sound: A Sonata for Enhancing Interactive Experiences

IQBoard didn't skimp on sound quality either. Each display features two built-in 20-watt speakers, providing clear, robust sound right out of the boxperfect for videos, presentations, and multimedia lessons. This enhances the overall experience of the viewer or participant, enabling them to fully engage with the content and grasp the intended information. Robust subwoofer speaker sound reproduction adds depth and richness, making audio elements more impactful and immersive.

2.2 Tactile Interaction: Explore the wonderful world of interactivity

Perhaps the most notable feature is the seamless touch capability. Like IQTOUCH TB1300 PRO support full-channel 40-point touch control and 20-point writing capabilities for seamless interactions, allowing multiple users to interact with the screen simultaneously. Whats more, theyre completely passive, meaning you don't need a special pen to interact with themthough one is included for those who prefer it.

3. Out-of-the-Box Functionality

Unpacking your IQTouch interactive flat panel, youre ready to hit the ground running. The built-in dual platform like Windows 10 and Android 13.0 of IQTOUCH 1300 Series gives you immediate access to a plethora of apps, some preloaded and others available through IQBoards app marketplace. And for those who need something more specialized for screen sharing and brainstorming, or even QNEX Web Console for effective centralized control, loading apps from APK packages is an option as well.

3.1 Empowering Communication and Immersive Learning

The software suite is impressive, touting various pen like IQ SmartPen SP200 for smooth writing and switching and drawing tools for creating 2D and 3D shapes, making it a digital whiteboard on steroids. From this, the effectiveness of communication is enhanced, allowing interactive participation, and facilitating a more immersive learning or sharing experience.

3.2 Unleashing Productivity and Creativity with Split-Screen Magic

Split-screen functionality enables different activities on each half of the screenthink blue on one side, orange on the other. It even includes clever features like erasing with the palm of your hand. This way, because the user can work on multiple tasks or applications in parallel on the IQTouch interactive flat panels without switching between desktops or apps. It eliminates the need for constant navigation and context switching, thus saving time and increasing efficiency. It also enables multiple users to engage in different tasks or discussions simultaneously, thus facilitating collaboration and facilitating real-time interaction. For example, teams can work on joint projects, compare and analyze data, or brainstorm ideas on the same window view.

4. Enhancing Classroom and Meeting Engagement

Not only can you experience seamless file sharing with Air Share on the IQTouch interactive flat panel. In addition, real-time content sharing makes work more efficient.

4.1 Air Share: Seamless Mobile Device Connectivity for Interactive Engagement

One of the standout built-in functions is Air Share. It allows participants to connect to the display from their mobile devicessimply by scanning a QR code or entering a URL generated by JoinMemos V1.1 after discussion. This feature is perfect for quizzes, polls, and interactive lessons, offering immediate feedback and fostering engagement.

4.2 Screen Share: Real-Time Content Sharing for Collaborative Visual Experiences

Screen Share is another innovative feature, mirroring whats on your mobile device directly onto the IQTouch interactive flat panels. The split-screen functionality offered by IQBoard holds significant functional significance in enabling different activities on each half of the screen. This is ideal for sharing content in real-time, ensuring everyones on the same pagewhether its documents, presentations, or videos.

5. Connectivity and Expansion Options

Regarding connectivity, the IQTouch displays are well-equipped. They feature multiple HDMI 2.0 inputs, VGA, composite input, analog and digital audio outputs, and several USB portsincluding USB 3.0. Theres also an OPS PC slot for those needing a more secure installation, with i3, i5 and i7 Intel Core processor options.


With high-quality visuals, robust interactivity, and thoughtful design of IQBoard Technology's creative touch line, it represents a significant leap forward. Whether it's for educational purposes, business meetings, or public presentations, IQTouch interactive flat panelss promise to elevate the experience for presenters and audiences alike.

For more information, its worth clicking here to reach out to an IQBoard Sales Professional or visiting our website.

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How to Simplify Screen Sharing on Your Mobile and Panel with EShare

How to Simplify Screen Sharing on Your Mobile and Panel with EShare


Wireless transmission is increasingly becoming a key factor to improve the efficiency of team achievement sharing/In this article, we will introduce you to a magical combination of wireless file transfer, that is, using EShare to transfer files on IQTouch interactive flat panel. Bid farewell to the insertion of U disk, find the cable transmission of key files in the vast file sea, improve the efficiency of the team, and expand the boundless sharing of results.

1. Getting Started with EShare Pro

As a multi-screen interactive software, EShare has complete functions. It is compatible with a variety of devices for sharing, and can be used for casting, wireless display and remote control between mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and large monitors.

First things first, to share your phone's screen on the panel, you need the EShare Pro screen-sharing app. Good news it often comes pre-loaded on your panel. However, if it's not already installed, don't fret. The process is straightforward. You just need to download the EShare Pro app onto your mobile device. I've already done this, so we can jump right to how to use it.

2. 3Ways to Share Your Screen

Sharing your screen might sound like it requires tech wizardry, but with EShare Pro, it's pretty simple. Here's a step-by-step guide to get your mobile screen up on the panel. With just three easy steps, you can learn the secret of wireless screen sharing.

2.1 Open the EShare app

Open the EShare app on your mobile phone. You'll find it in your app drawer or home screen once it's installed.

2.2 Tap on Mirroring

Tap on Mirroring. This option opens the door to screen sharing literally.

2.3 Start Now

Hit Start Now. With this single tap, you're all set to broadcast your phone's screen onto the panel. Eshare supports file sharing of image, audio/video and document types. If you want to share a creative planning map designed for a long time, you can select the image to share it to the 4k ultra-clear large screen IQTouch. If you want to play music to lighten the atmosphere of the meeting, you can select any audio/video to share it to the large screen.

And just like that, whatever you see on your mobile is now visible on a larger panel. Feel like sharing a video? Go ahead. Need to present a document? You're all set. The possibilities are endless.

3.Why This is a Game Changer

Using the EShare Pro for screen sharing doesn't just expand your phone's display onto a bigger screen; it transforms how we share and consume content in shared spaces. Whether it's for work presentations, educational content, or just sharing videos and photos with friends and family, the simplicity and efficiency of EShare Pro make it an essential tool in our digital toolkit.

3.1 Multi-User Collaboration and Interaction

IQTouch interactive flat panel supports multi-touch and multi-user simultaneous use. For example, IQTOUCH TB1300 PRO supports full-channel 40-point touch control and 20-point writing capabilities. The IQTOUCH TE1300 supports splitting into nine small screens. Combining the ultra-clear display with the Eshare for easy sharing, multiple users can connect to the IQTouch interactive flat panel at the same time and collaborate and interact on the same screen. This allows team members to edit and annotate documentation, discuss, and communicate in real time, fostering teamwork and creativity.

3.2 Powerful Remote Control and Management Functions

Eshare provides powerful remote control and management functions, supporting wireless control through wireless mouse, air mouse, keyboard, touchpad and remote control, which complements the remote management function of IQTouch interactive flat panel. Users can remotely control and manage devices connected to the IQTouch interactive flat panel, including screen casting devices, audio devices, and other external devices. This provides convenience for IT administrators to centrally manage and monitor multiple devices, simplifying maintenance and support processes.

3.3 Cross-Platform Compatibility

Eshare has good cross-platform compatibility with IQTouch interactive flat panel. Eshare supports multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. And many IQTouch interactive panels are also embedded with the latest Windows and Android dual systems so users can use Eshare to interact and share with IQTouch interactive flat panels from different devices. This cross-platform compatibility allows team members to connect and interact with the IQTouch interactive flat panel using their preferred devices.


In the past, the presentation of file transfer was very cumbersome. Fortunately, technological advancements have simplified many unnecessary operations. With the EShare Pro app, screen sharing is now as easy as a few taps.The IQTouch interaction panel, combined with the Eshare software, provides powerful features to enhance communication. With multi-touch and multi-user capabilities, multiple users can collaborate and interact on the same screen at the same time, enabling real-time editing, annotation, and discussion. The remote control and management functions provided by Eshare simplify the device management and support process, while cross-platform compatibility allows users to connect and share IQTouch panels from various devices. These features enable teams to collaborate and unleash unlimited creativity.

Explore our product page to discover the finest interactive flat panels and click here to contact us for making your wireless screen transmission easier.

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Discover the Power of IQBoard's Interactive Panel for Enhanced Learning

Discover the Power of IQBoard's Interactive Panel for Enhanced Learning


Interactive falt panel has become an innovative teaching tool, which is widely used from primary school to higher education. As the leading educational technology brand in the world, IQBoard has a number of features and advantages, has become an indispensable tool in many campuses. Today, we will discover the remarkable features of IQBoard's IQTouch 1300 Series interactive panel and explore how it combines powerful software with a versatile operating system to deliver a superior user experience.

1. The Hardware that Sets It Apart

Right off the bat, the IQBoard interactive panel impresses with its robust build. Encased in Aluminum die-cast and shielded by toughened glass, it stands up to pressure and resists scratches and damage, ensuring longevity and durability.

But that's not all. The panel boasts dual 20-watt speakers delivering a total of 40 watts of audio power. This setup ensures clear, powerful sound projection, making it perfect for large rooms, from spacious classrooms to expansive conference halls.

1. Cutting-Edge Software and Operating System

At the heart of this panel's prowess is its sophisticated software, powered by Android 11 the latest in operating system technology. With a configuration of 4GB RAM and 32GB memory (expandable up to 64GB), it promises smooth, lag-free performance no matter the task.

2.1 Special Features for Enhanced Interaction

Whether you are a trainer, educator, or professional in another industry area, the interactive panel can provide the right service. It offers a variety of pen options and allows easy addition and removal of pages, making presentations and lectures vibrant. In addition, it includes digital rulers and preloaded 2D and 3D shapes for precise and creative work. Mind mapping and tabulation functions help to organize ideas and data effectively. The panel has dedicated software that meet different needs, catering to a wide range of educational and professional requirements.

2.1.1 Whiteboard Functionality

A highlight of the panel, the whiteboard feature caters to trainers, educators, and professionals. It provides a variety of pen options, including smooth, brush, and magic wand pens, allowing for versatile writing and drawing experiences. Adding and deleting pages is a breeze, making it a dynamic tool for presentations and lectures.

2.1.2 Ruler and Shapes

For those in need of precision and creativity, the panel includes a digital ruler and a range of pre-loaded 2D and 3D shapes. This feature is ideal for teaching geometry, design, and other subjects where visual representation plays a crucial role.

2.1.3 Mind Map and Tables

Organizing thoughts and data has never been easier, thanks to the mind map and table functions. Whether planning a lesson or breaking down complex topics, these tools help visualize and structure information effectively.

2.1.4 Software Icons for Every Need

The panel comes equipped with icons for whiteboard, finder, study, learn, and e-share pro, each offering specialized functions to cater to different educational and professional needs.

2.2 Versatile Dual Operating System: Android and Windows Integration

IQTouch 1300 Series interactive tablet built-in Wi-Fi, mainstream CPU, solid state drive, core graphics card, large memory and other powerful hardware, at the same time with a powerful Windows and Android dual system to host more applications.

You can experience the best of both worlds with the versatile dual OS integration of Android 13.0 and Windows 10 on our advanced IQTouch 1300 Series interactive tablet. Our panel is powered by advanced Android 13 and IQ OS V5.0 with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM to provide fast performance. Equally significant is the fact that you can alos use the Q Button of IQTOUCH TB1300 PRO to customize your favorite action path, so that seamlessly switch between two operating systems for endless possibilities and unparalleled interactive experiences. Whether you prefer Android's user-friendly interface and vast app ecosystem, or the power of Windows, our panels provide the flexibility to meet your needs.

2. Interactivity and Connectivity Reimagined

The interactive panel offers a range of interactive features that provide users with seamless flexibility and improve their overall productivity.

3.1 Unparalleled Interactivity

Delving deeper, the panels interactivity features, such as the intelligent pen that recognizes and renders perfect shapes, make it an unparalleled tool for educational engagement. Additionally, the mind map feature aids in brainstorming and organizing ideas, while the table function simplifies data presentation.

Additionally, it is important to highlight, IQTouch 1300 Series interactive panel is easy to operate, easy to master and use, teachers can quickly switch teaching mode, improve teaching efficiency. For example, in primary school music teaching, teachers can use IQTouch 1300 Series interactive panel to quickly present different teaching resources and applications, so as to improve the teaching effect. 48MP AI camera and 8-microphone array of IQTOUCH TB1300 PRO provide an unparalleled audio-visual experience that enhances academic engagement.

3.2 Seamless Flexibility

Flexibility in teaching and presentation is further enhanced with the ability to seamlessly scroll through content on the same page, eliminating disruptions. Plus, the indispensable undo and redo features ensure that mistakes are easily corrected, facilitating a smooth and efficient workflow. In addition to this, the easy operation of IQTouch 1300 Series interactive panel enables teachers to quickly switch teaching modes and improve teaching efficiency. Teachers can use interactive panel to quickly present various teaching resources and applications, such as teaching software, interactive courseware and network courses, and enrich teaching content and form to meet the learning needs of different students. Through the convenience of the ineractive flat panels, teachers can arrange teaching activities more flexibly and improve teaching effectiveness and students ' learning outcomes.


In the future development, the IQBoard interactive electronic panel will play a more extensive and important role. The IQTouch 1300 Series interactive panel stands as a testament to the profound impact of technology on education and professional training. With its sturdy hardware, advanced software, and an array of interactive features designed to foster learning and creativity, it offers an unparalleled tool for educators, trainers, and professionals. Whether it's in a classroom setting or a corporate boardroom, the IQBoard interactive panel is poised to transform how we communicate, teach, and learn.

Click here to contact us today to learn more about the top-notch interactive flat panels available for you.

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Transforming Classrooms with IQBoard's Interactive Flat Panels

Transforming Classrooms with IQBoard's Interactive Flat Panels


In educational technology, we can observe that interactive flat panels is gradually infiltrating its educational influence, it revolutionizing the way teachers deliver lessons and engage with students. For example, IQBoard's IQTouch series interactive flat panels can display teaching content on the screen in various forms such as images, video and audio, so that students can understand and master knowledge more intuitively. In this blog, we will dive into what makes IQBoard's interactive flat panels stand out.

1. Elevating Classroom Experiences

IQBoard's interactive flat panels aren't just another piece of tech in the classroom; they're a bridge to a more engaging, efficient, and collaborative learning environment.

With a reputation for bringing top-notch educational technology to schools, numerous campuses in the world has adopt these powerful panels, from Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Singapore to Uttaradit Rajabhat University in Thailand The widespread adoption across various countries is a testament to the value these panels bring to educational settings.

2. The Technical Marvels

Roland Hamilton from IQBoard gave us an in-depth look at the features that set their interactive flat panels apart from the competition. Here are some highlights:

2.1 Clarity and Durability

All panels come in 4K UHD resolution across three sizes (65", 75", and 86"), ensuring crystal-clear display quality. They're equipped with 7H hardness rated glass, making them as scratch-resistant as quartz crystal. This attribute, paired with the fact that they're framed in durable metal, means these panels can withstand the wear and tear of daily classroom use. In addition, the larger screen IQTOUCH TB1300 PRO uses advanced high-resolution technology and ZERO+ Bonding screen technology to provide large screen sizes of 98 inches and 110 inches for auditory-halls, conference centers and large classrooms. So the teaching contents, presentations and multimedia materials can be presented in a more vivid and distinct way, and the effect of learning and communication can be improved.

2.2 User-friendly Interface

The panels function like giant Android tablets, providing a seamless and intuitive experience for users. They come with customizable menus, allowing educators to tailor the interface to their needs. Moreover, the boards feature an active pen holder, offering an easy way for teachers to launch apps or erase content with a simple gesture. IQTouch HA1100 Pro, IQTOUCH TE1200 PRO and IQTOUCHTB1300 PRO all have user-friendly Q button function to provide users with a fast and customized operation experience. Users can set their most frequently used applications as shortcuts to the Q button for one-click launch, improving productivity and ease of operation. Of course, you can also easily switch to the operating system between Windows or Android systems that you want according to specific needs and personal preferences.

2.3 Versatile Connectivity

Compatibility with various devices and operating systems (Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS) makes these panels a flexible choice for any classroom setting. They support wireless sharing and casting from multiple devices simultaneously, including Apple products through AirPlay, enhancing collaborative learning experiences.

2.4 Powerful Software Tools

IQBoard's Creative Touch boards come loaded with educational software and applications like IQClass One for classroom interaction and  including access to the IQBoard App Marketplace. The boards also support video teleconferencing apps like Zoom and Skype, making remote teaching and guest lectures a breeze.

3. Revolutionizing Teaching with Interactive Features

One of the most compelling aspects of IQBoard's interactive flat panels is their suite of interactive functions designed to make teaching more dynamic and engaging. Here are a few standout features:

3.1 Interactive Whiteboard

This is the heart of the panel's functionality, offering teachers a digital canvas to bring lessons to life. From handwriting recognition to a wide selection of templates and backgrounds, the possibilities for creative teaching are nearly limitless.

It is worth mentioning that the full channel 40-point touch control of IQTOUCH TB1300 PRO provides a great help for writing. High-precision touch technology can accurately track and capture the writing movement, multiple touch points can be recognized and responded to at the same time, we can use multiple fingers or stylus to write on the screen, simulating the writing experience on real paper. Multi-touch makes it possible to write and perform other operations simultaneously, enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of operations.

3.2 Google Classroom Integration

IQBoard's panels seamlessly integrate with Google Classroom, allowing educators to access materials directly from the board and enrich their lessons with digital resources.

3.3 Built-in Web Browser

With this function, teachers can quickly pull in web content to complement their lessons, making it easy to find and present information on-the-fly.

3.4 Document Camera and USB Microscope Compatibility

This feature turns the flat panel into an exploratory tool, allowing teachers and students to examine objects or documents in detail, enhancing hands-on learning. For example, the interactive 4K document camera IQView E4521 features a 10x optical zoom, ensuring that participants have a clear, detailed understanding of the process of focusing.

4. IQBoard Management Suite

In addition to the remarkable features designed for educators, IQBoard provides a comprehensive management tool for IT administrators. The QNEX Web Consloe and QNEX Touch Control Panel offers a centralized platform to control and manage all the panels within a school, from troubleshooting alerts to scheduling power offs and broadcasting important messages.

In Conclusion

IQBoard's interactive flat panels represent a significant leap forward in educational technology. Whether you're an educator looking to enhance your teaching methods or a school administrator aiming to upgrade your technology infrastructure, IQBoard's solution is worth considering.

Click here to start transforming your workplace with our intelligent interactive flat panels - contact us today.

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Interactive Boards in the Classroom: A Comparison

Interactive Boards in the Classroom: A Comparison


Interactive boards have gradually become one of the main roles and educational facilitators in classrooms. Its role is not only to enhance the learning experience of students, but also to provide strong support for teachers to improve their teaching level. The evolution from the traditional Iqboard interactive whiteboard from the first version to the updated one also represents a major leap forward in the technological integration of educational technology devices. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of both types of interactive boards, exploring the constantly updated interactive board functionalities, compatibility, and how they meet modern educational needs.

1. The Classic Interactive Whiteboards

IQBoard interactive whiteboards have long been celebrated for their adaptability and ease of use.

1.1 Versatile Connectivity and Enhanced Functionality of Interactive Boards

These boards effortlessly connect with a variety of computers, including Weiss machines, Chromeboxes, and any standard Windows laptop, making them a versatile tool in any educational setting. Featuring larger screen size and more precise internal electronic components, they mirror the traditional whiteboard's shape, but with digital capabilities.

1.2 Limitations of Traditional Boards and the Need for Advanced Interactive Display Solutions

However, these traditional boards come with their set of limitations. They can only handle one interaction at a time and depend on ceiling-mounted projectors and bulbs for display, which can sometimes diminish clarity and brightness. Moreover, they always require a computer to be attached for their interactive features to work, which can be less convenient in dynamic classroom settings.


Although traditional interactive boards can be effortlessly connected to a variety of computers. However, the traditional board has many application level limitations. To overcome these limitations, we need to shift our thinking and think of more advanced interactive display solutions to provide new features of seamless connectivity, multi-user interaction, and independent operation.

2. The Arrival of Flat Panel Interactive Boards

Enter the new Iqboard flat panel interactive boardstop industry experts in educational technology. These boards share the same versatility in connecting with devices like the Chromebox, Weiss machine, or a Dell laptop. However, they take flexibility a step further by allowing multiple inputs simultaneously. This means educators can switch between a Chromebook and a Windows machine with just a touch, making lessons more fluid and engaging.


In addition, these latest panels boast a sleek 16x9 length to height ratio, closely resembling a modern television screen, and offer stunning 4K resolution for unparalleled clarity. Perhaps one of the most significant upgrades is the ability to write on the panels using either a special pen or simply a finger. These boards also introduce two-way screen sharing, not previously available, enabling real-time collaboration and interaction.

3. Enhanced Interactivity and Flexibility with Flat Panel Interactive Boards

The IQTouch flat panels offer precise handwriting and erasing capabilities, distinguishing between finger input and palm input. This feature enhances the user experience, ensuring smooth and intuitive interactive sessions. The improved tracking and clarity of handwriting contribute to accessible and effective learning. Additionally, these panels provide versatility in their setup, allowing for wall mounting or placement on a mobile stand, accommodating various classroom layouts and teaching styles.

3.1 Precise Handwriting and Erasing on Flat Panel Boards

One of the standout features of the flat panel boards is their ability to distinguish between a finger (for drawing or writing) and a palm (acting as an eraser).

3.1.1The Impact of Functionality Barriers on Education

Educational interactive panels that lack precise handwriting and erasure capabilities may cause difficulties in writing, learning, recording errors, and creative limitations for teachers, students, conference and training participants, as well as designers. For example, teachers and instructors often need to write and mark content during the teaching process. Without precise handwriting function, they may not be able to write clear text or details, which affects the effectiveness of teaching. Students may also encounter difficult to recognize text or incorrect handwriting, leading to difficulties in understanding and learning.


This precision significantly enhances the user experience, ensuring that interactive sessions are smooth and intuitive. The improved tracking and clarity of handwriting on these new panels are commendable, making learning more accessible and effective. Besides, the IQTouch HA1100 PRO with infrared ultra fine touch and gesture recognition, as well as the IQTOUCH TB1300 PRO with 40 touchpoints, will be the best choices for your education and learning.


3.2 Versatile Setup Options: Wall-Mounted or Mobile Stand for Flat Panel Boards

Furthermore, these panels offer increased versatility in their setup. They can be either wall-mounted or placed on a mobile stand, catering to the needs of different classroom layouts and teaching styles.

For users who want a stable and consistent meeting space and want to permanently install the interactive panel in their classroom or conference room, the wall-mounted option allows users to attach the flat electronic whiteboard to the wall, saving space and making the classroom cleaner.

And for users who pursue flexibility, the option of mobile tablet holder can satisfy them to move it to different locations and teaching environments at any time, which is very convenient for users who need to frequently change the classroom layout or perform demonstrations and training in different places. Whether wall-mounted or mobile flat stand, these versatile setup options enable users to install and use flat electronic whiteboards according to their needs and preferences. This flexibility can lead to better user experience and higher efficiency in both educational and business environments.


The shift from traditional IQBoard interactive whiteboards to the more advanced flat panel interactive boards IQTOUCH TB1300 PRO is a leap towards more interactive, engaging, and visually captivating learning environments.

Overall, while the classic boards have served us well with excellent services, the enhanced clarity, versatility, and interactivity of the new panels offer an exciting opportunity for educators and students to connect and learn in ways never before possible. Whether it's through multi-device connectivity, high-definition displays, or intuitive input options, the future of classroom interaction looks bright with these innovative tools at our fingertips.

For a comprehensive examination of optimal interactive flat panels for your classroom, we recommend visiting our product page or contacting us via our contact form.



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