How powerful is a smart board?

How powerful is a smart board?

With the development of information technology, multimedia touch integrated computer provides a new interactive teaching platform for the new curriculum reform. IQBoard makes your class more convenient. It is easy to operate with one-button to switch, one-button on or off information processing unit, interactive display unit (with shutdown delay function), control unit and speaker unit. Independent component and original front open cover structure design, easy to install and maintenance.

The integrated structure of the built-in power supply, one power input can supply power for each functional unit of the all-in-one machine, radiation protection, shock protection, leakage protection, to ensure the safety of users. With electronic access control unit, IC card control operation panel to open and close, it  effectively protects the use of the all-in-one machine, anti-theft, anti-man-made damage.

The interactive electronic whiteboard in the interactive display unit adopts electromagnetic induction technology, sensitive induction, smooth writing, PET environmental protection material, dust proof, impact proof, scratch proof, etc., especially suitable for the current classroom environment in China, compared with other types of writing display terminal, high stability, strong reliability, product long service cycle.

The device has VGA input, USB and other interfaces, which can connect to the Internet and synchronize with the world. The information processing unit has its own wireless network module, which can be connected with the student information processing unit to realize the synchronous interaction between the all-in-one machine and the student PC.

Customized to meet the differentiated needs of users. In the way of installation, users can choose to hang wall type, embedded, scaffolding type and other modes. In the interactive display unit, users can choose interactive electronic whiteboard with different sizes and specifications according to their own needs. If you’re interesting in our product, get information in:

The changes brought by the smart board to the teaching mode

The changes brought by the smart board to the teaching mode

In the traditional teaching process, everything is decided by the teacher.The teaching content, teaching strategies, teaching methods, teaching steps and even students' exercises are arranged by teachers in advance. Students can only passively participate in this process, that is, they are in the state of being indoctrinated.

With the rapid development of social economy and the acceleration of social transformation, modern science and technology have also exerted a great influence on the education industry. In terms of the current social situation, the traditional teaching mode is dominated by the teacher. The teacher, as the decision maker, will set relevant contents in class in advance, and the students cannot influence the teaching mode.  Because of the increasing influence of modern science and technology, multimedia touch-controlled teaching machine has become a new teaching ways in contemporary education.

At present, profound changes have taken place in the field of education in China, with "informationization" and "Internet +" gradually entering the classroom. It has realized the interconnection of the network platform, the sharing of high-quality resources among classes and the sharing of the network learning space among all people, which has improved the quality of China's education while increasing the efficiency.

Through the widespread application of touch-controlled all-in-one machine by teachers in class, it has benefited all schools, classes and individual students.The effective combination of touch-based all-in-one machine and classroom improves students' learning ability for primary school mathematics knowledge and the teaching quality of primary school mathematics in China.Thus it can be seen that the widespread application of touch-controlled all-in-one machine in primary school mathematics classroom will be beneficial to the development of primary school mathematics education.

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Touch screen with IQ Interactive Education Platform

Touch screen with IQ Interactive Education Platform

It is really excited to tell you about some of the main features that our IQTouch Interactive flat panel. Interactive all-in-one machine is a high-tech product integrating the functions of HD TV display, tablet PC, built in speaker interactive electronic whiteboard, screen sharing for BYOD and other devices, which enriches teaching sources and enhances the teaching demonstration. TV display function demonstrates HD video with high contrast and brightness and 178 degree angle of view. Touch screen function supports finger operation without any special pen assisted. The sound restoration of built in 15w speaker is realistic with the high quality performance. What’s more, screen sharing function can achieve remote sharing and real-time synchronization so that students share ideas when they get instant inspiration.

While switching to PC mode, it is not only a computer but also a large-screen touch-controlled electronic whiteboard that is our built in software IQ Interactive Education Platform. It provides a variety of teaching tools to facilitate your presentation. Each subject has its own unique toolbar like only the mathematics subject toolbar has functions, and the chemistry subject toolbar embraces a periodic table of elements. The background color of the page, the toolbars and other functions can be modified and customized reasonably according to the needs of users. Hand writing and gesture recognition is also supported for quick operation. Desktop mode allows you same operation with the computer while toolbar is always there for your handy use. What can’t be ignored is cloud platform like OneDrive and Dropbox access to get abundant resources. Actions speak louder than words. Let’s get to know more about IQ Interactive Education Platform in
The advancement of video conferencing technology

The advancement of video conferencing technology

As the current most advanced communication technology, high-definition video conference can be realized by only accessed the Internet. It have replaced part of the business travel and become a telecommuting latest model, which improves the efficiency of users’ communication and management, and reduces the business travel expenses. In recent years, the application of video conferencing has expanded rapidly from government, public security, military, court to science and technology, energy, medical care, education and other fields. It almost covers all aspects in life.

In addition, the video conferencing system contained voice conferencing system allows all desktop users to participate in voice conferencing via PC, which is a derivative of video conferencing. At present, the voice system is also a reference condition for multifunctional video conferencing.

IQMeet Conference Solution offers various products for the demand of different size room like small, medium-size and large room. Users can choose different device according to the size of the meeting room. We not only support Camera (CV230, CV270, CV410, CV800) or Speakerphone (S230, S330, S500), but also an integrated solution (JoinOne AHY200, JoinGroup AVS200) for the video conferencing system to be built in one step. General conference room device with video tracking camera can be remotely controlled to turn left and right to cover the meeting of anyone and anything. Come with IQMeet Conference Solution to enjoy the ultimate video conferencing experience. More details in
The interactive display market report

The interactive display market report

The scale, trend and forecast of the interactive display market are analyzed in accordance with value, production capacity, company, application, market segment, region, etc. The report that summarizes the factors driving the growth of the interactive display assesses the key opportunities in the market. Considering the previous growth mode, growth momentum, and future trends, the growth of the entire interactive display market from 2020 to 2025 is also predicted.

The Interactive Display Market Report analyzes the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the interactive display market. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in February 2020, the pandemic has spread to more than 180 countries around the world, and it is a public health emergency that World Health Organization declared. The global impact of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in 2020 has already begun to appear and will significantly affect the interactive display market.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought effects on many aspects, like flight cancellations, travel bans and quarantines, city lockdown, mall closed, gathering events restricted, slowing of the supply chain, countries emergency declared, unpredictability of stock market, falling business assurance, growing panic among the population about future. COVID-19 mainly affects the global economy in three kinds of ways: by directly affecting production and demand, by creating supply chain and market disturbance, and by its financial impact on firms and markets.
The developing trend of interactive flat panels during the COVID-19.

The developing trend of interactive flat panels during the COVID-19.

Vertical market in education, research, and academia have proven to be the main drivers of great advance in the development of interactive flat panel. The high demand for smart classrooms and intelligent devices globally stimulate the increasing of interactive flat panel which mimics real-life interactions.

Our IQTouch interactive flat panel is able to access to large amounts of data available on the network. This feature can be used to face virtual and e-learning challenges, such as the inability to explain confusing academic concepts in lecture. Despite the global impact caused by the pandemic, but the market is still much more optimistic than expected. Schools around the world have taken many positive measures against students who are unable to study in schools. Through digital teaching by the devices like IQTouch interactive flat panel and Lecture Capture System.

Educational institutions are investing heavily to purchase interactive flat panel in bulk and integrate them into the institutional infrastructure. The installation of these hardware solutions is expected to enlarge the sales and volume for the global market. With the increasing number of COVID-19 positive patients, the uncertainty of the next academic year have caused more and more students enrolling in virtual courses. The demand for smart education fuels the market at a remarkable rate.

The key strategy adopted by participants in the interactive flat panel market, the growing demand for interactive flat panel in emerging economies in Latin America and Africa, educators are facing the problems of low budgets and lack of infrastructure. The schools in India and China are rapidly implementing smart solution for class, which has led to a surge in the adoption of interactive flat panel in regional markets. Besides, remote work by interactive flat panel in meetings and conferences are required in business market, and online training even can be achieved by interactive flat panel because they can easily mimic real-life training courses.
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