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LCD Touch Panel - Suitable for School


LCD touch panels have emerged as accelerators in the learning and development of students within schools, colleges, and universities. Students of all ages are comfortable with the interface and are natural touch screen users.
Students with disabilities, including those with cerebral palsy and those suffering from complete paralysis, have been able to continue learning, thanks to advancements in touch screen solutions leveraging specialized software.
Touch screen devices have proven to be a complementary addition to traditional learning within the educational system. Instructors can use touch screens to increase student participation and improve overall collaboration within the classroom.
Studies have shown that students learn faster and learn more when they are active participants.

Used as digital whiteboards
Ideal for education environments, touch interfaces allow students to intuitively use pens and fingers to write, and erasers or palms to erase, just like with a normal chalkboard. With no complicated dropdown menus to navigate or buttons to press, the learning process can become fun and engaging as well as collaborative, as these whiteboards support multiple users.

Used as interactive displays
Can help teachers and students work collaboratively on projects and presentations. Many productivity applications such as Microsoft’s OneNote and PowerPoint have native support for both touch and styluses so using a touch technology that supports both can ensure that the maximum capability of these programs is utilized.

IQBoard Latest LCD Touch Screen Displays


With nearly 20 years in the specialty display industry, IQ is a leader in durable, vibrant touch screen display solutions. IQ offers a wide range of LCD touch screen display solutions from small custom LCD displays to large LCD video walls.

Durable and dependable, IQ touch screen displays enhance customer experience when used in demanding point-of-sale, point-of-purchase, and high traffic public access environments. Enabling a venue to instantly become state-of-the-art, the use of IQ touch screen displays change the experience of a customer, enabling them to seek information or perform on-site transactions. To enhance any public space, retail environment, or hospitality venue, IQ touch screen displays come in a variety of sizes, performance options and configurations.

With one to 20 touch points, IQ touch screen displays can allow multiple people to interact with the display while not affecting other users. With well-integrated touch technology, IQ touch displays enable pinpoint accuracy and prevents false touch points.

There are many benefits in selecting a display with touch screen technology. Touch technology provides a fast and intuitive interface for users and simplify customer interactions. Users do not have to know how to use a computer and can simply touch the display to make selections. 

There are several uniquely different types of touch screens of IQ, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here are the three latest ones.


IQTouch C Pro Series


IQTouch C Pro will create a collaborative and interactive atmosphere in the classrooms or workplaces, where partners could work together by casting their mobile devices wirelessly. With IQShare Lite, it could realize no cable, no set-up no waiting to join in to share and display the laptop screen to IQTouch C Pro screen instantly.

20 points touch

4K display

Support group video conference with the third-party application and external camera

Cast mobile devices on the IQTouch C Pro screen wirelessly or use them to control the screen smarter

With IQShare Lite to join in to share and display the laptop screen to IQTouch C Pro screen instantly

Plug-n-play multimedia devices for fast presentation with rich ports


IQTouch K Series



IQTouch K series features 20 point touch and Android 8.0 system. 4k crystal clear display delivers the highest image quality. Optional multi-device casting software allow the wireless screen casting on IQTouch K series. IQClass 6.0 and installation-free IQClass plus software help make an interactive teaching in classroom.

4K UHD image display

20 point touch

Dual system: Android 8.0 & Windows 10 Pro

Free annotation on built-in OPS, Android system and external connected computers.

Fully compatible with Chromebook & Mac computer.


IQTouch L Pro


IQTouch L Pro features 20 point touch and Android 6.0 system. It supports 4K UHD crystal clear presentation. With multi-screen casting projection software, it can create a collaborative and interactive atmosphere in the classroom or workplaces, where partners could work together by casting their devices wirelessly.

20 point touch

4K UHD image display

Built-in Google Play Store to download all your favorite apps.

Built-in screen recording function

Free annotation for all input sources

IQBoard - Best Whiteboard Supplier


Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd, with IQ as main brand, has been dedicated into educational industry since 2006. So far, IQ products have received wide acknowledgement from international market.


IQ mainly provide 3 solutions for education and business: IQClass solution, IQSchool solution, and IQHome solution (in the near future).

IQClass solution includes a holistic set of hardware and software designed specially for education, including IQBoard Interactive Whiteboard Series, IQTouch Touch screen Displays series, IQBoard all-in-one infrared interactive whiteboard series, IQ Interactive Education Platform software, IQ Class V6.0 Software, IQClass Plus Software etc.

Hardware includes: Interactive whiteboard, all-in-one interactive whiteboard, interactive flat panel, document camera, wireless presentation system, laser projectors etc.


Software includes:

IQBoard Software (with IQBoard)

IQ Interactive Education Platform (with IQBoard, IQTouch, IQClick)

IQClass Software (with IQBoard, IQClick, IQPad)

IQView Visual Presenter and Evaluation System (with IQBoard, IQView)


IQSchool solution includes IOT (Internet of things), and Audio and Video transmission.

IQSchool is a unique technology solution that gives education administrators and teachers streamlined control and automation of multiple technologies, commonly operated independently - such as classroom control, distributed audio, video on demand, digital signage, P.A. (public address), bells and emergency alerts – all from a single platform.


Here are some examples of international schools which has used the IQSchool solution: 

Relying on IQClass and IQSchool solutions, mission of IQ is to transform education with technology.

Along this road, we would like to develop long term partnership with you, and grow up together.

What’s the Best Interactive Touch Screen Display for Classroom?


There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for ideal classroom display solutions. Fortunately, classrooms have options. Most classrooms benefit (hugely) from at least one interactive touch screen display. Many find that more than one display is ideal for flexible classrooms that maximize active learning.
Interactive touch screen displays – what some call smart flat-screen TVs – deliver loads of benefits. Here are ten of the top advantages of using an interactive touch screen display in your classrooms.

1.Support active learning 
Interactive touch screen displays have an inherent ability to bolster active learning. (Provided teachers use them for more than showing videos and slides). It’s one of the greatest advantages these dynamic devices bring to the classroom.
Interactive touch screen displays are masterful at enabling collaboration. Multitouch capabilities let several students manipulate onscreen content as a team. It’s an ideal way to brainstorm. Present. Analyze text or images. Work through an experiment. Or engage with a learning game. 

2.Developing Critical Readiness Skills
Interactive touch screen displays help students of all ages develop critical life skills.To stay afloat in a competitive world, students need to be able to think critically. They must be able to observe and analyze. To suss out smart solutions to complex dilemmas. They need to be able to answer higher-level questions that require thought and exploration. They need to learn to ask why, what if and how to think through all sides of an issue.
Using touch screen displays with classmates helps students develop social-emotional learning (SEL) competencies. Skills like self-awareness and self-management. Social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making.

3.Boosting Enthusiasm and Engagement
Students in classes that leverage an interactive touch screen display are more engaged. They pay more attention. They’re more positive about learning. Teachers often report that increased attentiveness and engagement are the top benefits of teaching with interactive display technology.

4.Enhance classroom management
Interactive touch screen displays can be a boon to keeping classes running smoothly. For one thing, the more engaged students are, the less likely they are to be disruptive. By making lessons more dynamic, students are inherently more captivated by the content. For another, interactive displays enable the use of can’t-be-missed visual aids. 

5.Easy to Implement
Compared to traditional interactive whiteboards and projector-based technology, they offer big benefits. Because they’re all-in-one solutions, they’re faster to deploy. They require virtually no maintenance. Plus, teachers get up and running with their dynamic displays with minimal training.

Choose Interactive Whiteboard ----- Does your have these features?


Gone are the days when you had to put “do not touch” signs on whiteboards to preserve what is written, or even resort to taking photos of its contents just to keep a record. Nowadays, there are Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) that allow you to write, share, and save your notes. You can easily annotate, and your notes will be mirrored on connected devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It can also work the other way around, where you write or draw on connected devices and then have it mirrored on the IWB in real time.


An Interactive Whiteboard allows for effective collaboration between the entire team. It opens many possibilities for presenting and conveying information to an audience. But with so many types available in the market today, it might be daunting to choose the right one for your organization. Here are some of the things you need to consider when choosing the right IWB model.


Multi-student participation

If you are looking to facilitate more collaboration and interaction between students in your classroom, you’ll want to look into purchasing an interactive whiteboard that allows for multiple students to interact with projected media.IQBoard all-in-one Infrared Interactive Whiteboard series is an example of an interactive whiteboard with a projector component that allows ten users to simultaneously write, perform mouse function, erase and manipulate objects on the interactive whiteboard.


Multi-device connectivity

Many classrooms have replaced desktop computers with laptops, tablets and even smartphones. If your classroom consists of multiple forms of digital devices,you’ll want to look into implementing an interactive whiteboard that can connect to more than just a desktop computer. IQBoard all-in-one interactive whiteboard series can connect to a PC, iPad, USB flash drive or any other device with a VGA or display port cable.


Classroom-ready Software

Incorporating technology in the classroom to enhance students learning is not a simple process. Creating lesson plans with a technological component can take careful consideration, and may even take some experimentation to see what works and what doesn’t. Some interactive whiteboard, such as IQBoard , come with classroom software, providing teachers with more options to create effective lessons and activities that will help to enrich students’ learning experiences.



Interactive technology in the classroom should have the ability to withstand frequent use. Students in classroom can cause a lot of wear and tear on devices, so you may need to consider an interactive whiteboard that is made of material meant to withstand classroom abuse.

IQBoard Digital Vision Touch Interactive Whiteboard


An interactive whiteboard gives you the ability to use a display as a touchscreen device for everything from whiteboard to collaboration. An interactive whiteboard is a tool that allows multiple people to engage in a collaborative experience using a touchscreen to take notes, annotate content, and more.

Interactive whiteboard has several technology, such as infrared, digital vision touch, projector capacitive touch etc. And this article will talk about digital vision touch interactive whiteboard of IQBoard brand.


It has four sizes: 82’’,87’’,92’’,100’’. and IQBoard digital vision touch interactive whiteboard support gesture recognition: 1 finger to write, 2 finger to select, and full palm to erase.


10 points touch and no special pen required

18 hotkeys on both sides for handy operation

For 92’’ and 100’’ size, it supports front detachable design for easy maintenance and upgrade.

Four high quality cameras to ensure excellent performance in anti-light interference.

Bundled with IQ Interactive Education Platform Software which has rich resources and tools, IQBoard Digital vision touch interactive whiteboard can achieve a vivid classroom solution


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