Guide to Buying Interactive Displays for the Classroom


Days are gone when investing in classroom technology meant nothing more exciting than choosing which colour of chalk to buy for the board. Now comes to a new age where interactive whiteboard and projection systems have become common place in the classroom, the advancing technological revolution is driving this arena to new heights.


Here in this article we will talk about our top tips for buying the best interactive panels for your classroom.


1. Size

For interactive whiteboard, when choosing the aspect ratio of interactive whiteboard, you need to refer to the projection size of the projector. The size will according to your classroom size.

For LCD flat panel interactive displays, the size of the room should dictate the size of your screen. The basic rule is that the screen should be large enough to allow the students at the back of the class to be able to easily read a 20pt font.


2. Resolution

The resolution defines the sharpness and clarity of any visual panel and is the number of pixels (individual points of colour) contained within the screen. The higher the resolution, the sharper and crisper the image. Some interactive panels are now also available in Ultra High Definition which is referred to in the industry as 4K (3840×2160), such as IQTouch K Series, C Pro, L series etc.


3. Touch points

Touch points really mean a lot to classroom. For example, If an interactive flat panel display has 6 touch points, there can be as many as 6 students at the display, each using a single touch point (one finger or a stylus). Or, 3 students can each use 2 fingers to manipulate and move objects on the display.  Now many standard LCD touch panel has 10 touch points or 20touch points at most, such as IQTouch K series.


4. Software

You buy the interactive displays for teaching, so you may want to select software which can actually enable and engage learning,and can provide collaboration opportunities, assessment and integrate with mobile teaching. IQTouch K series are the best example bundle with the software.


5. Installation

You need to make is where in the classroom you are going to mount your interactive panel and the physical size of those who may need to use the screen. Many nursery schools or early year classes make good use of mobile or wall mounted electronic height adjustable brackets for their interactive panels. For senior schools, higher education establishments and training suites, a fixed wall bracket is generally acceptable. 

IQBoard|Best Interactive Whiteboard Supplier


Interactive whiteboards are rapidly becoming an integral part of group collaboration in all industry sectors, especially in education sector. It offers interaction to all classrooms or meetings participants. The interactive whiteboard technology has increased in popularity, which means that the writing is now on the wall for traditional methods. Interactive whiteboards combine powerful audio, video and screen sharing tools so as to deliver a truly four dimensional experience.

This article will introduce the best Interactive Whiteboard supplier in the market, that is IQBoard interactive whiteboards, the following are the best selling models.


1. IQAio (IQ All-in-one machine)GR519



IQAio GR519 is an all-in-one device, it has 3 available sizes: 80’’,92’’ and 100’’. It is not only a multi-point infrared interactive whiteboard, but also integrated with central control system, interactive whiteboard, wireless microphone, OPS computer, stereo amplifier system and other equipment. That means, with one-key powered on, teachers can power on all the devices including projector, interactive whiteboard, OPS, and stereo amplifier system etc. It will bring great conveniences for teachers.

Bundle with IQ Interactive Education Platform Software, IQAio GR519 can achieve a vivid and interesting atmosphere in class.


2. IQAio GR511


Being a high end multi-media teaching equipment, IQAiO GR511is integrated with central control system, computer, IWB, document camera and audio amplifier, forming a perfect multi-media classroom solution together with a projector. Moreover, IQAiO GR511 has an advantage over the touch flat panel in terms of its large size reaching up to 102 inches to satisfy specific demands of the market. Compared with traditional classroom, IQAiO GR511 forms a perfect classroom solution only with a projector. The 150 inch IQAio GR511 has super-wide dual-screen interaction, which can satisfy large classroom requirements.

Bundle with IQ Interactive Education Platform Software, 150’’ IQAio GR511 can achieve party mode and dual board mode in classroom, which allow several students to write on the interactive whiteboard at the same time, and dual board mode allow interactive, sync mode to create an interactive teaching atmosphere between teachers and students in classroom.

Five Innovative Models for Interactive Whiteboard Teaching In the Classroom


Over the last decade or so, interactive  whiteboard (IWBs) have proliferated in schools across much of the world. Many teachers learn and use their interactive  whiteboard in classrooms.

In this article, we will introduce five innovative models for interactive whiteboard in the classroom.


1. IQBoard all-in-one GR519 (IQAio GR519)


IQAio highly integrated multi-point infrared interactive whiteboard central control system, wireless microphone, stereo amplifier system, OPS and other equipment. That is to say, when teachers come into the classroom, and one-key press the power on/off button of the IQAio GR519 or swipe card to power on, then all the device including the projector, interactive whiteboard, stereo amplifier etc will be also powered on. It will be very convenient for teachers.

With IQ Interactive Education Platform Software, it becomes so easy to create a vivid and wonderful class and demonstration.


2. IQTouch L Pro


IQTouch L Pro features 10 point touch and Android 6.0 system. It is very easy for annotation and 4K UHD crytal clear presentation. With optional multi-screen casting projection, it can create a collaborative and interactive atmosphere in the classroom or workplaces, where partners could work together by casting their devices wirelessly. It also has built in hotspot and bluetooth.


3. IQTouch K


IQTouch K series features 20 point touch and Android 8.0 system. 4K crystal clear display devivers the highest image quality. With optional multi-device casting software and installation-free IQClass plus software, IQTouch K helps make an interactive teaching and collaboration in class. It has plug-n-play OPS module and rich interfaces, supporting Windows system & Mac & Chromebook.


4. IQTouch C Pro


IQTouch C Pro will create a collaborative and interactive atmosphere in the classroom or workplaces, where partners could work together by casting their mobile devices wirelessly. It supports 20 point touch and 4K UHD display. With IQShare Lite, it could join in to share and display the laptop screen to IQTouch C Pro screen immediately with no cable and no set-up.


5. IQTouch J


IQTouch J, creates smooth and natural writing experience with the unrivalled IR touch screen technology. Bundled with the IQClass 6.0 or installation-free IQClass Plus software, you can achieve plenty of teaching functions as multi-screen interactivity, student vote activity, etc.

With removable infrared touch frame and removable modular plug-in box integrated with Android board, power supply board and OPS module, IQTouch J is very convenient for future upgrading and maintenance.

The Importance of Interactive Whiteboards In the Classroom


Compared with traditional classroom solution which use projection screen, interactive whiteboards can achieve touch function. It means that teachers do not need to operate the computer , just touch the whiteboard to control the computer to achieve teaching. A USB cable or a serial port cable can be used to connect these whiteboards to a personal computer or laptop computer. 

The interactive whiteboard will make the teaching process more efficient as well as effective for every teacher. The presence of an interactive whiteboard in every classroom will make the teaching sessions more interactive and interesting for the students.
Interactive whiteboards can operate with some specific kinds of software. Such as IQ Interactive Education Platform Software, IQClass V6.0 software. Teachers can prepare courseware, teaching courseware, do mobile teaching through the software. A spotlight can be provided with the whiteboard in order to highlight a specific portion of the teaching content which is being shown on the whiteboard.

There are different kinds of interactive whiteboards in the market. they can be differentiated depending on the kind of technology which is used in order to make them function. Interactive whiteboards are used in every classroom in every school, college and university all over the world. The interactive whiteboard creates a lot of room for teachers to exercise their creative skills during the process of teaching.

More than 300,000 Classrooms Worldwide Now Equipped with IQBoard Interactive Whiteboards


Education authorities around the globe, including those in the UK, the U.S. and Australia, are adopting interactive whiteboards to improve student learning in schools and develop skills that are vitally important for a 21st-century global workforce. 

Many school jurisdictions have standardized on IQBoard interactive whiteboards because they enhance teacher productivity and improve student learning outcomes. More than 7.35 million students worldwide are actively learning with IQ products in classrooms.


Selected examples of IQBoard installations around the world




Five hundred IQBoard interactive whiteboards are being installed in primary and secondary schools across Spain by the telecommunications and information technology agency of Spain's Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce. The widespread installation of IQBoard products is part of "Internet in the Classroom", a programme promoted by the Spanish government to encourage the use of technology in education by students, teachers and their families and to make technology an integral part of teaching and learning in Spain.




IQBoard interactive whiteboards are being rapidly adopted with sales to schools in virtually every region of the country. Although adoption of interactive whiteboards was initially focused in the primary school sector, a rapidly increasing number of secondary-level schools are purchasing and implementing IQBoard interactive whiteboards. In addition to the primary/secondary classroom, IQBoard interactive whiteboards are being used in a growing number of schools with special needs students, in higher education/university faculties and in distance education.


Saudi Arabia

"The IQBoard interactive whiteboard is an excellent tool for classroom learning", says the project leader, "We have a focus on providing winning concepts for modern schools, and this project demonstrates how easy the integration of great education technology can be."


About IQBoard


IQBoard is both the industry pioneer and global market leader in easy-to-use interactive whiteboards and other group collaboration tools. Many school jurisdictions have standardised on IQBoard interactive whiteboards, which provide interactive learning opportunities and enhance student achievement in more than 300,000 classrooms.

How Can Teachers Increase Classroom Interactivity By Interactive Whiteboards


An interactive whiteboard is a large display that connects to a computer and a projector. The projector projects the computer’s desktop onto the board’s surface, where users control the computer with a pen, finger, or other device. The board is typically mounted to a wall or floor stand. Student response systems and other such accessories enable interactivity among students.


These are some important reasons why Interactive Whiteboards increase the interactivity between teachers and students in the classroom:

1. Technophobic teachers can use these whiteboards with ease for presentations from the front of the classroom;

2. When used for interactive testing of understanding for the entire class, interactive whiteboards can rapidly provide learner feedback;

3. Teachers can practically demonstrate how to search Wikipedia or Google or how to attach a photo to an email;

4. Teachers can have students set a virtual dial clock on the touch screen with their finger to the time the teacher announces. This will teach students to tell time;

5. Teachers can have students check off their names on the interactive whiteboard as part of the roll call in the morning;

6. An interactive whiteboard can be used for voting on different activities in the classroom.


Interactive whiteboards allow children to interact with the learning material. They become a part of the lesson and can even teach each other. Educational games can be played by entire classrooms. They also provide immediate feedback, so students and teachers can easily assess student progress.

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