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Brief introduction of IQTouch Interactive Flat Panel


If you are interested IQTouch Interactive Flat Panel, find us on our official website,now,Let’s explore!

Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co..Ltd is a global leading provider of innovative  solution together with interactive display device and software. In possession of IQTouch, a world famous interactive flat panel brand, our company distinguishes as the one of manufacturer specialized in a full spectrum of products adopting touch-sensitive, electromagnetic, ultrasonic, infrared, optical and imaging technologies. However, with the development of technology, we only specialize in infrared, optical IFP now. Returnstar now owns over 100 staffs, a 400 ㎡ workshop as well as nearly 100 patents and software copyrights, and has acquired CE, FCC, ROHS, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates. Up till now, we have established a China Sales Center in Fuzhou and 14 branch offices at home and abroad. As a key high-tech enterprise of National Torch Plan, we adopt SAP ERP System for enterprise information management. Since the first IQTouch Interactive Flat Panel entered into the market, our products have been sold to over 80 countries and regions all over the world. Innovative Interaction Concept Systematic Interactive Demonstration and Teaching Concept Returnstar is a world famous innovative solution provider. The product line varies from all types of IQTouch interactive flat panel, IQShare wireless presentation system, IQView document camera, IQ podium to software series, which provides innovative solutions for interactive teaching, remote education and meeting. The extended sizes and models of IQTouch Interactive Flat Panel will widen its application in education, conference, military and other fields.

 Let me introduce our solutions to you, we have 3 main production line which is IQ Class solution, Q-NEX solution and Video Conference,later I will introduce more details to you about our company and products. Feel free to contact with us if you have any questions.

86-inch interactive display for large room

    IQ 86-inch interactive flat panel is an effective presentation tool that can interactively display courses or presentations in any classroom or meeting room. The Android system with top performance ensures smooth operation and optional built-in OPS PC standard, integrated Intel processor, and provides multiple language options and pre-installed applications to achieve a zero-compromise experience. It can be matched with various accessories, such as IQ mobile stand or IQShare wireless presentation system, which is a perfect solution!

    Schools are increasingly adopting the latest technology in education all over the world. Interactive flat panels have been proven to be good and helpful for teachers and students, which improves the efficiency of the teaching process . It gives the learning and teaching process a new look. All information related to any particular course is available on an interactive flat panel with diagrams, graphs, tables and other visual aids, which helps teachers to take classes more efficiently and quickly without missing any points.

    With IQTouch series, we adopt IR technology to support up to 20-point touch. High definition ensures the quality of image. Built-in wireless screen mirroring software for content sharing.Cast your screen wirelessly to share your work or start a presentation, which creates a friendly environment for brainstorming and creative sharing. After all, innovation is indispensable for every enterprise in this era. Rich functions bring you immersive experience. For classrooms and meeting rooms of different sizes, IQTouch provides a variety of sizes such as 65, 75, 86, 98 inches. You will find the one that suits you best. For medium and large rooms, we highly recommend you IQ 86-inch interactive flat panel display.

What are IQ and Smart specializing in?

    In the world, there are many technology companies that specialize in interactive whiteboard, interactive flat panel, interactive projector, and a series of educational or commercial auxiliary tools, such as Smart, CVTE, IQ, Newline and so on. These are the companies that have made some achievements in this field. They are also relatively well-known with interactive flat panels in education and business. Among them, IQ is a company that has been established for more than ten years. Since 2006, it has been committed to the research and development of educational interactive flat panels, and later launched commercial interactive panels. IQ has achieved good result in the past ten years and has been loved by consumers.

    IQ is the provider of meeting collaboration and classroom interaction solutions. It provides various one-stop display solutions to improve conference and lectures efficiency and foster collaboration in business and education. In order to create a more collaborative classroom environment and provide educators with cost-effective and friendly campus management solutions, IQ has launched two main solutions in education -the IQClass solution and the IQSchool solution. These solutions help teachers and students use devices and platforms to enhance learning effects and outcomes. IQ education solutions can provide more interactive learning experiences and more meaningful feedback. We also provide professional development and education consulting services.

    Our mission is to provide solutions with simple installation, easy use, high-performance and interconnection.Strive for inspire talents of students, colleagues and company teams who interact with each other. Our technology enables teachers, students and teams to learn and collaborate in innovative ways, stimulating breakthrough from improving learning outcomes to promote business and education progress.

Interactive flat panel with 65-inch size

    The 65-inch interactive flat panel display is suitable for classrooms and small-sized meeting rooms. We have IQ Touch 900 series, X series and L series which all support 65-inch interactive flat panels. These series of IQ Touch have advanced services such as 20 touch points, 4K resolution, infrared technology and so on.

    IQ Touch has multi-touch, allowing multiple users to write or draw in different colors at the same time, which can create lively classroom.It is used just like an actual pen for writing and drawing, ensuring that users enjoy a relaxing experience. IQ Touch help teachers have an interesting and engaging learning environment by taken advantage of the dynamic possibilities of the classroom. IQ Touch installed a cloud electronic whiteboard to enhance classroom participation and promote collaboration between teacher and students in different locations and platforms. Simplify classroom discussion by sharing ideas, notes and opinions between teachers and students. IQ Touch is your ultimate interactive display that enhances touch effects and connects the entire class to provide a smooth and fun learning experience.

    For classrooms and meeting rooms of different sizes, the IQ Touch series interactive flat panel provides a variety of sizes such as 55, 65, 75, 86, 98 inches. IQ Touch has a variety of series, you will find the one that suits you best. For common classrooms and small-sized meeting rooms, we recommend you IQ 65-inch interactive flat panel display.

Educational digitalization - Interactive Flat Panel

    Nowadays, the interactivity in technology is becoming more and more developmental. We are gradually getting rid of blackboard and overhead projectors. Relatively, interactive flat panel is more popular in education. The interactive flat panel (IFP) greatly promotes teaching efficiency and student output. Compared with the past teaching aids, interactive flat panel make it possible to simplify the operation. We don’t need to rely a calibrated projector and replace the bulb. Moreover,  the screen is more clearly visible and the anti-glare function prevents students from being unable to see the screen due to light. It is no longer necessary for teachers to spend time printing paper documents or preparing presentations before class. If we want to increase the concentration of students while creating an enhanced learning environment that fully realizes its potential, then the corresponding technology for learning and teaching is very important. These displays can be wirelessly connected to student learning devices, and at the same time create student-teacher collaboration in the classroom, support full-channel annotations on the screen, and save or send annotations and screenshot to anyone at any time. Through personalized interaction, students' participation and interest can be improved.

    IQ has always been specializing in interactive flat panel in education. It has been well evaluated in the market with advanced technology and good user experience. Because we know the balance of collaboration and connectivity with individual learning is the key to the success of digitalization in educational environment. Interactive flat panel is a bridge to successfully integrate digital learning tools into your school, region and community. 

The development and advantages of interactive display

    An interactive display is a?embedded device that people can use digital touchscreen interactions to make vibrant visual presentations and enable listeners to have good discussion and interaction . As for a variety of its sizes, interactive displays are suitable for collaborative spaces such as small preschool classrooms and expansive corporate boardrooms. Due to the working principle of the interactive display, it can be easily implemented in the classroom. You can install the display on the wall or place on a mobile stand. Since our screen uses anti-glare glass, it can also be placed anywhere without reflection problems even in a sunny room.

    In the early 1990s, interactive technology has entered into schools and companys . When the first interactive projector appeared, which made it possible to share the computer screen or Meeting documents in the whole classroom or conference room. Compared with paper handouts and overhead projectors, these advanced technologies were an great improvement. And audio-only conference calls, they were still limited and affected by input restrictions and environmental factors.

    Interactive flat panel is the latest interactive tool for classrooms and business meetings. Our interactive flat panel displays allow users to show all content from their computer and display it on the screen. They can connect the device to the screen for interactive and collaborative courses or meetings. IQ Touch has high-resolution and low-glare images, so even the smallest text can be clearly seen on the screen. Users can operating the system and running any applications on their computer or laptop directly from the touch screen. It can help business and educational professionals or leaders leverage the power of the idea of personal communication on a larger scale. 


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