What does IQTouch bring to your school?

As a trusted interactive solution provider to thousands of schools throughout the world, Returnstar will help you plan, manage and upgrade your technology to improve teaching, learning, safeguarding and your school community. We provide smart classroom solution and smart school solution, the former one mainly focuses on the device and software solution for classroom to create a more effective and collaboration learning environment, and the later one caters for the campus centralized management. 

One of our core products is the IQTouch interactive flat panel, which empower teachers and improve outcomes with the latest IFP technology. We also provide classroom projectors and normal interactive whiteboard that can still be a good option in some circumstances – the key is providing the technology to achieve your objectives.Educational software is an integral part of our touchscreen – it’s vital this is front and center of your decision making. The bundle application with our educational software will engage student with rich learning content, and enable the teachers to prepare courseware and make demonstration easier with various teaching tools.

IQTouch, the multi-touch interactive smart board, uses anti-glare, toughened glass for any lighting conditions, and ensure students can see content far more clearly compared to projector technology. They reduce teacher workload, improve student engagement and with the correct support, they improve outcomes. About interactive touch screens, we supply a wide range of sizes and specifications. They are also more complex than ever – upgradeable android boxes, integration with whiteboard and wireless screen mirroring system, the latest software and more. So if you need to upgrade your classroom or entire campus with interactive technology, we will be your right partner. Follow our website, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook for more information. 

Why is the IFP technology better than projection technology?

Collaboration is one of the most prominent words circulating within the digital display industry in recent years. More than ever before, almost all vertical markets attach great importance to the collaborative technology. Many companies prefer to research and marketing as the purpose of collaboration. Interactive flat panel is significantly different from interactive whiteboard and projector that previously dominated the education and business sectors.

Almost all vertical markets place greater emphasis on collaboration technology than ever before – interactive flat-panel displays used for collaboration purposes have become the forefront of many brands’ R&D and marketing budgets. Interactive flat panel displays are very different from the interactive whiteboard or projector technology that previously dominated the education and corporate markets.

Screen Quality
The screen quality of interactive flat panel is commonly far better than most projectors. Interactive flat panel not only has 4K ultra high definition and presents clear and clean image without light effect, but also more versatile than the average projector. Likewise, wide viewing angles make it possible for more participants to see the screen wherever they sit on the edge of the room.

Built-in Software
IQTouch interactive flat panel integrates a number of built-in software, like screen sharing, whiteboard software, and interactive education platform software. And IQTouch also provides the option of slot-in PC which supports abundant functions of Windows computer for your choice. 

Interactivity of Touchscreen 
Interactivity of touchscreen is mainly reason for people to get an interactive flat-panel smart board. Interactive flat panel, as its name implied, is interactive. And displays like the IQTouch 900 series provide an intuitive touchscreen surface to manipulate and annotate what you want to present on screen. IQTouch can make meetings and other digital gatherings more efficient and user-friendly. 

What is BYOD and why is it popular?

What is BYOD? This word is becoming more and more popular in modern society. Bring your own device, that is what it means. Why is it popular? The trend of enabling employees to work anywhere is growing by only accessing the Internet from their personal devices. Just like IQShare wireless presentations, it allows people to share their ideas and project their laptops onto a large screen with multiple interfaces. It allows you to work as you want and increase efficiency.

Bring your own device has some common variants. For example, BYOL means bring your own laptop, BYOC means bring your own computer, and BYOPC means bring your own computer. Before BYOD, mobile devices were considered Shadow IT and were not supported by the organization's IT infrastructure. But with the development of Bring Your Own Device or BYOD, personally owned devices have now become an integral part of every organization. The main advantage of mobile devices is higher productivity because it allows employees to work freely, but its portability also brings great challenges. In order to solve the problems associated with BYOD, organizations must formulate relevant strategies to simplify BYOD management and strengthen BYOD security.

Although mobile devices and BYOD culture help improve employee productivity, if mobile devices are lost or stolen, it also increases the possibility of data leakage. This is why organizations that plan to take measures to protect company data accessed from personally owned devices by implementing BYOD strategies.

To know more about BYOD solution, welcome to visit our homepage:

The features of IQTouch L900 series interactive flat panel.

IQTouch series offers advanced technology with interactive smart board that enables single sign-on, as well as a more natural digital writing experience. New IR technology creates a truly natural writing experience and support 20 touch points. It supports thick and thin pen and gesture recognition for best writing experience. And these innovative, easy-to-use panels boast a brushed aluminum bezel, Ultra HD (4K) resolution, built-in soundbar, top webcam mount and USB, one key to freeze the screen, ECO mode to save energy. What’s more, a user-friendly IQOS is available in these two series. Dual operation system of Windows 10 pro and Android 8.0 of OPS system bring unlimited possibilities to operate on this PC-less smart board.

IQtouch series feature full HD resolution, black aluminum frame and high-quality integrated speakers. It is available in 65"75" and 86" models, and is also equipped with built-in whiteboard software and a wireless screen mirroring system, which helps to improve presentation effects and brainstorm ideas. Meetings can be held seamlessly with only one device with multiple functions. Start the while working in. We aim to take technological advancements that optimally benefit users in both the education and business sectors. The new LB900/LE900 series is a premium smart board that makes it easier and more intuitive to access, use the software, and ensure effective.

As a supplier of innovative technology solutions, we strive for providing our customers with the highquality, reliable alternatives, IQTouch L900 series provide the high cost performance solution for any collaboration and creation.

How to choose the right one interactive flat panel?

Returnstar specializes in interactive flat panel, which offers convenient and innovative solutions We provide a range of interactive screens which supports multi-touch functions. We manufacture several interactive projection display solutions including our Interactive whiteboards and interactive flat panels. Our specialist interactive screen solutions include our IQTouch LCD screens, perfect for POS displays and our Interactive Switchable Glass Screen that combines our patented Smart Glass technology and a 6 point infrared touch frame to create a HD/4K interactive projection screen.

One of our favorite specialist touch sensitive display projects is our new series IQTouch interactive touchscreen LB900 pro, which integrates a clear touch screen into a centerpiece at their event. We supplied them with 4K display with our IQ OS, 20 touch points, Android 8.0 (4G+32G), EShare wireless presentation software, Type-C port, HDMI out port, support 2.4G/5G wifi, bluetooth 5.0.

Other IQTouch products can be manufactured in custom designs with screen sizes from 55 inch to 98 inch. We can manufacture interactive LED screens which is up to an 98 inch size for indoor use.It is difficult to choose the right one interactive flat panel with various options which is based on the application and environment. For example, if you’re looking for an interactive flat panel for outdoor use. Our flexible standing kiosks or high brightness touch screen seem like the best option initially.

OPS or OPS-C? Which computer should you buy for your interactive touchscreen?

Interactive flat panel displays have an advantage you will never forget, that is, there is an open pluggable specification computer that you can update in the future. Only need to buy the latest updated operating system to replace the old computer in the most cost-effective way, no need to buy a new interactive smart board!

However, some users may buy the wrong operating system for their interactive flat panel display, because there are mainly two sizes of operating systems on the market. In 2010, Intel introduced the Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) to standardize the system architecture between displays and media players. Since its release, OPS has quickly become the standard for creating integrated display solutions. In 2015, Intel specially developed a new and larger operating standard to meet market demand. They are all 80 pins, but OPS-C (abbreviation of OPS China) is slightly larger.

OPS size is 180 x 30 x 119 mm (width, height, depth)
OPS-C size is 204 x 42 x 195 mm (width, height, depth)

They found that some new operation interfaces do not support their own interactive display, it will occur in our IQTouch interactive display, because our own interactive flat panel is flexible in both operations. Both OPS or OPS-C can be installed in our interactive flat panel displays. There are adjustable screws in the middle of our IQTouch display to adapt to different sizes. Both OPS or OPS-C can be installed in our interactive display professional series and elite series.
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