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What is the impact of smart touch screen?

As a new educational technology, Interactive flat panel, which integrates the advantages of modern multimedia teaching, it has been quietly introduced into schools and classrooms. With its unique advantages, it breaks the traditional teaching mode and creates a vivid, open and convenient teaching environment. The application of interactive flat panel in mathematics classroom teaching can optimize the classroom teaching and make the classroom more vivid.

Interactive flat panel is flexible, instead of the previous "projector plus electronic whiteboard" combination, it can be carried out multimedia teaching.Interactive flat panel with the whole steel structure is solid and durable, which is made of high quality cold rolled steel material. And the surface is moisture-proof, rust-proof, suitable for a variety of different environments due to the metal paint processing. 

Now most of the interactive flat panel according to the application of the teaching field, with specially designed for learning teaching software has rich teaching resources.Teachers make teaching more simple and interesting by these teaching software. It attracts students' attention, guide students to think, which improves the collaboration and efficiency. What’s more, teachers carry out teaching more convenient,  and it relieves the teaching pressure.

Above is the benefit of the interactive flat panel can make for the modern class room,other than the application of education area, the interactive flat panel can also well applied in video conference room,which can make your meeting more interactive and more effective, we are honored to meeting you in our homepage. Welcome to contact with us on our homepage, more details of smart touch screen.

How to select interactive flat panel with good quality?

When you search the products of interactive flat panel on some platforms, there will be a variety of goods to select. But how to judge and select the good standard of interactive flat panel? There are some tips for your reference.

Firstly, distinguishing the basic function and features from the title and main pictures. The titles and the main photos usually are the first sight of the buyer, so seller will highlight the certain type and key features of the product in the title and carefully select the picture of product. So the first step you should do is to make clear which type of interactive flat panel you need. Is it a normal interactive flat panel with IR touch technology? Or touch screen with 4K image? The accurate and detailed searching word will save you time and target the satisfied goods effectively. Secondly, checking the detailed description about the goods to know about its certain functions, parameter and specific appearance. The description will show if the products is professional and helpful to estimate its cost performance. Then you are able to judge if this product could meet your requirement. 

Thirdly, most importantly, how to estimate the quality of the goods and reliability of the seller? As actually the product picture and description could be elaborately designed and mixed with reality or fake by some untrustworthy seller. So to know about the strength of the seller will be significant to avoid receiving different products after payment. There are two steps, firstly you should check the company description about the seller. For example, when find the multi touch screen and see the brand IQTouch which you are not familiar, check the company name Returnstar Interactive Technology. Then you are able to find more information about the company by Google. Secondly, basic the outcomes, you should check its corporate scale and estimate if it is professional engaged in this field. As the manufacturer with own production lines means usually its product are in good quality control and the price would be more competitive than the price you get from the second trader. Therefore, after you making clear about the details of interactive flat panel required and the reliability of seller, you would buy a high cost-effective  interactive flat panel.

What are the characteristics of interactive touch screen ?

With the continuous development of interactive technology, more and more electronic touch products have appeared in the market. Interactive flat panel has brought a lot of changes and convenience to our life and work. In recent years, the application of touch all-in-one screen in the market is very popular, and it can be seen in various industries. It integrates computer, television, touch screen, audio and other equipment functions in one device, which is widely used in classroom, meeting room, exhibition hall etc,. Especially in classroom, the traditional mode of whiteboard is generally eliminated.

IQTouch is specialized in designing and producing interactive flat panel in the field of education and business, with the aim to bring technology to enhance collaboration.

What are the characteristics and advantages of the application of interactive touch screen ?
1.Adopting LED liquid crystal technology, the display of IQTouch brings a 4K UHD, anti-glare high contrast and brightness screen, so that people can easily and comfortably see all the contents.
2.IQTouch support 20-point touch with the most advanced IR technology. Up to 20 persons can write at the same time, which promote the collaboration between teacher and students or colleagues.
3. Simpler annotation software. Under the windows of whiteboard software, word, PPT and other documents, IQtouch annotation tool is still applicable.
4. Support dual O.S. which combines Android 8.0 and Windows 10 Pro systems to make sure the stable and high performance. Give you a pleasant sense of fluency in software use or multimedia application.
5. Much longer service life than the traditional whiteboard.

IQTouch interactive flat panel provides users with their fashionable appearance, excellent quality and powerful functions. Moreover, it promises good after-sales service: 30-day replacement and 1-year free warranty period.

Smart meeting room makes it possible to work from home.

The Work From Anywhere is steadily growing as more people are working remotely year over year. For businessman around the world, work from home rapidly becomes a main trend during COVID 19. In order to better promote team collaboration, tools and resources are needed to enable employees not only to work in the office, but also to work efficiently at home or other places remotely. This is the meaning of the existence of our IQ video conferencing products such as JoinGroup AVS200, JoinOne AHY200, Video conferencing camera and Speakerphone.

Smart video conferencing camera, video conferencing software, and collaboration tools are making it easier for people to work from anywhere. Innovative technology is changing the way people start the meeting which create a new, future-focused meeting space: the smart meeting room. A smart meeting room integrates hardware and software into one intelligent space. Therefore, whatever workers join the meeting in the office or remotely. Smart meeting room builds superior and efficient meeting experience for them.

How to realize the smart meeting room? You only need to use our video conference camera, optionally with our speakerphone for sound pickup. Then a remote meeting can be easily started with your commonly used video conference software. The form of the meeting can be customized, and you can choose the way you want to start the video meeting. Smart meeting rooms enable employees to gather, collaborate and work efficiently no matter where they are.

To know more information about the smart meeting room and the related products, welcome to visit our homepage if you are interested in our video conferencing solution, you can contact with us directly by click the contact us page, IQ smart meeting room is the most suitable way to develop a new conference solution for you.

The technology of interactivity on IQTouch interactive flat panel

Returnstar Interactive Technology Group, one of the global leaders in interactive technology, announced that its latest lineup of solutions and services with new series interactive flat panel.

The latest infrared technology is exclusive to IQTouch interactive flat panel. The foundation of this new technology is its intuitiveness, just pick up a pen or an object to interact with the interactive flat panel. The interactive display automatically recognizes physical objects and generates digital interactions. For Bett, IQTouch interactive flat panel is a global partner and visitors will have additional opportunities to engage with the technology, get hands-on practice and professional development through sessions. Attendees will have the opportunity to attend IQTouch’s Seminar Spotlight “Time Saving Tech Hacks for Teachers” as well as schedule individual leadership meetings and how to improve learning outcomes. IQTouch interactive flat panel comes with professional software for education and conference uses, which is a competitive advantages then other suppliers in the market, so that it will provide excellent customized services and solution.

Returnstar specializes in interactive flat panel, it provides interactive solutions to help every student and teacher have more collaborative environment. IQTouch has a variety of interconnected monitors, software and accessories used in more than 3 million classrooms, which can help students and teachers around the world promote learning and teaching. IQTouch implementation services, professional learning and technical support resources help educators learn to use IQTouch interactive flat panel solutions, level up the technology of devices in the classrooms and improve students’ learning.

What does IQTouch bring to your school?

As a trusted interactive solution provider to thousands of schools throughout the world, Returnstar will help you plan, manage and upgrade your technology to improve teaching, learning, safeguarding and your school community. We provide smart classroom solution and smart school solution, the former one mainly focuses on the device and software solution for classroom to create a more effective and collaboration learning environment, and the later one caters for the campus centralized management. 

One of our core products is the IQTouch interactive flat panel, which empower teachers and improve outcomes with the latest IFP technology. We also provide classroom projectors and normal interactive whiteboard that can still be a good option in some circumstances – the key is providing the technology to achieve your objectives.Educational software is an integral part of our touchscreen – it’s vital this is front and center of your decision making. The bundle application with our educational software will engage student with rich learning content, and enable the teachers to prepare courseware and make demonstration easier with various teaching tools.

IQTouch, the multi-touch interactive smart board, uses anti-glare, toughened glass for any lighting conditions, and ensure students can see content far more clearly compared to projector technology. They reduce teacher workload, improve student engagement and with the correct support, they improve outcomes. About interactive touch screens, we supply a wide range of sizes and specifications. They are also more complex than ever – upgradeable android boxes, integration with whiteboard and wireless screen mirroring system, the latest software and more. So if you need to upgrade your classroom or entire campus with interactive technology, we will be your right partner. Follow our website, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook for more information. 


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