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The accessories of IQTouch smart board

Now let’s see some accessories about us, first one is IQSpeakerphone Wireless Microphone System. It is a powerful system used in the classroom, which provides clear and smooth anti-interference sound. Its features include starting up with 2.4G automatic frequency, up to 20 meters voice pickup distance, up to 64 channels to fit schools of different scales. Teachers can carry the handheld mic to any classroom. UHF frequency band transmission to make sure clear sound quality and without interference. Microphone with extra features like running PPT pages, being infrared pointers, vocal detection, and power-saving mode.

The second one is IQSoundbar, which is a perfect audio system suitable for lectures, group discussion, and other applications. Power amplifying system with HD audio decoding tech and built-in digital wireless microphone receiver make the speaker a premium PA system. Equipped with SD card/USB flash disk/Bluetooth play, supporting lossless audio files and recreating melodious sound.

If you are interested in interactive smart board with high quality, welcome to check our You can get more information about us and let’s take a chance to know each other better. We are Returnstar interactive technology group Co., Ltd with 15 years of experience in the education industry. We specialized in 3 areas: Q-NEX smart campus management solution, IQClass smart teaching solution, and IQ smart meeting room solution. We are warmly welcome you to connect with us in the near future.

Class smart board for sale

We have class smart board for sale, let’s find out how the class could be with the help of our interactive smart board.

Founded in 2006, Returnstar Technology is an Expert in Interactive Education Field and Interactive Education Solution provider with Independent Research & Development ability, our products cover hardware and software to facilitate smart class, campus, and meetings. IQBoard, as the worldwide brand as well as the core product of our company, was launched in the same year, then introduced to the global market in 2008. Its debut was a huge success. As a globally recognized brand, IQ products comply with major domestic and foreign certifications, including China Environmental Labeling (Class II), CE, FCC, ROHS, ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO14021.

IQ Intelligent Classroom Solution realizes micro-lecture making and lesson preparation before class, interactive education in class and fun learning, education analysis after class. It is a unique technology solution that gives education administrators and teachers streamlined control and automation of multiple technologies, commonly operated independently - such as classroom control, distributed audio, video on demand, P.A. (public address), bells, and emergency alerts – all from a single platform.

IQ products have been extensively applied to various fields like education, business, scientific research, etc. After the brief introduction of our company and products,I bet you are eager to know more about our solutions, welcome to visit our website

The classroom video conferencing solution for distance learning

At the age of social-distance impacting work and daily life globally, schools are also being forced to embrace distance learning, whether or not they have the experience or the infrastructure!

During this challenging period, we at Returnstar Technology have had lots of inquiries about how schools can continue to provide teaching for their students, to supplement that being provided by hard-working parents. Returnstar provides an outstanding solution for schools who can either use existing technology, update it with extras such as the video conferencing soundbar or bring in a completely new solution.

Use the technology to communicate, demonstrate and provide learning for pupils who are connected from their homes using any web-connected device. They can hear you, see what you’re doing, speak to you, and also communicate with each other. It’s almost as if they’re all in the same room.

We offer software packages - IQ KitsMemos which allows teachers to show vivid whiteboard and demonstration with various teaching tools to students. Support a variety of ways to access the resource from Cloud platforms such as Dropbox, Onedrive, etc., In desktop mode, you also can obtain the information you want through search engines or other web pages.

If you’d like advice around how you can achieve this in your school or company, whether using existing technology or supplementing it as required, please do not hesitate to contact us. Visit us on our website: more about us are available on YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter.

Promote learning and thinking by IFP

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the ideal classroom display solution. Fortunately, schools have options. Most classrooms benefit (substantially) from at least one interactive touch screen display. Many people find that more than one display is ideal for a flexible classroom and can maximize active learning. Interactive touch-screen displays—some people call them smart flat-panel TVs—bring many benefits. Let's take a look at one of the biggest advantages of using interactive touch screen displays in your school.

To improve learning outcomes, students and teachers agree that the interactive touch screen display can attract students' interest and participation. It is also an effective method that can help students learn more and actively apply what they have learned to their lives.

We know that active learning is effective. A meta-analysis of 225 studies concluded that it reduced the failure rate by 55% compared to passively receiving information. It also demonstrates the many ways in which active learning promotes higher-order thinking. 

Early research showed that when 85 teachers used interactive displays in 170 classrooms, their grades improved by 6 points. This jumped to 26 points when teachers used charts, graphs, videos, and other visual effects to reinforce the information. In the best case, the success rate soars to 31%. Through the addition of "interactive reinforcements" and audience response voting, student performance reached the highest level. 

That was in 2009. Today, teachers can make greater use of the learning potential of interactive displays. The display itself provides a higher level of collaboration and interactivity. In addition, there are a large number of advanced interactive learning applications. Plus easy-to-use content sharing software. And a response system available at any time. Almost all courses support better learning.

The interactive flat panel for daily meetings

The daily meeting is the most common form of various meetings, the traditional daily meeting has limited space and low efficiency. Take advantage of video conference system, various enterprises, organizations can across time and space and different parties are able to carry out the daily meeting at any time, which shortens the time cost, speeds up the information transfer, reduces business travel cost, and makes communication barrier-free.

High-level meeting
The content involved in high-level meetings is often related to the important aspects of organization and enterprise development, which requires video conferences to have extremely high performance and security. In terms of security, IQMEET video conference system adopts the most advanced security and encryption technology. Multiple models of our cameras provide you with security technical support.

Large meeting
Large conferences have more participants and more content for communication, so video conferencing must have the characteristics of large capacity, stability, and reliability. The leading video conferencing system adopts advanced cloud computing technology, which supports server clusters and up to tens of thousands of square simultaneously online concurrent conferences. The video conferencing capacity has been geometrically expanded to meet the needs of large conferences. In the conference process, all the conference communication data of the video conference system can automatically realize highway routing, load balancing, and real-time hot backup, which greatly improves the smoothness and stability of the video conference.

Transnational conference
Due to the problem of signal transmission generated by distance and the complex network situation in the international public network environment, it is extremely difficult to organize transnational video conference, which requires the system to have good network adaptability and stability. If you are looking for video conferencing system, come and follow us:

Video conferencing system works with smart board

Need a meeting with colleagues at other offices or who may be working from home? Don’t have the time to travel in business? This is where video conferencing systems are ideal. Connect to the world either via your IP network and allow you to have meetings on large display screens for larger groups. However, with the newer cloud-based video conferencing solutions you can have pro-active meetings using smart mobile devices ideal for meetings with your remote workers.

Q-NEX smart campus management solution is a converged solution dedicated to the centralized management of campus devices and the integration of audio and video broadcasting. The core product is Networked Media Processor (NMP), which is mainly used to help schools effectively manage various electronic equipment, to help teachers get rid of the operation of complex equipment in the multimedia classroom. NMP also can be linked to campus fire alarms and other systems. When a fire occurs, the class will be terminated and the escape route will be prompted on the screen. Based on device control, centralized management, audio, and video network broadcasting, we can provide customize services for schools. Greatly Reduce the costs of school management.

We supply, train, and support a variation of all video conferencing platforms including several products, we can offer easy to implement, these all-in-one solutions (camera with integrated microphone and speaker) literally connect to your laptop via USB and run whatever platform you are running.  We offer the integration of remote and in-office collaboration devices– creating a rich user experience. 


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