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Enhance all learning sections by interactive touch screen

Returnstar Technology Group Co., Ltd, with IQ and Q-NEX as its main brands, has 15 years of experience in the education and business market for interactive products such as interactive whiteboard/touch screen/visualizer/wireless mic system, etc. we have solutions including IQClass Interactive Teaching Solution, IQMEET Conference Solution, Q-NEX Smart Campus Solution. At this time, we mainly talk about IQClass which creates fun teaching and learning atmosphere and witnesses students’ growth. It covers all learning sections such as class presentation, in-class collaboration, and after-class review, enabling students to learn anywhere and anytime.

IQclass main features are as follows. First, preparation for class, with IQView document camera and teaching software, the teacher can quickly upload files to create personalized courseware that is shared with students for preview. Second, active in-class collaboration, which means teachers and students can achieve multi-screen interaction with any device, such as the computer, tablet, and mobile phone. teachers could share class files and make an evaluation of student performance timely. Third, after-class review, with class files shared timely and teaching video recorded, students could review and finish homework timely with the strengthened knowledge base.

All in all, IQClass has everything you need to teach, collaborate, share and evaluate in classrooms, designed to meet different needs. If you are interested in smart board, find us on our official website

How to create an attractive class?

IQTouch series interactive flat panels keep pace with the ever-changing demand from education and business. You can connect practically any webcam giving you the ability to work and collaborate remotely. In addition, our interactive touchscreen is available in 65”,75” and 86” sizes and featuring anti-glare glass, a blue light filter, and a wide 178-degree viewing angle, they reduce eye strain while providing crisp and vivid visuals to every seat in the room.

IQTouch interactive smart board displays provide premium collaborative learning in any classroom so teachers and students can share their ideas whenever they want on the big screen with ease.

Apps for the classroom
Pre-installed apps include Office Suite which allows users to open and edit all Microsoft Office documents, built-in screencasting software- EShare Pro for screen sharing, built-in whiteboard for free annotation tools under every signal page, and many more App that you can download.

Get the whole class engaged
Stimulate enthusiasm and engagement to classes with the voter tool and you even can collect valuable feedback immediately. Our wireless response system IQClick perfectly collaborates with our interactive education platform software, which can involve every student to answer the questions effectively, and the collaboration between teachers and students can be easily achieved.

Exceptional reliability and warranty options
With respect to its reliability, a wide viewing angle with anti-glare coated glass ensures visibility in daylight for everyone in the classroom. Besides, we adopt anti-blue light for eye protection and ambient light sensor for auto brightness adjustment, which protects the eyes of the audience. Exceptional warranty options are available. More information about IQTouch is available from our website follow us by YouTube, Linkedin,Twitter. Please contact our staff for more details.

Easy to create interactive atmosphere by a smart board

IQTouch is the new generation of the interactive smart board with high quality and cost-effective performance. It adopts ultra-fine IR touch technology, optical bonding, IQOS for simplified user experience, built-in HD camera, and microphone arrays that are 5 designed to make your meeting more effective by video conference. With interactive 20-point touch and built-in wireless screen mirroring software for content sharing, IQTouch interactive flat panel facilitates presentations, brainstorming, and decision-making. What you need is integrated into one interactive display.

Meeting rooms are the information center of a company. The devices and layout in a meeting room play an important role in not only the image of the company but also the efficiency of the flow of information within the company. Therefore, our smart board will bring powerful interactive technology to your meeting room. Except for IQTouch, our meeting room solution also provide other interactive products including: 
1.IQShare: wireless screen mirroring system, no waiting to join in to share and display the laptop or tablet to screen.
2.IQConference PTZ Camera: full HD image, multiple optical zoom lens, advanced ISP technology, and algorithm.
3.IQSpeakerphone: 360° for pick-up range, 5-10 meters for the pick-up distance. It is suitable for small, medium and large size meeting rooms.
4.IQSound: output 80W, Max Decibel 115Db, wireless streaming via Bluetooth 4.0
5.IQPodium: 21.5 inch IPS screen with 1080p resolution and 178° full view angle; support multi-angle adjustable stand and 2048 levels of the pen.

All-in-one video conferencing solution

Joinone AHY200 is all-in-one video conferencing solution for small meeting rooms. It has 4 in 1 design that integrates camera, microphone, speaker, and android os. 

4K UHD Camera
AHY200 has 8 MP and supports 1080p for video meeting, which gives you high-quality video experience. And the wide-angle of the camera is 90 degrees. You can adjust the shooting height by turning 15°camera tilt left and right. 

Microphone Arrays & Speaker
2 built-in microphone arrays with AEC (Auto Echo Cancellation) make voice pick-up range up to 5 meters. Adopting high-fidelity speaker, every corner of the meeting room could be heard clearly.  

Breathing LED Indicator
AHY200 embraces the design of breathing LED indicator which powers on with blue lighting and turns green while on standby. 

It supports wired connections like 1 gigabit LAN, and it also supports wireless connections like Bluetooth and dual-band wifi.
High version of android 9.0, 6 core of CPU and 4G RAM+16G ROM, which make operation smooth. In this android operation system, we have built-in EShare Pro software for BYOD, participants can share their screens for discussion. 

Easy to set up
Connect the power cable, Ethernet for network, HDMI for video display. It’s done for a video meeting so easily. It has two HDMI interfaces that support dual-screen display. Two displays can be connected at the same time to JoinOne for video conferencing, with one for video screen and the other for content sharing, which brings a more collaborative and efficient meeting experience. There are many flexible mounting options, just clipped on the top of the display, leave on the table, or mounted on the wall.

Interactive Presentation solution

Interactive presentation tools provide many opportunities for faculty and students to improve communication, productivity, and group collaboration in the course. This white paper explores interactive presentation tools that provide an interactive component for the learning audience. Nowadays, there are much audio-video hardware and software for interactive presentation solution in Smart School and Video Conference. 

The solution
Intuitive touchscreen display for interactive presentations
Digitally capture handwritten notes to retrieve and share in real-time
Highly secure content sharing platform
Skype-for-Business integration for seamless group collaboration
Print straight from the Interactive Whiteboard application
Perfect to engage students, encourage interaction, and share ideas

IQTouch 4K UHD Education Interactive Flat Panel is a smart digital touch whiteboard, featuring a unique germ-resistant screen, the friendliest digital whiteboarding, and collaboration tools – whiteboard software and the wireless screen mirroring and casting app – EShare to support schools by bringing a truly healthy and collaborative learning experience into their classrooms. 

IQ KitsMemos V1.0 (Interactive Education Platform Software), pre-installed exclusively on IQTouch smart interactive display, is the ultimate whiteboarding app designed to facilitate interactive learning with a tap. It offers multiple education teaching tools with different subjects for teachers to create and present their own style lessons.

The built-in wireless presentation software is designed for seamless wireless presentation and collaboration in lectures. It brings you a smooth experience with full HD quality video. Students can also share the screen content from their tablet or laptop and invite up to 32 participants to collaborate seamlessly.

Easy-to-use technology for education

Internationally renowned display technology manufacturer Returnstar company with IQ main brand has launched a new product of IQTouch interactive flat panel display for education and corporate environments.

Available in three sizes: 65”, 75”, 86”, each size has 4K resolution and ultra fine IR Touch for precise control. IQTouch combines hardware and software functions to enhance IT departments, healthcare, collaboration, and management, and interactivity.

Easy-to-use education technology supports online learning for an enhanced but simplified learning experience. State-of-the-art training rooms and mixed classrooms with audio and video automation will promote an engaging learning environment.

As the demand for more collaborative learning spaces continues to grow, so does the demand for technology in the classroom. IQTouch is embracing immersive learning through a smart digital classroom environment.

Our interactive flat panel contains free applications and software, designed to meet the course requirements and assist you to create more attractive courses. Interactive solutions enable you to interact with your audience in a truly intuitive and collaborative way. You can display, capture, manipulate, and share information quickly and easily. Whether it is a meeting room, lobby, classroom, command center, courtroom, or training facility, interactive solutions can provide a unique level of participation and enjoyment.

Interactive solutions allow you to work and collaborate flexibly without the limitations of traditional monitors or desktop solutions. Interactive flat panels provide functions such as multi-touch and multi-write functions to optimize collaboration. Personal devices and tablets and interactive PCs form a completely mobile and cost-effective collaboration solution. Bringing interactivity to life has been easier than ever.

Learn more about our leading interactive technologies: Interactive interactive panel, BYOD.
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