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The applications of interactive flat panel

Interactive flat panel displays are collaboration solutions are designed to integrate interactive whiteboards, video conferencing, wireless presentation system, computer, etc. The latest technology allows participants to join securely whether they are in the room or they need to have remote meetings. Interactive flat panel is not only suitable for education application, but also for business cooperation.

Traditional whiteboards and digital projectors lead to limitation of viewing and participation, while interactive flat-panel displays can help educators create modern data-centric classrooms to enhance collaboration and learning. The latest software for interactive flat-panel displays has analysis capabilities that can check attendance, measure student response capabilities, and create an interactive environment. Teachers can also record the lecture for sharing after class.

Business cooperation
Enhance collaboration and productivity between face-to-face and remote teams without straining your IT resources—all based on interactive flat-panel displays, designed to help participants quickly start meetings, share content, and stimulate creativity and innovation.

Simplified standardized design
We launched the Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) to standardize the system architecture between displays and media players. It means that the design, deployment, and management of interactive flat panel displays are more cost-effective. For example, setting up an interactive display is as simple as plugging the OPS computing device into the OPS slot of the interactive display. OPS's low-power, highly modular pluggable form factor interface leverages the latest innovations in Intel? processors to support advanced features, such as interactivity and anonymous audience analysis.

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What devices can be used with smart board?

What else do you need when you already got the classroom smart board with touch screen? One answer is IQShare, because IQShare can join to share and display the screen of mobile devices instantly. IQShare is the quickest and most efficient way for wireless presentation. 

Its features mainly include: IQShare supports everyone to share ideas and cast the laptop screen on the big screen instantly with a button click. It has USB-Powered button and supports EShare Pro screen sharing APP for Android, Windows, and Mac OS systems. Up to 32 mobile devices can be connected and 9-split screens can be displayed on the big screen at the same time. There is no need to download and set up any software in IQShare, just one tap to start sharing.

When you start a meeting, one thing you may need is conference camera, we have IQConference camera series, which is specially designed for video meetings in education or business. 4k HD & UHD and super-wide 120-degree field of view are all supported. It can work with most of the displays in the market, which is easy to install. The other thing that is also useful for your conference, is IQConference speakerphone. The omnidirectional speakerphones are microphones that pick up sound from all directions. It means that whether a user speaks into the microphone from the back, left or right side, the microphone will record the sound all with equal gain.

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IQShare WP32 vs. Barco ClickShare CSE800 (Part 2)

For business discussion, many companies will have the reception to customers, business partners for temporary presentation in meeting rooms or huddle rooms without internet connection. They can still present wirelessly with their laptops through Share Button. Network connectivity is not a problem for temporary users. Both IQ and Barco provide share buttons with only one tap to cast your screen. However, Clickshare requires downloading ClickShare software on your laptop first so that you can insert the button to your laptop for screen sharing. When you use IQShare Button,  there is no need to download any drivers and software. The button can be directly connected to the laptop for wireless presentation.

The interface diversity of Share Button is also different. Clickshare only supports two types of buttons including USB and USB Type-C interfaces. IQShare provides three types of interfaces for your choice including HDMI, USB and USB Type-C, which can roughly cover all interface types for of mobile devices.

The information on your screen will be shared while you’re in a conference room or a huddle space for department meetings or business negotiations with partners and customers. Barco Clickshare and IQShare provide security protection for shared information and data, so as to protect the personal privacy and some trade secrets.

Barco has security technology to protect the content which obtained ISO27001 certification. Its wireless presentation system can work independently wiuthout network connection and encrypt the wireless transmission between the share button and the receiver, so that preventing hackers from intruding on the IP. However, some highly secure environments do not allow laptops to run any third-party software (as I mentioned when you use the share button of Barco Clickshare, you need to install software in the laptop), which will limit its using application. IQShare also supports many technologies for information security. It doesn’t reauire network access while using our IQShare Button. In addition, we adopt WPA2-PSK technology to encrypt the wireless transmission between the button and the receiver and AES technology to prevent data leakage. There is no need to install software on the laptop. Thus, it is more flexible and low-risk.

The details about IQShare WP32 in

IQShare WP32 vs. Barco ClickShare CSE800 (Part 1)

IQShare WP32 and Barco ClickShare CSE800 are popular wireless presentation systems with advanced technology on the market. Both of them support physical connection or software connection to the presenter’s laptop to realize wireless screen sharing in limited resources and space, which efficiently promotes the modern office method of BYOD.

This article compares these two products for your reference to choose the right one. We talk about the same features first. IQShare WP32 and Barco ClickShare CSE800 support two-way screen sharing between the displays and the mobile devices, reverse touch which can control the large screen in the room from the screen of mobile devices, and the moderator mode that controls device connection, touch, screen mirroring, and other functions on the large screen.

Then, let’s talk about the differences. For screen sharing, IQShare WP32 supports up to 9 split screens at the same time while Clickshare supports up to 8 split screens. If users do not have many requirements for split screens, both of them can be selected. But the more split screens that can be supported, the more the possibility of a choice. In addition, IQShare supports group display. If there’s more than one display in the room, connecting each one of them to an IQShare box respectively and making them as one group, they will be able to receive the same content wirelessly at the same time. 

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Digital whiteboard & smart board

At present, due to the continuous development and improvement of touch screen technology, a variety of advanced touch devices have been introduced. Interactive flat panel is the perfect combination of touch screen and computer all-in-one, and it is undoubtedly the best among them. It can be widely installed in multimedia classrooms, conference rooms, exhibition halls, etc.

The interactive smart board is mainly composed of LCD screen, touch screen, and computer host. It is one of the most widely used products in the education industry. It is deeply loved by teachers and students for its stylish appearance, simple operation, and practical functions. Applied in teaching, it can effectively improve the efficiency of teaching and learning, and make students' learning easier and more focused.

We at IQTouch also launched some interactive flat panel products and the features include:
1. 4K Ultra HD display
4K high-definition, high brightness, high contrast, high image clarity, display video images, bring a shocking visual experience, the viewing angle exceeds 178 degrees, all positions can be seen clearly.
2. Vivid interactive functions
Real-time annotation, multimedia interactive presentation, wireless multi-screen sharing software, built-in multi-functional interactive education platform software, teaching tools.
3. Multifunctional integration
The touch smart panel integrates touch screen, computer, electronic whiteboard, audio playback, and other functions into one device, which is simple and practical.
4. 20-point touch collaboration, making annotations more flexible and interactive.
5. Remote video conference
Set up a video conference for recording and playback through the built-in camera and microphone.

Enhance all learning sections by interactive touch screen

Returnstar Technology Group Co., Ltd, with IQ and Q-NEX as its main brands, has 15 years of experience in the education and business market for interactive products such as interactive whiteboard/touch screen/visualizer/wireless mic system, etc. we have solutions including IQClass Interactive Teaching Solution, IQMEET Conference Solution, Q-NEX Smart Campus Solution. At this time, we mainly talk about IQClass which creates fun teaching and learning atmosphere and witnesses students’ growth. It covers all learning sections such as class presentation, in-class collaboration, and after-class review, enabling students to learn anywhere and anytime.

IQclass main features are as follows. First, preparation for class, with IQView document camera and teaching software, the teacher can quickly upload files to create personalized courseware that is shared with students for preview. Second, active in-class collaboration, which means teachers and students can achieve multi-screen interaction with any device, such as the computer, tablet, and mobile phone. teachers could share class files and make an evaluation of student performance timely. Third, after-class review, with class files shared timely and teaching video recorded, students could review and finish homework timely with the strengthened knowledge base.

All in all, IQClass has everything you need to teach, collaborate, share and evaluate in classrooms, designed to meet different needs. If you are interested in smart board, find us on our official website


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