Cheap smart boards with high quality

Wanna find Cheap smart boards with high quality? Don’t miss IQTouch TB1000. It features 20-point touch, easy annotation, 4K UHD crystal clear presentation, and an Android 9.0 system for faster running speed. With optional multi-screen casting projection, it has the ability to create a collaborative and interactive atmosphere in the classrooms or workplaces, where partners could work together by screen sharing their devices wirelessly. For IQTouch TB1000, a smooth and natural writing experience with the unrivaled IR touch screen technology is brought to you. Bundled with the IQ KitsMemos V1.0 interactive teaching software, providing you plenty of teaching functions such as annotation, handwriting recognition, screen record, subject tools, the resources from the cloud platform, etc.

If you are currently engaged in the smart education equipment market, which is closely related to our business. We would like to recommend our Q-NEX Smart Campus solution, IQClass Interactive Teaching Solution, and IQMeet Smart Meeting Solution. These three solutions are the supplement to product diversification and market development. We have confidence that with the assistance of our products, you will occupy a larger share in the market. What’s more, IQBoard has a complete system in the selection of partners and policy support, we always support nice prices and after-sales service. Hope we have a good start to mutual cooperation.

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Interactive smart board price

Interactive smart board price is much concerned by customers, as a supplier of smart education, we can provide not only the high quality and also competitive price. Now, I will introduce our IQAio sync solution system to you.

The highly integrated IQAIO Dual Board solution combines the traditional way in classrooms with intelligent teaching. With just one switch, the interactive whiteboard and green board can be combined to achieve dual-board interconnection and interaction. Bundled with IQ KitsMemos V1.0 software to extend teaching beyond the classroom.

Teachers can play courseware or video on the left interactive whiteboard and at the same time use dust-free chalk to write on the green board. The main features include switching freely pen writing between projection and whiteboard, making full use of 100-inch large space, highly integrating with multiple functions, one-button control the power on/off all the devices on the central control panel, sharing experiments steps on screen by using IQView.

Please don’t forget we are Returnstar Technology Group Co., Ltd. IQ Board is as our main brand, we are the supplier of interactive class solution&business solution, with 16 years experience in the education market for interactive products such as interactive whiteboard/touch screen/visualizer/wireless mic system, etc. Our products have been sold to over 100 countries and regions and more than 10000 classrooms have been equipped with our class solution. Don't worry, we can provide bespoke education solutions for schools based on their specific demands and budget, which means we can solve your problem about Interactive smart board price. If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us, welcome to find more information about us by visiting our website

Come and find the smart board you like

IQBoard, with the aim to offer interactive and collaborative classes, and cost-effective and environmentally-friendly campus management solutions to educators, has launched two major solutions – IQClassTeaching Solution and IQSchool Smart Campus Solution.

IQClass solution mainly focuses on facilitating teaching and learning with educational hardware and software. Bring the class a more interactive and effective environment, that is what IQ strives for.

With much different educational hardware entering the classroom, the modern campuses need to make better use of technology - and that's where our IQSchool solution comes into play. We believe IQSchool smart campus solution will become a necessary part of the modern digital schools and smart cities as well. Aim at transforming education with technology by IQClass and IQSchool solutions, our ultimate goal is not just to sell educational hardware or software, but to provide schools with customized educational solutions based on the specific needs and budgets of our customers.

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The future of the class

IQTouch interactive touchscreens are available as a LCD display. We install diverse solutions in special resolutions, special formats, or special mounting mechanisms depending on the application and capacity requirements. Whether research, teaching, industry, or politics: We have the right interactive solution for your needs. 

Think of the benefits this provides to students. For one, how many times did you forget to write down notes, assignments that were written up on the blackboard? I know it happened to me at least once per week. Now, taking advantage of the smart board, all notes can be easily accessible by all students in the classroom which leads to higher levels of collaboration amongst students, who can discuss whiteboard notes through the class’s online management system.

“An interactive whiteboard is a large interactive smart board in the form factor of a whiteboard. It can either be a standalone touchscreen computer used independently to perform tasks and operations, or a connectable apparatus used as a touchpad to control computers from a projector.”

Combined with the wireless presentation systems, IQTouch smart board creates the environment that teacher and students can collaborate on the same screen content and share it with the entire class in real time. Additionally, the smart board empowers the teacher to guide the student through the problem and even lets students do the exercise in the classroom as it is being shared in real-time.
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Get an interactive smart whiteboard to improve efficiency

With the development of intelligence, improving efficiency seems to have become the dominant word of this era, and efficiency is the most important thing in work. We not only need to improve our own work efficiency but also cooperate with others for teamwork efficiently. At this point, we can take advantage of technology and use interactive electronic whiteboards to increase efficiency quickly.

Interactive whiteboard is an office tool needed by many companies. It optimizes the function of the traditional whiteboard with the enhanced writing experience and supports more functions like gesture zooming and dragging. Smart whiteboards erase text on the screen with the back of your hand, and if the font size isn't appropriate for the office environment, you can zoom in and out, or drag and drop it, interactive smart board making it easier and faster to use.

The smart interactive whiteboard also has a 4K ultra-large screen that allows you to present content clearly so that you don't have to worry about missing any details as well as missing the main point of your work. With such an intelligent interactive electronic whiteboard with various functions and easy operation, your teamwork can be more efficient and collaborative. 

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The advantages of using interactive touch screen display

Here are the top 3 advantages of using an interactive flat panel with large touch screen in your school.

As students demonstrate, explain, and teach, their minds are actively engaged in the learning process. Do these things on an interactive flat panel with large touch screen can be more effective? Students draw diagrams by tools on touchscreen. Start presentations together with teammates on the large screen. Break into workgroups to learn about different aspects of a topic and have the ability to give answers to others who feel confused. Through interactive flat panels, students can access various resources from the Internet. Add notes to the top of your slides to highlight key points. You even can add and play the video and audio clips. Students are good at adopting technology in a creative way. Give them tools and directions. No more help is needed, let them do it their own way. You will be amazed at what they come up with.

Active learning is critical to maximizing STEM learning. Interactive flat panels bring STEM subjects to life. Students can conduct labs and experiments at the displays. Work out the equation as a team. And share their inquiries to spark group discussions through IQTouch screen sharing software - EShare Pro. The options for taking advantage of the interactivity of the large screen are endless.

Developing Key Readiness Skills
Interactive displays with large touch screens help students develop important life skills. The jobs of today and tomorrow demand greater adaptability, problem-solving and critical thinking. They need to use these classroom technology tools in a way that develops these critical skills.
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