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Case Study-Global Indian International School (GIIS)-Singapore


Global Indian International School (GIIS) is an international network of award-winning schools with 23 campuses across 7 countries. They include Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam, and India, offering Indian and international curricula to students from diverse backgrounds.

At the end of 2016, GIIS Singapore new campus has started construction work of two main buildings. With the aim of building a school with state-of-the-art technology, the school IT team came to IQ. We offered them a proposal for the smart classroom and smart campus development.


Fully aware of the importance of education technology in the 21 century, the GIIS team has confidence in blueprinting a school of the future. When it comes to the classroom A/V design, they are clear about what they want:

  • An interactive, intuitive and innovative teaching & learning environment, where technology is easy for teachers to use and fun for students to engage.
  • Efficient campus management via a networked AV system. Keep multiple devices under regular control through the internet of things to achieve energy conservation.
  • Audio and video announcements broadcasted on the campus could be timely, effective and assigned destination.
  • Integrate the traditional emergency alert into the overall networked system to achieve a safe campus environment.


At the request of the GIIS team, IQ has designed a comprehensive campus AV solution that rises to the challenge:

Each classroom is equipped with two IQTouch interactive displays and an IQView interactive document camera. Together with bundled software IQ Interactive Education Platform, they create a vivid and interesting learning environment.

Each classroom installed a central controller (IQSchool Converged Station) by simply utilizing the network infrastructure. So that automated and centralized control over classroom devices become possible through a single software platform (IQSchool Manager Software) operated by IT admins. More excitingly, audio and video broadcasting could be realized on the same platform without involving another system.

A desktop touch control panel is available on teachers table, enable the teacher to control all AV technology in the entire classroom from a user-friendly interface. At the press of a button, switching multiple AV signal sources could never be easier, as well as powering up the display and the lights (IQSchool Power & A/C Control Terminal), adjusting volumes of the classroom speaker. To prevent teachers from throat pain, a hands-free wireless microphone (IQ 2.4G Wireless Mic) is provided for them to wear around the neck or clip on the lapel.

Customized Functions

A particular request from the school is to balance the sound of the fire alarm and the sound of the classroom audio/video. When the teacher is having the class with classroom audio/video on, the fire alarm might not be heard by the crowd in case of fire emergency, which leads to campus safety hazard. How to integrate the independent fire alarm system into the IQSchool system network has become a challenge to the IQ team.

After several simulation tests and on-site evaluation, IQ engineers have come up with a solution, to connect a network I/O sensor between the IQSchool server and the fire alarm system, meanwhile the server software gets modified so that when theres fire alarm, the server software automatically activates a mute task to all the classroom speakers, more than that, a voice announcement of emergency could be broadcasted to every corner of the campus, along with a video of evacuation route if available.


Equipment list:

  • IQTouch Interactive Flat Panel 65 & 75
  • IQView Document Camera
  • IQSchool Manager Software
  • IQSchool Converged Station V330
  • IQSchool Power & A/C Control Terminal
  • IQ 2.4G Wireless Mic
  • IQSchool PA Announcement Station

10 Things to Consider When Choosing the Interactive Panel for Your Classroom


Last time we gave you 5 tips to think about how you are going to choose the right interactive panel for your classroom, now heres the other half of our thoughts:


Internet access – Wired or wireless?

As weve mentioned before, teachers are given two options of operating system when using nowadays interactive screens: Android and Windows. These two systems are built in separate modules inside the panel, both require network connection if internet access is needed under the two OS. Therefore make sure the network interface (an RJ45 input port) is available for your machine, or at least there should be Wi-Fi connection to allow basic web browsing. An extra point could be awarded to those manufacturers that offer both wired and wireless network options.


Never underestimate the sound effect

Interactive panels for education purpose are often used by the teacher to play music or movies in class to make students more engaging. Besides the 4K resolution to ensure supreme image quality, the integrated sound system is also worth your attention to achieve comfortable audio quality. The built-in speakers for most of interactive panels in the market are 2*10W due to limited space within the screen, especially since the current trend is towards slimmer frame and thinner structure design. However it makes great difference where the speakers are embedded in the front or back, and user experience has told us that front facing speakers present much better sound effect than those built in the rear.

interactive display,interactive flat panel,interactive touchscreen,IQTouch

The glass covering the panel as protective surface

Classroom equipment often have higher demand when it comes to durability. You dont want to be worried every time when the teacher is not there and the students would just break or damage anything they touch. As the centerpiece of classroom device, interactive panel should be covered with at least 4mm toughened glass to make it free from casual accidents. Not to mention some manufacturers even go for the covering glass with 7H hardness.

Another considerable design is to use anti-glare or anti-reflective glass for educational interactive panels, so that wherever you sit in the classroom, your viewing angle would not be compromised because of the light.


Wall-mount bracket or mobile stand

Would you rather fix the interactive panel on the wall or have it adjusted to a mobile stand that goes around Its more of a question of who you are teaching. For classrooms with younger kids it may be better to use a height-adjusted stand so that students can also enjoy the fun of interaction when they feel like it, while for senior schools and higher education institutions, the wall mounting solution is usually considered to make the classroom a more neat and formal teaching environment.


Spend your budget wisely for better service

The market is full of capable vendors who could provide you with the interactive panel that suits your budget the most. The question is, if you ever consider splitting a reasonable amount of money to the aftersales service that different vendors would offer. A lousy installation service may give you great headache since the lifting work of the panel is not an easy one, and they are not often covered in the manufacturers warranty policy. So be careful to choose a trustworthy installer who will enhance your user experience with your new interactive panel, not the other way around.



After all thats been mentioned, we believe now you have some clearer ideas about the topic. If you are still wondering, feel free to talk to us and maybe what you want is just around the corner.

IQ participates in China foreign aid project and provides IQ Interactive Whiteboard to 1303 schools of Uzbekistan


IQ is honored to be selected as one of the suppliers of China Aids Uzbekistan High-tech Teaching Equipment Project. We provide IQ interactive whiteboard to 1303 schools in Uzbekistan. In April, IQs representatives, together with Jiang Yan, Chinas ambassador to Uzbekistan, and delegates of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce visited the 55th Middle School in Sergeli District, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Mr. Inoyatov, Minister of Public Education of Uzbekistan, attended the teaching equipment handover ceremony, along with government representatives of the Sergeli District and teachers and students from 25 schools of Tashkent.


During the ceremony, Minister Inoyatov spoke highly of the high-tech teaching equipment provided by China and stated that these gifts from China will greatly improve the teaching conditions of the Uzbekistan school. The minister expressed his sincere gratitude to China for giving support in education and other fields.

After the ceremony, the delegation visited classrooms, gymnasium, and laboratories of the 55th Middle School and watched classes and performances. The excellent interaction between the teachers and students and the wonderful performances won high praise from the guests.

Next few days, the IQ representatives demonstrated the installation and use of IQ interactive whiteboards for school representatives of Uzbekistan. High-quality performance of IQBoard was praised by teachers and students.

It is our honor that IQ products can be unanimously approved by the governments of China and Uzbekistan. On the road to developing a better future, IQ pays attention to public welfare and is willing to provide assistance within our ability to improve the status quo in areas lacking educational resources.

Interactive display technology leads future of education - IQ at EDIX Tokyo


Educational IT Solutions Expo (EDIX) is Japans largest industry trade show gathering top IT service providers, electronics manufacturers and content providers, etc., who aim to expand their business in Japanese education field. After years of persistence and effort, IQ has won recognition in the Japanese market and entered the Japanese education equipment industry with this opportunity. IQ paid great attention to the EDIX show and carefully prepared the latest interactive display exhibits hoping to interact with the Japanese education industry and making progress together.

At the show, IQ exhibited IQSchool campus management solution, document camera IQView E3511, interactive display65-inch IQTouchC Pro and IQTouch J series.IQTouch J series interactive flat panel cooperated with IQView E3511 visualizer demonstrating to every visitor the interaction of touch screen and visualization tools, which provides an extraordinary operation experience. The high-magnification function can clearly display the details of items on the display screen. With built-in software to annotate freely, IQView can record videos then save into SD card.

IQTouch C Pro interactive display can do the screen mirroring with mobile phone or tablet and also demonstrated the related functions of the IQSchool solution: including centralized control and management of the campus equipment (IoT) and regularly pushing audio &video to different locations. It is convenient for administrators to manage the equipment of the whole campus and allow the principal to monitor whats happening in the campus.

The excellent solutions attracted many visitors and won their praise.

IQ invites agents from all over the world especially Japan to join us for a win-win situation. Please contact us by visiting our or email us at

Why you need an interactive display in your classroom/office?


The interactive display has been widely used in various fields. While implementing a touch screen may involve other costs than other input methods, it can provide some significant advantages. If your classroom or office is still using traditional presentation methods, it’s time to consider the possibility of switching to interactive presentations.

Easy to use

One of the major advantages of interactive displays over other input methods is ease of use. Although most users are familiar with common combinations, like keyboards and mice, writing or touching icons directly on the screen can reduce staff training time. It can also enable users to operate and use the device autonomously. interactive displays can also be useful for employees to handle multiple tasks because their interface requires less concentration than mice and keyboards.



Interactive displays also increase the speed of work. When the user picks up the computer mouse or touches the trackball, there will always be an uncertain moment because he must find the pointer, adjust his movement to match the mouse acceleration and so on. The touchscreen allows the user to directly select the icon and directly translate the manual writing into text input. A study shows that compared with the traditional input method, the touch screen system user’s response time is reduced by 20%.

Device sizes

With the development of technology, the size of the interactive display device is expanding. Some of the interactive flat panels can reach 96 inches, like IQTouch series. Meanwhile, interactive whiteboards can reach 150 inches, to meet the needs of various different scenes of the demonstration.


Assistive function

There are many hardware and software that work with touch screens to expand functionality. For example, Visualizers can put the contents of paper materials on the display screen, and make comments and demonstrations through it. This means that you can use the interactive presentation technology on more occasions.

Why IQTouch C is the Interactive Flat Panel You Need for Teaching


It’s time to introduce IQTouch C interactive flat panel. We promised to tell you about the perfect interactive flat panel that you and your classroom need, and we’re going to deliver.

IQTouch C delivers?all the functions?you need?if you want to create a great?educational environment.

Here’s why:

1.4K UHD resolution

With so many potential distractions, it’s important that your classroom technology provides clear and bright images to complement your lessons. You also hope that any text displayed will be easy to read, so that even students in the back of the room don’t have to squint to read?the lessons.

The IQTouch C?will deliver a very clear image quality that will keep your students’ eyes focused on your screen?and your teaching.


Creating together is super easy and really fun when different students can touch, type on the screen and tap to select at the same time.

An ultra-smooth finish allows teachers to use the board for hours without finger burn.

The screen allows up to 10 points of touch. It’s the perfect solution to hosting group activities and classroom games to motivate your students to communicate and collaborate with one another.


3.Its software inspires learning

Encouraging collaboration of?students is one of the two most important factors when you are committed to building collaborative, interactive, and engaging environments. The more your classroom technology can help you, the easier it will be.

Freely bundled with?IQ Interactive Education Platform Software, as a platform for demonstration and teaching, achieving powerful functions, such as annotation, handwriting recognition, screen record, interactive response, interactive exam, and video conference. With IQ Interactive Education Platform, it becomes so easy to create a vivid and wonderful class and demonstration.


4.Wireless Sharing

Cast mobile devices on the IQTouch C screen wirelessly or use mobile devices to control the screen smarter.

With this function, you can stream any audio or video file to your screen.
For more information, please feel free to contact us.



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