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The endless possibilities of education

IQTouch interactive flat panel is designed to take advantage of the dynamic possibilities of modern conference rooms to create a brainstorming environment where ideas flow freely. It allows extended and seamless teamwork, and inspires more innovative ideas. It is very suitable for collaboration and then turning your creativity from abstract to reality. IQTouch IFP is the beginning of endless possibilities.

How does IQTouch interactive touch screen make business meetings better?
?Faster setup time
?The perfect combination of technology and office design
?Technology prepares the meeting room
?Everyone in the room can see the screen
?Everyone is more engaged
?Easier to present and share
?High security
?Enhance privacy
?More effectively push the company to achieve its goals
?Cultivate creativity and learning ability
?Integrate complementary skills, strengths and perspectives
?Build trust; encourage equal participation
?Develop a strong sense of mission
?Strengthen employee development
?Teach conflict resolution skills
?Encourage cooperation/joint efforts
?Solve problems faster and increase innovation
?Create an efficient work rhythm ("divide and conquer" principle)
?Improve job satisfaction and employee retention

For Government Program
?IQTOUCH reduces business costs
?IQTOUCH improves business efficiency
?IQTOUCH enhances customer service
?Easy to communicate-the display can be changed at any time, and information different from static signs can be updated
? Improve internal communication by providing information to everyone
?Transparency-all visitors, patients and staff can communicate once
?Communicate with the public by providing relevant information
?Wayfinding and emergency information
?Timely information
?Assistance and notification
?A consistent message
?Improve internal communication

The evolution of teaching tools

Chalkboard has dominated for nearly two centuries. In the early 1990s, concerns about chalk dust and allergies prompted students to transition to whiteboard. The teacher praised the new tool, which allowed them to highlight and extend the course in a variety of colors. The whole classroom benefits from eliminating chalkboard clutter.

With the wide use of whiteboard, new classroom technology began to connect whiteboard and computer. Now, teachers can save the contents written on the chalkboard to the computer hard disk. This enabled them to print out immediately, resulting in the short-lived name "whiteboard.". Interactive whiteboard (IWB) was launched in 1991, which is bound to have a greater impact on teaching. With IWB, teachers can display all content on the computer of the whole classroom, thus creating a new educational possibility. Through interactive whiteboard, students and teachers can operate content directly on the screen surface. Teachers are supported by exciting new tools. Students' participation increased. Classroom cooperation is bound to soar. The original interactive whiteboard system was a display board connected to a projector.

Recently, large touch screen displays (also known as interactive flat panel displays (IFPD)) have become an alternative. These interactive whiteboards have the advantages of the original projector-based IWB system as well as additional features. They also cost less over the life of the device due to lower power consumption and lower maintenance costs.

Nowadays, interactive whiteboard has been firmly established as a teaching tool. You will find them in primary school classrooms and university lecture halls. Teachers praised their ability to promote interaction and focus students' attention. Educational researchers predict that the use of interactive whiteboards will continue to grow exponentially. IQBoard interactive whiteboard has been launched in 2006 to meet this market demand and bring the full functions and advantages of IWB to education applications.

Key issues need to be noted when selecting products for interactive teaching

Whether it's a projector, whiteboard, or touch screen, teachers need to be able to connect their devices (and students') to make the most of it. Consider flexibility across IOS, Android, Microsoft, Google, and MAC. This is not the most effective way for students to export each document, video, and image file to a different format before they can share it with the class or teacher.

How does your teacher like to teach? Are they at the front of the class? Or walk around in one place? Are students sitting in rows or rows of scattered groups? What is the timetable? All of this is important because it tells you whether a fixed projector,interactive whiteboard or mobile multi-touch display can meet the needs of the classroom and suit your teaching style.

Advantages and disadvantages. 
For projectors, lighting can be a problem because the room needs darkness to make the projection visible. Some students may be drowsy or drowsy, and once the lights go out, they can easily talk or breakaway. For other students, changing the atmosphere may help them participate. Projectors vary in ease of use, cost, and versatility – some have VR and 3D capabilities that can be controlled with a mouse or even a touch screen. They do need to consider installation issues to ensure that all students can see the projector, whether the alignment is correct, and whether the projector itself is safely installed or placed.

Interactive LCD whiteboards, screens, and panels benefit from visibility in daylight, so lighting is not a big problem. They are usually fixed to the wall, so they have less flexibility in location, but it does mean less cabling and daily hassles. They vary in size and weight and should be considered when installing technology for a particular space - wall size and proximity to students.

Make the most of touch screen in four ways

Make the most of face-to-face knowledge - writing at the same time. Get everyone in the meeting to participate in handwritten notes (handwriting recognition converts selected screen handwriting to standard text. Use the content on the screen to make clear and clear meeting minutes).

Make the most of face-to-face screens – today marks an era when telecommuting is becoming more popular. You don't have to sacrifice productivity because your colleagues are not in the cubicle next to you. Video conferencing provides a way to work together regardless of geographic location. For example, interviews with potential candidates, or team meetings with other regions of the country or international staff.

Digital display / Signage – not only reduces waste on printed posters or menus, but it's environmentally friendly and instantly updates the video display. They can also be updated remotely, making it easier for enterprises in a rapidly changing environment.

Interactive presentations – whether it's a company's monthly team meeting or a presentation at a meeting, the multi-functional touch-screen whiteboard is ready to use. This makes these monthly meetings attract the attention of the audience.

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Interactivity - the eternal theme of multi-person collaboration

Any smart board can be used to share ideas, and interactive flat panel are no exception. IQTouch interactive flat panel supports 20 touch points, which allows many people to write on the screen at the same time, making it ideal for brainstorming sessions, changing plans or discussing design. 

In classroom, multi-touch realizes a small group of children to sit around the screen to create or complete classroom activities together, interactive flat panel displays in front of the classroom allow teachers to turn individual assignments into cooperative learning. Teachers can share students' work on a large screen, or involve the whole class in a sharing screen or resource, such as a video or a digital worksheet. The difference is that you can work directly on a document without having to write or draw on paper. Imagine a customer meeting - how excited would it be to share your ideas and edit them immediately?

The interactivity of the IQ touch screen provides a more meaningful experience for the presenter and the audience. You can highlight the main points instantly, animate your presentation with on-screen gestures, and even change things around you as directed by the conversation. Full control of your presentation.

For example, imagine a marketing agency where the customer has a genius and their ideas come in with leather bound notebooks. They want to express their ideas in incomprehensible fancy. It will help them to tell their stories in a way that really helps them understand. Not only through text, but also visual effects. This reduces the possibility of communication errors. The tool encourages better creative dialogue. 

How powerful is a smart board?

With the development of information technology, multimedia touch integrated computer provides a new interactive teaching platform for the new curriculum reform. IQBoard makes your class more convenient. It is easy to operate with one-button to switch, one-button on or off information processing unit, interactive display unit (with shutdown delay function), control unit and speaker unit. Independent component and original front open cover structure design, easy to install and maintenance.

The integrated structure of the built-in power supply, one power input can supply power for each functional unit of the all-in-one machine, radiation protection, shock protection, leakage protection, to ensure the safety of users. With electronic access control unit, IC card control operation panel to open and close, it  effectively protects the use of the all-in-one machine, anti-theft, anti-man-made damage.

The interactive electronic whiteboard in the interactive display unit adopts electromagnetic induction technology, sensitive induction, smooth writing, PET environmental protection material, dust proof, impact proof, scratch proof, etc., especially suitable for the current classroom environment in China, compared with other types of writing display terminal, high stability, strong reliability, product long service cycle.

The device has VGA input, USB and other interfaces, which can connect to the Internet and synchronize with the world. The information processing unit has its own wireless network module, which can be connected with the student information processing unit to realize the synchronous interaction between the all-in-one machine and the student PC.

Customized to meet the differentiated needs of users. In the way of installation, users can choose to hang wall type, embedded, scaffolding type and other modes. In the interactive display unit, users can choose interactive electronic whiteboard with different sizes and specifications according to their own needs. If you’re interesting in our product, get information in:


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